Friday, October 11, 2013

Amway In Disguise

Someone did a search on Google for “Amway in Disguise” and ended up at my blog so I thought it would be a good topic.

Amway in disguise sounds like something full of intrigue the stuff that mystery and suspense novels are made out of.

It could also describe something that is so fucking disgusting that it must be hidden and disguised.

When we were in Amway and prospecting potential IBO recruits we had to do our damnedest to avoid saying the A word. Deny that it has anything to do with Amway. Instead promote it as a business opportunity where one can have full financial freedom in two to five years by working part time ten to fifteen hours a week and have residual income rolling in for the rest of your life. Hook them and get them to an Amway meeting. Get the prospect in front of an Amway cult leader and they’ll do the rest of the work and reel in the prospect for you.

Here are some of the lines that we had to use to snag unsuspecting recruits. If they seem familiar they’ve been used in other posts:
1.      I know a really successful businessman who likes to help others start their own businesses. Would you like to meet him?
2.     I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on a business I’m looking at. I really value your opinion and could use your input.
3.     I’ve been spending time with some really sharp businessmen. One of them is giving a speech tomorrow night. Would you like to come and hear about the awesome business he’s involved in.
4.     How would you like to be your own boss?
5.     Have you ever thought about starting your own business?
6.     Don’t you want to be free and not punch a time clock?
7.     Are you tired of working a J.O.B. and making your boss rich?
8.     Do you ever look at other ways of making money?
9.     I’m in the process of expanding my business in the area and I’m looking for a few sharp guys who are interested in being financially free within the next two to five  years. Would you like to learn more.
10. I work with a team of multi-millionaires developing business online with over a thousand companies. We’re looking for ambitious guys who want to create a secondary source of residual income through a proven mentorship program.
11.   Do you know anyone who might be interested in making a couple of thousand extra dollars a month working part time only 10 to 15 hours a week?
12. Don’t you want your wife to come home from work and be there for your children?
13.  I know a really sharp businessman who has some great ideas. I can’t promise you anything but how would you like to meet him for coffee?

But then every now and then you prospect someone who asks “Is this Amway?” Gotta have some responses for that one!
1.      No its not Amway. Its World Wide Dream Builders
2.     We do sell Amway products but that’s only about 20% of what we sell. Everything else comes from over 2000 other companies most of which are Fortune 500 companies.
3.     No its not Amway. We work with Benny the Bastard who owns Benny the Bastard Enterprises out of Miami . He owns his own consumer distribution company. Maybe you’ve heard of him?

Is it just me or does anyone else wonder why our Platinum brags about how 2000 companies can all be Fortune 500 companies???? Obviously math ain’t his strong suit!

So there you go. If anyone strikes up a conversation with you and brings up any of those lines it is Amway in disguise so tell them to fuck off.


  1. Uh oh. I've been prospected. It was organo gold! I think I'll goto the first meeting. I want to scope this out. What do you think?

    1. Nick - I don't know anything about it. As with other MLM's you'll be dealing with a charismatic person who is a top salesperson and sales closer. Ask to see profit and loss statements, tax returns, that sort of thing. In other words open the books so you can see how much you really invest and how much dollars you really make before deciding whether or not its for you.

    2. To Nick

      I had a good friend join Organo Gold. About a year ago he suggested we should meet for lunch over the phone, I asked what was so important that we would have to do lunch to talk about it: “Can’t you just tell me about it over the phone, I have all day…so I don’t mind talking over the phone as long as it takes,” I said quite impatiently. He said the detail involved in his presentation required much more than just time invested over a telephone conversation.

      I agreed to the lunch presentation and we met at a McDonalds eight-minutes from where I live. His lap-top was malfunctioning so the slide show presentation he had prepared in advance for me would not be part of the ‘lunch-meeting’. He gave me the whole nine-yards about the company: brilliant-made coffee, diet-soap, intestinal-cleansing pills (I call those Diarrhea pills). He also mentioned a special tea that would make me sweat off about two-hundred pounds without moving a muscle (the tea would make me sweat my pounds off just by drinking it). He mentioned three different packages from which I could choose: Silver, Gold, and Bronze. Silver was the cheapest of the three, with an initial investment of my part of $500.00. Gold was the average package that mostly everyone else got at around an investment amount of $1000.00. The Bronze package was only for those risk-takers that wished to go the extra mile and weren't afraid of a little dangerous sale-off, coming at $3,000.00 for my whole store (the package would include my tea products, coffee products, soap products, vitamins…ect). I laughed and told him if I could get the Bronze package now but pay for it once I made my first returns. He said no and insisted everyone in the world LOVES coffee; therefore coffee would literally sale itself!

      After I told him I was rather more interested in being a car-salesmen more than anything else, as new cars fascinate me to no end. He insisted I should still join Organo Gold so I could learn salesmanship first-hand and use that as my experience once I got ready to go into the vehicle-sales business. I thanked him but insisted that’s not what I was looking for so we ended it at that. In other words, Organo Gold is basically Amway with a different name and sponsoring coffee instead of WORLD-riches. If you invest in Organo Gold you’ll lose money and feed into the pyramid scam. Most of what people do is hand out coffee samples for free, as well as tea samples and show vitamin samples, thus using up all of their merchandise on free-sampling. They also have the same basic model of obtaining legs under you so you can then pass down your merchandise for them to sale, as well as their sales rendering you an ongoing percentage and their downlines (legs) as well…an endless pyramid.


    3. Hi Bonnie/Clyde. Thanks for sharing your story. These MLM scams are so alike. Where have I heard that line before about how these products sell themselves?

  2. Everything you mentioned is 100% true! I was approached by WWDB and they used all of the tactics you mentioned here. Unfortunately I went to several meetings until realizing it was actually Amway.

    They make big claims on how successful you will be and how easy it is. All you need to do is purchase the tools... You are not serious about the business without the tools... Just trust me, do everything I tell you, buy the tools and you will 100% succeed and be financially free in 2-5 years. You will fail if you don't buy the tools! We know this and have seen it. Oh and why should I mentor and coach you if you are not serious about your business by buying the tools?

    How much do these guys make on these tools and functions!? They push them hard! And why would I spend $300-$600 a month on Amway product from my own business!? That is a crazy business model! Buy from myself first, then sell less to others!? Yep, someone is clearly benefiting and it's not me!

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by with your story. Amway is full of secrets that's why it took several meetings before someone said the dreaded A word. Sometimes they will say it at a meeting, sometimes not.

      Yes its all about pushing the tools to make those selling them richer. The Amway products bring in some commission to the upline too and is their stepping stone to get to the level where they can share in the tool profits.

      Yup buy from yourself and if you're the only customer then the business owner is a fool.

    2. Anna, I forgot to thank you for the informative blog. It's great that you are getting this information out there and educating people about this scam! Keep up the great work, you are making a difference!

    3. Thanks Anonymous and you're welcome. It's kind of a group effort here of people who've been scammed and hurt by Amway and wanting to get the word out about the horrors that await anyone who gets involved with the Amway cult.

  3. Funny think about it Anon from Oct 11th, the uplines who say those things aren't themselves successful except maybe the few that made money off of it.

    1. Yes very true. They brag about everyone else's riches way upline.

    2. Yep, they would brag to me about the upline who had all of this money and how they would help us do the same. Just blindly do what they say and we would even exceed what they had... Yeah right!

    3. Yup blindly follow the leader even though you have noida where you're going. No amend that to bankruptcy, foreclosure and divorce.

    4. Yep the upline would always brag about how much money they had I would always say that they should use that money to make the functions cheaper. Not surprisingly I was always ignored

    5. Of course you were ignored how dare anyone suggest they take money out of the cult leaders pockets!

  4. "I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on a business I’m looking at. I really value your opinion and could use your input." My former upline told me this exact thing. I actually still have the text messages lol.

    Some of them add the clause" I cant promise you anything, but if you are looking for a change you should take a look at it"

    1. Yup those ambots all use the same lines. That's why I post them here so people know when they're getting scammed by someone in Amway. Yup the old "I can't promise you anything" line like ambots have all the secret knowledge and wouldn't you like to be part of what we're part of the inside club to make it rich. Ambots hate it when we reveal their secrets.

    2. ""Don't make any decisions until you know all the facts""
      Yeah, I know all of the facts.... that's why you never heard from me again.

      ""... we find something mutually helpful""
      Just ignore this

      ""you look familiar""
      I mentioned I was looking for work, probably met at a career fair. That was a very good "in" he had. Otherwise, I'd imagine he'd spin off whatever alternative response I had into making $$, and using any of the lines in this post.

      This reminds me of an article someone posted... how Amway is one of the worst things that happened to Indian people in the Chicago area... there's a sense of dread anytime an Indian person makes conversation with you. Right away, you're wondering if this Indian stranger is trying to find more recruits for Amway.

    3. Ha ha yeah I know all that facts and that's why you never hear from me again.

      And then I hit the Internet to help unsuspecting victims of this scam so they'll know the facts too and how to figure out when they're being prospected by an Amway Ambot.


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