Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Amway Ambots Want Their Slice Of Greed Pie

A qualification of being a successful Amway IBO is to be driven by greed. In other words IBO’s with a conscience will never become part of the elite teensy fraction of 1% ambots who makes money in Amway.


When an Amway asshole shows the Amway business scheme its got all these circles and numbers and other bullshit designed to confuse people with the numbers. The numbers look good on paper but what’s the reality of finding one person open to being scammed by the Amway cult to sign up, let alone 6 people. And then they find 6 people. And so on and so on and so on etc etc etc.


The plan makes it seem that the way the Amway IBO makes money, and before we go any further the Ambot must buy the minimum monthly quota of Amway products to be eligible to earn commission, but the pyramid scheme technically goes that the ambot earns commission on everything the ambots in their downline sell. The more ambots in your downline the more commission you earn. For Diamonds and Emeralds making their cut of that lowly ambot’s commission, they might not even know the bastard they’re making money from. Or want to know the bastard either! In a nutshell that’s how the Amway pyramid scheme works.

But when the Amway ambot reaches a certain level they now become eligible to earn more income. This would be their piece of the pie from sales to the downline ambots of CD’s, books, and tickets to attend Amway meetings. This is where the real money is made. Also better known as the Amway tool scam.


Each Amway cult sect has several cult leaders running the show but they all report to the big head honcho kingpin cult leader in their sect. So that would be one person (couple) who are at the top of the pyramid. They make most of the money when it comes to the tool scam sales but that’s because they’re the ones who created and owned that cult sect and have little worker ambot bees below them who take care of producing CD’s and ticket sales for speaking at Amway meetings.


Take the lowly worker bee ambots out of the equation because they don’t make jack squat shit on Amway tool scam sales. You got to reach a certain level inside the Amway cult to get a slice of the greed pie. Diamond level that is. Even though Amway ambots shows up leaving comments here bragging about the hundreds of Diamonds Amway is breaking every year, reality is only 1 or 2 new Diamonds every few years, in other words only a teensy fraction of 1% of all Amway cult followers will reach Diamond level. Taking the Amway business plan is set up for failure out of the equation, let’s look back at the Diamonds on the top of the pyramid. They’re making a nice income off the Amway tool scam, how its divided up is unknown to the sane world. Only the highest cult leader gets to make that decision. And however the highest Amway cult leader is dividing the profits among the other Diamonds, that’s always going to be less money in his pocket. And more infighting of the other Diamonds as they shove each other out of the way trying to get a bigger slice of greed pie.


The Amway cult leaders who’ve reached Diamond level know this. Too many Amway cult leaders wanting a slice of Amway Greed Pie means less money for them.


It would be in the Amway Diamond cult leader’s best intersts not to get too many other Amway ambots reaching this level because that’s even more to split the greed pie with. They might act all excited when they’re brainwashing the cult followers at Amway meetings and saying we want you up here on the stage with us. But the whole time they’re likely thinking they don’t want anyone else up on the stage to share the Amway Greed Pie with cause that means a smaller slice for them.


Its like when you were a kid and your parents had a big dinner party for adults going on and they were cooking or bringing in some pretty good looking foods and you ask if you can have some. Your parents say no, its for the guests but if not too many people show up and there’s leftovers then you can have them. So you’re hoping not too many people show up so you can get some leftover food the next day.


The way that kid thinks is no different than the Amway Diamond. If less Diamonds show up then there’ll be more leftovers of the Amway Greed Pie to themselves.


Ambots want to get as big a slice of Amway Greed Pie as they can. And they sure as hell don’t want to share it.




  1. Decided to take a look at Avon and see how they pay. Their reps get 35% commission on 300.00 worth of product sold or person purchases. Something like 45% on a 1000.00 sold. A few other companies also had decent payouts. But Amway has a huge 10.00 on 300.00 spent by their Ibo's. The tiny fraction of 1% making diamond part. Just a waste of time with Amway.

    1. Anonymous - there's also a big difference in how Amway and Avon operate. I mean you don't see the Internet being flooded by former Avon ladies saying they were scammed and its a cult and they got abused by the assholes in their upline.

      Avon sells products mainly geared towards women such as cosmetics, skin care, bath products. They also have kids and men's products, again the type of stuff the women in the house would do the buying for. And usually the sales reps are women.

      Avon has different lines of cosmetics. If I wanted to buy a lipstick, there are several different makes at different prices that Avon offers - at very good prices. Avon puts sales on frequently. I can buy a lipstick for $1.99 and have a wide variety of colors to choose from. A claim Amway can never make. An Amway lipstick costs $20 to $30 and doesn't have many colors to choose from. Are you fucking kidding me? To make a lipstick including packaging costs around a buck. Someone in Amway is making HUGE profits!

      My friend who sells Avon just likes the products and if she knows others who want to buy their products then she's happy to help out. She doesn't make much money at it because Avon products are very reasonably priced, maybe $100 or so a month. That's way more than an Amway ambot makes. And Avon ladies don't have to buy minimum quotas to be eligible to make money, they don't have to spend big bucks attending meetings or buying "tools".

      Yeah its way more profitable to be an Avon sales rep than an Amway "business owner". Plus you're dealing with a company that has a much better reputation. Avon is well known for selling good products at good prices. A claim Amway can never make. I still can't believe Ambot spent $60 buying me face cream when I can buy a better product for under $10 at Avon.

  2. Here's a conversation between someone in another Mlm and a Ambot on Instagram. The Ambot goes into his crazy speach mode. Probably some sh-t he got from brad Duncan. Some ambots just sound so retarded.

    "Lol I'm a six figure earner, sitting and talking about dreams is a waste of time, application is more of a necessity, you work for a health and wellness company? That's neat keep it up, I'm off to Mexico and the Bahamas to build the network for a month but maybe when I'm back if your at six figures we can chat about those dreams"

    Ambot" I have ownership 5 industries that equal almost a trillion dollars in profit, 2 of which are the #1 and #5 in the world, and out of those 5 industries I can collect 30% in retail profit, or collect 30% in savings by purchasing my own products, and I can collect 30%+ in bonuses risk free for 180 days money back guaranteed. Operating my entire business, through 4 apps on my cell phone. I have hundreds of retailers that are trying to access my consumer royalty and incentivizing me to purchase their products. So I have millions of products on hand and are paying me to do so (apple, target, nike, ect). We're number 1 in network marketing, and the federal trade commision and attorney general used me as a benchmark to prove that what you're doing is legal and allow me to market my product in over 100 countries and territories around the world. I have an A+ rating from the bbb. And I have a 50+ year track recor. So if you can match that I'd be glad to see what you have. But if you cant come close then this is a ballsy comment. To boot, I haven't seen your company in the top 100 network marketing companies, so chances are that the attorney general hasn't caught up to you yet. I think you made a mistake"

    1. In Amway its all about the ambots parroting all the lies the assholes in their Amway preach at every Amway cult meeting.

      I guess if you're going to be a lying Amway bastard you might as well lie big.

      And let the rest of the world laugh at you.

    2. Here's the rest of the conversation from beginning. Wonder if he realizes how retarded he sounds? No way the higher diamonds or successful cult leaders sound like this when out prospecting or do they? This Ambot is early 20s in wwdb. Someone should pull him aside and tell him he sounds like a jackass on Instagram

      Mlm guy" swell profile, you seem to have the right posture to expand in areas of networking, feel free to DM me if you are open to exchanging ideas and possibly business/opportunities."

      Ambot" @trungtran503 hey man thanks for the comment, however I don't offer business opportunities over instagram, I'm more on a personal bases and I dont know you well enough to offer any partnership. If you're in the Portland area sometime I would love to sit down and discuss dreams, but the people I'm parnered with are very conservative with the time they spend. I am really fairly busy, but if you want to leave a message with my personal assistant I can give you that number, and get back to you."

    3. Anonymous - LOL! All jackass ambots in their 20's are know it alls. Classic ambot pitch. Want to get you in person so they can hand over some brainwashing CD's. Partnership? LOL!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! They are always very busy, likewise the asshole in their Amway upline, but they'll see if they can squeeze some time in to see you. LOL! "Personal assistant" aka code word for "Communikate"! LOL! It'll be a toll free number, well free for you, but not the ambot, so why don't you ask for that number and see what happens. You can curse out the personal assistant for not personally answering your phone call. Communikate works a couple of ways if I remember. I think you can leave a message. You can also input your phone number and when the ambot retrieves the message Communikate puts you through. Maybe someone else knows exactly how that works on those extremely rare times someone calls. Not a single person ever called our Communikate number so I'm a little foggy on how that damned "personal assistant" works but its sure not working to bring me a drink! LOL! Jackass ambot you got that right!

    4. I was thinking personal assistant as in communike also lol. Then the jackass goes I love to sit down and discuss dreams. Average person hearing discuss dream and say wtf is wrong with this freak lol? I've never had anyone online or phone ask me if I want to discuss dreams.

    5. I laughed at how the Ambot made himself sound like a bigshot business owner, part of a company worth trillions. That's like the box boy working out back at Walmart claiming that the billions the company makes is part of his own personal worth.

      Though at least the boxboy will be making WAY more money than that Ambot, even at minimum wage.

    6. Anonymous - that's what Amway ambots do. They go around bragging about how much money Amway makes which is a drop in the bucket compared to Walmart. Whatever money Amway makes is good news for the owners of the company, not some lowly commissioned salesperson.

      And yup the Walmart employee makes way more money than the Amway ambot and doesn't have to pay their boss for the "privilege" of working there.

  3. Anonymous Oct 24 433pm, the trillion dollar comment made me laugh also. Thing is this Ambot isn't the only one who sounds like this on social media. I look at bww,yagergroup,n21,and wwdb Ibo's on their social media pages all the time. No need for critics like Anna. These ibos make Amway look so mickey mouse like. That their friends and potential prospect won't even sign up as Ibo's after looking at their Facebook or other social media. Lately the wwdb Ibo's are complete goons on Facebook and Instagram lol.

    1. Anonymous - "lately" wwdb IBO's are complete goons? Nope. Since the becoming of forming their cult they've been dumb ass goons! Selling overpriced shitty products is only one hurdle that Amway has to overcome. The antics of their commissioned salespeople is a huge obstacle.

  4. Anna, why is it every time they say we're very busy with our time. That they seem to be able to have coffee or a sit down at a Starbucks anytime the prospects wants? Unless its during a time when a function takes place. I asked many of those assholes if we can meet at 12 am just to see their reaction. The Ibo's or leaders always say yes to that time.

    1. Anonymous - Amway ambots are very busy "business owners". LOL!!! And they always say they know a "businessman" - never a business woman fucking male chauvinist pigs! - who just might be able to scrape a little time together to see you but they can't promise anything. Like some Amway asshole is busting his ass going out of HIS way to show you the Amway scheme. LOL! Yeah ask for the "business meeting" at 11am or 1pm or some other similar time when people would most likely be at their job. Wait! They're business owners. How is it they have a J.O.B. on top of that!

    2. Not only do they act like they are busting their butt to see you. You get all the info and put in front of their mentor diamond. They ask you what do you think? If you answer I'll go home to think about it. They'll go into this why don't you sign up and what's the problem? You're missing this golden opportunity. Oh please this deal been around for 50+ yrs. Going home to decide for a few days won't make any difference.

    3. Yeah, it's the old pressure tactic of not wanting to give the person the opportunity to think logically and reasonably. And it's always the same, time is running out and the time will never be as right as this exact moment is. If you wait, you'll lose out. blah blah. Used car salesmen and real estate agents do it all the time. "well, you can go think about it, but there was this nice couple looking at it this morning who said they are very, very interested. If you wait you might just miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime".

      I've always had the rule that the harder the salesperson is pushing for a decision right then and there, there must be something he is worried about me finding out if I had time to think.

    4. Yup, heard all the hard sell tactics that NOW is the time to get in. Don't think about it too long or you'll be too late to be walking the beaches of the world with us. People heard that line 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago. The lies in Amway don't change.

    5. One time I had a hard sell by a Ambot and his leader. Then because I was firm with going home and negative they relented. So they said how about we give you more DVDs,books,etc to lend you to go home? Then we'll set up a time to pick it all up? I said no bloody way am I going through the hassle of meeting and endless calls to get this shit back.

    6. Anonymous - I wish my husband had had the confidence you had in telling them NO and don't bug me no more. Of course I had the confidence because I didn't like those Amway assholes but he seemed to like them and couldn't say NO.

    7. Anna, I signed up once already at 18 yrs old. Back then I wanted to support my best friend. Till I saw the price list and quit the first week. So it was easy to say no. Especially when there's so much negative shit about the company

    8. Anonymous - at least you were still young enough to bounce back from any financial and emotional abuse Amway cost you. And the only reason most people buy Amway products are pity purchases for a friend or relative that got sucked into the Amway scam. They make one purchase and realize they got scammed into buying overpriced shitty products and the death to most ambot is lack of repeat customers.

  5. Ya it was easy to bounce back just buying a kit at 18. I can't believe the money people throw at this scheme. If I had to where a suit,travel,meetings late hour,functions and spend that type of money. I need actual proof of income made and guaranteed type of success. Like gas stations,payday loan stores,subway etc you have some predictable income every year. None of this maybe you'll be top 1% and just hype.


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