Thursday, October 9, 2014

Things To Do In Edmonton Alberta Instead of Amway WWDB 2014 Free Enterprise Days FED

Well hell. It finally happened. Those Amway bastards holding a WWDB function in a city where we don’t already have a previous post of things to do there that we can copy and post.

So let’s just send out a big old FUCK YOU to Amway!!!!

World Wide Dream Builders is holding Free Enterprise Days FED in Edmonton Alberta from October 17 – 19 2014. Why? Because its well known for being one of those locations where Amway ambots love to walk the beaches of the world. LOL!!!! So I go to my old friend Trip Advisor and well the top 4 attractions are either parks or music halls so this tells you something about how exciting this town is! I even found someone referring to this place as Deadmonton! Ha ha! Right on! LOL!

Lets go with #5 on the Trip Advisor list – wait for it wait for it! - Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village! No? Yes? Costs $10 to get in. Oh forget it. Closed for the season early September. Sorry if I got anyone’s hopes up!

OK so what about #6 on the list - a streetcar, nope not named Desire. They can name it anything they want it ain’t running this late in the year either so scratch another one off your list.

Skip down to #9 that’s not a park or a street or closed for most of the year and it’s the Royal Alberta Museum. Looks like its got pretty much the same things you’d see in most museums. Costs $11. That’s way cheaper than the money you’ll fork out to go to an Amway function. Hell take the money you’d spend on FED $130 and instead you can go to the museum, go to a nice restaurant for dinner, go to a show, and still have money left in your pocket.

Jesus just about everything else in the Edmonton top 20 is a park or a street or a hall. Got a couple more museums in the top 20. Eeny meeny miny moe:

Alberta Aviation Museum. This is a good choice if you like planes. Its also a good choice if you don’t like planes and are just looking to find something to do instead of wasting your money at a Scamway meeting. Costs $10 and its not closed for the season so there you go!

God who were all these people voting on these attractions – parks and government buildings and music halls and movie houses. I get to #40 and I’m bored out of my tree now but this name catches my eye! Fantasyland! Yes! The place where Amway ambots live. Bears checking out.

Fantasyland says it’s the world’s largest indoor amusement park and it shows a picture of a water park. Well if its indoors its gotta be open all year right? Right? Who the hell knows? I can’t actually find a website for it though I find a couple of other things that might be loosely connected. One is the Fantasyland Hotel and yes doesn’t that sound like a good place for Amway ambots to stay and play in their little fantasy pretend world. The other is a connection to the West Edmonton Mall and while I’m in there I find a link that says rates. What you gotta pay to get inside this mall???!!!! I thought malls were free for shoppers to come in and well spend their money and shop. Who do they think they are? Amway? Shit! I click on the link for Galaxyland Amusement Park – oh why am I tempted? – yes that sounds like another place for Amway ambots because they’re definitely operating out of another galaxy! I don’t see any rates. Oh wait a minute I see a tag that says click here for today’s rates so apparently the price changes on a daily basis I suppose supply and demand thing. I got the magic number $39 but that’s not written in stone. That’s for an all day ride pass. Still much much cheaper than forking out an extra $100 to go to WWDB Amway Free Enterprise Days. And much more fun! Then I see there’s another link for the waterpark and again a sign that says rates may change without notice and click on this link to see today’s rates – ta da – I got $39 again lucky me. Now that sound like a rip off but compared to Amway FED price it’s a bargain! And you gotta fork out extra money if you want a towel, an inner tube, a locker, etc. Its kind of like paying for all those Amway extras: CD’s, books, tickets, etc. And being the sucker that I am I clicked on a few extra links to see how much it costs if you want to look at a sea lion. Beats looking at an Amway asshole!

And I found a zoo on Trip Advisor list but I nearly gave up. The Valley Zoo is #55 on the list. Adult admission is $13.25 and a little less for other age groups. Looks like a pretty decent exhibit of animals. I was surprised to see a skunk on the zoo list. I thought the only skunks in town would all be at the Amway WWDB FED meeting! Check out the Siberian Tiger and imagine how fun that would be letting it loose at an Amway meeting!

Save your money. Don’t waste your money and your mind going to Amway brainwashing sessions. Anything is better than going to an Amway WWDB function. Staying home. Staying in a hotel room watching TV.

Amway WWDB FED Free Enterprise Days suck!

All Amway functions suck!

World Wide Dream Builders sucks!

Amway sucks!


  1. Anna, I drove my diamond up the wall. By saying I can go to fed free. I'm a staff at the local coliseum years ago. He'd scream saying you want to get away from work and have a relaxing weekend. Then I said I can get others in free also as partime staff. Since they hire security, concession, cleaners etc. The staff back then can go listen to the fed free. But nothing that was said was worth their time. Actually if you live in Alberta,Colorado,Irvine,portland and a wwdb ibo. Just apply as staff at their convention center or whoever they hold these functions. You can save tons of $ and piss off your upline by going free(even on days off lol).

    1. Hi Anonymous - of course that would drive them up the wall way to go!!! LOL! The bulk of the diamonds income is from ticket sales so if you get in free that means $100 less in his bank account. Ambot tragedy! We got in free a couple of years ago at the Bren Center in Irvine thanks to a friend's son who worked there at the time. And getting in free to an Amway function is nothing to brag about by the way. Ha ha! We didn't stay too long. Long enough to hear Diamond infighting in a room that our friend had to go in and send them packing. I bet those Diamonds were thinking how dare that little bastard. None of his business if I'm not making as much of the ticket proceeds as those other bastards. And we also had ambots giving us stink eye like what are we doing backstage. Clearly we were rogue ambots that snuck out of the arena to get close to the beloved Diamonds. PUKE!!!!!

      How can any Amway function be thought of as a relaxing weekend! Listening to a bunch of screeching assholes up on the stage about how poor they used to be and now bazillions of dollars in residual income roll in every month while they do nothing but walk the beaches of the world. Uh no. Obviously you're still working if you're at an Amway function and obviously you don't make that much money or as much as you want if you're fighting about it backstage.

      I have a comment left by an employee at one of those Amway functions who tells it like it is what its really like working at an Amway brainwashing conference. Coming up soon....

    2. Of course working at functions is nothing to brag about. Just saying if you want to give your scummy leaders a heart attack. By saying you can get in free and possibly get others in free lol. If you're not a ibo and wanna see the bs going on free. Just apply these places as staff.

    3. Anonymous - yeah get ambots in for free by opening up another door that's not the main entrance and yell out this way ambots! Its not like the staff that are regular employees there care one way or the other. They get paid by the arena. Its only the Diamonds that'll be pissed off when freebies get in cause that takes money away from them.

    4. Back 20+ yrs ago I worked part time at these events. Usually 1-2 days a month sometimes. Its very low pay but you get to watch the shows or events free often. I felt the same way as you Anna. What's relaxing about paying a hundred to listen to these dorks brag? We even had functions locally where the wwdb wanted us to book hotel rooms lol. Told us it'll be like a mini holiday. Obviously amway events are easy to sneak in friends or just curious people. Since nobody really care about watching feds. Quite different in security if its mick jager,beyonce etc

    5. I'm with you Anonymous. If I'm only going to work a couple of days a month I'm hoping to get assigned to work when Beyoncé or the Rolling Stones or something good. Not an Amway cult meeting.

  2. People are lucky that the Alberta fed isn't in Nov or Dec. Temperatures can get really shtty in Canada. That's why I snicker when they say diamonds are retired or financially secure. Why on earth are the founders diamonds Whalen living in such a cold hellhole? They do occasionally get paid engagements out of town in warmer climates or won trips to short trips to Peter island. But majority of the time they are drawing circles and trying to keep their group together. People who are retired and financially set live in warmer climates. Dunno many who'd stay in Canada

    1. Ha ha! 25 years ago my friend's husband got transferred to Edmonton for a couple of years so I do have a vague idea of where it is even though I never visited them. He was from New Jersey so used to cold winters. She said it was really fucking cold and didn't go outside! LOL! Hellhole was pretty much how she described it to me too! I don't think she's ever gone back. Diamonds never retire. They keep churning out products for the Amway tool scam and selling tickets to functions. Its not like owning a chain restaurant where you can have staff run things in your absence or sell it when you decide to retire. When you have a "business" when really you're the business and its not something that can be sold, if you retire that income dries up.

  3. Alberta,Manitoba,Ontario is probably the hardest to build a Amway downline. Not only do you have to fight the critics online. But most of the time the weather is shtty. Like Anna said nobody wants to go to board plans or meetings when its cold and snowy. I'm just trying to imagine a crazy brainwashed ibo tracking in minus snowy temperatures to show the plan. Then being laughed at or turned away at the door.

    1. Other bloggers have reported on Amway ambots who've died while driving home from Amway meetings, crashing their car due to bad weather or falling asleep at the wheel. I can't imagine hauling ass to something as lousy as an Amway meeting when the weather is shitty. But can you imagine the shit kicking the ambot is in for if they don't show up? One time we were summoned out at close to the last minute to worship the sack of shit Platinum and it was a really stormy night. One of the ambots crashed his car and went to the hospital. You can be pretty sure the sack of shit didn't buy him a new car or help with his medical bills.

    2. A week ago this young girl on Instagram. Posted her dad drove 5 hours to the wwdb fed and is exhausted driving. That is just nuts risking your entire families life. Of course she's lame enough to think its all worth it. If my dad did that we'd all call him a idiot lol

    3. And when he falls asleep at the wheel and crashes lets hope he doesn't take out any other people with him. And hope he has a J.O.B. with benefits including life insurance that will pay out to his family. Because Amway won't do piss all when their staff die in the line of duty. Not even send flowers to the victims families.

    4. Actually wwdb diamond kids and other ambots post the craziest stuff on social media. They make the scam look even worst than it is. Even without the critics their Ibo's screw themselves over. The stuff about driving all night,spending tons on products,endless expensive functions are all on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

    5. Anonymous - they're learning how to make Amway assholes out of themselves at an early age! LOL!

    6. I often wonder what are the numbers for deaths caused by Amway? All the late night meetings and driving with no sleep. Having major health complications from eating non real food. Just occasionally fast food,xs,nutrilite. Also depression from being mentally abused by the big pins for being a lowly ibo,credit card maxed,loans,and financial problems. Read on Instagram this one Ambot congradulating the teens father for driving all night and paying the price....just roll my eyes. Then this kid goes the function was life changing lol. Most pet dogs live better lives than ambots

    7. Anonymous - that's a good question. Amway assholes are always throwing out bullshit like Amway saves marriages and you'll either be dead or broke by the time you're 65 so you'd think they could also brag about how many people Amway has killed.

  4. What an entertaining blog. It's a bit rough around the edges, but more informative than the FED I'm skipping right now. Yes, the FED is live right now and I'm outside listening to podcasts and reading some blogs. Maybe the readers would be interested in the opinion of a first-time attendee (and guest) at the "Function."

    1. Disclaimer: I am not an IBO. And after coming to the FED I have no intention of ever spending a penny on any products or meetings or materials or conferences that this organization sells or endorses.

    2. Nothing in the 3 days -not a single presentation- has been genuinely informative. There have been no business plans or spread sheets or money-management tips. No one has given the almost 4500 people any useful tips re. networking or brand management. The sum total of the entire conference is: To get this BLING you've got to keep trying and never give up. This would be acceptable from one or two speakers but it's the same message from ALL of them.

    3. At the beginning of the "Function" there was a lot of patriotism - anthems and flags and salutes. This is called priming. It's bringing the audience to a state of mind that is enjoyable so that the other messages go through easily, without resistance. And this is all over the place: live pop music (with a truly talentless group) in stage; appeals to the sanctity of marriages and relationships ALL the time (a good tactic since many attendees are couples) before putting forward the exact message again.

    4. The presentations by couples all follow the same routine. First the (usually pretty, usually blonde) wife speaks about how the business was challenging at the beginning and how it brought the couple together through adversity. Then the husband speaks about the adversities and tough times etc. It's a lot like bad reality TV. And, again, it's all the same as the other pretty couple. It's all the same and all of it is bad.
    One pretty wife said that she climbed 9 steps to the stage, to make a point of the 9 steps of the principle (or something) but this attendee went to the other side of the auditorium and counted the steps - 7! :(

    5. (Final point, though I could go on) The best thing about the "Function" is those who have come to watch. And to learn. There are scores of attendees who are clearly honest, ambitious, committed, and kind. There are many who scribble away into notepads and others who could definitely do great things - it's clear that they want to make something of themselves. And this is the worst part of it all. That so many people are bound for failure - in any pyramid there's only room for one person at the top. To anyone reading this who has had enough of "the business" I applaud you. You tried to make something of yourself. Next time, do your due diligence. I wish you way more than luck.

    (I realize this is a long post. Thank you for reading. Anna Banana, if you'd like me to write a guest post please say so in the comments section.)

    1. Hi Anonymous! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your comments about attending FED! I'll probably copy this into an upcoming post.

      Yup we try to keep things entertaining here. One of the bananas who helps on the blog says that's the way to keep people coming back to read more, entertain them while getting the facts out there of what the Amway cult is about. The entertainment is cursing out the assholes in the Amway upline and making them look like the fools they are. You know how people in Amway insult the rest of the world who are "too stupid" to be Amway Ambots, we turn the tables on them. The swearing keeps Ambots off this blog because they're prudes.

      The stuff you heard at FED is no different than any other Amway meeting. There is never any concrete business advice such as how real business owners go through steps to start a real business. There is never any sales and marketing advice. There's nothing more to Amway meetings that what you observed - one Ken and Barbie Ambot after another coming up with similar stories. She used to work at McDonalds. He used to work cleaning porta potties. Then one day a dear friend showed them the plan. They borrowed $20 from their aunt to buy gas to get to the function. They went through hard times and now look at them and all the material possessions they have. The next Ken and Barbie might have worked as a cashier at a gas station and he as a lot boy at Walmart retrieving shopping carts. All minimum wage jobs or the types of jobs no one else would really want to do. They all have the same story told slightly differently. They probably sit around backstage arguing about who's turn is it to admit to cleaning out the shithouses.

      They're very big on patriotism at Amway meetings, especially FED, and bring in the armed forces. It would probably be decent at another venue but at an Amway meeting its creepy.

      Yup all those ambots that sit there scribbling notes and holding up their recorders. That is when they're not rushing the stage and pounding on it. And lets not forget the chants the cult followers are led through. Apparently they're all freedom fighters now so that's a little different than being Amway warriors like they did for a few years.

      Not only is there only room for one person at the top of the pyramid, but Amway hasn't done piss all to make sure that areas aren't being oversaturated by salespeople. Its just like McDonalds doesn't build 10 restaurants in a one block zone, companies need to make sure their sales agents aren't overlapping into other sale's agents territories.

      But Amway is a pretend business and the facts don't count. Just the fake it till you make it thing.

      Good on you for not getting caught up in the cult hype. Selling overpriced shitty Amway products is very hard. Its not like you're going to get repeat customers who know they can buy better quality at lower prices at the store.

    2. To me, that is when you know someone is brainwashed into blindly following their upline's orders. Could you imagine someone who was NOT brainwashed going to one of those functions? They can't help but to think "What the FUCK??? I learned absolutely NOTHING about how to run a business, to manage my company's finances and books, nothing about facts and figures and networking. Just one bullshit story after another all weekend!" So later when an upline came to that same person and said "You need to buy tickets to the next function", a non-brainwashed person would say "Are you fucking kidding me?? That last one was a total waste of time and money. Why the hell would I waste time and money at another one?"

      But, of course, someone who has had the brainwashing sink in will blindly follow orders and purchase tickets so as not to lose out on the "love" of the cult master upline.

    3. Interesting post about the fed in Alberta. In early 90s I was given free fed tickets and felt the same was as this person in the post. Only diff was Amway wwdb in north america was going strong. Many new diamonds that day and no internet. The coliseum was full at 16,000 at pacific coliseum exhibition center in Vancouver Canada. Seeing this fed on Instagram had mainly naive younger early 20s. Back when I went there where all age groups and plenty of excitement. But even though things have shrunk its still 125X4500 people which is 500k or so dollars. Maybe that is split among 50 couples at 10 grand per. Not bad payday for them.

    4. Hi Anonymous. Yup we're on the same page! Brainwashed ambots can keep paying to listen to the same bullshit from their Amway cult leaders, anyone else who got suckered into an Amway meeting is going what the fuck did I just get into. Creepy!

      There is never any solid business advice given at Amway meetings other than to "dream". Depending on the type of Amway meeting you're listening to a cult leader give the business plan and draw circles and dream about how everyone will be rich or you're at a bigger function listening to one Ken and Barbie Ambot after another hit the stage and brag about how rich they are thanks to Amway and show a staged video with rented props to fake till you make it about how rich they are.

      After every Amway function the cult leaders have their hands out demanding payment for the next function. Dream Night is up next and ambots are already flocking to this blog looking for more information. And if you don't pay up for your tickets you'll be subjected to abuse from the assholes in your Amway upline. They'll ridicule you publicly at the next Scamway meeting and bombard your cell phone with text messages that go something to the effect of only winners go to Amway functions, and don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity, the must go to event of the year.

    5. The scamway fed events went from 16k to 4500 people in 20 yrs. I'm sure amway corporate had to give into the kingpins request of jacking up product pricing to help make up the financial diff since this fall in north america. That's why I hear of 80.00 vitamin c and 20.00 shampoo. Back then people lost money but not the type of money we hear about today. There wasn't pressure to buck up and pay for the next event like how it is now. If they shrink even further in event size. The Ron puryears types will go to new startups resembling monavie.

    6. Anonymous - that's a huge drop to Amway cult members. The kingpins must be freaking out that they're not making as much money as they used to and there are hardly any new Diamonds. Even though the Amway cult leaders lie about how they can't wait for everyone in the audience to become Diamonds they know that'll mean less profits. And I'm talking ticket sales to Amway meetings, not making commission on selling overpriced shitty Amway products.

    7. On Instagram bww members reported 15,000 plus Ibo's at their fed. Sure there are critic info but I think your wwdb blog help ruin wwdb feds dropping to 4500. Your blog focuses on their shitty wwdb group weekly. Maybe its time for them to cut Anna a cheque and have her go away lol.

    8. Anonymous - although that might be possible to have 15,000 brainwashed ambots show up for FED its more likely that's just more lying scamming IBO's throwing out wild numbers. You know how they like to show up here and say they ate dinner last night with an IBO who makes billions purely from Amway. All the Amway cult sects are the same but yeah we were in World Wide Destructive Bastards as are so many other readers here so those are the Amway functions we can get some info on. They'd have to pay us at least 6 million to go away and close up the blog. There's a few bananas who'd be sharing the pot. We can be bought!


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