Monday, November 25, 2013

Married To An Ambot Stats

I’m sure some regular readers will be interested to know that Married to an Ambot hit half a million visitor mark in October 2013. Yay! 500,000! Its been awhile since we shared some stats so here we go.

The blog gets about 1000 visitors a day. No big surprise that Americans are the vast majority of visitors, outnumbering the next 2 closest countries combined by over 7 times. These are approximate to the nearest round figure, could vary a bit up or down daily but pretty close.

Out of 1000 visitors each day:
700 to 800 are from the United States.
50 are from Canada
50 are from India

The rest of the visitors are scattered around the world in Europe, Australia and other parts of Asia. Very few visitors from South America and Africa most days none so the Amway invasion hasn’t taken hold of in those places yet.

What are they searching for to end up at this blog? In no particular order:

Amway scam
Quixtar scam
WWDB scam
Amway cult
Amway sucks
Lost money in Amway
How can I get my husband/boyfriend/son/friend etc out of Amway
Amway is creepy
How to sign up people for Amway
Amway horror stories
Whatever the next Amway function is coming up or just finished: Dream Night, FED Free Enterprise Days, Spring Leadership, Family Reunion.
Fuck Amway
Fuck ______ (insert name of Diamond)
How to quit Amway
Big losses in Amway
How to hold an Amway grand opening
Amway scheme
Ganesh and Neha Shenoy
Amway products
Amway brainwashing
How to cancel Communikate
Amway sex
How to say fuck in Igbo
Amway meetings
How to find customers to buy Amway products
Amway conference
Lose money in Amway
Amway Diamond salary
Artistry top 5 cosmetic companies
Just about every Diamond out there plus “divorce” or “affair”

And YES answers to most of those searches can be found here except there’s no info on anyone’s divorce or relationship issues just could be something mentioned in comments that another one bit the dust. Nosy ambots want to know. As for how to get people to sign up to Scamway or buy Amway products I have no idea and likewise most everyone I knew in Amway couldn't give actual advice on that. Mostly its pity purchasers or signs up from friends and family.

Does anyone know how to say fuck in Igbo????

And I can’t resist. Let’s send another big old FUCK YOU out there to everyone in Amway who fucks up other people’s lives.


  1. It's a shame you can't get any stats on all the good that you do: marriages saved, childhoods not ignored, foreclosures, evictions and bankruptcies avoided, money saved.


    1. I'm sure a read through the comments would provide a sample size of merit.
      Also, sanity retained, dollars retained...

    2. AnonTB - it's not just this blog but dozens of other bloggers and people who leave comments that are all part of the stats to help people get out of Amway, stay out of Amway, or offer support when they have a loved one stuck inside this cult. Other blogs concentrate more on the bad business opportunity and financial losses and this blog is more in the emotional side - how like a woman right! Get out of Amway and get your sanity back. There's the silent crew who don't leave comments but probably get the picture real fast that the assholes associated with this scam are not for them and don't get involved.

    3. Thanks Jerry. Yes there's a lot of comments from people who are happy to find this blog for one reason or another, stop them from making a mistake or for the support and knowing their not alone in the way they feel about the Amway cult.

  2. Well a basic stat for someone starting out is:
    -$300~ on Amway products of PERSONAL consumption. Then you need 100 PV of retail sales, but there is a trick that you can just buy the retail as personal so you get PV for retail.
    Tack on another -$200~ for that
    -$45 for KATE
    -$50 for Amway site
    -$30~? for Standing Orders
    Total Cash outflow: $-625
    Commission check for that amount is around $8 dollars.
    Net Cash outflow $-617
    Throw in the once in a life time quarterly events $-250, which is $83 bucks a month if you do the math.
    Now you are at a whopping $-700 cash OUTFLOW
    Now if the game of wealth is played like golf, WWDB has got it in the bag and is way 'ahead' of the curve.

    1. Rbot - I had a response that ended up in cyber hell! Your numbers are dead on. I always say to budget $500 to $700/month to be involved in Scamway. If the assholes in Amway would sit down with new prospects and show them numbers like you just did then they'd be far likely to scam as many people. But then this company and it's IBO's are all about scamming that's why they don't break down the costs other than saying where else can you get started in your own business for only $100. Well you could go out and buy a lawn mower for $100 and mow lawns. Many other budget start up costs for similar businesses. And then you get the horrified Ambot screaming that A,way is the only business opportunity out there and you'd have to be a dumb ass loser to have any other kind of business.

    2. Good job, Rbot, of doing the very thing that to an Amway upline is the same as garlic to a vampire... doing "the math". Your numbers show why they discourage their downline from doing real profit/loss statements and adding things up. They want to "dazzle" them with pictures of mansions and tropical islands while drawing stupid circles to keep them reeled in until they drain them of as much of their money as they can.

      I hope your numbers get listed again and again in posts responding to brainwashed Ambots singing the praises of their "amazing business opportunity". Then you can hear them hiss angrily like a vampire with the sunlight in his face.


    3. They always say this is investing in your business blah blah, you can make X amount after getting X amount of downlines.

      When you don't. You are spending 500-700 a month UNTIL you reach that magic number of downlines, which never happens.

      I actually got a text just moment ago from my former upline asking how we are doing. Looks like he got a break from his JOB that he was giving me shit about lol.

      The stuff is just so expensive with no backing on 'quality' says who? The dude over there? If you look at the main ingredients on their vitamins and pills they are the same as the other ones at the store that are cheaper and you get more pills. Look at their allergy pills, you get 30~ for like 40 bucks. When I can head to Walmart get 200+ pack of pink allergy meds for 20 bucks.

      Their fish oil pills, 30 day supply for 30 bucks or some obnoxious amount, then I can goto Walmart and get the same one and still end up with the bad fish after taste for half the price and twice the quantity. Fish oil is Fish oil....

    4. Dave,

      They are also encouraged to accept the fact that they are not making any money until they are actually making money.

      When asked if they are making money, they simply say no and shrug it off, knowing in the back of their mind that they will make money later.

      Lying to yourself basically.

      They told me that since I am a analytical person (I am a accountant by day) that this actually worries them since I would overthink things lol

    5. Dave - Anway vampires! Sounds like a good topic for a post. Wonder if I'll get any takers.....

    6. Rbot - don't you love it when ambots say they're taking a break from their job. Can you say yet another Ambot got canned for doing too much Amway "business" while on the time clock.

    7. Well Stated... I particularly like the end of your blog with those last two big words. LOL Those people are the strangest people I have ever met and make the biggest asses out of themselves over material objects as well as portraying this elaborate lifestyle. Faky Baky ICKY YUCK. Have you ever seen them all up close at the Dream Night? The women there? Scary!

  3. Anna,

    what was the response that ended up in 'cyber hell' regarding?

    1. Ha ha pretty much what I ended up writing anyway to the best of my memory!

    2. not sure how they can contradict my numbers the only thing I probably got wrong was that you need 50 PV of outside retail instead of 100 PV
      they will probably just reference how they know someone in amway who makes more which is always the case.
      their 'success/money' doesn't translate/transfer into your bank account so who the hell cares how well they are doing?
      my boss makes 300k, do I have to on his coattail now?

    3. Rbot - don't tell the ambots they'll only insult you for making your boss richer instead of owning your own business!

  4. Hey there Anna,

    I must admit my girlfriend made me angry yesterday. We were making plans for a big event and agreed we should keep things secret until everything was a little more organized before making the news public.


    *sigh Sorry for the caps, but honestly, I felt sick when I heard her talking. I felt sick because I suddenly realized our private lives wasn't so private anymore. She made it public to the worse possible people in the world!

    The sense of betrayal was overwhelming and I do plan on making my concern known to her. I just needed to cool off so as not to blow off in her face, which would have been rather counter-productive.

    Anyway, I just needed to vent a little. I hope things go well tonight :(

    1. Jesus another response ends up in cyber hell. You'd think Amway gremlins are running amok on this page!

      Tobbi - sorry to hear that. This is typical Ambot behavior running to the upline Amway assholes and blabbing private personal things. The Ambot does not realize that these cultists will use that information against them at a later date.

      Betrayal. I've been there too. Infuriated me that my husband would tell our upline assholes stuff that was none of their damn business. Later the abuse would start when they'd torture him with the private knowledge they held over his head.

      Any way you can cancel or postpone this event? Are you going to be out any money, non refundable travel plans? If not tell her later you've changed your mind and postponed it. If she asks you why tell her. Or don't tell her. You figure it out when the time comes.

      Then she either has to tell those upline assholes it's off or keep quiet so she doesn't embarrass herself. Once she gets put through the ringer by her upline because of the change of plans maybe she'll see how truly vicious they are. Good luck with that.

    2. Hey there Anna,

      I'm gonna stick with my word of not saying anything to the general public (at least one of us has to keep his head in all this), but suffice it to say that there's really nothing I can do.

      Anyway, a response dumped in cyber-hell? Call it morbid curiosity, but I'm actually interested in knowing what it said. Would you mind giving me a broad outline?

    3. Tobbi - I saw my comment leave this world right away and was able to type most of it back out again. Or the general gist.

      There's always something you can do. Like change your mind, change your plans. This is what you have to look forward to as long as she stays in Amway. They will always come first. Her allegiance will always be to them over you. That's what being brainwashed by this cult does to a person.

    4. The self proclaimed big wig in Spokane invited the whole dam arena to his house to show off all that he has... mainly from real estate and not from amway. Ms. Blond wife was not happy, especially when everyone was sitting in her white Porsche. So as far as saying nothing is private, you are dead on. That fake... HEY.. how YA DOIN is just ridiculous. Like HE really give a F. Some people can see right past it and others cannot. I feel bad for those who cannot.


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