Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ambots And The Dream Stealer Paranoia That Fuels Amway

Dream Stealers.

It almost sounds like alien invaders descending from an unknown universe ready to suck out the part of your body where your dreams are kept.

I constantly heard the term “dream stealers” during Amway meetings and then parrotted by Ambot.

In an accusatory tone he condemned our friends and relatives who didn’t support his business as dream stealers. “They’re trying to steal my dream” or “they don’t want my dreams to come true”. Those were terms he threw at me too as counselled by the assholes in his Amway upline.

Its a stupid ass term used as a lame excuse by IBO’s to justify their failure at not making money in Amway. Everyone else is a dream stealer. Always blame other people.

There’s a Disney song about how a dream is a wish your heart makes. If your dream is in your heart then no one can steal your dream. Not without some surgical tools to slice you open and kill you by removing your heart.

So what was Ambot’s dream? It was whatever the upline told him his dream was. It had something to do with leaving me. That was the upline’s dream more than it was his because Amway is all about destroying relationships. Nothing gives those fucking assholes in the Amway upline more happiness than bringing misery to other peoples lives.

But how many of those upline fuckers ever asked me once what my dream was? Not a single one of them. I mean really, why would they? None of them gave a shit about me.

And they all probably could take a good guess at my answer: “To get Ambot the hell away from you bastards and quit Amway!!!”

What about IBOs who leave the cult. They’re also called dream stealers. They’re poison screech out the Amway cult leaders. Stay away from them or they’ll steal your dream too.

A dream is a thought, an idea. Its in your head and in your heart. Its not an actual entity. I’m not sure how you can lose something that is not an object like losing your car keys or your glasses. Or the cat got out of the house and is lost. Or I lost Ambot again at Lowes. Someone can steal the keys, the glasses, the cat, maybe even Ambot as attempted by the Amway cult followers. If someone steals your car you call the police to report the theft. How can someone steal your dream? And how do you explain that one to the cops when you phone to report the theft?

Here’s the conversation when an Amway asshole phones the cops:

“Aw, gee, my next door neighbor is a dream stealer and he stole my dream of owning a Porsche. I demand you arrest that son of a bitch and charge him with theft!”

“Dream stealers” is just one of many ridiculous things I’ve heard spout from the mouths of brainwashed IBOs. Dream stealers are further defined as losers, failures, and people going nowhere who want to drag you down to their level.

The reality about “dream stealers” is they are usually people who love you and don’t want to see you fail, lose your money in a scam, and suffer from any kind of distress.

Dream stealers have an alternate point of view from the upline and that makes them dangerous people - at least in the eyes of the sack of shit Platinum and the other fuckers in the Amway upline because they could be responsible for letting those dollar signs slip away.

Is it a bad thing to listen to the “dream stealers”? Instead of stealing a dream they are really giving good advice. IBOs think the “dream stealers” are being negative and trying to “steal my dream”. Instead all they’re doing is trying to save the IBO from making bad business decisions.

Remember those alien invaders who are sucking the dreams out of your body? They’re not so alien after all. The real dream stealers are the people who actually use that phrase.





  1. Funny how they are so concerned about others stealing their dreams all the while Amway is stealing their MONEY.

  2. Actually I don't want to get involved with what they call dream stealing. But when the idiot Ambot is showing up at my door, calling 2-3 times a day,emailing nonstop,tons of voice messages,and telling me I'm a loser if I don't get involve. Then I want to put them in their place lol. Hey if they want to dress up like dorks and go to meetings till midnight sometimes I don't really give a rare end. Long as I'm not dating the person or have a relationship with them.

    1. Anonymous - that's how it is with Amway insulting everyone who doesn't want to sign up to their cult and become commissioned salespeople - losers and stupid - in the minds of brainwashed ambots. I've never worked for any other company that went around insulting people who didn't work there the way Amway employees do.

      Yeah, never get involved with an Amway Ambot. It'll only bring misery to your life. Not to mention your bank account taking a severe nose dive.

  3. These are the cult leaders dreams and not the Ibo's. I can't remember a time when I wanted to own a yach,own a prvt jet,send kids to fundie Christian prvt school (I'm not even religious), have kids home taught,hang out with mainly ambots and members of this cult(since outsiders are so negative), and stay up till 1 or 2 am trying to brainwash followers. If I won the powerball this isn't things I dream about.

    1. Anonymous - I'm with you. If I win the Powerball those aren't the things I'd be looking at buying. Can you imagine the maintenance on a private jet or yacht? It'd be cheaper to buy a second home in some exotic locale.

      Amway ambots have different dreams like you said staying up to weird hours worshipping the Amway cult leaders and laundry soap. I got better things to do with my life.

    2. Considering my ex-wife-turned-to-an-Ambot, I still have trouble understanding what exactly is her dream now. Before she divorced me and embraced Amway (quite literally) our house, the big yard out back, our life and work together, our two dogs, two cats and a financially sustainable situation was the dream she was living in. I simply can't fathom what could top that.

      I was able to find out the organization she's involved with. Does McDermott or IVM Global ring any bells to anyone? As she continually keeps on saying: She's "building a business". What bothered me to no end was that she has a business of her own (at least by her words), but from the tax standpoint, she doesn't, because if she had, she, by law, would have had to obtain a VAT-number and pay her taxes. However, this is not happening. Only IVM Global has a VAT-number.

      I think I shouldn't be interested about this anymore but for some strange reason I feel I need to know everything I can, so that I can have some kind of closure.


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