Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Serving Up At Amway Meetings

One of the things I heard at Amway meetings was how simple the business was. All you had to do was eat one Amway food bar and one Amway beverage daily and teach others to do the same thing.

Well not that simple because nobody likes to eat nasty tasting shitty products that are priced through the roof. Unless they’re an ambot brainwashed to believe that they actually taste good and are good for you. Hell. Caramel coated cardboard tastes better than Amway food bars!

Amway is all about teaching others to do the same thing you’re doing. Usually referred to as duplicating your upline. In other words how to scam others. How to lie and deny. How to destroy relationships. How to lose your money. How to go into debt. Normal people don’t want to do those things. Brainwashed ambots absolutely.

After you’ve sat through some boring as shit Amway cult meeting, do they serve refreshments? A burning question that everyone wants to know the answer to.

I’ve been to enough real business meetings over the years that depending on the length, say at least one hour refreshments are served. Typically beverages are coffee, tea, water or juice. Food items might be cookies, donuts, muffins, sandwiches. And always enough that a person can have a full glass of their beverage and one each of the food item. And probably seconds.

So what refreshments do you get at Amway meetings for your pretend business after putting up listening to some sack of shit cult leader for 2 or 3 hours. Pretend refreshments!

Nows the time to drag out the XS energy drinks that tastes like some nasty cat piss cough syrup combo. A can each you ask? Hell no! Amway ambots are either cheapskate bastards or too poor to afford a can to each brainwashed ambot that shows up to the meeting. Dixie cups come out and half an inch of piss water is poured into each cup. Now the strategy might be when its served in such a teeny amount you might not notice the nasty taste. Wrong. Can still taste it. Who came up with such a nasty brew? Even more puzzling are the ambots who actually pretend they like drinking cat piss water. Or more likely they don't dare say what they really feel about the product or else be screamed at for saying negative.

What about eats? Well that would be an Amway food bar. What the hell else would an ambot serve at an Amway cult meeting. Would that be one bar each? Hell no! Someone slices the Amway food bar into teeny pieces. Imagine a Snickers bar. Its about the same length as an Amway food bar but the big difference is a Snickers tastes 10 million times better! Imagine that Snickers bar sliced into 30 pieces so everyone can have a taste of that one chocolate bar. That’s what they do at Amway meetings. And if they’re feeling generous they’ll slice 2 different types of food bars so everyone can try a miniscule slice of each. Again the strategy might be that served in such a small amount that no one can taste how shitty they are. Flavored styrofoam.

Those Amway food bars are expensive around $20 or $30 a box and I think theres 6 bars in a box and brainwashed ambots are out there bitching at potential customers that they’re better for you than granola bars. You fucking liars! Amway food bars taste like shit.

Get a chocolate dipped peanut butter granola bar and it tastes good. The price tastes good too. They’re less than $5 at the grocery store. Depending on what brand you buy you can buy 2 boxes of granola bars from the store and still get change from that $5.

So there you have your reward for sitting through a Scamway meeting and listening to an Amway cult leader spout off lies and bullshit and screech about all things negative for a couple of hours. A splash of piss water in a paper cup and a teensy slice of shit bar. The life of an Amway ambot don’t get much better than that!


  1. A sliver of energy bar and a tiny cup of drink. It's a bit like Holy Communion. And, as an IBO, you even get to take a vow of poverty. I hear they even have confessional (er, counseling) with their upline. This Amway is sounding more and more like a religion.

    1. AnonTB - that's a great comparison. And seeing as how Amway is a wacky religion it fits!

  2. Heh... when I went to an Amway meeting at a private residence, they served refreshments at the end of the meeting. I'd like to say it lasted 1 hour, but again, this felt like 1.5 hours minimum... up to 2 hours?

    The refreshments being served were plentiful. That's because they were Nabisco brand crackers, typical potato chips (such as Lays), Keebler cookies, and supermarket cola. Despite how you mention Amway stuff tastes awful, I would've like to at least sample some of it... they displayed a heap of Amway products like some trophy case, and a good portion of Amway meetings, public or private venue-d kept pushing them on us.

    If nothing else, I noted the irony how the meeting mentioned that some of the "generic stuff" can be bad for you (a specific example was how some of the generic, nonAmway products contain ingredients used in rat poison), but this already kills what little credibility was left. To be fair, they didn't mention Nabisco, etc., and there may not have been the same poisons there, but it was clear they were trying to steer us to buy as much Amway stuff as possible, and get as many others to do the same.

    I grabbed some food b/c that was the ONLY way left to make cutting my losses for that night not as bad, and then left. Well, I tried to leave in peace, but my potential sponsored walked with me. During that walk, he did NOT talk about what we're supposed to be doing to make $$ in Amway. If I didn't know better, I suppose this is a tactic to "keep us in line"? If we walked with other potential downlines without the uplines, we'd be able to discuss and come to the conclusion that this is all so shady and BS, without being interrupted and steered back towards the cult.

    1. Anonymous - sounds like the meeting was held at some rebel ambots house bringing out the illegal products!

      Yeah Amway is all about putting other products down. Around here we like to put Amway products down. Outrages the brainwashed ambots who show up here.

      I forgot about the trophy table full of Amway products on display. Before meetings we'd always get a call from some upline Amway asshole asking us to bring anything we had for the display table even if it was an empty box or bottle. So the shit you see set up doesn't necessarily belong to the person who lives in the house where the meeting is held at. In this case it doesn't sound like the houses residents had any Amway products to flaunt. Lucky them

  3. Just as you mentioned, I went to a night-meeting a month ago, and they were filling up tiny paper cups with something they called Perfect Water. From what my sponsor told me, that water has been known to cure cancer and other anomalies in the body. They as well sliced up lemon and chocolate food bars and placed a tooth-pick on the slices so we could just pick them up without having to use our fingers. This was late, I believe around 10:30pm, mean while, some guy at the front of the room was saying how we love to buy expensive brand bottled water that comes straight from someone’s faucet, in turn making companies rich. He assured everything we drink and eat out there is toxic to our bodies.

    I was only able to stay there till 12am, after which I told my sponsor I would have to leave. On our way to our cars she asked me what did I think about the venture and I told her selling isn’t for me. She insisted it wasn’t about selling, but rather getting more people involved with the products, as well as myself. She mentioned it was some sort of networking business and before the month was over I would have my very own first employees working under me. I gave one of my emails (she didn’t know this), and told her I’d get in contact with her if I changed my mind. She was very insistent, saying if I didn’t feel sure about something we could get together with her upline or one of the guys peaking to the group that evening. I told her “we’ll see”.

    Now I watch myself where ever I am, hoping I won’t bump into her!

    1. Hi Anonymous. Yes the Amway snake oil treatments. I've written about that before how Amway products cure (NOT!!!!) every deadly disease known. The lies those lying Amway assholes tell just to make a sale. Sickening!

      That's one of the problems when you're in Amway. Everyone avoids you! Scourge of the earth.


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