Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Getting Recruited Into Amway Part 1

One of this blog’s readers was nice enough to share his story about the process of getting recruited into the Amway cult. Nothing ever changes with the Amway scam. Some ambot shows up again into the prospect’s life, talks about some exciting once in a lifetime business opportunity and now’s the time to get in on the ground floor. Uh not if its Amway. You’re a few decades too late! Same old lines used. Amway creepy factor out in full force. Its all here. This is everyone’s story. Due to the length this is a 2 part story.  

Mid June of this year I get a message from Ambot on a social networking site out of the blue, I mean I've known the guy for 8 years we went to school together had the same car hobbies, but we haven't spoken in a year since we ran into each other at a store a while back.

He messages me asks me how I am doing etc, tells me to text him and we start talking again. He asks if we can meet up to catch up at a local restaurant. So I am like sure why not we get to catch up and I am hungry anyways.

We meet up and we do a little catching up, he asks what I do for a living, etc, and then he mentions how he's working on a 'eCommerce' with a bunch of business partners. So I got a little curious and asked whats it called and what do you 'do'? He didn't tell me the name, but he said that he 'redirects' customers to fortune 500 companies like best buy and sears etc.

He mentions power of association, and that hes connected to the 'right' people. All of which sounded like he read from a script he just put his own flare into it.

I was very neutral about, so I was like 'that's cool that you are doing something' and we just ended with 'we should all go hang again with our girls like a double date or something.'

I don't remember how many days later (wasn't long but lets say 2) he texts me again asks if my fiancé and I are free 8pm on a certain day. I say sure because I am assuming it is this double date he was talking about. Turns out it wasn't obviously. We show up at his house and there are people are dressed up in suits and might I add these kids are young I am talking like 19 or so and haven't even scratched the surface on 'making a living' or the 'real world' outside the tv show.

I didn't want to be rude so we just sat down and this older dude shows up his 'business partner' comes in intros himself and starts this presentation stopping every now and then to ask wouldn't it be cool to do such and such and buy such and such with all this money and time? Of course hard to disagree, yeah I would pay off my house if made x amount more. He goes off on how little risk/money it is to get started and if you are a slow starter its fine we have mentors and sponsors to help you get your business going.

Now I am a very analytical person I do financial statements and reports all day long as my career.

I live off the mantra of if its too good to be true it probably is and if it were so easy everyone would be doing it.

But for some reason that night I was like hell why not just look into it? If it costs 100 bucks a month why the hell not I can afford that, that's nothing. My fiancé was fine with it cause she just wanted to support me.

So I show that we are interested and etc, and we get invited to another meeting to meet this 'millionaire' retired at 40 sack of shit platinum as you may call them lol.

I go to this meeting at another ambots house and holy crap they fit as many people as they could into this mid sized living room, we even got people sitting on the counters in the kitchen and such. Might I add again some of these kids are 18-23 and some older in their 30s and maybe even 40s. But majority of youngsters

This sack of shit plat spews on and on how hes connected to the right people, used Costco referral as an example of amways greatness, and if you get 6 legs and those 6 legs get 6 more legs you can make 5k a month 60k a year with 5-15 hours of time a week. You can retire in 12-18 months and be debt free! The whole crowd is going wild nodding and agreeing clapping and hooting for this dude and I am just sitting there thinking da fuq? He goes on and on about how amway has a bad name cause of X reason and that you shouoldnt listen to X reason and experience it yourself and be the judge for yourself. Now, I have heard of amway before but I didn't know anything about it so I didn't think anything of it.

He goes on about how you should 'redirect' your spending and others spending habits to go through your personal website. You will pay the same or less is what he says and you generate a commission for 'redirecting' business.

He talks about how you need to do 100pv and get others to do 50pv, but he doesn't mention how much it takes to hit those marks. He said we were going to use X amount of money at so and so shopping center anyways so why not just buy from yourself and make/save some money???

So after the meeting my ambot friend has me meet this sack of shit platinum 1 on 1 and hes like you are a sharp guy you would do great in this 'business' and I was like sure I can look into it more I mean $100 bucks a month is squat and 10 hours a week is whatever anyways.

I go home and do some minor research on amway and I got a lot of goods AND bads. This was before I found this blog lol. So that did nothing for me unfortunately.

(to be continued….)

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