Friday, November 22, 2013

Amway People Assholes

I kid you not. Some poor soul who has been plagued with brainwashed ambots showed up at this blog after doing a Google search for “Amway people assholes”.

Boy did s/he come to the right place!

So what is it about Amway people - ambots - that makes them such assholes?

Loaded question! The list is endless!

Here it is from my perspective based on my experience with the assholes in my Amway upline plus the similar comments left on this blog and other places on the net. What makes Amway people such big assholes?

1.  They’re liars.
2. They’re sleazy.
3. They’re swindlers.
4. They only like you for your money.
5. They’re arrogant pricks.
6. They’re full of shit.
7. They’re out to destroy relationships.
8. They deprive people of sleep.
9. They’re pompous bastards.
10. They think they’re experts on everything.
11.   They make fun of people who have jobs.
12. They think they’re better than everyone else.
13.  They’re the biggest bunch of phonies around.
14. They stalk you in Barnes & Noble.
15.  They’re always right and everyone else is wrong.
16. They call people losers if they’re not involved in Amway.
17.  They call their own cult members losers if they quit Amway.
18. They drop their friendship if you don’t buy their overpriced Amway shit.
19. They’re useless.
20. They accuse everyone of having a job and a boss even people who are retired or already own a business and don’t have bosses.
21. They justify their evil actions by claiming to “bless” or “help” others.
22. They’re unreliable.
23.They’re obsessed with all things negative.
24. They’re rotten bad ass fuckers.
25.They snipe you on Facebook.
26.  They accuse others of “not trying hard enough” even if they’re busting their asses.
27.They cause others to suffer financial losses.
28.They’re fucking troublemakers.
29. They’re quick to point fingers and find fault with everyone else.
30.They lead people into bankruptcy.
31.  They force their cult followers to “submit to upline”.
32.They waste everyone’s time.
33. They’re rude.
34.They pester you in grocery stores.
35. When not at Amway meetings they’re always on phones and sending texts.
36.They demand you attend all Amway functions.
37. They’re cultists.
38.They cause others to go into debt.
39.They’re close-minded.
40.  They’re out to scam you.
41. They believe they’re smarter than people who are not in Amway.
42. They’re annoying.
43.They’re greedy bastards.
44. They peddle Amway shit.
45.They’re brainwashed.
46. They justify Amway’s high prices on a make belief high quality.
47.They make you pay to listen to their bullshit.
48. They’re deceptive about the tool scam profits.
49.  They deny they’re with Amway.
50.They’re low life scum sucking bastards.
51.  They’re obnoxious.
52.They’re full of self importance.
53. They unnaturally worship their cult leaders.
54.They’re freaks.
55. They incite hate.
56.They accuse people not on board with Amway of being dream stealers.
57. They refer to everyone not in the Amway cult as un-Christian.
58.They’re creepy.
59.They’re snake oil salesmen.
60.  They’re in denial about their pyramid scheme.
61. They’re slimeballs.
62. They’re always holding grand openings.
63.They’re always pestering to show you the board plan.
64. They’re pretend business owners.
65.They’re under the impression Amway is the only recession proof business.
66. They’re secretive.
67.They can’t mind their own business.
68. They’re tax evaders.
69.They’re pests.
70.They’re self-righteous.
71.  They’re out to piss everyone off.
72.They’re fucking inconsiderate bastards.

OK I’ll stop before I hit 101 again. PS When are they going to bring back 101 Ways To Leave A Game Show?


  1. Looks like you're describing IBOFightback AKA David Steadson!

  2. Is broke losers on your list? Had a few beg me to help buy them lunch. When you spend every dollar on this cult. There's no savings at all


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