Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Shithouse Wall

When we were in the Amway cult we were told that we’d be running our Amway business on the Internet with our own online store. So Amway is all about being on the Internet now and therefor Amway IBO’s would also be online.

On the other hand the Amway cult leaders freak out if their downline goes on the Internet screeching about how the Internet is graffiti on the bathroom wall.

I don’t know where those Amway assholes are going to the bathroom but the public bathrooms I go into there’s no graffiti. That suggests to me that I go to higher class establishments than Amway ambots with higher class clientele that don’t write on bathroom walls.

Amway IBO’s are low class bastards and to match their character apparently they do go to slimy sleezy establishments where people do write graffiti on the bathroom walls.

If these Amway assholes are so freaked out by past IBO’s writing on the Internet about their Amway experiences then why don’t they just cancel their Internet subscription and that way they won’t be tempted to look at the graffiti on the shithouse wall.

What really freaks out these brainwashed Amway assholes is that the Internet is a powerful tool. Anyone anywhere in the world who can get online can read what its really like being inside the Amway cult. Amway cult followers are outraged that others share their experiences at financial losses and destroyed relationships.

Then they retaliate with typical Amspeak. You’re a loser. You’re a quitter. You didn’t try hard enough.

Amway ambots are so fucking arrogant they actually think people give a shit what they say. And they think they’re so original when they spout off Amway propaganda. That kind of Amspeak has been around for decades. And I guess they don’t listen to fucking good to their Amway cult leaders who go around freaking out and saying don’t say negative.

Want to know where the graffiti on the shit house wall really exists? Just go to any Amway meeting.


  1. Ugh, all of this sounds all too familiar.

    I'm starting to lose hope Anna. By Ambot BF (as I've said before it's been a year since he's joined this) has been meeting and contacting anyone and every one he can think of. Even old co workers. He finally managed to sign ONE girl who just graduated school ( and I know he didn't mention Amway) she said she was going to register after her meeting. The Next day, which I'm sure after she did some research realized it was an MLM and told him she wanted to slow down on this until she's ready. What does he do? he calls her and convinces her right away to at least still meet with him the next day to register. MY BF WAS NEVER PUSHY! Leave her alone! The good thing is that she ahs it in her head that there's something fishy behind this. If she registers and goes through with this the this will motivate him to keep doing this more. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

    1. As I'm sure you know, as the significant other of an Ambot, they have A,B, and C lists. It sounds like he's getting close to finishing his B list friends and family (I always wondered how people would feel if they knew they were B list friends?). This may be good sign. Once he and all his downline hit C list, they are in trouble. Good luck. Hopefully, one year will be long enough for him to see through the façade.


    2. Scamfighter - if you can get to that girl and warn her about Amway then you'll be saving her from the months of misery that lie ahead.

      Ambots go through a personality change when they've been brainwashed by the assholes in their Amway upline. They become really nasty, sneering, arrogant bastards but what else do you expect when they're duplicating eir upline because they're all like that.

      Why don't the two of you sit down and create a profit and loss statement and maybe he'll get the picture. Or try suggesting other home based businesses where you have a better chance of success.

      The big thing is getting him away from his upline and stop listening to CDs and going to Amway meetings. Ask him to take a month off and see what he says. Once he starts being deprogrammed and can figure out he's losing money maybe that'll make him quit.

    3. I'm seeing that nasty Ambot personality change firsthand too. Never thought that within just a few months I would go from smiling when I saw my friend's name on pop up on my phone, to groaning. I try to remember that it's the cult talking and how much fun he was before Amway & Leadership Team Development got him, but the arrogance and condescension are unreal. LTD is following the same old script & using the same lines.

    4. Like-a-mom - unfortunately they all turn into condescending sneering arrogant pricks. That's why they're called ambots. Walking taking Amway propaganda machines. And angry ones because they're losing money, losing their friends and family, losing their minds and being abused by the assholes in their Amway upline. Being brainwashed into a cult does those things to a person. Turns them against anyone who's not in Amway.

    5. UPDATE:

      So the girl that Ambot BF prospected canceled on him last minute. He left work early and drove all the way by her to find out she wasn't interested. He keeps getting ditched and denied. I dont get it. If almost every single person on your A, B, and beginning of your C list is rejecting you, shouldn't that be a little wake up call?!

      Anna, I've tried getting him to go on vacations. At least for a week. or even a few days! Nothing is working.

    6. Scamfighter - part of being in Amway is delaying with no shows. You'd think he'd be used to it by now. I am positive I listened to a Amway CD years ago that talked about no shows. As long as there is one person left on that list then that gives them hope. Can you get hold of that list and delete everyone!

      Can't even talk him into going camping for a few days somewhere there no cell phone coverage? I got camping on the brain. Our various family gets together in August to camp at Big Sur but due to scheduling conflicts it didn't happen this year. Went camping at Pismo Beach last weekend and I want to go back!

      You really need to get a profit and loss spreadsheet going with him so he sees on paper the losses.

  2. What suck is Amway said that their center themselves around Christian value. I took 15 hours of theology courses, and they are not Christian. Christ say the love of money is the root of all evil. I guess the ambot did not read that in the Bible. Too much greed and pride is a sin, guess they did not read that.

    1. Anonymous - just like other cults Amway twists the bible to suit their purposes. Amway the cult of greed.

    2. Recently saw a Tweet quoting diamond Larry Winters as saying "The LACK of money is the root of all evil". It's an old Mark Twain quote, but Ambots really embrace it.

    3. Amway is the root of all evil!

  3. I got into Amway by an old college roommate. I just graduate and was looking for work to paid for my grad school, and she told me I can do this job while being a full time student. I was like that is great so we meet up at Sonic, and she can show me the business plan. She told me that it is too much detail and I will find out more about it at the information session.

    The session usually start at 8 p.m. at a hotel, our was the Marriot. The guess speaker of the our was platinum dude talking about how poor he was until someone show him the plan and ever since then he is rich. He then talk about how we should go out and look for people, tell them that we are building a business,and if they want join the team because they have characteristic we're looking for. He said we should also make a list of people we know and call them up, ask them how they are doing, and if they want to make some extra cash. He said we should stop using other products and we should only use Amway because we're an now entrepreneur.

    I went to the summer conference, and all of these girls in the restroom were using Artistry, and they all look at me weird because I used Chanel and MAC. They look down on those products.

    At the conference all they do is cheer at anyone who reach a certain number of PV points, and they give advice to the newbie on how the do it.

    That is my experience I got out as quickly as I can and Amway people rarely talk to anyone who is not in the Amway business, unless they want you to join the team. One of our guys stop talking to his childhood friend just because he won't join and prefer to shop at GNC instead of buying nutralite vitamins.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Gee I'd almost think we were in the same room listening to the same bullshit! Everyone has the same experiences maybe told slightly differently because nothing ever changes in Amway. Same lies same snobs.yup get as far away as you can from those brainwashed ambots.

  4. I just think it is so funny that everyone of them says do more research about the business and talk to people in the business to get more of an understanding of it.

    Or the best one is "Do research and only use WWDB or Amway site as your resources"

    Talk about biased information gathering lol Of course they are going to say good things, why would they ever shame themselves? "Nah, bro don't go and do Amway" said no Ambot ever.

    1. Yeah I think I'm going to research hamburgers and only look at Wendy's web page!

    2. One ambot put me on the phone with another one of them. Got the expected "it's a great group", etc. I asked point blank if it's possible to make at least the $200 a month figure that were spouted in the meetings without buying more than $20 a month from yourself, and without getting any downlines. He hesitated, mumbled something, and just trailed off.

      This said, much like how kids are introduced to clowns to have them enjoy them or be afraid of them, how a comedian joked how everyone should be required to work in customer service of at least 6 months, or any parent to child talk.... everyone should talk with an ambot just to know that these types of people do exist. I would suggest sticking them all onto some faraway island, but you'll need to deal with other similar types eventually.

    3. I don't want to ship them off to a faraway land. Keep them all around us. As they say, in life there are winners and losers. Without them, we'd have to find new losers.

    4. Its so funny on how the '200' average income a active IBO makes each month is calculated

      They bust out this posterboard and say this is what the FTC says we have to show you etc etc. FTC required Ambots to show the posterboard on how much money is made and calcs. etc is because of the LARGELY inflated income that they claim a IBO can make.

      If you look at the posterboard or even handout (all public info) the calculation of the most average monthly income is from your SAVINGS that you receive from the amway products. They are also assuming you don't give a discount to your 50 PV in outside retail sales as well. So you have to spend 300~ on stuff that you would 'normally already buy' and get some others to spend 150~ on 'stuff they would normally buy' and you get a % of above cost that they would pay, not the full amount of retail
      Hell I only buy what I need and it aint $300 in vitamins a month lol

    5. When you start grilling an Ambot about compensation they'll back off. Or retaliate and get all angry and say never question upline. Yeah especially when you can't answer the question dumb ass!

      Yes on the Amway literature they calculate the money you save buying Amway products in with your income. In other words $1000 month "income" may be saving $800 or $900 by buying from your own store at wholesale instead of retail and the balance being a commission check from Amway.

      I could never see how I was saving money buying from my own store when I was spending $500 month buying shit I wouldn't have bought at a normal store anyway. I can save more money by not buying anything from Amway and not changing my shopping habits.

  5. This is becoming my second favorite site to visit. I was in Amway, but got out ASAP. As I said before I was looking for a little extra cash for grad school, and got trick by a roommate, now former friend. I came to the 8 pm meeting, I was uncomfortable because everybody was super nice, too nice that it is scary.

    I went to 7 consecutive meeting, all start at 8 pm at the Marriot. They have different platinum speaker for each, but rotate once in a while. Different speakers same scenario, they were struggling with money, until some one show them the plan and now they a rich. They tell us to recruit at least 3 people and if those 3 people know at least 3 more people we will be at 12QI before we know it. They say their are only looking for smart people, but that is a BIG FAT LIE. They will take anyone over 18, and I mean ANYONE.

    One guy sell his Xbox and all his games just to go to summer summit, and at the training they ask him to stand up so everybody could clap and applaud for what he done. One of the platinum speaker try to get me to sell my apple laptop or my diamond necklace my father gave me because it will be worth it in the end. They keep pushing me to do it and they won't leave me alone. I don't care,they could put me on a magical throne, there is not a snowball chance in hell I am selling my valuables for a summer summit. And if it is like the last one I went to, there is going to be nothing but ambots cheering and applauding other Ambots on their goals.

    Funny the ambot spends more time trying to get people to join their team more than their family and jobs. They even spend travel miles just to meet diamond leader. The platinum leaders become their parent.

    Funny my former roommate move in with this girl and after a few month the girl move out. I wonder why, maybe because she realize how crazy my room mate is or she is tired of having nothing but Amway products around the house.

    My former roommate is looking for another roommate and she wants to get this girl to join Amway.

    1. Hi Anonymous. I almost hate to ask what your favorite site is to visit!

      Yup everything you said. Ambots are all fakey nice. That is until they figure out they can't control you.

      The only way to make money in Amway is to sell the tools or sell tickets to functions where ambots pay to listen to some cult leader say how poor they were then they signed up to Amway and now they're rich and they quit their job and blah blah blah.

      Yup ambots spend more time on Amway related shit than they do at their job or with their families. When they quit then assoles in their upline or ambots who leave comments on my blog accuse us of not trying hard enough but not a single one of them will define what they mean by that statement because it's just Amway propaganda that they automatically spout off. Oh if only I had my brain back.

  6. One more reason I had no business in Amway is that I am the world's worst salesman. I can't sell anything, even to people who already want it! Of course the upline talking heads had an answer for that: "The products sell themselves." OH REALLY? Well, I would've been happy to let them sit in the box and wait for them to sell themselves, but unfortunately it takes a LOT of "selling" to get someone to buy overpriced products that don't work any better (and sometimes worse) than what you can get at WalMart. My then-husband, the Ambot, went his merry way, bugging people to look at the business and dragging me to meetings every friggin' night of the week. Meanwhile I was buying half of our "hundred" each month, and my mom was buying the other half. (The number was $100 worth of products back in the 70s when I was in Amway.) When I finally convinced him to drop out, our financial situation improved dramatically! Thank God for his short attention span. :-)

    1. Hi snazzybird. Where have I heard your story before? Oh gee at every Amway meeting I ever got dragged to. Yup answer for everything especially for people who say they don't like sales and the cult leaders claim you don't have to be good at sales cause these products sell themselves. Unfortunately they didn't. Just more lies from the upline assholes. Isn't embarrassing having a husband so brainwashed by the Amway cult they have to bug everyone about coming to an Amway meeting or wanting to show them the bored plan. Yes most peoples financial situation improves when they leave the cult. It's closer to $300 month now to reach 100pv minimum to qualify to get a commission check from Amway. About $10 maybe more if some of those shitty products actually sold themselves.

    2. Ohh, they told me they have training programs that'll help out with that. Obviously, the meetings themselves were huge wastes of time (well, I played games on my phone, so it wasn't a COMPLETE waste), so one can safely assume the "training materials" won't be worth a damn. Listening to some of the comments on this blog, they found a way to take the BS brainwashing from the live meetings and put them onto tapes and CDs.

  7. Dear Anna,

    I wish I found your blog two years ago. I got involved with a guy not an ambot but another MLM zombie. Love at first sight. At first he was really sweet and attentive, but then a few months in he started talking about his MLM. Hadn't a clue what that was about. Said I wouldn't earn much money from my fitness business why not come along to a "meeting" join his business.
    I was and am still really hopeful about my coaching business but interested in having more than one income stream. I adored him and said I would go.
    I come from a family of small business owners and I know what's commercial and have good business sense.
    The meeting was all full of people clapping and cheering with talk about "cars" and "dreams" and very light on the specifics of how to run a business, costs and approximate earnings. I asked lots of questions of people there and they looked quite uncomfortable and evasive. Afterward he was nasty and sarcastic to me and said that I lacked imagination. Our first tiff.
    It got worse from then on. We made up but then he would ask to meet my friends, join me at social functions, work functions and at first I thought it was to progress our relationship but he would start ruining it by aggressively prospecting, handing out his business cards and trying to get them to come to meetings buy his products, watch motivation DVDs and books. I started making excuses for him out if love but some of my friends got annoyed and started suggesting he was just using me because I'm popular and a natural networker and he isn't.
    I didn't believe them. I just thought I could make him critically evaluate things, realise that he was deluding himself as the figures didnt stack up (I know he is losing money - I spoke to an accountant friend about the using expenses as declared losses and he red flagged the whole thing). He very intelligent first class degree Oxford and surely could make money in a proper business but he refuses to listen to reason.
    When we are out on dates he is unable to turn his stupid mobile phone off and sends texts to his stinkin upline most of the time. He even decided when we went away on a city break one weekend to randomly stop in the street and chat up a charity collector girl. That point I had enough. I just remember feeling humiliated, tears welling up in my eyes. He said afterward it was just an act to progress his business the flirting was fake. I just started wondering if our relationship was fake, whether he was with me not because he thought I was a beautiful, wonderful person but cos I had shitloads of contacts he could prospect.
    I didn't know why anyone would do that then found this site and realised the truth. It's not just ambots you got to watch out for other scummy mlm shysters as well and I spent hours reading your blog and nodding in agreement while the tears came flowing.
    Utter scummy, scamming bastards.
    I have deleted him from my phone and my life. I know he can't change. The only people he loves are sack of shite mlmers and pity for him that it has twisted his brain so much that he sees relationships and friendships not in terms of love and reciprocity, but in terms of who he can scam next and how many other people they know who he can try to scam.
    Solidarity to all those who been ruined by scummy mlm. Why can't they ban this shit seriously?

    1. Hi Anonymous. I'm glad you found the blog! It almost sounds like your ex was in Monavie. I've heard really similar stories from being getting brainwashed there too. There's lots of ex Amway ambots who are doing Monavie now and so there lot of similarities in the brainwashing and abuse. Sometimes people jump around from one scam to another hoping to find the one that's going to bring in the extra cash they need or be their sole income source.

      Sad to say your story is no different than those I hear from Amway widows. Really sad. Sorry to hear about your relationship but he is not going to change until he gets out and deprograms from the brainwashing. Somewhere out there is a great guy for you who will treat you much better than one stuck in a MLM cult.

    2. You have come to the right place!
      Many of us have felt the MLM sting in our relationships, and come here to help others with situations similar to ours.
      Unfortunately, that super great guy might still be there, backed into the corner of his mind by relentless propaganda, and there's no way to coerce it out. As the saying goes, you can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped (and the propaganda forces them to deny help).
      No worries though, there are men out there who don't have to fake being genuine and sincere.

  8. Actually, your story is rather similar to behavior I’ve observed from a sibling of mine involved in this. They become friends with strangers, or even pretend to carry on a relationship with anyone just to get to that individual’s friends and family! My niece is incapable now of differentiating people and business. According to my niece’s upline… “Every minute you’re not prospecting someone, you’re losing money!” She specifically flirts with guys to get them to lower their guard against this type of thing. They of course do give in, but not before wanting ‘a little-something-something’ in return!

    She once told how she had ENTICED this guy into signing up, but had agreed to going to HIS place to complete the prospecting. Unfortunately for her, the guy wanted a LITTLE favor in exchange for his COOPERATION (she of course didn’t go through with it, and was furious about it), if you know what I mean. I became frantic and questioned her about this, wondering why she would put herself in danger of being raped just for a few dollars and a prospect. She explained to me her upline’s wife had TRAINED them on how to appeal more to the male prospect and use that tactic to manipulate a new prospect into signing up. From what she said, the husband (her upline) was training his guy-ambots on how to do this same exact thing with women-prospects. How to use their charm to entice women to join the business. This deceitful behavior is disgusting, it’s appalling how they have to WHORE themselves out for a dollar a week! Also, my niece takes out that lip-gloss that lights in the dark to get women prospect. I’ve seen this work in person. We were at a wedding, where she automatically got a few women interested in that lip-gloss light thing right after she took it out!

    Can someone tell me what’s the big deal with this ‘Peter Island’ place she keeps mentioning? She has pictures of it in her car along with other things she wishes to buy once she’s made it BIG in the business. She insists Peter Island is where the successful Platinums live now!

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by with your story and a new twist on what Amway women are being taught to do. Disgusting. That's what happens when you're stuck in the Amway cult. Whoring yourself out one way or another.

      This is a good post/warning. I might bring it up to a new post in a few weeks.

      Ambots stick photos on the fridge of the material things that Amway the cult of greed will bring them. Peter Island is in the Caribbean, I think in the Virgin Islands. It's a private island with a resort on it that anyone can book rooms at so it's not exclusive to Amway ambots unless that's a recent change in hotel management or ownership. If Platinums are living there they might have been hired on a housekeepers, cooks, waiters, etc. just more lying Amway assholes spinning those ones!


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