Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Amway Defectors

When the original post about Amway defectors was done little did I know that a year or so later the assholes in my Amway upline would defect to Monavie. I really like that fitting name – Amway defectors – so I rounded up the piece again for a rerun.

Whenever I heard the word defector growing up it was usually in reference to someone from the USSR  escaping and claiming refugee status in another country.

I think defector is most commonly referred to similar stories when people leave one country for another country. Defector can be used to describe people who switch companies, switch baseball teams, etc.

I know there are people who left Amway to join other MLM’s. Monavie comes to mind though I’m not good on the details. I see some of those discussions on Amthrax’s blog. See a link to his blog on the upper right area of my blog. I guess those distributors who switched to Monavie can be labelled Amway defectors. I bet the higher ups in Amway probably do refer to them that way!

But what about the rest of us who just quit. Closed up shop. Walked away.

Got the hell away from Amway!

I guess we could be called defectors though a lot of us didn’t leave Amway to join another MLM. We just washed our hands of the whole network marketing nightmare.

We are the people who saw the light.

Curiosity got to me and I did a Google search for Amway defectors. Not a whole lot of information but I found a link from a newspaper article in 2008 for the top 5 scam artists and Amway is number 3.  Its no big surprise to me that Amway is on the top scammers list! To quote:

Dick DeVos and Steve Van Andel are the inheritors of Quixtar, the company left to them by their billionaire fathers. Call it a pyramid scheme, call it multi-level marketing, or, better yet, call it by its original brand name: Amway. Quixtar created a pseudo-religion where God is money and its prophets are the success stories recorded in expensive tapes and books. Quixtar has convinced millions around the world that they too can make six figures simply by selling “the best” soap, vitamins and other amazing products, when the actual average annual income of a recruiter is $1400. Some even lose money at the cost of the recommended seminars and audio

To see the rest of the list:


  1. So my upline texted me today asking how the job world is

    I asked him if he was still working at the same place, because I was going to reverse the question.

    He said NOPE! then asked me again how the job life was I answered great.

    I almost want to go into his work and just ask for him because I highly doubt that he went from making chump change in this business to making more than I do in the 2 weeks that I have decided to not goto the cult meetings lol.

    1. Rbot - maybe he got fired. Happens a lot to ambots. Or else he lied to you and is still working there. Either way that's the life of an ambot.

    2. Just watched it happen to someone. "Quit" his job so he could "focus on his business".

      He is working for another Ambot's non-Am business. Easier to hide the failure that way


    3. Jerry those dumb ass ambots do that all the time cause the upline convinced them how rich they're going to be thanks to Scamway.

    4. Actually, it was quite different. Word is (of course, rumors must be taken as just rumors), months ago he was caught soliciting during work. He works for a major retail chain. He was also in hot water for calling off of work too often (obviously, for conferences, meetings, etc) The story goes on that he was offered to quit or be fired. He quit, and told his downline that he did it because he didn't need his JOB money anymore. Months later, he is seen working for his upline's non-Am business, making far less money, working twice as hard, with far less benefits.

      If he didn't need JOB money, why did he go get a new JOB? The benefit for him was, his boss skips out of work to go to conference or to show a plan, he can too.


    5. Gee Jerry with benefits like that.....

      Ha ha. Yeah that happens to a lot of ambots who screw around on company time doing Amway business and just pissing off their coworkers with their arrogant attitude courtesy of Amway.

  2. Don't pay him any mind, just tell him you LOVE to DEATH what you do and can't EVER see yourself doing anything else in the world...because the real meaning of life is loving what you do, not how much you make doing it.

    I was asked by my friend whom joined this cult "Would you still do your job if you weren't getting paid for it?" I said "WELL...yes, yes I would...in fact, I covered my community service hours from high school doing this job FOR FREE back in the ice-age!" She just got pissed off and said I wouldn't, that no one would do their job for free...I kept insisting I would, as there is no way for her to prove me wrong hehe!

    (P.S. I work at a public library...LOVE THE PLACE!) =D

    1. I told them I love my job too, then their response is wel you are trading time for money, what you are saying is that you love your job more than your fiancé
      right cause that's it...

      they seem to have an answer to EVERYTHING except reality lol

    2. Rbot - trading time for money is always better than trading time and losing money! In other words losing all that time and money buying a ticket to listen to some Amway cult leader brag about his riches.

  3. This site is a scam. If you had to make a website because of your husband... I'm not even going to begin to call you out cause I'll hurt your feelings.

    1. Kohnda Waves - you're another fucking lying Amway asshole. How is this site scamming anyone? We do not scam anyone out of money here. People can come here to read for free. Or they don't need to read this site at all.

      Unlike you fucking Amway asshole who are out to lie and scam anyone to make a buck.

      That's why this site exists. So everyone knows the true story of what its like to be inside Amway. And don't flatter yourself that you'll hurt my feelings because I don't give a flying fucking what some motherfucking cocksucking Amway son of a bitch has to say.

      Don't like what you read here - then fuck off and don't come back.

  4. It looks like "Kohnda Waves" is really pissed off. I guess it's become impossible for her to recruit any new down-line these days. This anti-Amway website and all the others have let the truth out, and nobody wants to sign up anymore.

    Tough shit, Kohnda! Try another line of work. And I also suggest you get a name change. "Kohnda Waves" sounds like "Kinda Wasted."

    1. Anonymous - being pissed off is a condition that all Amway Ambots suffer from. And then they want to share their suffering with everyone else.

      And up the Internet spells doom for Amway because too many people are sharing their stories of financial and emotional distress so that lowers the pool of available suckers to recruit.

      And Kohnda Waves sounds more like to me a stage name for a stripper or makes porno films.

    2. At least a stripper or a porno start makes good money. That's more than anyone can say for an Amway IBO.

    3. Anonymous - I'd say so. But some people have devoted their life to worshipping and tithing the Great Amway God and that's why they're broke losers.


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