Friday, September 6, 2013

Amway Destroys Another Family

Here’s a comment left by one of my readers even though its short its disturbing on so many levels.

I can't afford the meds I need to regulate my moods, we're a year behind on our property taxes, and my wife STILL wants to pour money into Amyway. She even makes harsh statements about how much easier it would be to do if she didn't have a family weighing her down.

Very clearly Amway is destroying this person/family’s finances, health, and relationship. That’s what being in Amway is all about.

Here’s someone who has doctor prescribed medication but can’t afford it because every spare penny has to go towards appeasing the Great Amway God and buying shitty overpriced Amway products and investing in the Amway tool scam. You can be pretty certain the assholes in this Amway upline have convinced them that Amway Nutrilite vitamins and Perfect Water will cure every known disease out there and they should be taking those products instead of what the doctor prescribes. Yeah push that snake oil and make people sicker.

Yikes behind on property taxes. Another Amway ploy where the cult leaders convince their ambots to skip paying the mortgage, rent, and other bills in order to afford to go to Amway functions and buy Amway products. All part of the greater plan to cause financial distress to their followers. Missing any type of bill is never a good thing but property taxes means if you skip paying them long enough the city will sieze your house and sell it at auction. All cities are different. Taxes can run hundreds of dollars a year to thousands a year. They’ve got to make arrangements with the city or their bank or a family member who can loan them money. Anything. Don’t let Amway take away their house.

Then the weird thing it seems like the wife is the one all gung ho on Amway. It could have been both of them to start with but the husband eventually figured out Amway is a bullshit scam and its costing too much. Usually it’s the husband who’s all gung ho. Sorry men not trying to be sexist or anything here but the Amway meetings I went to were choked with men and some of them were accompanied by wives and girlfriends but the majority of ambots are men because Amway is the good old boy’s club and preaches male chauvinist pig teachings.

Wife is making statements about the family is weighing her down. Gee where did she hear that? Being brainwashed by the assholes in her Amway upline preaching that same old Amspeak about how they don't support your Amway business = unchristian negative dream stealers and get rid of anyone who doesn't want to join the Amway cult.

Why do people allow Amway to destroy their lives. Why do people love the fucking assholes in their Amway upline so much they’ll let those bastards destroy their finances and relationships? Getting brainwashed into a cult will ruin your life. Nothing brings more happiness to those fucking assholes in the Amway upline than destroying people’s lives. Unknown which cult sect this reader belongs to but WWDB World Wide Destructive Bastards comes to mind.

It looks like Amway is about to claim some more victims. In this case there doesn’t seem to be any other way out than foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, and mental health deterioration.

I hope this family gets the peace they deserve and away from this horrible Amway cult and a chance to rebuild their lives.

Yup this is a good time to send another big old FUCK YOU out there to every Amway asshole that destroys other people’s lives.


  1. I am so glad that my fiancé and I got out of Amway as soon as we did.

    I am still embarrassed that we got suckered in, this set me back intellectually 10 years easily and if any of my associates found out that I got suckered it would set me back professionally as well since they look to me for business/financial advice. It was one of those I knew it was bad yet I still did it kind of things :( It did not set us back that far financially $500 or so bucks, much less than what I hear/see. I think of it as a speeding ticket LESSON LEARNED.

    I remember when we quit and I got a call from one of the uplines saying that this business was created by CPAs like yourself, thinking I was embarrassed cause I was an accountant going into a salesperson/scam deal. Fuck you, just the meeting before the sack of shit platinum said that the business was created by a dude who dropped out of college and drove nails into a board for a living and his brother who was a dentist. Which one was it? The dentist who turned CPA or the drop out that turned CPA? Or was it the cellphone salesman that helped 'found' this business that turned CPA?

    They were concerned about me being in the 'business' cause I think analytically and my decisions would be based on actual THOUGHTS. Thank god I am analytical...These fuckers want people who cant think for themselves and want to be told what to think. Weak minded individuals that are easily persuaded with the DREAM. Another reason why they target people in the 18-25 crowd, most of them haven't had real life slap them in the face yet

    1. Rbot - you're lucky you got out before too much damage was done and you look at it as money spent on an education, lesson learned, and you won't do that again.

      Others not so lucky. There are stories online of retires who spent their savings on Amway and have had to go back to work. There are stories of people getting up there in years going through bankruptcy and foreclosure and the older you are the harder it is to come back when you have less time to save for your retirement. You hope to have your house and bills all paid off by the time you retire and instead in your 60s and 70s having to start all over.

      The 18 to 25 year old crowd is in a better position to rebuild after being wiped out by this scam.

      And yes it can affect you professionally. Others look down at you because you got involved with a company with a bad reputation for scamming and cult behavior and who wants to trust someone in the business world who's made a bad business decision. Would you want to invest your money with a person who thinks investing in Amway is a good plan.

    2. I've only went to 3 meetings, but they all felt torturous. 1st one was in a "town hall" (they rent out a large room in a hotel with ALOT of chairs). To quote another poster on this blog, I was suspicious when a former coworker contacted me saying I was a "go-getter" at work, but I found myself thinking a concrete "da fuck!?" moment 10 minutes into the intro Amway meeting. First one wasn't my fault, as that was the first time I heard of Amway by name, and wasn't able to do research ahead of time.

      2nd meeting was at a private residence. Same potential sponsor, and this meeting was as useless as the one in the hotel, except it was just scaled for a private residence. I told my potential upline that I won't be doing ANY MORE of this. This is where things differ from other Amway quitters... I suspect the combination of the three: 1) I wasn't a member yet, 2) the uplines kinda saw I wasn't buying what they were selling, and 3) they weren't as aggressive as their other ambots in suckering in new recruits, especially the "senior" goons (hell, when they talk with you after the meeting and have a hard time convincing you to sign up, they'll wave their hand to someone at mid-distance away, and that's where the "senior goon" tries to work his Amspeak to penetrate your defenses and resistance), that they couldn't curse me off, or try to continue to recruit me.

      3rd meeting, same room at the same hotel. I really should've asked up front, but when I went in and saw the Amway products on the table, I knew. One side of me was saying I should just cut my losses and go... it wasn't over a 40 minute round trip drive, but OTOH, I told myself, let's sit through this drivel and remind ourselves WHY we are going to tell off THIS new sponsor. I was firmly convinced that Amway was a blight on the world. My potential upline tried to amspeak some sense into me (it really does resemble a foreign language in several ways), even tried waving a senior goon to try to amspeak more "amsense" into me. I just left. I felt mentally worn down, and it seems to cult conditioning was already taking a toll on me. Later on, the potential sponsor left me this email (go to the first Aug. 31 post)...

      As for professionals getting caught up in all of this... I was shocked that my former coworker got involved in this. I respected him for showing me some of the ropes when we were still on the same project briefly, but to see him get suckered in like that was sad and disappointing.

      Again, I would NOT be on this blog were it not for those meetings, and have spent a good deal of time here. However, this blog is still entertaining, cheaper and less time than doing Amway, and is still inspiring to read many of its stories.

    3. Yup we don't charge people to come here and read and we don't have nothing to sell here. People can come and read our stories and I hope that gives them the sense to stay away instead of trying it themselves or they come here for support because they're stuck in the cult or someone they care about has been brainwashed.

      I think a lot of professionals are open to coming to meetings because they don't know ahead of time it's Amway so they can do their research. All they hear is about how they can be making lots of money in their spare time and retire in. 2 to 5 years. Sounds good but the reality is a nightmare.

    4. I tell ya, there's at least one group of people getting rich off Amway... the owners of all these hotels where Amway meetings and conventions are regularly held! I bet they're happy about Amway. Imagine all that lost room rental income if Amway were shut down!

    5. Those hotel owners would probably be happier if ambots followed the max occupancy rules and booked multiple rooms instead of cramming 10 or 20 ambots in each room! Lost room rental income right there.

    6. Ambots not only make money from admission to their "events", but in many cases, receive "kickbacks" from the hotel for the booked rooms--no end to the multitude of ways "leader" ambots make income (other than selling Amway products ;-)

      P.S. Remember that, in many--if not most--cases, amway minions simply cannot afford to rent hotel rooms at the actual occupancy rate.

  2. I can't afford... we're a year behind... my wife STILL wants... she even makes harsh statements...

    I have some great friends that are involved with Amway, so I speak with confidence that Amway doesn't control your wallet. It's terrible that you seem to be in a bad spot, but how can you use that many first-person adjectives and then immediately blame Amway for everything? It sounds like you have a douchey upline, but I fail to see how this is exclusively Amway's fault.

    Two-term Chairman of the US Chamber of Commerce, an "A" rating with the BBB despite all of these "proven scams," and a growing list of partner stores like Sears, Best Buy and Bass Pro Shops... It always makes me laugh when people can look at all of the evidence and draw their own conclusions despite it.

    I wish you luck, and I hope that things improve for you very quickly!

    1. *Same canned response*

      Your upline must be a bad one. How can you blame amway? They have partner stores! The Better Business Bureau (that I was told Ambots weren't alllowed to mention)! Trust the system and, when you fail, blame yourself!


    2. Hi unCommonSense. It's a good thing you're not in Amway cause it's a violation of Amway's code of conduct to say they're affiliated or any rating they might have with the BBB and if you were in Amway they could fire you. People in Amway are very comfortable violating Amway's rules and say it anyway. If you heard it from your good friends you should phone in Amway's head office and tell them your friends are violating Amway's conduct rules and see what happens. Probably nothing because even Amway doesn't give a shit but you'd be doing your friends a favor if you rat them out and tell Amway to enforce their own rules and kick your friends out. You'd be saving your friends from a whole lot more emotional and financial distress.

  3. To: UnCommonSense September 7, 2013 at 8:39 AM

    Amway is merely a distributor of second-rate products in association with name-brand products at a higher price. Price-comparison diligently pursued would suffice for an appropriate customer base utilizing alternative products and services.

    A reputable company by any name would require aggressive marketing of its name-brand over any other, regardless of association with or partnership advantages.

    For example: NTT DATA Americas/Corporate America

    What does this company do? :

     Advisory Services
     Application Development and Management
     BI, Analytics and Performance Management
     Business Process Outsourcing
     Cloud Lifecycle Services
     Enterprise Application Services
     Infrastructure Services
     Interactive Services
     Strategic Staffing

    Who’s that company again?

    Answer: NTT DATA Americas/Corporate America

    Amway can’t even sustain its own logo, much less market its own name without having to promote alternative companies to validate its annual earnings, which let’s not forget, stem from functions and getaway’s, and self-consumption from its so called ‘independent’ business owners. Amway therefore is irrelevant to corporate America, as well as any other Multi-Level Marketing scams around.

    Stupid Amway cunts!!!!!

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by with your info. 2nd rate products? You're too generous! I don't rate them that high!


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