Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Amway Ambots Post Fake Job Ads On Craigslist

This has come up before from one of my readers who’s applied for sales job ads listed on Craigslist only to find out its some Amway scammer posting a fake job.

Craigslist rules say MLM’s can’t post there. There ads don’t stay up too long because once someone applies and finds out its an MLM scam they complain to Craigslist and the ad is removed. Then the ambot has to repost it again.

Fucking Amway assholes have a sense of entitlement that the rules apply to everyone else but not them.

Craigslist job ads are for legitimate businesses who are posting a legitimate job offer. Not some MLM scam.

Just out of curiosity I’ve taken a look. Go to Craigslist jobs and in the search box type in J.O.B. and you’ll get hits. I was planning to post the link to one but when I went back Craigslist had removed the post.

If you’ve been around the Amway scam you can spot the scam ads placed by Amway assholes. Somewhere in the ad will be words to this effect:

Tired of working your J.O.B.? How would you like to make $5000 to $10,000/month working part time 10 to 15 hours a week at your home based business.

The ad may also say something this is a job opportunity for people interested in health and fitness and sports or cosmetics.

If you see an ad like that look for the button at the top of the page that says flag inappropriate ads and click one of the tabs. Doesn’t matter which one you choose. A flag is a flag to get it removed because it shouldn’t be there.

Stamp out Amway ambots. Flag them and their scam the hell off Craigslist.


  1. I was dragged into Amway by a former college friend. I went to all the meeting,set up a website, and got a starter kit sent to me for a little over 250. I went to one convention, the ticket was cheap, $25. But as it drag on I realize this is nothing but a business cult. I thank my college philosophy education for that.

    There are many cults and they don't have to be religious. Nazi Germany was a political cult. All you need is a charismatic leader and a bunch of people who are looking for solution to their problem, in Amway case, money. They blamed the financial problem on their bosses and etc.

    One way I know it is a propaganda is the CD. They told you to listen to it over and over, and listen to many more. That is the best way to spread propaganda messages.

    I want out, how do I do that.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Your experience is the same as what others have described. People get all jazzed up to sign up and don't realize it's Amway. They go to a meeting and even after that meeting they still might not know its Amway because the cult leader will drone on for hours and avoid the A word. Then they find out and are pissed off and quit.

      You say you want out? Assuming that means you didn't just walk out on those buggers? Lots of people quit right away and the upline hopes they won't ask for a refund, mostly because the person who got duped just doesn't want anything more to do with them. All you have to do is walk. If you've given a credit card number for standing order or for monthly premier membership to one of the cults to get a web page, cancel all of that. Or cancel your credit card. Might be easier, don't answer phone calls and texts from the Amway upline. Just deprogram yourself by walking away from those scammers.

    2. We got very little "business training"... when going to a meeting at a private, they would point out some of the products with the highest PV ratio. One guy would tell newcomers to strive to go through 1 CD a day. He says he does 2 to 3 a day. ... perhaps that WOULD explain a lot.

    3. We've posted about that before that there is no business training that goes on at Amway "business meetings" you know the kind of stuff that real business owners have to do. Getting brainwashed by Amway propaganda is all the training ambots get.

  2. Anonymous,

    I tried to be civil when I opted out, I didn't show to a meeting and every upline and their mom contacted my fiancé and I wanting to know why.

    I told them we were stepping back, and that's when the calls and texts came in on how we are going to be broke we were dumb we haven't scratched the surface of the business yet yada yada.

    Just cancel your whatever learning sub you have, go login to Kate via and chat with rep about how you want to cancel, and you can cancel your website (if you want I kept mine for outside discounts pay for the $50 fee)

    1. Rbot. - as soon as the assholes in the Amway upline realize they're about to lose an income stream the insults come in fast, calls and texts. I've never quit any other job in my life and had all the employees phone me up and insult me for quitting. Never! Just shows you the cult mentality that doesn't exist in the real world.

  3. I love your blog and what you're describing is the same thing that I went through. We have a guy and all he talked about is how much he hate his job and how much he hate his boss. Most people there planning on quitting their job once they reach platinum level (like that's going to happen anytime soon). They compare their jobs to slave labor. How can it be slavery if you get paid. All they care about is money, money, money. They brainwashed you into thinking that you are some sacred human being who does not have to work for a living.

    They also ask you to attend these conferences and shake hand with millionaire but you have to pay for your ticket. Sometime cheap like I did 30 and sometime expensive like 500. If you don't have the money they asked you to sell something like your your computer, car, and some guy even sold his father wedding ring. I realize it was a cult when they love the upline so much even more than their family.

    Amway is a cult and they target people who are depress and looking for answer, just like any other cult.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Glad you're loving the blog. Yup Amway is the cult of greed. All followers must worship money and the assholes in their upline more than anything else.

      Nope. Not for me.

      And yup the answer the upline assholes always come up with for people who need money to attend Amway functions is to not pay a bill or find money from just about anywhere that does not include trying to sell more Amway products. Hmmm. Wonder why.

  4. Amway is a scam and crushes the dreams and opportunities of millions. I created a video and post that explains how they do this.

  5. Horrible language AND poor grammar! You're awesome!!

    1. Well not all of us got a hoity toity education at Amway University and majored in "how to be a sneering bastard".

    2. Just like a brainwashed Ambot. Ignore reality and the truth in the message and focus on a few swear words. Because they cant argue the facts so deflect to the language used.

    3. The life of an Amway ambot is to lie, deny, distract, defend, and then disappear.....

  6. These comments are hilarious. Amway is not a scam, it is the largest debt free corporation in North America. They pay out 65% of their gross profits back to the distributors, and are on track to do $14 billion in sales this year. Thats about $8 billion paid back to the people who do the work.

    Now, the opportunity isn't for everyone, and in my opinion the biggest thing to look at when considering any MLM is who you will be working with. If you're trying to emulate someone who sucks, your experience will suck.

    The biggest benefit in a business like this is buying back your time, working when you want to. If you aren't open to new ways of thinking and can't wrap your head around the idea of people trying to better their lives, then I feel bad for you. But there is no need to be negative towards others or post libel just because it's not for you/ you didn't put in the effort required to make it work :)

    1. Anonymous - Holy shit Amspeak!

      Any MLM with a 99%+ failure rate is a SCAM! Yes that's quoting Amway's own literature. Look at the small print where it says only a fraction of 1% of participants make money. Or don't look because then you'll have to face reality that you got SCAMMED!

      Any company that jacks up the prices 65% so all the assholes in the upline can make money while you the little guy at the bottom of the pyramid busts your ass to make a sale so they can all share in the commission is a good business model? Yes or no. Well I guess the answer depends on whether or not you're a brainwashed Ambot and you've answered that question already for us LOL!

      A company that makes $14 billion in sales is good news for the owners of said company but why does anyone else give a shit? How does that affect your life? Unless your last name is Van Andel or DeVos or you married one of them you ain't gonna see piss all of those billions.

      Work when you want to? Are you fucking kidding me? You work when the fucking assholes in your Amway upline tell you to be somewhere and do something. Here's a little gem of advice that real business owners know. They set their own hours based on when they think customers would have a need for their product or service. You don't see too many child daycare places open from 1am to 6am do you, no matter how much that business owner might want to set their own hours.

      Don't like what you read here? Don't come back. Sounds simple but I totally get that an Amway ambot would have to ask permission from the assholes in their Amway upline first.

  7. I am not in Amway, but have fully done my research and your blog is very ignorant and void of a lot of truth. Anyone can write and article denouncing a company, but at least fill it with facts. Anna, you are an idiot, plain and simple. For instance 99% failure rate? Are you aware that over half of those in "Amway" are just buyers and don't actively even try to grow their business. Anyways, not here to argue, just to point out that as someone is is completely unbiased and has done lots of research, I had to point out that I would never take this as a credible source of information.

    1. Anonymous - Look around you. Is it dark and there's dirt and you feel squished? Yup you're living under a rock but the rest of us aren't. Sure sign of an Ambot is denial they're in Amway and then blabbing off a bunch of canned Amspeak bullshit outraged that someone is getting the word out online about their experiences inside the Amway cult. If you don't think my real life experiences at being inside Amway isn't good enough research for you the fuck you! Climb back underneath Rock Amway.

      ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
      ..........''...\.......... _.·´

    2. Fully done his research? Probably on the pie-in-the-sky Amway sites. Anyone who REALLY does research will find the trail of wrecked finances and families that any cult/pyramid scam leaves behind. Or, hell, if he even just did the MATH on what it actually takes to earn a profit in the pyramid. And the only way, as with most MLM's is to recruit, recruit, recruit. It certainly is not from selling the product which is HORRIBLY overpriced, so IBO's are usually their biggest (if not ONLY) product customers.

      He claims to be "unbiased", but I smell an IBO trying to stop the word getting out about the scam so he can have a better chance at lying to get folks to climb into the Amway pit with him.

    3. Anonymous - yup, only an Amway Ambot would show up here screeching about doing research as if real life experiences don't count! And only Amway Ambots are outraged that people talk about their Amway experiences online to warn others that its a scam. Too many people sharing their experiences pisses off Amway Ambots because that means readers are listening to what we say and won't get involved in the Amway cult which means less suckers for them to scam.

    4. Yes people use it as scams and cults, but that can be said about anything. I am an IBO and I am aware of bad experiences that people had. My dad being one of them, but not every IBO is that way. I talk to mostly my family and don't try to get them to buy something that they wouldn't already buy, just to buy it through one of the partner stores that way I would get credit for it. I am not expecting to make a lot of money through it, but instead I am wanting to supplement my income by maybe a couple hundred dollars a month at most. I am not trying to scam people, in fact I have told people specifically to not buy something unless they were going to buy it already. I know this is going to get people pissed off and angry at me, but not every IBO is going to get angry if you don't buy or start selling. Yes, I think the prices are overpriced. I would like to think that the products are higher quality than what I buy at walmart, but I am not sure about that. I was and am still hesitant, but I am at least willing to try it. Which I bet is more than what most of you are willing to do.

    5. Anonymous - with an attitude like that you'll never make money in Amway. Not even that couple hundred dollars a month you're hoping for dude. You know why? You're too honest. To make money in Amway you have to be a good liar, comfortable scamming other people out of their money, and no morals or conscience. What you're describing you want to do, not have any part with the Amway cults, and just sell the Amway products to others sounds reasonable, in fact cult members mention it at Amway meetings and a few people have shown up here to say that's their plan.

      It won't work.

      Mostly for the reasons you're already aware of. People can buy similar products of better quality at the grocery store or drug store for much cheaper prices than Amway's product. Also over-saturation in the marketplace. Less than 4% of Amway's products are sold to people who are not IBO's. What does that tell you?

      Amway is all about recruiting people to sign up as IBO's and to buy Amway products and these people recruit others who sign up to be Amway IBO's and buy Amway products and so on and so on. They also have to buy hundreds of dollars each month in Amway products and investing in the Amway tool scam. Someone like you who does their own thing - the Amway cult leaders hate you and they'll be bugging the shit out of you.

      You want to make extra money in commissioned sales - choose a product that is reasonably priced and people actually want to buy.

      Good luck to you.

  8. Well what do you know... a partially honest Ambot! He admits that some of the IBOs are con-artists, that Amway products are overpriced, and that their quality is iffy. He also makes a big point about not pressuring people to buy his stuff. I guess there's hope yet for this guy.

    Being "willing to try" something isn't commendable in itself. You might be willing to try purse-snatching, but that doesn't make it a good idea.

    I predict the following about this guy: He's going to get into big trouble with his up-line, and very soon. When you try to be calm and rational and non-pushy in Amway, your up-line will start becoming abusive and insulting about you "not being fully committed," or "lacking in energy," or "not having the competitive spirit."

    Here's a word of advice to him: When you miss your first business meeting, or when you decline to go to an expensive function, or when up-line finds a non-Amway product in your house, be prepared for an explosion.

    Then come back here and tell us all about it,

    1. Anonymous - any ambot with any smidgeon of honesty has no hope in hell of making money in Amway!

      As you say whoever sponsored him in Amway and their upline cult leader are going to be riding this guy's ass pretty hard because what he wants to do and how the cult leaders want to make money - them roads ain't meeting!

      Yeah I hope he comes back and tells us how it goes.


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