Monday, October 20, 2014

The Horrors Of Working At An Amway Function!

Just in case any ambots show up here freaking out about how they missed Amway World Wide Dream Builders Free Enterprise Days FED this comment was left by a person employed by the arena. So if some fucked up Amway asshole shows up here bitching that WWDB FED was not held last weekend, it was indeed “last weekend” to the writer when this comment was left but not when we’re bringing it up here as a topic. So you ambots don’t have to be dumb fucks anymore than you already are by being all high and mighty that Amway didn’t have a function going on “last weekend” somewhere. I always watched the staff who work at the arenas where Amway functions are being held and wondered what’s going through their minds while they listen to the bullshit being spouted from the assholes up on the stage. And now none of us has to wonder anymore!


I worked as an usher at the Portland FED event this past weekend. I have worked this event for the past several years, and find it an interesting study in human nature. I came to the conclusion this past weekend that it really is a cult. I understand the human desire to be successful and rich. It is nice to have the feeling that someone else can show you the way to these riches. However, when I heard several of the speakers say that if your family and friends try to talk you out of this endeavor, you need new family and friends (i.e. your Amway family). That is so definitely a cult tactic, it's terrifying. There were a lot of things said by these "diamonds" that were excruciating to me, especially saying anyone who has a "job" is living a life of mediocrity. They didn't use the term "loser," but it was most definitely implied. I work two part-time jobs and am the owner of two small businesses (working on a 3rd). I am very happy and fulfilled and love my jobs and businesses. Every day is a joy and I'm doing fine financially. Please don't call my life mediocre, and know that there is no way on earth I would want to live the Amway lifestyle. Good luck to those of you that do.



  1. I quit the first week of signing up. Remember hearing my upline diamond trash jobs. Told him I can't make many night meetings cause my partime job was 5 hours a night at a French restaurant. He said I should quit because it interfered with the business. I told him I made 400 in tips a night and hardly paid any taxes. That added to my reg day job with a pension and life was very good. He later said I have small dreams and gave me a Greg Duncan tape. Who quit med school to chase his dreams. Been twenty years + later and this diamond is now back to work lol. The ex diamond has a bogus title at his job and I'm long retired. Also the partime job with the huge tips lasted 15 yrs. Way longer than the big mouth diamonds Amway income.

    1. Anonymous - I've had a few people stop by the blog who'd just come back from an Amway meeting, got caught up in all the hype, and signed up. Then they went home and started researching online and were like HOLY FUCK I am quitting! And leaving me a thank you note stopping them from making a big money losing mistake.

      Yes the Amway cult leaders "counsel" with their downline to quit their jobs if it gets in the way of Amway cult meetings or the mean old boss won't give them time off to go to Scamway functions. I mean really you make more in tips one night that most IBO's make in a year selling overpriced shitty Amway products. And that's mostly because their only customer is themselves! Wasn't that the guy who declared bankruptcy? What's he going to teach at Amway meetings? LOL!!!! Bankruptcy is his dream!

    2. So typical of the Amway bullshit. Someone making, as Anna said, more in one night than 99% of IBO's make in an entire YEAR, is told by one of their fruitcake Ambots that he has "small dreams". And that is the problem. To an Ambot, having a BIG DREAM of being a Bill Gates type big shot, although the chances of that happening in this very flawed pyramid scheme is about the same as hitting the state lottery, is better than the "small dream" reality of making more than that asshole will EVER see in Amway. It's crazy. But that's how they brainwash them and why they push "dreams" so much. Because it keeps a person away from reality while they are picking their pocket.

    3. Yup one of the insults the assholes in our Amway upline said frequently when the ambot questions why they aren't making the promised money "I guess your dream isn't big enough"

    4. Usually people file due to living beyond their means. This can happen to any person working within any industry.

    5. Rachel 0 you're right. People in different situations file for bankruptcy and foreclosure all the time. Not always due to living beyond their means, though I could see why someone in Amway would accuse everyone of this. Sometimes people have medical bills they can't pay. Sometimes they lose their job and can't find another one. Sometimes they've gone through a life changing situation such as they death of their significant other or divorce which drastically changes their finances.

      In order to declare bankruptcy or foreclosure one would have taken out a loan or credit from somewhere. They you get lying Amway asshole who stand on a stage in front of thousands of cult followers and say they pay for everything in cash. Then these Amway cult leaders declare bankruptcy or go into foreclosure and it calls them out for being the liars that they are. Clearly they do NOT pay for everything in cash otherwise they wouldn't have taken out a mortgage and borrowed money. Fucking lying scamming Amway assholes.

  2. Anna, yep the loser who went bankrupt and teaching us about finance lol. I made a big stink when I question whether Duncan quit med school for Amway? Told my upline what most likely happened was he wasn't passing med school. Because who the hell quits the final yr or two of med school for Amway? In his tape he has endless excuses of how med school is a waste of time,costly tuition, long hours etc. They all claim their Amway income is many times their job income. So they ended up retiring or horsh-t excuse. Of course I'm told I am brainless and jealous. Greg Duncan tape motivated many people leaving their high paying jobs for the Amway dream. I met a some ambots who decided to not go to university to do Amway.

  3. I have never heard any Amway IBO describe a working person as a loser. No IBO I've associated with has been told to quit their jobs. Like any business/industry you get what you put into it. Having two p/t jobs and three small business sounds like one is a jack of all trades, master of none. Good Luck.

    1. Rachel - I heard people called losers at every Amway meeting and function I went to, with the exception of maybe an Artistry seminar. I don't recall that woman calling anyone losers. I have hundreds of angry Amway assholes showing up to this blog and calling us losers. Countless more people showing up at this blog and leaving comments that they were told they were losers because they wouldn't sign up with the Amway scam. So I'd say you're in denial. Or else you signed up for Amway just last week and haven't been to many meetings yet and they're being nice so far. Wait until you don't sign anyone up after 3 months and those fucking Amway assholes in your upline start abusing you.


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