Monday, September 9, 2013

Better Things To Do In Denver Colorado Than Amway WWDB FED 2013

One of the places that Amway World Wide Dream Builders is holding Free Enterprise Days is at the Crowne Plaza DIA in Denver Colorado. WWDB FED will be held there from October 4 to 6, 2013.

Its time to come up with some better things to do in Denver instead of attending the Amway brainwashing conference. Hell sitting in your hotel room watching TV would be a much better option than getting FED up listening to a bunch of Ken and Barbies spout off their Amspeak bullshit!

As usual my blog is getting tons of hits from ambots desperate to find information on how they can love and worship their cult leaders and hand over all their money to them. Its not my fault that Amway WWDB is so secretive about keeping this information away from the ambots who want to learn more so they have to come here for the information they seek.

Here’s my advice. Don’t go! There are better things to do in Denver! And lower priced!

October is a little early for skiing but I’ve found some other things to do.

Denver Zoo - Most of the places Amway holds functions have a zoo. Coin toss! Should I visit the baboons at the Denver Zoo or the baboons stomping across the stage at Amway WWDB FED? Admission is $15 or slightly cheaper if you’re over 65 years or younger than 12 years. A couple could spend a day at the zoo and go out for a really nice dinner all for less than the cost of one $125 ticket to FED.

Denver Art Museum - if you’re into looking at works of art this is the place to be. It costs $22. Slightly cheaper if you’re a Colorado resident, a senior or a student. Where’s that coin for the toss? Museum or zoo? Goodbye Picasso hello lions.

Wings Over The Rockies Air and Space Museum - I’ve visited a few aircraft museums and this is something I’d consider seeing as how I still haven’t gotten over the Spruce Goose being moved out of Long Beach! Not that its in Colorado. I think it went somewhere in Oregon. Admission is $11. Slightly cheaper if you’re over 65 or under 12.

Molly Brown House Museum - If you’re a Titanic trivia buff you’ll enjoy this museum where the unsinkable Molly Brown lived. Admission is $8, slightly cheaper for other age groups. Lets see. We have our choice. Going to an evening of Amway horrors for $125 or learning about the horror hundreds of passengers went through after their ship hit an iceberg. I know which one I’m choosing!

Elitch Gardens - October is Fright Fest month at the theme park. Tickets are $49.99 for the full experience. A little pricey but still costs less than going to Free Enterprise Days. So you’ve got your choice. Fright Fest at an amusement park or fright fest listening to Amway Diamonds!

Want to do some shopping? Denver’s 16th Street Mall is a much better place to spend the day than stuck inside an auditorium listening to a bunch of aging Diamonds who use Amway functions to make their real money. Free shuttle buses and free Wifi anywhere up and down the pedestrian mall.


  1. It would be helpful to offer alternatives to those persons married to (or significant other to) an ambot when "attending" Summit 2013 hosted by LTD (Leadership Team Development). Information:

    Summit 2013 - September 27-29

    On September 27-29, ALL of the LTD Diamonds and Emeralds and the 15,000+ excited IBOs will be converging on Louisville, Kentucky for one of the biggest conferences of the year – Summit 2013. Join the LTD Diamond Council for an unforgettable weekend and catch a vision for where your life can be and how you can get there!

    Click here to register & view the schedule – Summit 2013
    WHEN: September 27-29, 2013
    WHERE: Louisville, KY

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    •Matt & Alana Grotewold - Matt (med school at the University of Minnesota and ran a construction company) & Alana (working for an investment banking company) when they got introduced to business. Even with kids and numerous tough financial times in process, they still retired by 27 years old and went Diamond. Their income jumped an ADDITIONAL $275,000 in just one year!
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    General Registration Price: $145 (+ 5% processing fee)
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    Special Pricing: $75 (+ 5% processing fee)
    For IBOs who have been an LTD Member less than 12 months AND have not purchased a previous regional or major event ticket.

    To register and view the full schedule, click here (will ask you to sign into LTD), click the “Registration” image, and then the blue button labeled, “Add to Cart." Your registration will be added to your shopping cart. After confirming the quantity, price, and your credit card information, complete registration by clicking “Checkout.”

    We’ll see you at Summit 2013!

    OR NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks for that info! I don't go to their website to check stuff out so I depend on readers leaving comments about LTD. But this should add a few keywords to searchers!

    2. Something better to do for those attending? I got an idea.

      In one of my more boring courses in school (ages ago), I had a professor who had an obvious linguistic tick, like Mr. Mackey on South Park, mmmkay? We would count the number of times her would use his tick. So how can a disenchanted use this for his or her entertainment? AMO-BINGO.

      Find out who is speaking at the next big live recording of a CD or MP3 you will soon buy, listen to their CD, pick out their big catch phrases (You know the ones 'Speak it into existence!' 'Trust your upline!') add in a free space for 'YOU CAN DO IT TOO', and create bingo cards.
      You, and several other ambot significant others can sit there and play bingo based on the same old boring routine being played out on the stage.

      Just be sure to yell BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the middle of the speech that Mr diamond (20 years ago) is giving.


    3. Ha ha! BINGO! Can you imaging the sheer horror on those ambots faces!

    4. I hate knowing that my LTD ambot friend will be attending this scamfest. How I would love to slip a few of those BINGO cards into his bag, haha!

      I've been away for a couple weeks, walking island beaches (despite my lack of MLM involvement, imagine that). When I got home and got around to logging onto the internet, this blog was one of my first visits. Thanks Anna and keep it up!

    5. Ambots spend less time walking the beaches of the world than regular people do. That's because being in Amway keeps you broke!

  2. 5% processing? CC companies don't even charge that much :p

    Lol how else are you going to pay for tickets on a website?
    Yeah you could throw cash at your screen or mail a check (then your ticket gets 'lost in the mail)

    Paying a premium to attend and get fucked with fees lol

    1. Rbot - these are scammers we're talking about here. They always add a little extra for themselves. When we had to pay cash to the assholes in our upline for some Amway brainwashing sessions they always padded a few extra bucks for their time and trouble of organizing.

  3. Only $145 to listen to assholes rub "success" in my face and talk about their families who I don't care about. Glad I only ever went to one of the big events

    1. Yeah really. If we really want to listen to people talk about families we don't care about we can save our $145 and for free we can turn on the TV and watch Keeping up with the Kardashians!

  4. 145 bucks buys a lot of stuff from proctor and gamble.

  5. I read on twitter how someone dropped their semester course, and got a refund to attend the Louisville brainwashing conference this weekend. Geez $145 what a freaking waste for just a 3 day event where there is nothing but non-stop talk. Life changing? more like life wasting.

  6. Yeah LTD IBO's are all about Summit2013 on Twitter this weekend. The comments are sad and funny at the same time. One from earlier this week: "Apple is now partnered with our team! Smart business decision for them to partner with us." I couldn't stop giggling. So nice of Amway to give Apple a leg up!

  7. Retards d johnson moron bible chspel

    1. Hey Don how do you know when you're dealing with a fucking Amway loser? They spew out negative twisted religion and you can't understand understand nothing they're bullshitting about.

    2. I put what Don said into Google Translate, but it came back with "wtf???"

      I think Don fell down and hit his head. Poor guy.

    3. Anonymous - that's pretty much true for everything an Amway Ambot says. The listener is going WTF!!!???


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