Friday, July 5, 2013

Sign Sign Everywhere A Sign

I was out for a walk a few weeks ago, came round the corner and I see a whole bunch of cars parked outside a house that weren’t there a couple of hours earlier. Because its Tuesday night and after 8pm I can only think the worst. Oh fuck someone’s having an Amway meeting. Then I can see from where I am that these cars look in pretty good shape. If it was really an Amway meeting then there would be shitmobiles old junkers ready to fall apart lining the curb. As I get close to the house I see a shop painted sign in front saying it was some kind of Welcome Wagon event going on. Whew! Unlike some companies they ain’t embarrassed to say who they are.
I often see hand printed signs in front of people’s houses when they’ve got something going on like a birthday party or wedding shower. Then I get to thinking why Amway doesn’t put signs out front of the house they’re holding meetings at. What would the sign say besides the obvious TOP SECRET AMWAY CULT MEETING GOING ON INSIDE.
How about sticking these signs out in front of the house so everyone in the neighborhood knows whats going on with the clunkers clogging the street:
Biggest liars in the world meeting here tonight
Voting place for Amway asshole of the week.
Meeting of the World Wide Destructive Bastards (yeah that one will bring in SWAT!)
Society of the biggest troublemaking bastards around
Amway Assholes Anonymous
Meeting of the piss water guzzlers
Come in and learn how Amway teaches you to bring misery to other people’s lives
Amway shithead meeting tonight
Amway cult leader is holding bullshitting session here tonight
Come in and learn how to be an Amway loser
Amway society of future millionaires in 2 to 5 years from now
We love scamming people group
Meeting to learn how to alienate your family and friends
How to go into debt meeting
Meeting of the dumb fucks society
Ambot brainwashing session tonight
Meeting to learn how to walk the beaches of the world
Meeting to teach you to become a millionaire working 10 to 15 hours a week
Come in and meet the biggest fucking bullshitters and liars around
Amway liar’s club
And there you have it. Call it like it is. Put a sign up front so everyone on the block and everyone going into the meeting know exactly what’s going on.


  1. Amway Cunts Association

    The group of ASS-KISSERS where we come together and pucker-up before your sweaty Quixtar anus!

    Amway Scam National

    Come and see what the fuss is all about…but leave your wallet at the door.

    Amway Greedy Christian

    Where god wants you to hand over all your money to us, or you’ll go to hell!

    (All rights reversed by AmwayChristian values and Amway Corruption Corporate)

    Global Theft Amway

    Do you want to lose money? Do you want to oppress your family and your friends? Do you want to start from zero and stay at zero (plus debt)? Well, come and gives us a try…bankruptcy we guarantee!


    Communikate is the world’s largest communications resource for your online business needs. For assistance, don’t call, don’t email…just pay us a monthly fee for no business-owner or customer-support (We’ll put you on hold indefinitely!).

    Please, come give us a try, we’ll give customer-support a whole new meaning!

    Amway Crapper Cars R Us

    Have ZERO money down, ZERO monthly payment-plan, chapter 11 bankruptcy…no problem!

    We at Amway Crapper Cars R Us SUPPORT your dream! We know you’re broke, but success is JUST around the corner…and if you succeed, WE SUCCEED! So come on by, we have a large selection of classy cars to chose from. Caddi’s, Lexus, Mercedes, BMW’s…all fixer-uppers for the starting small business owner.

    (Vehicles “sold as is” policy, no warrantee, no return policy, purchase at your own discretion, trade-ins accepted only if you buy our car)

    1. Ha ha ha! Those are VERY funny!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anna I am infuriated! I don't know what else to do. My BF and I were on the phone last night. We live in a huge and popular city in a popular state. And all his uplines have moved to more rural/suburban areas for God knows what. We discussed where we would live if we were to purchase a home. I work downtown in the popular city and I have a legit and stable career going. This fool wants to move 3 hours away (like these cult leaders) because "home taxes are cheaper." IM NOT DRIVING 2-3 HOURS TO WORK AND BACK every damn day making money while your ass stays at home 3 hours away. AND COUNTY HOME TAXES? It's a STATE THING. I know he's regurgitating this info from his uplines since his only source of news comes from their big fat lying mouths. I simply googled the most expensive counties in our state and as it turns out, (drum roll please) the county we live in, that carries a big popular city is the most AFFORDABLE and the most successful and richest people live in the suburbs of this county. Is he serious right now? Do their uplines encourage their downline to physically move to the middle of nowhere to get away from reality and loved ones?

    1. Hi Anonymous. Well that doesn't sound good. I don't have any experience with that but I was at some Amway function and whoever Diamond was saying his upline Diamond asshole told him to move somewhere else where he could grow his business so he did. I'm thinking what the fuck you're a grown up live where you want. Just goes to show what brainwashing does to people. Here's the thing if you love where you live and have a good career then you'd be a fool to move somewhere and start over just because taxes are lower. We all know one way or another the taxes are gonna get you doesn't matter where you live! If you move you either got a up to 6 hour daily round trip commute or you got to find a new job in the new town that you might not like as much as what you have. People have reasons for moving, to be closer to family or good medical resources, or more desirable weather but to move to stay closer to a bunch of Amway assholes? Incredible! And yup if his upline is putting pressure on him it's to get him away from his family and friends who aren't in Amway. Nothing brings those sick bastards more happiness than destroying other people's relationships. Tell your bf if he wants a long distance relationship then you'll see him on weekends but you ain't moving.

    2. STAND YOUR GROUND. Ambots are trained to manipulate your answers to meet their needs. STAND YOUR GROUND. I can't say it enough. Your career is more important than this.
      Unfortunately, based on what I have read in your story, and what I have experienced and seen, heard about, read, etc.... They will go at you next. Mark my words. you will be labeled many vile things, which I am sure aren't true (I was labeled negative, stupid, lazy, unsupportive and even verbally abusive an controlling when I chose not to join my now ex down this path. I am none of these things, I can assure you.) I'm not saying this to scare you off of him, maybe this will snap him out of this trance, like it did for many who were told to ditch their significant other for Amdreams. My story didn't work out like that, but maybe yours will.

    3. @AnonymousJuly 9, 2013 at 9:00 AM

      I hate to tell you this but you have a situation that will likely put an end to your relationship. That is your BF will put scAmway before you and that goes for basically anything else in his life. Scour the web and read stories of couples involved in this pyramid scam. That should give you an idea what to expect or more appropriately what is in store for your relationship.

      Your BF will make irrational decisions most likely no matter what kind of evidence you put in front of him. Perhaps the tax situation is one you should use as a test case. Then you will have to decide if that is how you want to live the rest of your life or is it better for you to cut loose before you make a commitment.

      You should also read the free eBook Merchants of Deception. There's a link to the right.

      Good luck, and we are here if you need to talk.

    4. Now I'm worried. I've read that they ruin relationships, and I've seen how much these people distance themselves from their own family, but my BF thankfully still hangs out with his buddies a few times a month, and still visits his family more frequently than his team does. He's never missed a training on mondays BUT he's actually started to miss a couple of wednesday meetings. He told me he accidentally napped and he "failed and gave in to his weakness." I know that if he REALLY wanted to go, he would deprive his sleep totally and go. I don't know. Maybe there is hope?

      and Jerry - People have actually PICKED their significant other over this business? shocking.

    5. Anonymous - absolutely Amway ruins relationships. I've written about that before. Nothing gives those sick ambots more happiness than destroying people's lives. Here's the good thing. Once they stop going to meetings or not going to many they are not too far from quitting. Usually takes 2 to 6 months, some a little longer. Once they stop going to brainwashing sessions they start to see Amway and the shitty business opportunity for what it is and they quit. The assholes in the Amway upline always try to keep their cult followers busy with them all the time. That means attending cult meetings, hanging out with other ambots, or following the upline's instructions to spend a few hours at Safeway or Barnes & Noble sniping prospects. I would say a lot of ambots eventually end up choosing their significant other/family over Amway. I do hear from people who didn't or their loved ones. Very sad how someone can choose a box of soap over someone who was once the love of their life before this evil got between them.

    6. Exactly, they don't choose them at first because Mr and Mrs "Successful" upline will rip and tear until there is an issue. Once the money the IBO ran away for is obviously not there, they run back. It's been a few months now in my story since the break. I have heard awful things already, an I feel really bad for her. She had savings, she had friends, she talked to her siblings, she was fun to be around. She is slowly starting to see the negatives, or at least that is what I have been told. I won't talk to her, but her friends that like US, are trying to keep me from quitting on her. In time, I guess.


    7. Jerry - that's nice of you to stay concerned for her welfare even though you're no longer together. You have to remember she is being controlled by leaders in the Amway cult. They have brainwashed her to hand over all her money and borrow money once she runs out. It only lasts until the credit cards are maxed and there's no other money to tap. Like any cult Amway works hard to separate their followers from friends and family. I hope you're right and she comes back instead of hooking up with another cult follower and dragging her stay in the cult for a longer time. They work really hard to keep their clutches in the followers, a combination of love and abuse is how the Amway cult leaders control their downline.

  3. I was at Wendys having a burger last week. In comes a group of young men dressed in suits . I thought either Jehovah's witness or ambots . One of them started talking about sacrifice and driving 4 hours one way to a small town to show the plan lol. I thought isn't it much easier to use skype?

    1. You know! Besides, MLMs adopt technology only after uplines determine that they can benefit financially off downlines usage. I suppose too that skype can't demonstrate nearly enough an ambot's devotion to scAmway's god and his minions.

    2. Anonymous - ha ha what else can you think when you see people dressed up in suits where no one else is. Either JWs or ambots! They won't use Skype because no one in their upline benefits financially from it. Same reason why they use Communikate instead of call conferencing and other features on cell phones. Its all about supporting the Amway tool scam. He probably drove 4 hours for no shows!

    3. Skype doesn't allow for the traps the pull. Skype allows for easy disconnection from the ide of the scam. No matter how many times you say no, they keep pushing, looking for that window of opportunity. Skype allows you to close the window. Skype prevents you from feeling guilty that they drove, or flew so many miles to talk to you, the ultimate prospect (until you say no, then you are another weak minded, simpleton, who doesn't know a good thing when they see it and wants to live in misery for eternity. Skype is too even of a playing field.

  4. Ok, this is freaking me out a bit, my childhood friend joined this scam five years, he was supposed to retire this year and go live in Peter Island (WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!) for the rest of his life! I guess that will never come to fruition, so his upline told him a couple of months ago that he needed to ‘branch out’ his business south…in other words, Florida.

    Yesterday, we had a get-together with friends from school and he announced proudly business is going so grate, he’ll be expanding his business down south…preferably a warmer climate like Florida. He said “sometimes in life, you have to make sacrifices, and leave everything behind that’s holding you back”. In my opinion, he has a good life, insurance agent full time, trainer part-time, wonderful apartment in a good town…had a brand new car until his upline decided he could use more money to kick-off his business into the city, then he had to trade in for something incredibly used (falling apart) pieace of crap car. We met up before that get-together and he told me something that petrified me, I told him moving around with just a Bachelors degree isn’t that wise (special since he still owes on student loans), he let slip that he also had maxed out a few credit cards…but that if he had to sleep in his car and eat out of a dumpster like their diamond did for years before Amway…he would do it!


    1. Anonymous - people in Amway are brainwashed. Why else would they say and do nutty things like live in a car and eat out of a dumpster. Your friend must be worshipping an Amway cult leader who either lives in Florida or is moving there and that's why he's going to follow. Amway is all about follow the leader into debt, bankruptcy, and divorce. Peter Island is in the Carribbean in the Virgin Islands (I think) and is a high priced resort no different than other high priced resorts on private Carribbean islands but is favored by Amway ambots so someone way up the Amway pyramid must be getting kick backs when ambots stay there.

    2. Don't freak out. There's three kinds of men: those who learn by reading, few who learn by observing and the rest just have to pee on the electric fence. Seems your friend wants nuthin' but hardcore lessons only. You might have to stand aside and just let him take aim at the fence.

    3. I always wondered about their fantastic Peter Island. I had never heard of it, before the braggards of Amway said something about it. Honestly, I thought is was in North Carolina, basef on where the upline was from. I would imagine it is cheaper than your average Carribean vavation, since they can't afford Jamaica or Curacao or anything else that would be brag-worthy.


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