Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Do You Agree To Be A Brainwashed Amway Ambot?

When I attended Amway meetings our sack of shit Platinum used to play this dumb ass game that I call “do you agree”.

Its all part of the subtle brainwashing techniques that are used in the Amway cult.

He’d start off by saying things to get the group to agree with him, things that would be hard to disagree with like does everyone agree that there is a painting on the wall of a lighthouse. Does everyone agree that Washington DC is our nations capital. That sort of thing.

Now that the Platinum has the group agreeing as one on what he is saying is true and cult chanting yes after everything he says he moves on to other points that people may or may not agree with but due to peer pressure and the cult setting you don’t dare disagree with what everyone else in the room is nodding their heads to.

Does everyone agree that its stupid to have a job where you make the boss rich.

Does everyone agree that their boss should pay them more money.

Does everyone agree their boss gives them more time off work and still pays them.

Does everyone agree that its better to be a business owner than an employee.

Does everyone agree that if you own your own shop that its smarter to do all your shopping from your own store instead of shopping at someone else’s store and making that other business owner richer.

I can argue all those points though I’d probably look like a moron if I argued that the lighthouse painting looks more to me like a bunch of dogs playing poker or that New York City is the capital.

Is it stupid to have a job? No not when theres bills to be paid. Who says the boss is getting rich. Maybe he’s just covering all his business and personal expenses and has nothing left over. Not all businesses are high earners and make the owner rich. The real point here is that the Platinum is planting the seed into the Amway cult followers head that having a job is stupid.

As for more money and time off work we’d all like that. Most people think they’re worth more than what they’re being paid. There are probably tons of business owners that don’t take time off work for vacations especially if they’re a one man show. Didn’t think of that did you you sack of shit Platinum! Those questions don’t do much other than get the Amway cult follower to start disliking their job and their boss because they don’t get enough salary and vacation.

Does everyone want to be a business owner instead of an employee? Not necessarily. Not everyone has the finances, brain power, leadership, drive, interest, physical or mental ability to be a business owner. Not everyones got what it takes. Doesn’t mean they’re any less of a human being even though that’s how the Amway cult leaders want to make their ambots feel that they’re low life bastards if they’re employees instead of business owners.

As for buying from your own shop, if your prices are too high then you’d be a fucking moron to buy from your own shop if you can get better quality and better prices from a competitor. The sack of shit Platinum wants the ambots to understand that they better do all their own shopping from Amway. They better not sneak off to the drugstore and buy toothpaste.

The best thing to do anytime an Amway asshole asks you if you agree with something is to say no. Fuck no, that grass is white not green. That sort of thing. Really fucks up the Amway ambot if you disagree on something that’s obvious but makes it easier on the prospect when the do you agree questions start aiming at the be a business owner instead of making your boss rich bullshit that’ll come out of the ambot’s mouth next.

NEVER agree with an Amway asshole!!!!

If you’re a brainwashed ambot and agree with the sack of shit Platinum on simple points that just makes it easier for him when the more intense brainwashing into the Amway cult gets underway.
So do you agree to being a brainwashed Amway ambot?

The next time an Amway cult leader plays do you agree just answer “FUCK NO!”


  1. WOW. Looks like you really spend a lifetime writing filth about Amway. If you had spent this much of your non-productive time in what Ambots( in your language) are taught to do like (a)Adding names to your list (b) calling people on your list to join your business (c) selling products and making money ; you would have been atleast one of those success stories who make a minimum of $60,000 an year extra from their Amway businesses.

    If you really ever planned to start your own business, you will do EXACTLY the same things that Ambots are trained to do. By the way, the meetings exist for a purpose : to introduce new people to a business amidst professionals. Have you ever been to a school to complete your studies ? why, may I ask ? you could have done it from the comfort of your home as well ? The discipline at school makes sure that you get better in everything you do as a team.

    Because of all the nay-say you did, you just ended up being a failure statistic in Amway history. Its still not too late, however. If you get off that high horse of yours, you may still be able to do a good job with renewing your Amway business and working to be a success in it. I wish you all the luck.

    1. Holy fuck brainwashed Amspeak! I guess you don't listen too fucking good to the assholes in your Amway upline who are always going around screeching about don't say negative! Me neither! That's why you and I both ended up here flipping the bird to those fucking Amway assholes. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment and driving up this blogs rating in the search engines. PS Amway has over 99% failure rate says so right on Amway's literature in the small print when you reverse their success figure of that fraction of 1% they're required to print really small. Seeing as how you don't listen to the assholes in your Amway upline you'll be joining that majority group real soon.

    2. ""By the way, the meetings exist for a purpose : to introduce new people to a business amidst professionals.""

      No, the purpose of those meetings is to create a high energy atmosphere to make new recruits feel good, without providing any useful information. The meeting could've easily been reduced to a video of a few minutes. There were no "professionals" at the 2 "intro" amway meetings I went to.

      The amway goon always deflects providing answers that are harmful to Amway making money. I asked my potential Amway sponsor a job description of what an IBO does. He didn't answer it. He answered that with another question of "how much do I want to make". I asked another person who supposedly joined Amway, over the phone if it was possible to make the money in the videos described without buying from your own store nor getting new recruits (I knew I would NOT be able to get downlines... there's no incentive to buy Amway when they can get it cheaper without the hassle), he just trailed off. I've been on enough job interviews to know when these sort of responses seem most suspicious.

    3. Hi Anonymous. Yup the high energy levels at the Scamway meetings as the ambots chant after cheering on their cult leaders. Just watch those Dateline videos for the creep factor and know I was in that room once not chanting but wanting to get the hell out. But yeah that energy is there how everyone is going to be rich.Greed driven energy. And you will never get an answer from an ambot about compensation and what you have to do. They only know how to answer to overcome objections. Lie. Deny. Distract. Defend. There better ways of going through life than trying to convince people to buy into your scam.

    4. @Anonymous (the first one) I don't know whether to laugh or feel sorry for you as you seem to be repeating Scamway propaganda which has no basis in reality. How much time have you put in "building your list"? This plus your time at meetings and conventions. Divide that into the total dollar amount of all the checks your upline has given you. Do it! You will see if you do 1 night a week moonlighting at Mickey D's will be much more economically rewarding - and no lies you will be rich to be disappointed by...

    5. > "(a)Adding names to your list (b) calling people on your list to join your business (c) selling products and making money."

      Adding names from where? You've already alienated all your friends and relatives, they won't return your calls. Post a twitter/facebook/social media account? Yeah, you and a few million others. Troll for prospects at the mall or the checkout line at the grocery store? Sure, but you go to the ones across town for that. You don't want to get banned from your real shopping grounds.

      > "you would have been at least one of those success stories who make a minimum of $60,000 an year extra from their Amway businesses."

      "Make" is such a vague word. In Amway, like most infomercials, it means revenue, including the cost of tools sold to your downline and bonuses paid to your downline, not income. For example, "I made $60K in Amway (but cleared $5K after expenses)."

      > "If you really ever planned to start your own business, you will do EXACTLY the same things that Ambots are trained to do. (Yadda yadda)."

      First, interesting that he called them "Ambots."

      Next, Amway is the furthest thing from a professional organizations. Professional (respected) organizations sell product that have actual benefits to the buyer. That's because professional organizations attempt to build a long-term relationship with it's customers. Heck, even a career new-car salesperson will try to do right by you, hoping to get future sales and referral sales.

      Professional salespeople, at least the good ones. do much more asking questions and listening than talking. They're finding out your wants and needs, so they can explain how their product or service can give you what you want, not so they can manipulate you. They're also knowledgeable about the competition and their product's competitive advantages, so they can focus on tangible benefits. In the end, it's a win-win, or at least a win-not lose.

      Amway salespeople are all talk, no listen. When they ask a question, it's a closed-ended question to elicit an emotional response that has nothing to do with the product, or even Amway, really. Would you like to retire in 5 years? Sure, who wouldn't, but just because an Ambot asked the question doesn't mean that they have the best solution.

      > "Seeing as how you don't listen to the assholes in your Amway upline you'll be joining that majority group real soon."

      You say that like it's a *bad* thing. Heck, even minimum-wage part-timers make more money than the typical Ambot. I'm a "majority group" and proud of it.

    6. AnonTB,
      Fantastic post.
      Just had to give a kudos.

    7. Yeah good post Anon TB! All brainwashed ambots know to do is repeat Amway propaganda, lie, deny, and distract. I've never worked for any company that I had to spend huge amounts of time defending them, their business practices, and the items sold. That would take up too much energy. There's other jobs out there.

  2. A stranger tried to "friend" my daughter on Facebook yesterday. She looked at his profile trying to figure out if she knew him. His public info was all about a business opportunity that will "...teach you how to turn that vacation into deductions on your taxes and help you become debt free. Save you money on your phone bill, groceries, and other items at stores you shop at every day...What J.O.B will help take care of you and your family.....? If you want to know the answer, inbox me."

    "Does everyone agree" that the stranger is an Ambot? Ha ha, from the first few words I smelled an MLM, but when I saw J.O.B. I told her to block him and run for her life. So glad Anna and others have forewarned us about scAmway and how to recognize Ambots.

    1. Yup I agree that stranger was an ambot! Ha ha! I put out here all the lies and lines Amway ambots use though it's likely other scam MLMs use them too. That way innocent victims can be forewarned. Unfortunately by the time people start looking online for info about Amway they've already been scammed. I have another post coming up about how Amway ambots post fake job ads on Craigslist and one of the giveaways is they usually say J.O.B. somewhere in their fake ad.

  3. Anonymous July 23, 2013 at 10:28 AM (First Anonymous)

    No, your Amway business is not a REAL business…and no, you don’t make $60, 000 a year. By accident, I saw one of my friend’s statement receipts for the year of 2012 while getting things together for her taxes. I found out she had made $4,000 in sales and cleared a net of $342.00, from which she received a bonus check for the year 2012 of $43.00. When she saw me looking at the statement she came running and pulled it out of my hand. She was really pissed off that I was going in her personal stuff.

    When I asked her if that was what she was making in her business she ignored me and acted furious! By the way, she never utters the word “Amway”, she says it is part of the fortune 500, a company that makes 6 billion dollars a year in sales.

    1. Anonymous - yup ambots don't want others to see their tax returns and see how little they make and how much they lose. Uncle Sam don't want ambots claiming Amway expenses either. They write off their Amway expenses and all those nasty products they buy against their regular job so they can get a tax refund. And there you have it the secret to how to make money in Amway courtesy of a tax refund until the tax man catches up and wants it paid back.

  4. I know this guy who keeps saying "dig your well before you get thirsty". He also thinks it's a bad investment to finance a car or home. You should buy a home only when you have enough money to outright buy it. Most definitely a scAmway victim. He's totally been brainwashed.

    1. I haven't financed a car since I was in my 20's but not many people can buy a house maybe not even a car without financing. Amway diamonds claim to pay for everything in cash. Yet another lie. If you pay for cash you don't owe debt and Diamonds filing for bankruptcy and getting their homes foreclosed kind of thows those lies in he toilet.

    2. oh my gosh!! my brother was just talking about the digging the well before you get thirsty hes an ambot completely losing friendships so sad

    3. Anonymous - yup Amway is the scam where you lose your money and your friends.

      I'm surprised he's not throwing out the one about teach a man to fish....

  5. I felt my son was brainwashed and told him and his upline. I need to know how to deal with this and I feel you might be able to help me.


    1. Hi Anonymous. Sorry to hear about your son and yes he has been brainwashed by the assholes in his Amway upline. Tell him to put together a business proposal and you'll go with him to the bank to see if he can get a small business loan. Maybe the banker can whack some sense into him. You can also try contacting your local police and see if you can press fraud charges against his upline. You can also try to contact a cult interventionist. Try Steve Hassans website for more information on getting someone out of a cult https://freedomofmind.com/ Good luck to you.

  6. This post is funny as hell. Met someone the other day and he started pitching Amway the exact same way... shit is really annoying.

    1. LOL! Glad you're enjoying the blog. Amway ambots haven't changed their pitch in 30, 40 years! The same stuff they're preaching at Amway cult meetings today, they were preaching 10, 20, 30+ years ago too!

  7. Hey anna i just woke up out of the amway cult. Diamonds make all their money off of functions (or a lot). About 8 months back i posted a comment saying i was financially independent off this business. Lol im sure ambots comment that all the time.

    1. Glad to hear that you got out of the Amway cult, Anonymous. It's nice to hear from someone who had posted earlier when brainwashed by the cult to speak as one who is now of free thought. So many Ambots post here and will say "so sorry you are a bitter angry person. You just must not have worked the business right because I'm very sucessful!". As you found from your own experience, those Ambots are lying through their teeth because the cult has taught them that up is down and down is up. They are losing money, but because they boost their PV (which just collects dust in their garage) the upline praises them for "investing" in the business and are therefore successful. But products bought to look good to the upline on paper but aren't being sold to customers is LOSING money. It's not investing in anything except bankruptcy.

      Ambots that come here saying they are making $10,000 a month after being in the business for 6 months only make those of us that know Amway laugh our butts off because they aren't fooling anyone.

      I'm sure your finances are doing better now that money isn't being poured down the Amway toilet.

    2. Hi Anonymous - glad to see you finally woke up and realized Amway is a cult scamming you out of your money. I get a few people coming back here saying I should have listened to you.

      As for you bragging about being financially independent in Amway, of course no one believed you. How do you know when someone in Amway is lying? Their mouth is moving! Or in the case of the Internet when they're typing something. Only a tiny fraction of 1% of Amway participants make money. Amway has that figure in the small print of their brochures, like .000000367% or whatever the current number is. People who are really making money in Amway aren't posting on blogs like this because they're too busy bullying their downline to buy more Amway shit or not to quit. That goes for the 2 "triple executive Diamonds" who showed up here to brag.

      So yup Ambots show up here all the time to comment about how they're financially free thanks to Amway. Dealt with another one in comments a few minutes ago!

  8. I have been reading all these comments and am glad I have the proof to show my 17 yr old son and his girlfriend who have been brainwashed in this cult!! pray that he will realize this huge mistake!~

    1. Hi Jen. That's too bad about your son. At that age he's a know it all and if he's in the Amway cult they're all know it alls! He'd look at these comments and say we're a bunch of broke losers who didn't try hard enough.

      I would suggest you see a lawyer because a minor can't normally enter a contract. And yes he had to sign an IBO agreement to get inside the Amway cult. You might be able to sue the person who signed him up if that persons over 18. You probably won't collect any money from a broke Amway loser but the lawsuit would pretty much make the Amway upline drop your son faster than a hot coal! The good thing is your son is young enough to bounce back financially and emotionally.

  9. Dear Jen M. --

    Tell your son that he would make more money (literally!) if he opened up a small lemonade stand on the front lawn and sold drinks to passers-by. I'm deadly serious. On an ordinary hot day he's probably make 15 to 20 dollars, which is more than he'd get in a month from breaking his butt in Amway.

    Tell him also that Amway really isn't about making money at all. It's about being in a fake happiness cult, where you are enslaved to the wishes of your up-line.

    1. That's very true Anonymous. Open a lemonade stand will bring someone more money in a day than an Amway Ambot makes in a month. And with a much smaller investment. Especially if mom and dad pay for the ingredients!

      Yup Amway is a fake happiness cult where you plaster on a fake smile and have a fake laugh and pretend you give a fuck about other people when all the Ambot is thinking is how they can make money off that sucker.


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