Monday, October 13, 2014

Amway Ambot Mantra: Your J.O.B. Is A Pyramid

How many people remember being at Amway meetings and the cult leader would screech out “Your job is a pyramid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


And then to punctuate it the sack of shit would draw a bunch of circles, you know how Amway cult leaders love doing that, in kind of a pyramid style. The owner of the company would be at the top and then various tiers down of managers and supervisors and then workers.


The Ambot will always be at the bottom of the pyramid whether it’s the Amway pyramid or the J.O.B. pyramid that the Amway cult leader is bitching about.


Companies come in all sizes so the J.O.B. pyramids they were drawing would be more like a larger corporation where there could be all kinds of managers. Maybe something like a big box store.


Typical Amway ambot propaganda. The life of an Amway Ambot is to lie, deny, distract, and defend. And duplicate. Let’s not forget the Ambots going rabid parroting their Amway cult leaders and accusing everyone that their J.O.B. is a pyramid.


Most people who work jobs don’t have to put so much effort into defending their employer. And if they did, why would they keep working there? Who needs that kind of headache. Wasn’t hired to be a PR machine.


Seeing as how most people when referring to a pyramid scheme think of Amway, naturally Amway Ambots have to fight back and defend their beloved employer and try to distract the person who is not an Amway cult member. So that’s why the Amway cult leaders come up with this dumb fuck mantra: Your J.O.B. is a pyramid.


The thing is most people who work jobs, even if it’s a minimum wage job and even if they only work one hour a month, still make more money than an Amway ambot picking up a $10 monthly commission. But most people work more than an hour a month so all those people out there working jobs are making a hell of a lot more money than an Amway “business owner”.


People who work jobs have the opportunity to get benefits, vacation time, pension plan, etc. People who work jobs and if extra training is required, its usually paid for by the employer. If any travel is required either for training or as part of the job, normally the employer pays for travel, hotel, meal allowance, and car rental. People who have jobs don’t have to buy from their company as a condition of employment in order to receive a paycheck.


Amway ambots can’t say the same thing about their employer. Ambots are expected to pay for their own training and the transportation and other related expenses to get there. Amway Ambots have to spend at least $300/month buying shitty overpriced Amway products in order to earn a commission of around $10. Ambots have to pay around $50/month to their cult sect, $40 a month for Communikate, $50 or more on books and CD’s, and hundreds more buying tickets to hear Amway cult leaders speak. Say $500 to $1000/month minimum – depends if there’s a major Amway function that month.


So what’s the better path to take. Be part of the Amway pyramid spending $$$ hundreds $$$ each month to earn $10 or work a “your J.O.B. is a pyramid!!!!!!!!!!!!!” job where you earn hundreds maybe thousands of dollars a month and don’t put out any money.


Which makes better economic sense? Paying your boss to work there like Amway ambots do or having your boss pay you for working there. Except by now Amway Ambots will be screeching “I’m a business owner. I don’t work a J.O.B. and I sneer at everyone who has a boss.”


Pretty sick being brainwashed by Amway cult leaders so you don’t see that you’re a member of an expensive buying club and you receive a tiny portion of commission on the products you buy.


Amway ambots are such dumb shits they can’t see which is the real pyramid scheme. They are brainwashed by the Amway cult leaders to say dumb fuck things like “your job is a pyramid.”


So what do you say when an Amway Ambot screeches at you “your job is a pyramid!”


Response: “Are you one of those fucking Amway assholes? Why does your upline control more of your life than my boss does at my J.O.B.?”


If you’re lucky that’s when the Ambot disappears. No preprogramed response for that one.




  1. I wonder why they even bother with the 10.00 commission on 300.00 spent. That's not even 5% commission lol. I remember being a ten yr old selling newspaper subscriptions with better commission and benefits (back when there's no internet).

    1. Anonymous - you can probably make more money in a month than an Amway ambot by recycling your empty cans and bottles!

    2. here are some current income/monies (august) spent for 3 people that are considered the big money makers in the group. I checked and asked what they buy a month - they all buy/sell 300-600 points a month.
      #1 - 7500 points - spent $1000+ on products made $850 loss of 150
      #2 - 6000 points - spent $1200 on products made $1100 profit of 100
      #3 - 4000 points - spent $1300 on products made $900 loss of 400
      This does not include any meetings, cds, books, etc.
      Why not just buy normal groceries and spend 400 a month - all would have a profit of 600-900 on groceries alone and not have to spend all their time running around

    3. Hi Anonymous. Losing money in Amway sounds about right. I don't spend as much money on groceries and eating out at restaurants in a month as what we had to spend every month in Amway buying "groceries" aka shitty overpriced useless products that I never would have bought in the real world anyway.

      An Amway asshole would argue that I'm not buying from my own store. Well if the prices in my store are so high that no one else will buy from me and I'm (like they say in Amway) my own best customer, in fact the only customer, then the customer and proprietor are both fools! People who own their own business can set their prices and their hours. Unlike Amway's commissioned sales force.

    4. Im surprised they are stupid enough to tell you those numbers. Because it looks rather embarrassing. Maybe that's why I see so many double x on sale for half price on eBay. They buy a grand and get half back.

    5. Yeah they're usually pretty cagey and say "business is going great". Maybe he asked about those numbers at different times so they Ambot couldn't figure out what he was up to. Say how much did you spend last month buying shitty overpriced Amway products. And then a couple of days later say hey how much money did you make in Amway last month. And if that's the way he did it, the amount earned in Amway last month is probably a lot higher than what was really earned so those figures are even more embarrassing!

    6. I was at a meeting because I wanted to hear if they still sell the plan the same way as I have a friend contemplating joining and I wanted to be well armed with facts. So they paraded them after the meeting saying we made x last month (they said more than $1k, $900 and more than $800 - so my amounts are guesses but I rounded down to the nearest 50/100.) I knew their levels because I was told by my friend. I acted like I was interested and asked how much they buy, is there a lot to get etc, what their personal points were. They were more than happy to answer seeing as they thought I was interested and I ooohed and ahhhed over them. The one said 400 points used/the other two were between 500-600 so I guestimated their spending

    7. Anonymous - that was good thinking getting different information at different times, but maybe their levels were exaggerated. They tend to do that in Amway! Makes no difference. Any way you look at it they're losing money and you haven't even factored in the losses from investing in the Amway tool scam.

    8. Funny thing he posted those numbers. I use to bug a platinum about going to eat sushi. He asked me while being a jerk. So you can eat out once a month or twice like this? Told him actually I can eat out like this everyday if I choose to lol. That seems to really piss him off. Because I see pics he sends me of out of town meetings and he has tons of product pics on Facebook. Said to him I can afford to since I'm not buying overpriced products and traveling to Alberta for feds. I live 10 mins from Costco and a few mins from the dollar store. Can't imagine ever sending a grand on products. Usually I cook my own meals. But like to invite the Ambot leader to expensive restaurants I know he can't afford. Since they bug us with their shtty deal also.

  2. Doesn't matter if they say your job is a pyramid. At least some jobs have medical benefits, pays bills,and puts food on the table. With Amway i don't even think majority get 10.00 a month. Didn't know many people who can afford 300 in crappy Amway products a month.

    1. Exactly. Having a decent paying job with benefits is a way better decision than being a commissioned salesperson for Amway.


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