Friday, September 20, 2013

The Old Amway Are You Free Bullshit

Here’s a reader who has an ambot relative. When a person is in the Amway cult they’re brainwashed to be egotisitical, arrogant, self centered bastards who don’t give a shit about anyone. Its all about them and their greedy ambition to be surrounded with materialistic things. This ambot uses the “are you free” bullshit that Amway encourages their employees to ask others. The thing with when I put this phrase on my blog such as get your wife free I end up getting potential husbands searching the Internet for free wives. Bizarre. So by putting out the are you free Amway ambot chant I might get a bunch of searchers looking for free prostitutes or something. Oh well. Yup whenever someone you haven’t heard from in years (friend or relative) calls and asks stuff like are you free instead of how are you, how’s the family, what have you been doing lately then they’re probably involved in an MLM scam. They have to make up a list of everyone they know and then if they how to contact these people start contacting them and trying to recruit them into the Amway cult. This reader’s relative is a perfect target for Amway and the ambots are probably love bombing her. She’s a student and will likely drop out because of the Amway teachings that education is a waste of time. No really. Whatever you spend on education could be put to better use tithing the great Amway gods. A broke ambot won’t be in the scam too long. No money = no one in Amway wants to be friends with you.

Dear Anna,
I LOVE THIS BLOG. Recently a family member who I haven't spoken to in years (despite living in the same city), reached out to me and ask me if I'm free several times after I kept saying that I'm not. No "hello, how are you doing?!" or any form of respect. It's all about HER. I kept asking her why she wants to meet and she doesn't give me an answer. I found out from other family members that she's a part of Amway and I'm 99% sure that she's trying to recruit me and my husband to build her downline. She never really had friends growing up and apparently, I'm the "big fish" she's trying to catch in hopes that I'll get all of my friends in. I'm glad I found this site to avoid her nonsense. Everything described her regarding these ambots describes her personality, exactly from the "keep negative people out of your life and if your friends don't want to be a part of Amway get new friends" bullshit to the false Artistry claims. She does not know that I know all about scAmway and it's nonsense so for the sake of not damaging our relationship even more than it already is, I'm just ignoring her messages! I'm worried she's going to ruin her life, though because she seems to have lost interest in her education thinking she will get rich from this. She's been in almost a year now and still a broke young gal. How much longer do you think she'll last? She can do whatever she wants with her life but it bothers me that she is getting family into it, which is what tears family apart! Thanks and again-- great blog!!!


  1. Anna,

    I dont know if you recall but a bit ago I told you that my former upline texted me asking how my JOB was? Stating that he was no longer at his prior job, but i didnt delve into details with him on where he was at, i was just under the assumption that if he was snarky about it that he was able to 'quit' cause of amway.

    Well long story short, my fiance and I were at the airport heading to Vegas for a little vacation and guess who was the TSA's newest recruit (air port security)? MY FORMER UPLINE and he spoke with us like nothing happened and that he was in the TSA as a 'foot in the door' for the federal government lol

    Just wanted to let ya know

    1. Good one Rbot! Yeah a lot of ambots get sacked cause of their shitty attitude once they get caught up in the Amway cult. Then they try to give off the impression that they're retired. This Ambot got caught working the dreaded J.O.B. ha ha!

      Hope you had a good time in Vegas while your upline is too broke to go anywhere!

    2. Kind of wish I could go back in time to ask him back when where he was working and if Amway allowed him to quit to focus more on the 'business' just to make the last encounter that much sweeter lol
      But if I could go back in time I would have done a lot of things differently :)

      Yeah we had a lot of fun in Vegas we left with more cash than we came in with that's for sure :D

      It did feel good seeing him there though, just because of how snarky it sounded when he kept asking about how my JOB was going

    3. It's always good to leave Vegas with more money than when you started. Can't say that about Amway!

  2. Even if your kin gives up she might get it in her head that the reason she didn't gain the success to "travel the beaches of the world" is because you didn't believe in her and didn't sign up - and hold it against you! I once asked an ambot how it was going about 2 years after he unsuccessfully tried to recruit me and he told me he dropped out because of "non-business assholes who wouldnt do what they said". He still couldn't admit he had been conned. Hopefully in failure scAmway wont still damage your family relationships - Anna is correct - Amway is evil - sometimes if Amway cant win the war they will poison the peace so to speak.

    1. Anonymous - Amway meetings are really full of the cult leaders brainwashing the group about losers and quitters and people who don't try hard enough. Amway's a blame the victim scam and because of all the brainwashing former ambots still think they didn't succeed in Scamway is because of something they did or did not do and some don't think they were scammed blaming themselves instead. Then there's the ones who know they were scammed and share their stories in the hopes that Amway can't reel in more victims.

  3. Hello Anna! I think there's some glimmer of hope in my situation. It's been about a year since by Ambot BF joined scamway, and slowly but surely he's been starting to hint that he's getting sick of it. A couple days ago he opened up to me about how he's been mentally drained and he's been overthinking things about his "current situation". And then he has skipped a couple of meetings and events and stopped booking QI's. Last night we were together and I peeked at his phone and his upline texted him a long paragraph (I couldn't read the details) and his sponser called him and my boyfriend gave this annoyed sigh and ignored the call. Also, I asked him if he was going to training this week and he said "We'll see." Which I got super ecstatic. Now I'm not getting TOO excited because his upline is his manager at his day job. I don't know what to expect but this seems all really good and too good to be true...

    1. Hi Scamfighter. Yes that sounds like good news! Once they stop going to Scamway meetings and ignoring calls from the assholes in their upline they're starting to deprogram themselves. Now is probably a good time to ask him to read Merchants of Deception. The bad thing is the asshole in his Amway upline is the manager of his job. I don't know if that's as high up as it goes but the manager can make his life hell at work. He might have to find a new job or if there's anyone higher up alert them to the situation. These Amway assholes get really vicious and when it affects the job that can be bad.

      But Yay on the good news! Let's hope he makes a break for good and you can get your lives back on track.

    2. If this were Facebook, I would hit the 'like". :)
      That's great scamfighter! It is nice to see him find his own way to the light. He will appreciate you more, I'm sure, for standing beside him through all of this.


    3. Jerry & Anna -

      I might have spoke too soon. OF COURSE since his upline is his manager, he talked him back into it, and got him all "excited" again and started speaking in Amspeak again. I should've expected this. I was starting to fall in love with him all over again up until NOW! It's like a lose-lose situation - and He's still going to a conference this weekend. Just when I thought he was coming back...


    4. Oh no that's not good but let's hope it's just a temporary setback. That asshole probably convinced him that he can't quit now not when success is right around the corner. The usual Wmway bullshit. The reality is the greedy assholes in his upline don't want to lose his string of income.

      You might have to take some more drastic measures. Have you considered filing a complaint with the police against his upline? Fraud charges? What about going to the owner of the company and letting that person know what's going on. Tell him the upline is conducting Amway business on company time and maybe that'll get the bastard fired.

    5. I like your suggestion Anna. Scamfighter send an anon. letter or email message to owner/big wig at the company your bf works for telling him "the upline is conducting Amway business on company time".


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