Monday, July 14, 2014

The Amway Cult Is WAY OUT THERE!

A reader shares his experience at Amway cult meetings:


THANK YOU…I had a friend (reference on the word HAD), he took me to three of these meetings. Once on a Tuesday night, then on a Friday, and the last on a Sunday night, and it reminded me a bit about the Waco Texas massacre!

All they talked about was being positive, having a positive drive; devoid yourself of NEGATIVE emotions, any negative thoughts need not be in your mind. Think ahead, THINK BIG, HOPE LARGE, LIVE POSITIVE! Hear positive, see positive, stay positive…everything in this business IS POSITIVE! Act happy, smile, laugh, MAKE LOTS OF FRIENDS, show them your products, introduce them to the business, and make them feel welcomed. Tell them how great this venture is, make sure they know how BIG your hitting being a part of this business! He also said, “remember, everyone out there STILL has a boss, they still have debt, they have no personal time, they rarely see their spouse (if they’re married). Go out there and make them wonder what they’re missing out on by not being a part of something like this!”

What freaked me out the most was his next comment… “remember, if you’re even a tad-bit negative, please leave, the doors are wide open, DON’T COME BACK…in this business, there is no such thing as depression, the media tells you you’re depressed…in this business, there is no such thing as anger or rage, the people out there convince you you’re angry or enraged…in this business, there is no such thing as skepticism, that is something our education-system has since forever promoted…IN THIS BUSINESS, THERE IS JUST YOU, AND WILL-POWER TO CHANGE, TO BETTER YOURSELF, TO BE AS BIG AS THE WORLD, TO GO AS HIGH AS THE SKY, TO BUILD THE NEW YOU OUT OF THE ASHES, IN THIS BUSINESS THERE IS ONLY DRIVE, SUCCESS, THE OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE IT BIG AND TELL YOUR BOSS HE CAN KEEP HIS JOB, TO MANAGE YOUR OWN RETIREMENT, TO WORK ONCE A MONTH IF YOU FEEL LIKE…ect.

I left at around 10:47pm, we’ve been there since seven, afterwards I was introduced to some BIG shots. They asked if I would be joining, and if not…why not? I simply said the meeting felt like a revival (EEeeek), they just frowned. I also added I loved my job, and loved what I would be doing after I finish school.

The whole thing about being positive 24/7 is just not me…SOMETIMES I’m very NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!!



  1. The problem with being positive 24/7 and never, ever even THINKING "negative" is it means you leave reality behind and take a one way trip to FantasyLand. In the real world, what they call "negative" thinking is just pure thinking PERIOD. It means looking at their opportunity and weighing truths, keeping profit records, doing the math, figuring out how much you would have to buy, how many downline you'd have to have and how much they would have to buy for you to just break even. And that is why Ambots tell you NOT to do that. Because it's literally the big head in the Wizard of Oz telling the little folks "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!" Because then their spell is broken and the truth shatters the brainwashing.

    1. In Amway its all about living in this fantasy land where "negative" doesn't exist. The irony is the Amway ambots are the most negative bastards around!

      Nope, they don't keep proper financial records because that would be something staring them in the face that they aren't making money in Scamway, only losing it.

      Ambots are brainwashed to only believe the truth comes from their cult leaders. Everyone else is a negative dreamstealer.

  2. Yeah, I made that mistake about telling my buddy that the Amway stuff he was selling was just too expensive! He went on a rant of thirty minutes about how everything I purchase was going to kill me! He insisted I was buying low-quality products and through this process making the middle-man rich.

    I can’t believe these people associate quality with price, when this is purely a marketing effect through competition amongst the top and low companies! Yes, in isolated cases an upgrade to your product or service might justify a higher bid over a lower-end option, but more often than not there is no advantage directly to the customer, unless you need to meet certain specifications in your purchase.

    Another problem I have with these Amway goons is the pushy attitude they seem to acquire when becoming involved with this organization. I can’t have a normal conversation with my bud for about three minutes before he starts inserting “the great wealth that comes with being in Amway”, the “free time associated with Amway”, the “successful people” you meet in Amway, the “early retirement available from Amway”, and the freedom to claim “everything as a business expense” in your taxes at the end of the year…therefore getting a fat check from the government to cover your loses.

    That brings me to another curious question of mine! How is a business profitable in any way, if you’re depending on your ‘end-of-the-year’ tax-return to help you recover all of your business expenses and all of your loses? Doesn’t a good business represent substantial profit, which should help you recover from your loses, cover all expenses, and render additional revenue…which would then represent your miscellaneous profit?

    Hey Anna, thanks for putting up this blog, it sure does put a picture in your head that aids to represent this company just the way it really is. My buddy isn’t the brightest crayon in the box, but he’s really done a number now! I mean, how do you own a business that you never created or financed?

    The Cole Mann

    1. Hi Cole Mann - good comments. Thanks for stopping by!

      Yeah Amway ambots have this screwed up way of looking at everything including the higher the price on something the better quality it is. WRONG! The majority of the world who are not brainwashed by the Amway cult get that simple concept. Amway ambots not so much. I've bought plenty of stuff in my life and got good deals on it than higher priced similar quality stuff.

      The life of an Amway ambot is not to have any life except everything Amway. That is why they look at everyone they see as a potential recruit into their cult or a customer. Most people don't want to join cults or buy overpriced shitty products so its a tough life being an Amway ambot - no one wants to deal with these scammers.

      Real business people understand that when you're business is doing good and you have profit that you have to pay taxes on it. When business is not going too good and the money spent on business expenses exceeds the income, then there's an end of year tax refund. That's the secret to the Amway business. The majority of "income" that Amway ambots get comes from a tax refund. That's what taught at Amway meetings. Uncle Sam disagrees and when an Amway IBO gets audited they usually lose. The IRS has a section of its tax act dedicated to Amway because they're on to the scam. Most "business expenses" that Amway ambots claim are not eligible. That's what happens when you take bad tax advice from the assholes in your Amway upline.


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