Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bring Prospects Or Be Shunned

At every Amway meeting the Platinum cult leader would ride all the IBO’s asses about being failures because no one was bringing new prospects to the meetings.

Well that’s what happens when you’re part of a pyramid scheme. Its not easy finding people open-minded to being ripped off!

Ambot spent hours each week trying to convince friends, family, and people he’d just met to come to a meeting. Infrequently after a few hours of being hounded, someone would break down and agree to see the board plan, but then they wouldn’t show up and spend weeks or months avoiding calls from Ambot.

Years later one of our formerly good friends still refuses to have anything to do with us thanks to the Amway. He actually came out and met some ambots and didn’t like them. Join the club! Normal people who are not Amway cultists can’t stand those fucking Amway assholes!

I stopped going to Amway meetings. I refused to have anything to do with the fucking assholes in our Amway upline and refused to show up anywhere that the fucking asshole Platinum was spreading lies and bullshit. Horrible evil cult leader spreading negativity, draining the bank accounts of people beneath him in the Amway pyramid, and destroying relationships. Yeah just the kind of sack of shit everyone wants to have in their lives! And just the kind of sack of shit Amway cult leaders that so many others doomed in the Amway hellhole have to suffer through. The day those Amway bastards rot in hell can’t come soon enough!

Ambot had been hounding a friend for months to come an Amway cult meeting and our friend had been putting him off one excuse after another. Well no kidding. The only people who want to go to Amway meetings are ambots. People who don’t want anything to do with the Amway cult or the brainwashed ambots sure as hell don’t want to go anywhere near a Scamway meeting. It was no big surprise that our friend was a no show. He wouldn’t answer his phone either when Ambot called to find out where he was. The 8 o clock Amway witching hour was nearing and the guest Ambot had bragged to everyone he was bringing was MIA. Ambot begged me to accompany him so I gave in and dragged my ass to that fucking creepy full of bullshit Amway cult meeting.

By this time I had done research into the Amway cult and was reading stories of other Amway victims. They all had the same story we had. Their cult leaders told the same lies I heard. The Amway cult I was part of was exactly the same as all the other Amway cults out there. Some former cult followers had suffered severe financial losses including bankruptcy and houses being foreclosed. Some marriages had disintegrated. Forearmed is forewarned. During this Amway cult meeting I caught the miserable lying son of a bitch cult leader in all kinds of lies. But as anyone who has gone to an Amway cult meeting knows the cult leaders are charismatic and spout off their lies with such convinction that they are able to brainwash their followers into believing everything they say.

A meeting room had been booked at a local hotel and the upline Emerald was the speaker. Everyone had to fork over $10 to the cult leader to show up and be lied to. We came in and sat down. We watched the Platinum sack of shit circulate the room greeting people. He avoided saying hi to us even though he walked right past us a number of times seeing as how we’d chosen aisle seats. Snubbing us! Like I give a shit that someone I don’t like won’t talk to us. Oddly enough Ambot began to chuckle and I asked him what was so funny.

“He’s refusing to talk to us because I didn’t bring anyone to the meeting.” Yup in the eyes of the Amway assholes in our upline I was a nobody. Either that or he didn’t like the cut off shorts and the Bon Jovi t shirt I was wearing to a “business meeting”.

That was the cult leader’s way of punishing the downline. Refusal to acknowledge them. Ostracization. Shunning.

I was happy with that. We don’t often get that lucky that the pompous sack of shit doesn’t want to talk to us.

So fuck you asshole. It really hurts my feelings when you won’t talk to me. NOT!!!!!


  1. Hi Anna,

    I wrote to you a bit ago that I had a story and I wanted to let it all out now.

    Mid June of this year I get a message from Ambot on a social networking site out of the blue, I mean I've known the guy for 8 years we went to school together had the same car hobbies, but we haven't spoken in a year since we ran into each other at a store a while back.

    He messages me asks me how I am doing etc, tells me to text him and we start talking again. He asks if we can meet up to catch up at a local restaurant. So I am like sure why not we get to catch up and I am hungry anyways.

    We meet up and we do a little catching up, he asks what I do for a living, etc, and then he mentions how he's working on a 'eCommerce' with a bunch of business partners. So I got a little curious and asked whats it called and what do you 'do'? He didn't tell me the name, but he said that he 'redirects' customers to fortune 500 companies like best buy and sears etc.
    He mentions power of association, and that hes connected to the 'right' people. All of which sounded like he read from a script he just put his own flare into it.
    I was very neutral about, so I was like 'that's cool that you are doing something' and we just ended with 'we should all go hang again with our girls like a double date or something.'
    I don't remember how many days later (wasn't long but lets say 2) he texts me again asks if my fiancé and I are free 8pm on a certain day. I say sure because I am assuming it is this double date he was talking about. Turns out it wasn't obviously. We show up at his house and there are people are dressed up in suits and might I add these kids are young I am talking like 19 or so and haven't even scratched the surface on 'making a living' or the 'real world' outside the tv show.

    I didn't want to be rude so we just sat down and this older dude shows up his 'business partner' comes in intros himself and starts this presentation stopping every now and then to ask wouldn't it be cool to do such and such and buy such and such with all this money and time? Of course hard to disagree, yeah I would pay off my house if made x amount more. He goes off on how little risk/money it is to get started and if you are a slow starter its fine we have mentors and sponsors to help you get your business going.

    Now I am a very analytical person I do financial statements and reports all day long as my career.
    I live off the mantra of if its too good to be true it probably is and if it were so easy everyone would be doing it.

    But for some reason that night I was like hell why not just look into it? If it costs 100 bucks a month why the hell not I can afford that, that's nothing. My fiancé was fine with it cause she just wanted to support me.

    So I show that we are interested and etc, and we get invited to another meeting to meet this 'millionaire' retired at 40 sack of shit platinum as you may call them lol.


    1. Hi RBOT. Wow! Just wow! Thank you for sharing your very detailed experiences with us!

      Nothing much ever changes in Amway over the decades.

      Being sneaky. Check.
      8pm meeting. Check.
      Yapping about ecommerce. Check.
      Yapping about Fortune 500 companies. Check.
      Everyone dressed in suits. Check.
      Lies about how much Amway costs a month. Check.
      Sack of shit Platinum bragging about being a millionaire. Check.

    2. Btw they say that if Amway is a Scam then why would these Fortune 500 'attach' themselves to Amway?

      These F5 companies, BestBuy, Barnes, and Sears are all companies that are struggling or near bankruptcy (check the business section if you want) of course they will attach themselves, its free referrals/advertising to save on their own advertising costs. They don't care, they have no legal ties to Amway its just like handing out a business card.

      I remember listening to a Kate message from an upline saying at the next Free Enterprise meeting that there are new people there so keep it down low about Amway don't even mention it. When he called me to ask why I was leaving I said I didn't like the deception his awesome response. "These people aren't ready to hear about Amway" I was like uh ok yeah sure.

  2. Continued

    I go to this meeting at another ambots house and holy crap they fit as many people as they could into this mid sized living room, we even got people sitting on the counters in the kitchen and such. Might I add again some of these kids are 18-23 and some older in their 30s and maybe even 40s. But majority of youngsters

    This sack of shit plat spews on and on how hes connected to the right people, used Costco referral as an example of amways greatness, and if you get 6 legs and those 6 legs get 6 more legs you can make 5k a month 60k a year with 5-15 hours of time a week. You can retire in 12-18 months and be debt free! The whole crowd is going wild nodding and agreeing clapping and hooting for this dude and I am just sitting there thinking da fuq? He goes on and on about how amway has a bad name cause of X reason and that you shouoldnt listen to X reason and experience it yourself and be the judge for yourself. Now, I have heard of amway before but I didn't know anything about it so I didn't think anything of it.

    He goes on about how you should 'redirect' your spending and others spending habits to go through your personal website. You will pay the same or less is what he says and you generate a commission for 'redirecting' business.

    He talks about how you need to do 100pv and get others to do 50pv, but he doesn't mention how much it takes to hit those marks. He said we were going to use X amount of money at so and so shopping center anyways so why not just buy from yourself and make/save some money???

    So after the meeting my ambot friend has me meet this sack of shit platinum 1 on 1 and hes like you are a sharp guy you would do great in this 'business' and I was like sure I can look into it more I mean $100 bucks a month is squat and 10 hours a week is whatever anyways.

    I go home and do some minor research on amway and I got a lot of goods AND bads. This was before I found this blog lol. So that did nothing for me unfortunately.

    So after another hazing meeting with the ambots my fiancé and I agree to join up. we fill out all the paper work pay our 'sign on' fee and get everything underway, we get signed up with WWDB and this conference line called Communikate which is the most frustrating thing to use and at 40 a month holy crap that's half my phone bill that I ACTUALLY USE.


    1. Hi RBOT. Yup everything you said I heard too. Were we sitting in the same meeting? Yah people in Amway 20 years ago were hearing the same bullshit too. Yup buy from yourself and save money. Yeah right especially when all of a sudden you're buying things that you never used to buy before. How does that save you money? Stockpiling Amway shit that no one wants to use or buy. I'm sure I could save a ton of money buying mountaineering gear at a discount shop too but seeing as how I don't plan to climb Everest I've still wasted a bunch of money buying shit I'll never use no matter how good a deal it was. And there ain't no good deals in Amway!

      Yup the old 6 6 6 plan. Looks easy on paper but it's hard just to find me sucker let alone 6 willing to throw money at the Amway scam.

      Room full of screaming ambots agreeing with everything the cult leader says nodding and screaming at how rich they're going to be.

      Sorry you didn't find the blog soon enough!

  3. Continued

    So here we are we this business, we are kinda excited cause we get a retail site and etc and we are making the best of it together.

    So my upline ambot friend is all excited that we are about to place our first order and we can start making money and be debt free in 12-18 months! Little did I know that you had spend 300+ dollars just to hit your mark and have other people spend 150~ dollars just to hit your mark. After doing the math I would make a whopping 4 dollars, but wait! I would get a $50 for a newcomers sign on bonus if I hit my mark!
    This is partially my fault for not doing enough research or asking enough questions so I am now in the making the best of it mode.

    90% of the shit on the site I don't even buy anyways, the fuck are they saying I was going to spend money to buy this stuff anyways? I do like their shakes and energy drinks, but I don't buy them on a monthly basis, I don't buy cleaning products on a monthly basis, maybe one every other other month, so now we are forcing ourselves to buy enough to hit our mark and we are down 300 or so dollars for what? $54 bucks that shows up on the 15th.

    I was so pissed and one foot out the door WITHIN 24 hours of being in amway/WWDB. I texted my upline even though he prefers Kate, but seriously? That shit takes like 5 mins to send a 5 second message, talk about adding 9 steps to something.

    He calmed us down by saying it just the initial 'shock' that everyone goes through etc etc. I was like whatever man and just went with it. I tried to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I figured we were testing all the products and we should see what we should try to give out as samples so the initial cost was whatever.

    Then came these stupid meetings twice a week for 3 hours starting at 8pm. I didn't think it was that bad until it was the same people and same presentation.
    My fiancé and I were getting extremely demotivated and for good reason. As I mentioned before I already figured out the scam 24 hours in and felt so suckered but tried to turn into a positive.


    1. RBOT - sure your upline Amway asshole was excited about you placing your first order because now he's finally going to make some commission off someone! At least you figured out Amway is a scam in 24 hours. It takes most people longer than that!

  4. Continued AGAIN

    We were about to attend the free enterprise meeting and we walked up to the door and saw the tons of ambots lining up and about to go in to listen to speaker speak his words of wisdom on how to get rich. We were I think 2nd in line and we were like no way and got the fuck out of there and spent that 20 bucks to get dinner lol.

    I got calls and texts from my uplines asking where we were. I told them we didn't want to do this anymore (I did not want to offend so I Didn't say you are so brainwashed etc etc) and that we were just going to buy and sell LIKE A NORMAL RETAIL SITE DOES.
    I got a text from my friend ambot and then he tried to call me I was like dude this is not what it was presented, even after listening to your CDs it all makes sense. There is a reason why you hide the fact its amway cause of all the bad press it has. You are forcing yourself to believe in something that's not true. The he tries and say don't listen to no one else just do your research on THE WWDB AND AMWAY sites, o ok cause that's not going to be biased opinions, and only talk to people 'in the business' about stuff o yeah cause ambots are totally gonna tell the truth of nah bro amway is horrible stay away lol.

    He speaks of power of association, and tries to tell me not to listen to people who don't make a lot of money cause you will be BROKE like them. Hey guess what I make more money than you and 90% of the people that are at your meetings why the fuck would I listen to you about making money?

    Those people he is 'tied' into make their money not from selling amway products but from the monthly fees you pay and for buying tickets to their brainwashing seminars.

    He got his upline to call me and wanted to have 'a man to man' talk about my concerns and I told him, this mother fucker had a response to everything and he was saying o you must not care about your fiancé if you are just gonna trade time for money like everyone else with a job. I was like are you fucking serious? What I do love is having a job that pays me and not a job that I have to pay it so that I can pay for all this nice stuff and house so that my fiancé and I can come home to dipshit.

    O here is my other rant about Kate, thing is sucha POS and 99% of the shit messages I get on there marked 'urgent' is from the sack of shit plat or diamond saying how he went to the doctors and his vitamin B levels are low or that he just got out of the shower and wanted us to know he's FIRED UP about how well we are doing. I am learning so much from that shit.

    Seriously? I am paying 40 bucks for a fucking facebook hotline I have to call/login into every few hours? No fucking thanks. I cancelled that shit so fast along with the 'learning' material.

    I still do have the site as being a member I get 40 bucks off my phone bill along with other perks that makes up for the 50 bucks I pay a month on it. And I do enjoy some of the products, I do my research and compare prices, fuck their opinion of quality. Why the hell would I buy your laundry detergent for twice the price of oxy fucking clean? Oxy fucking clean works like champ costs half the price and comes with twice the amount.

    Anways my ambot friend still tries to get me to the Family reunion that happened last week in Portland. PASS ill spend my $555 bucks elsewhere and I live 10 minutes away why the fuck would I pay for a hotel?

    Anways I hope someone enjoys reading this and as I do enjoy reading the blogs and watching the dateline exposing Quixtar video that was funny straight up cult.

    Still a Prosumer though :D

    1. RBOT - Yay! You walked away from a Scamway cult meeting and found a better use for the money instead of handing it over to some asshole in your Amway upline.

      Yup the calls and texts from the assholes in your Amway upline when you miss a meeting. Been there. Actually they called Ambot and not me cause they knew I'd tell them to go fuck themselves. But I was still near enough to hear his end of the call or see the text come in.

      The reason you have to use Communikate is because the Diamonds get a share of the proceeds. A former Communikate employee was here filling us in. Glad to hear you managed to cancel without too much difficulty. Most people complain about getting charged on their credit cards afterwards.

      And those bastards are still fired up!

      Come on you can do better. You don't need to be a prosumer anymore.

      Congratulations for getting out before too much financial and emotional damage was done!

      And on everyone's behalf let me jus send out a big old FUCK YOU to every upline Amway asshole out there. Feels good!

    2. Hi Anna,

      Thanks, hope you use my story or somewhere along the lines of it

      This blog is very entertaining to read.

      Whelp I am going back to being BROKE with my CAREER

    3. Thanks RBOT. Will feature your story in an upcoming post later this year. Yup we make the blog entertaining so people like to read it and at the same time they can figure out to run like hell if Amway ambots approach them. Spilling out their trade secrets here. Amazing how everyone hears the exact same things from ambots. Things never change except for the worst.

  5. Hi Anna, first, I have to say I love your page and “thank you-straight from my heart for your blog!” Second, I went to a night-meeting this past Tuesday with a LONG-LOST-COLLEGE friend I forgot I EVEN knew! We bumped into each other at the gas station…talked some business and before you knew it, I WAS BOOKED in a network business systems, marketing meeting taking place at a Holiday Inn in town.

    Currently I’m working on my MBA, certified in bookkeeping with a 9-5 with an “okay” benefits package. So we get to this meeting, it starts at 8 sharp, but we want to be there a few minutes earlier, he said it gets packed and we want to find seats! I ate before we got there, but still asked about snacks, he said there would be (WATER FOR EVERYONE!). We sit, I was introduced, first to a GOOD colleague of his, and later to the business EXPERT at the front of the room chanting away about why a JOB is being a DEAD-BEAT! I heard some “ I used to eat from the dumpster” stories and “we shared a bed-all four of us, at the homeless shelter” testimonials. Then someone showed them the PLAN, and BOOM, they’re RICH!!! All this time I’m waiting for some relevant Independent Business Owner strategies, customer-base, product-marketing, business-promotion techniques…licensing, location…ANYTHING! At around 10pm, the EXPERT guy goes around the meeting room finalizing the recruitment process on some of the other prospects… “Say you’re joining the business to bring change to your family, to bring your family together, to one day provide them with a brilliant future…say it to them with me now (his holding some young couple’s hands and their friends saying this really loudly).

    He does this all around the room, holding hands with couples, instructing them on what to say, telling them there is no other way to bring their families hope, support, and unlimited money.

    He told me it will never be too late to join, just to make sure I think about it quick, so I can join right in time with the rest of them and be able to retire, making about $20, 000 a week managing my own company and not having to pay for my groceries or having endless discounts on everything I buy or lease (apparently this includes vehicle-leases or financing…HAHAHAHA). My ‘SO-CALLED’ friend said we could get together the following day to help me DIGEST all this NEW information and ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME opportunity…I just had to name the place, the time, and he would bring some of his business partners and if need be someone with a Master’s in Business Administration, they have people from ALL WALKS OF LIFE!!!!!!

    I haven’t answered my cell-phone or looked at my email, and if I see him I’ll just say it’s not for me…EVER! That FUCKING meeting gave me the creeps…the way they look at you and the way their voice sounds makes my skin crawl…AND I’M A DUDE!!!!!

    1. Hi anonymous. Thanks for stopping by with your story. Glad you're loving the blog.

      Yeah there seems to be a real epidemic lately with people leaving comments that long lost childhood friends, college buddies, army buddies are getting in touch out of the blue. And they all want to tell you about a great business opportunity. Scamway!

      Were we sitting in the same room? Your story is the same as mine. 8pm cult meeting, drags on for hours, hearing stories about people down on their luck, a dear friend got them started on Amway, and now boom bazillionaires!

      And they're still using that line about how NOW is the right time to get on board. Ambots told us that 10 years ago. Others reading this blog said they heard the same thing 20 and 30 years ago.

      So let's just send a big FUCK YOU out there to the ambots who are always crowing about how things have changed in Amway. LIARS!!!!

      Amway meetings give normal people the creeps because well Amway people are just fucking creepy.

      Yeah if the ambots start pressuring you just tell them to fuck off. Ambots are prudes and the language will offend them so they'll leave you alone.

      Yup this blog is Ambot repellent!

      Glad to hear you didn't get sucked in to the scam.

    2. Summer conferences just ended so everyone is FIRED UP, giving 110%, going for platinum, and all that other crap they just parroted in the last few weeks at conference.

      Being this is the longest stretch between brainwashing seminars.... should we expect the Ambots to come flowing in soon? Commenting positives about the business, though searching for the negative got them here?

      I can't wait. Bring it on, nutballs.


    3. Hi Jerry. Yup we can expect the fired up ambots to show up with their canned Amspeak propaganda. Right now they're all searching for information on FED Free Enterprise Days because the assholes in their Amway upline got their hands out demanding payment for the tickets now been though its 3 months off. Keeps them in line for awhile longer.

    4. Yes my experience was similar from college buddy out of the blue to what you had to sit through AND thankfully my (for me at least) easy decision not to sign on. The only thing I will add in addition to the creepy feel I also felt some pity. Some clown up there saying silly platitudes such as (an exact quote) "you know what your problem is? too much month at the end of the money". And all these poor dopes scribbling it down as if this is great wisdom while others are holding up portable tape recorders.

    5. Hi Anonymous. You're right in addition to being creepy you have to pity some of those poor bastards or at least pity their families. Yup they're all scribbling everything down the cult leaders say - all those great words of wisdom like don't wear micro mini skirts that make you look like a slut. And holding out there tape recorders so they can listen to this again like hearing it once wasn't bad enough.

  6. RBOT, thanks for sharing!

    I still remember amway-isms used on me....
    A former coworker which I haven't talked to since he left the company calls me out of the blue, saying he always noticed I was a "go-getter". I already knew this was a yellow flag since we never sat together. Told me the opportunity was "like Amazon".

    During the presentation, they cite how great companies like Amazon is because if one day, widgets or whatever aren't the thing to buy, they're not a manufacturer. They can always just sell something else. It would turn out this has nothing to do with Amway. In fact, it was yet another distraction from how awful Amway was and still is

    ""Don't make any decisions without knowing all the information""
    If you've done your research online, such as sites like this one, you can tell them you're still out. If they persist, be firm and still tell them no. Otherwise, a clear "fuck you" may be extreme, but in order.

    "da fuq"
    LOL... that's exactly what I thought when I attended those meetings.

    ""if you buy from a store, they don't pay you. Buy from Amway, they will pay you""
    Of course, they mask all the pain and other hidden costs of signing up with Amway, and that your payment will pale in comparison to what you pay to them.
    One of my favorite conversations from Married With Children:
    PEGGY: What is it, Al? Did I get another commission check? Did I? Did I? huh, huh?
    AL: You did.
    PEGGY: Weeeee!
    AL: Yes, "we" indeed. Peg, since you're now an entrepreneur, I thought it would be a good idea for you to learn something about business.
    PEGGY: From you?
    AL: Why not? You've taken everything else from me. You see, Pookie, since you're the only one buying your cosmetics, you're not making any money.
    PEGGY: Oh, yes I am. They send me checks.
    AL: Ah yes, but you send them much bigger ones. And that's what we call in the world of business "sending your husband rocketing to the poor house!" Why didn't you sell any make-up, Peg?
    PEGGY: Well, like I told the girls, it's not very good.
    AL: Then why did you keep buying it?
    PEGGY: Because that's how I make my money!
    Al starts crying.

    ""you're going to spend the gas money anyways""
    This is what they said about the WWDB or any other Amway convention. It was 115 miles, 1-way to that convention center from where the Amway meeting was! Most of us were NOT going to spend that much money anyways in one weekend, and if we were, it's because we had something ALOT MORE important than the same old Amway meeting.

    I asked over phone if you can do well without spending money AND getting your own downlines.
    The Ambot on the other end "uhmm-ed" and just trailed off

    ""will your friends support you if you need help?""
    I don't think they'll pay my bills nor rent for me, but any one of them will do more than all of Amway would do for me.

    1. Hi Anonymous. That's pretty good. Get the feeling whoever wrote that script knew someone in Amway.

      And yup no one in Amway will do piss all for you except scam you out of your money.

    2. MArried with children example is the greatest example in the world

      please use it anna

  7. Everything your saying is true.. I had children out of wed lock with the alcoholic abusive eldest son of Diamonds on your list. Narcissistic sociopath.. Which was created by his parents.. I've seen inside the glass house.. I know the truth...

    1. Hi Unknown. Narcissistic sociopath is a good way to describe all Amway Ambots! People in Amway are greedy bastards only out to get whatever they can for their own selfish needs. I bet you're not even getting child support from that greedy Amway bastard. One of the other bloggers posted a link to a former Diamond who was on his state's web page of shame for being a deadbeat dad and for how much money he owed his ex in support.


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