Monday, September 23, 2013

Long Lost Friends Armed With Amway Propoganda

Beware of long lost friends who contact you out of the blue who want to tell you about this new business they’re involved in or asking you if you’re free or if you hate your job or if you want to start up your own business. If its not some Amway asshole its probably a similar MLM scam. Here’s a reader’s story who tells us that nothing ever changes in Amway. The same old 8pm Amway witching hour meeting time. Get there early to find good seats. Insults flung at J.O.B.s. A story from the cult leader preaching to the followers about how poor they used to be and now thanks to someone who showed them the Amway plan they’re rolling in riches.

And of course the right attitude from anyone who attends an Amway meeting – getting the hell out of there thinking this is fucking creepy!

So here’s what you say to those Amway ambots with their bullshit once in a lifetime opportunity – SHOVE IT WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE!

Hi Anna, first, I have to say I love your page and “thank you-straight from my heart for your blog!” Second, I went to a night-meeting this past Tuesday with a LONG-LOST-COLLEGE friend I forgot I EVEN knew! We bumped into each other at the gas station…talked some business and before you knew it, I WAS BOOKED in a network business systems, marketing meeting taking place at a Holiday Inn in town.

Currently I’m working on my MBA, certified in bookkeeping with a 9-5 with an “okay” benefits package. So we get to this meeting, it starts at 8 sharp, but we want to be there a few minutes earlier, he said it gets packed and we want to find seats! I ate before we got there, but still asked about snacks, he said there would be (WATER FOR EVERYONE!). We sit, I was introduced, first to a GOOD colleague of his, and later to the business EXPERT at the front of the room chanting away about why a JOB is being a DEAD-BEAT! I heard some “ I used to eat from the dumpster” stories and “we shared a bed-all four of us, at the homeless shelter” testimonials. Then someone showed them the PLAN, and BOOM, they’re RICH!!! All this time I’m waiting for some relevant Independent Business Owner strategies, customer-base, product-marketing, business-promotion techniques…licensing, location…ANYTHING! At around 10pm, the EXPERT guy goes around the meeting room finalizing the recruitment process on some of the other prospects… “Say you’re joining the business to bring change to your family, to bring your family together, to one day provide them with a brilliant future…say it to them with me now (his holding some young couple’s hands and their friends saying this really loudly).

He does this all around the room, holding hands with couples, instructing them on what to say, telling them there is no other way to bring their families hope, support, and unlimited money.

He told me it will never be too late to join, just to make sure I think about it quick, so I can join right in time with the rest of them and be able to retire, making about $20, 000 a week managing my own company and not having to pay for my groceries or having endless discounts on everything I buy or lease (apparently this includes vehicle-leases or financing…HAHAHAHA). My ‘SO-CALLED’ friend said we could get together the following day to help me DIGEST all this NEW information and ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME opportunity…I just had to name the place, the time, and he would bring some of his business partners and if need be someone with a Master’s in Business Administration, they have people from ALL WALKS OF LIFE!!!!!!

I haven’t answered my cell-phone or looked at my email, and if I see him I’ll just say it’s not for me…EVER! That FUCKING meeting gave me the creeps…the way they look at you and the way their voice sounds makes my skin crawl…AND I’M A DUDE!!!!!


  1. I got conned into attending Amway recruiting presentations once as a senior in HS and once again in my early 30's. All was pretty much as you describe here both time except... the pressure for an immediate follow up one-on-one wasn't there the first time but ti sure was the second time. I guess Scamway has learned to not let people think (or worse ask non-Ambots!) about it if they can stop them.

    1. Hi Anonymous. You got recruited in high school? Damn they're starting off young. Probably told you you could own your own business right away and don't need to go to college and spend that tuition money on building your Amway business instead. There's probably more pressure now to sign up prospects ASAP before they can get home and do some research on the Internet as opposed to when you got in and the Internet wasn't so powerful back then.

  2. My girlfriend enlisted into Amway when her best friend presented her the plan. She showed it to me shortly after while I was under intense psychological stress and I eventually caved in and signed up. For a few months she and I would spend our evenings chasing prospects from our name list. I sneered at my best friend for not wanting to sign up and almost lost his friendship. Then, after a while, I started seeing cracks in the mirror, My credit card bills had been skyrocketing for a while and no one wanted to talk to me anymore. Eventually, I told my girlfriend I wanted to quit and she burst into tears and stormed out of our appartment.

    I went to my parents for comfort while she went to our upline. Afterwards, she even told me "Why did you talk to your parents about this? They hate the business, so of course they're not going to be objective about all this".
    As if our upline was any better.

    1. Hi Tobbi. Sorry to hear about your girlfriend. You're about the 4th guy is year whose left comments here about the signiciant other being the one addicted to Amway. For the most part it's the men who are the Amway addicts and the women who are powerless to stop this evil.

      At least you've figured out what Amway is doing - turning you into a nasty person, draining your bank account and running up the credit card debt while screwing you up emotionally. And you decided to get away from this unhealthy lifestyle.

      Yeah that's a good one running to your upline to complain about you, the people who love bomb her and she must get something out of that. Her friends as long as she has money to keep throwing at Scamway.

      You do realize of course that they are now working on her to end her relationship with you. That's what people in Amway do. Destroy other people's lives. Nothing gives those bastards more happiness than destroying other people's relationships.

  3. My last comment got published when I clicked preview so here's the rest of the story:

    So anyway, after our fight, things settled down and I inadvertently started buying into their crap. But last monday, I sort of woke up and wondered what on earth I had been doing these past weeks. Now, when I get home, I'm suffocating as soon as I pass the door. I get nauseous when I open the cupboards and see Nutrilite products all over the place.

    Still, the worst by far is seeing my girlfriend suddenly jump up and down in excitement at going to the mall today to do some cold-prospection with our upline. It's like seeing an empty doll. She feels like shit whenever she cannot find a prospect in the scheduled time alloted by our upline... her eyes light up whenever she opens her weekly CDs.

    Of course, if I dare even say anything that contradicts the upline's teachings, she jumps up through the roof and gets all "How dare you question them!?"

    It kills me inside to see her like this. For the first time in my life, I found myself talking children and house and future with a girl... and now Amway's stealing all of that away.

    My only hope is that my girlfriend somehow wakes up one day... but the way things are going, I have little hope and I fear the only way I can somehow save myself is if I let her go :(.

    Thanks a lot Amway... A GREAT FUCKING LOT!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Tobbi. Well at least your comment didn't float off into cyber hell somewhere. That happens to me and some of the other commenters from time to time.

      I used to get sick too when I saw the Amway shit all over our house. Sick cause I knew how much we overpaid for that shit and sick because it was a constant reminder of the fucking assholes in our Amway upline that I had to put up with.

      Sad that the highlight of an ambots days hitting the mall to pester others to sign up to the Amway cult.

      If she just likes getting packages in the mail with CDs maybe you should shop at Amazon and get some music that she likes!

      Oh yeah ambots get real defensive when you question anything their cult leaders say. How dare anyone do that. Same as how dare I run a blog and curse out those fuckers and encourage others to let it out here too! Those prudes get so offended!

      If you haven't already downloaded a free ebook called Merchants of Deception to read I think you should do it now. A link is in the right side of this page. Here's an Emerald with 1000 people below him and he's barely making 3000/month. He exposes a lot of lies about the Amway cult.

    2. Ugh, it's all too familiar. Hi Tobbi. I know your pain. I'm one of the new readers who lost their significant other to this cultish propaganda machine.

      I was a few weeks from buying an engagement ring when my now ex received a call from an old high school friend offering a business proposal. He came from a good family, so she obliged. She wasn't terribly happy about our financial situation, but we both were looking at better jobs (I got mine, she put hers on the back burner for Amway). After a few weeks of getting her to trust the upline more than her own family, I was asked to join. I'm smart, I'm charismatic (a bit cocky too) and I was the only one at the big monthly meeting who didn't gasp in awe at the diamonds on stage. After I said, "No, I would rather just be supportive of her, and not spread out assets too thin." I was verbally attacked by the upline. They convinced her I was not supportive, I was negative, I was an angry person, I was ungodly, I would die broke and alone, and she shouldn't want to be around for any of that. She denied it all for a while, but her attitude changed forced my hand. Nobody should be that angry and judgmental of the rest of the world who does not sign up. I would have been a constant customer to her (helping get the required customer quota). Instead, I had my dreams of marriage, house, children, etc. with her stolen by the real dream stealers.

      So Tobbi, we're here for you, man. We know your hurt. This site has been phenomenal therapy for me, and now I come back to help others deal with the hurt, and try to prevent future hurt.


    3. Hi Jerry- all the things you heard from those Amway assholes I heard too. As have so many others. We have posts on here about angry ambots also on who the real dream stealers are - Amway assholes. I think I smell a rerun coming up!

  4. Well, my latest comment got lost in translation, so to speak.

    Anyway, I feel better today as I firmly told my girlfriend I would not be ordering anything from Amway ever again. Since we did all of our shopping through me because she doesn't have the finances to support it, that should put a damper on her enthusiasm.

    Her reaction wasn't as over-the-top as last time, but she was shocked. I went on to tell her that I felt like my brain just started functioning again after a long time of being in some sort of trance. I told her I didn't like the things they were saying "Don't believe anyone other than your upline, the Internet is wrong" and stuff like this.

    She said she would prove me wrong, that she would convince me the system works (CDs anyone?). Anyway, without me financing, this will limit what she can do... so hopefully, the things I said will eventually take hold and clear her vision.

    Anyway, for myself, I feel lighter now, like an enormous burden has been lifted from my shoulders. I just hope my girlfriend's mind is strong enough to free itself from this tangled web of deceit she's fallen prey to.

    Thanks everyone for your support... it helps to know I'm not the only one in this situation

    1. Hi Tobbi. Yes once you stop going to Amway cult meetings and listening to their brainwashing CDs you feel a lot better and start thinking with a clearer mind. And as you said once you make the break from those Amway assholes it's like a load has been lifted off your shoulders.

      Yes cutting off the money supply to buy Amway products and tools will help and hopefully she'll wean herself off those bastards too.

      And all ambots say stuff like - when I'm rolling in riches thanks to Scamway I'll show you. We'll see whose right when I'm rich and you're broke. I'll prove you wrong when I go Diamond.

    2. Exactly, Anna. Her "proof" of the system working is actually just the LIES told to her by the upline. Most of them are barely getting by, but the fake it til you make it mentality has them always bragging about wealth they simply don't have. We see that all the time when lying scambots get on this blog and brag that they've only been in the "system" for a few months and are already making $40,000 a month, yada yada. It's quite easy to SAY one is rich when they aren't forced to PROVE it with financial statements. And that will be the same "proof" she would come back with about the system working. "My upline is earning upwards of $30,000 a month!" Oh really? Can we see a financial statement? "No! That's private." lol yyyyyeah, sure.



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