Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Long Lost Friends Armed With Amway Propaganda

Beware of long lost friends who contact you out of the blue who want to tell you about this new business they’re involved in or asking you if you’re free or if you hate your job or if you want to start up your own business. If its not some Amway asshole its probably a similar MLM scam. Here’s a reader’s story who tells us that nothing ever changes in Amway. The same old 8pm Amway witching hour meeting time. Get there early to find good seats. Insults flung at J.O.B.s. A story from the cult leader preaching to the followers about how poor they used to be and now thanks to someone who showed them the Amway plan they’re rolling in riches.

And of course the right attitude from anyone who attends an Amway meeting – getting the hell out of there thinking this is fucking creepy!

So here’s what you say to those Amway ambots with their bullshit once in a lifetime opportunity – SHOVE IT WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE!

Hi Anna, first, I have to say I love your page and “thank you-straight from my heart for your blog!” Second, I went to a night-meeting this past Tuesday with a LONG-LOST-COLLEGE friend I forgot I EVEN knew! We bumped into each other at the gas station…talked some business and before you knew it, I WAS BOOKED in a network business systems, marketing meeting taking place at a Holiday Inn in town.

Currently I’m working on my MBA, certified in bookkeeping with a 9-5 with an “okay” benefits package. So we get to this meeting, it starts at 8 sharp, but we want to be there a few minutes earlier, he said it gets packed and we want to find seats! I ate before we got there, but still asked about snacks, he said there would be (WATER FOR EVERYONE!). We sit, I was introduced, first to a GOOD colleague of his, and later to the business EXPERT at the front of the room chanting away about why a JOB is being a DEAD-BEAT! I heard some “ I used to eat from the dumpster” stories and “we shared a bed-all four of us, at the homeless shelter” testimonials. Then someone showed them the PLAN, and BOOM, they’re RICH!!! All this time I’m waiting for some relevant Independent Business Owner strategies, customer-base, product-marketing, business-promotion techniques…licensing, location…ANYTHING! At around 10pm, the EXPERT guy goes around the meeting room finalizing the recruitment process on some of the other prospects… “Say you’re joining the business to bring change to your family, to bring your family together, to one day provide them with a brilliant future…say it to them with me now (his holding some young couple’s hands and their friends saying this really loudly).

He does this all around the room, holding hands with couples, instructing them on what to say, telling them there is no other way to bring their families hope, support, and unlimited money.

He told me it will never be too late to join, just to make sure I think about it quick, so I can join right in time with the rest of them and be able to retire, making about $20, 000 a week managing my own company and not having to pay for my groceries or having endless discounts on everything I buy or lease (apparently this includes vehicle-leases or financing…HAHAHAHA). My ‘SO-CALLED’ friend said we could get together the following day to help me DIGEST all this NEW information and ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME opportunity…I just had to name the place, the time, and he would bring some of his business partners and if need be someone with a Master’s in Business Administration, they have people from ALL WALKS OF LIFE!!!!!!

I haven’t answered my cell-phone or looked at my email, and if I see him I’ll just say it’s not for me…EVER! That FUCKING meeting gave me the creeps…the way they look at you and the way their voice sounds makes my skin crawl…AND I’M A DUDE!!!!!



  1. Actually none of them own any business. They are just sales creeps in Amway. Their little distributorship can be terminated anytime. In my case the Ambot calls saying you know so and so recently died? Are you going to the funeral? My only thoughts was hope this ahole has enough class to not sell his scam at the funeral. Of course he was in his full Ambot selling mode at the funeral. Amway and many mlms sometimes have monthly car payments for ritzy vehicles for qualified distributors. Try missing qualification for a month and the distributor is stuck paying for the luxury car lol.

    1. Yup little Amway Ambot sales creeps. And where else can you get fired when you "own your own business" except in Scamway. Our sack of shit Platinum got sacked and took most of his downline with him to Monavie and that's where they're all getting rich now. LOL!!!

      Yup I've had readers stop by to say an Amway creep was stalking prospects at family funerals and its disgusting. People in Amway have no morals and don't give a fuck about anyone else. The only thing that matters is their greedy pursuit of material things and it doesn't matter who they hurt on their way to "freedom".

  2. typical ambots with the water for everyone comment lol. He should have responded with I'll come back when you provide me with a decent meal. Its hilarious the stories they tell about being drunks,eating out of dumpsters etc. But their brainwashed followers believe it all.

    1. Anonymous - it could have been worse. It could have been XS cat piss water for everyone! LOL!

  3. My a$$ its a once in a lifetime opportunity. Dam deals been around for almost 60 yrs. Also what's the deal with holding hands? I haven't done that since kindergarten lol. They also go all nutty saying this is a Christian business and all this stuff about being blessed. Not everyone is religious here.

    1. One can only hope its a once in a lifetime opportunity - that you say no to - and that no other Amway assholes show up in the future with the same opportunity! All cults twist religion to their purposes, Amway cult is no different.


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