Friday, August 2, 2013

Big Bucks Amway

Ever go to an Amway meeting and have the cult leader make fun of Starbucks and call it Big Bucks.

Followed by the Amway ambot chuckle. HUA HUA HUA.

Like have a big laugh at all the losers who pay big bucks to have coffee instead of having something healthy (Amway ambot claim not mine!) like what ambots are flogging.

There’s a lot of people not ambots who like going to Starbucks for a coffee or one of their other beverages. And yes their coffees do cost more than McDonald’s but are in the same range as other coffee houses independently owned or a franchise.

Say someone goes into Starbucks every day for a coffee and a baked goody. Lets call it $5 so I can work in round numbers and that’s a normal coffee not a specialty. That would be $150/month and lets hope some Amway ambot doesn’t show up here to bitch that some months have 31 days and my math is wrong. Doubtful. Ambots ain’t too good with managing money or they’d notice all their cash going down the toilet thanks to Amway.

So $150/month at Starbucks and the buyer is getting something they like. Something they like to drink and something that tastes good to eat. Beats the hell out of buying from Amway and drinking a can of cat piss and eating a shitty food bar. 12 can of XS cost around $30 and remember I’m working in round numbers so why the hell can’t Amway sell them in cases of 10. Likewise lets take Amway’s shitty food bars sold in 12 for around $30. Works out to $2.50 a can or bar. Same situation $5/day for an Amway beverage and an Amway bar = $150/month.

Now we could argue the shit out of this one that Starbucks products taste better but the real thing is by the ambot argument which they are totally clueless it’s the same money spent, so Amway also qualifies to be snidely referred to as Big Bucks. And the ambot still has to spend around another $150 that month in Amway products to qualify for a measly commission check around $10. Starbucks offers some rewards programs for people using their gift card or their credit card to get rewarded with a free coffee or products. Depends how frequently they go and if they go daily they probably get freebies a couple of times or so a month, equaling around $10.

So far Starbucks seems to be the better deal here. Spend less money and get about the same return, though in products not cash or check.

Anway lets toss Starbucks out and get back to Big Bucks. The real Big Bucks: Amway. There is no doubt in my mind that ambots spend more money a month at Big Bucks Amway than they do with any other establishment they frequent.

Save your money. Spend it somewhere else instead of Big Bucks Scamway.


  1. Your blog is the best Anna Banana! Great praise to you for running it. Even if one person is saved (to take and modify a line from the old prohibitionists) even if just one person is saved from Scamway rip-off then your time and effort is worth it. And hopefully it's lots more than just one. Also of course your posts and follow up comments are quite entertaining aside from the utility they have in helping inquiring 'prospects' get the true picture. But one thing I'm curious about. Do you ever get hassled by Scamway lawyer/goons?

    1. Hi Anonymous. Glad you're loving the blog. Yes it has helped many people mostly from knowing they're not alone in going through this hell. I get hassled by Amway employees all the time. They hate it that a place exists where people can talk about the emotional and financial distress this cult of greed brought to their lives. I did have a lovesick fan who got creepy and that was when I removed my email address from the blog. One of the people who helps keep the blog up and running got stalked and hacked by an Amway employee. Just goes to show the evil this company attracts and why people should never get involved.

  2. Hey can you talk about what it's like to be in a relationship with someone who is into Amway? My partner has got sucked into the brainwashing, and now we are virtually homeless, (living in a small run down room thanks to the courtesy of his Uncle)we are broke and I feel like it is ruining our relationship. Instead of working on our relationship he spends all his time 'working on his business', and has does not stopped driveling on about what his goals are, what my goals should be, how we obviously aren't compatible parnters because I don't want to participate in his Amway scheme. Because of Amyway he views me as naive, and he tells me he sees all of the couples (the ken and barbie platinum members)who have built such solid and healthy relationships because of Amyway and I don't think he feels like a healthy relationship can even EXIST without being built around Amyway's goals. What was it like for you? Where should I go from here?

    1. Hi Anonymous. I'm sorry to hear about your situation. It doesn't bring much comfort when you're broke and homeless due to the Amway scam but you're not the only one out here that is going through this hell thanks to the Amway scam. So much of this blog and comments left by readers is all about what it's like being in a relationship with someone in Amway. Most of us stick it out because it usually ends in a year give or take a few months once the ambot realizes Amway is destroying his life and he has no money and all credit cards are maxed. Ambots become horrible nasty frankenambots when they're in Scamway, go through a personality change for the worse. Only you can decide whether you want to stick around long enough for him to get out and get your lives bak on track. I know you think it can't get much worse and hopefully it won't but it might. If you've got anywhere else to go and start getting your life back on track now might be the time to leave. You deserve a partner who is respectful to you and can provide for you without dragging a cult and the assholes in the Amway cult to destroy your life any worse than it is. Nothing brings those assholes in Amway more happiness than destroying other people's lives and relationships. That's the type of sick bastards you put up with in Amway. Or don't put up with and come here to vent about the fuckers. Good luck to you. It doesn't sound like a healthy relationship.

  3. Anonymous - If you browse through comments in almost all of her blogs you'll find quite a few stories. I'm sure Anna will explain it to you in depth, as I'm currently going through an ambot relationship. My boyfriend got sucked in. It's horrible.

    It's been a year since he's joined this scam and he already bought his tickets for a summit next month. I was hoping he'd cool it by now. He had so much difficulty getting prospects, he suckered a couple of former co workers into joining a training this week. I don't think they have any idea that it's amway but once they find out, i'll be interested in finding out their reaction to this. 4 people, (2 couples) that were in my BF's team actually suddenly stopped appearing to functions and meetings. I asked my boyfriend about it and he replied with a scripted "Some people just need time to figure things out." And these people were the MOST involved in it. Now they hang out together and go out and ENJOY LIFE. They never went to bars before because Amways looks down upon people that want a drink or two at a bar, but these ex-ambots went all out at a lounge! GOOD FOR THEM! I even envy them. I'm just sitting around waiting for my boyfriend's day to come when he realizes this is a scam. All you can do is wait. Fighting it will only strain your relationship. My BF is so brainwashed and ran out of prospects he even contemplated on contacting a psycho obsessive ex gf of his that he cut contact from for years and I told him if he went through with it, I'm kicking him to the curb. Luckily he wasn't TOO brainwashed to the point where he went through with it. Oy. The stress. I hope you haven't dealt with all this (yet).

    1. Hi Scamfighter. Thanks for stopping by with your comments and sorry to hear your boyfriend is still hanging in there.

      Have you thought about contacting his coworkers and telling them to stay away. It's the Amway scam.

      At least he still has a job but that might change if he's hounding coworkers and they complain to the boss.

      Is there any way you can convince him to go on vacation next month during the same time as the Scamway meeting? Once you get him to spend a week or so away from those bastards and their brainwashing sessions the easier it will be for him to quit once he starts to deprogram himself.

    2. Anna is right. They cringe like vampires in the sun when one points out their methods as being that of a cult, but that quite simply is the only way they can draw in and bleed dry a never-ending procession of fresh meat.

      The number one thing a cult needs to do with a member is break down their ability to critically think for themselves. That is when a member can think "hey, you know this doesn't really make much sense". And this is why they have a constant flow of meetings, calls, get-togethers and conventions. To keep pushing their "message", to keep members "fired up" (i.e. brainwashed sense of excitement), poison their minds against anyone who is not "one of them" including family and friends and get them to pay for and listen to the very tools of brainwashing. The more constant it is, the more detached from reality the member becomes and why they are unable to see things that to others is obvious as the nose of their face. They only see, hear and believe what the cult tells them to. They present illusions of gold-plated dreams that they offer to only those who are willing to devote all their time and soul to. And those members believe their masters when they are told their lack of success is because they just aren't doing it well enough, so they sink deeper into the pit.

      I truly hope he manages somehow to get his mind away from them for some period to allow the cloud to slowly dissipate and reality to once again emerge. Good luck to you.

    3. Dave - I think what ambots finally realize what doesn't make sense is the expected compensation.


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