Thursday, October 16, 2014

Amway S.C.A.M.

Read this and thought – this is what Amway is all about!


S.C.A.M. – Seducing Creative Ambitious Minds


Amway has scammed millions of people by filling their heads with dream. Dreams that involved spending thousands of dollars to tithe the Great Amway God. Dreams that carried them way past the point of reality. Dreams that made them ignore the warning signs of reality. The reality that there savings had been diminished and their credit card debt had skyrocketed. Maybe even a reality that involved foreclosure, bankruptcy, and divorce.


In attempting to get rich quick in Amway, and moving up the ranks to get some dumb fuck Amway ambot title like sack of shit Platinum, ambots allow their greed to get in the way of truth. Educated, creative, ambitious people get sucked into scams like Amway more often than we’ll know because too many are embarrassed to admit they weren’t smart enough to figure out they were being scammed. But the others want others to know so they don’t fall victim too and their stories are all over the Internet and sometimes on TV. “I never thought something like this could ever happen to me.” or “I thought I was too smart to fall for a scam like this.”


These creative ambitious people get seduced by the Amway scam because they want to believe in something – that in 2 to 5 years they’ll be gazillionaires with barrels of money rolling in every month while they sit back and do nothing for the rest of their lives except walk the beaches of the world. They want to feel that they belong somewhere and Amway is all about love bombing so they feel loved and wanted when Amway cult members shower them with compliments and love.


Creative ambitious minds want to do something with their lives that bring them joy. And hopefully a good income too. How many people when they were growing up thought that being a commissioned salesperson would be a career that brings them joy? I’m guessing none. Most kids when they’re growing up think about more traditional careers that will bring them happiness like a police officer or doctor or pilot. Most don’t grow up thinking they want to sell soap and get a few pennies commission on each sale.


When they become adults they dream about what career might bring them joy and start taking the steps to reach that goal. And that’s usually when a vicious blood sucking Amway ambot comes along to destroy their lives because that’s what they do. Always on the lookout for their next victim. Always! At their J.O.B.s, at weddings, at funerals, at the gas station, in the shopping mall, at Barnes & Noble, these fucked up Amway ambots will stalk you anywhere. Ambots are looking to seduce creative, ambitious minds because they know these people are eager.


But that doesn’t mean they want to get scammed by disreputable, unethical Amway ambots who have zero integrity and morals. They’ll fuck over anyone who shows interest in being a “business owner”. Never mind that its only a pretend business in a system designed for failure.


These creative ambitious minds just want to earn a living doing something that brings them joy and instead they’ve run into dishonest Amway ambots trying to recruit new people into their cult.

We had a post on here that one reason Amway Ambots are attracted to the Amway scam is because they’re financially irresponsible. People who aren’t good with money and financial planning come from all walks of life. Certainly the disadvantaged and people in low paying jobs might be in that category. Though I’m sure there are people in that category who have the possibility of being financially savvy if they can get out of the lower income bracket. Maybe they’re already making progress with saving and investing with what little extra funds they have. People who have good paying jobs does not mean they are financially responsible. They can be professionals in their industry but suck when it comes to money management, running up debt, and financial planning for their future.


These could be the people who have creative, ambitious minds.


The people that Amway ambots want to capture into their cult. These are the people that Amway ambots use for bragging rights to attempt credibility inside their pyramid scheme. Well we signed up a dentist (lawyer, software CEO, owner of a chain of restaurants, etc) so obviously we’re a legitimate S.C.A.M.


Yup lets just send out another big old FUCK YOU to Amway.




  1. "Educated, creative, ambitious people get sucked into scams like Amway more often than we’ll know because too many are embarrassed to admit they weren’t smart enough to figure out they were being scammed."

    I read this book called Excellent Sheep and reflected on my college experience. From what I understand, people never get out of the whole "I have to make a lot of money because that's what people expect" mindset. So, they could easily fall for the whole "sell you the Brooklyn Bridge" bit no matter having gone to college. People go to college not knowing what to do and leave not knowing what to do. So, they go for what everybody is doing: "going for the big bucks," instead of finding their purpose. They leave college that way because they didn't take the time to explore and feed their minds. They go with what people would think would be best.

    This doc touches on the themes talked about in Excellent Sheep:

    1. Hi Anonymous - there are people out there who have the mindset from early on that they have to make a lot of money because that's what people expect. A lot of Amway ambots probably never had that mindset until they got into the Amway cult and had it brainwashed into them.

      Many ambots are college age or in their 20's. Our Amway cult leaders said those were the best age because they'd probably never heard of Amway before and were unaware its a scam. And as you said at the age of not knowing what they're going to do and here are some Amway ambots showing up and saying join our cult and there'll be big bucks in it for you.

    2. Anna, I Also noticed especially in bww that the main group of newer diamonds are east Indian. They spoke very little English or struggle with the language. Same with wwdb Korean leaders in north american who made a big pin level. So they hear hardly anything about Amway and since they hardly ever read anything in English online. Any time you deal with someone older who surfs the net often. Its nearly impossible to sign them up.

    3. Anonymous - I guess that would be a good way to find prospects. Look for those who don't speak English or have Internet access to find out what Amway really is about. I remember reading a sad story on the Internet about a retired couple and they blew their $50,000 retirement savings on Scamway. They listened to the lies about how they'd have bazillions of dollars rolling in every month for the rest of their lives and all they'd have to do was be CORE for 2 years and the riches would be theirs.

    4. I was at Denny's the other day with my family and at the table next to me were 3 well dressed Korean men on one side and 3 older casually dressed Koreans on the other, 2 women and a man. And even though I couldn't understand the language, it was obvious the older Koreans were getting some kind of "pitch". It didn't look like the well-dressed ones ate anything, or maybe they just had coffee. It very well could have been an Amway sighting I had, and if not, it certainly underscored the similarities to the way anyone is pitched into any kind of cult, business or religious. The old man had his arms crossed and never smiled so I'm hoping his mind was thinking "scam! bullshit!" as the main well-dressed guy did his smiling, animated pitch. If I thought they understood English I would have gotten into a conversation with my two sons at the table about the horrors and dangers of MLM scams like Amway so that they could hear me. lol Afterwards driving home I did bring it up. I've already talked to both my sons about the tactics they use as they are both in college and I know there are a lot of Ambots who troll the kids, so I don't want them to fall into the trap ever.

    5. Anonymous - yeah it was probably Amway ambots. We've gone to Denny's too in the past with someone who was prospecting a man who didn't speak English all that well but he'd brought along a friend who translated the "we'll all make money" bullshit. Yeah hopefully the guy with the crossed arms can smell an MLM scam going on. I'm sure your sons will get prospected by an ambot at some point either at college or by an old friend suddenly popping out of the woodwork asking if they're retired yet and if not would they like to be in 2 to 5 years.

    6. What I hate more than the Amway sales pitch. Is these ambots don't ever order any food lol. Only thing I'm thinking is why don't you wait outside in the parking lot while I eat? They have very thick skin and don't mind babbling their scam while I chew my food. Can't stand people watch me eat and not order.

    7. Anna, I had two ambots try sign me up ages ago. Told them I quit the first week. Said one of the wwdb that they dont seem to be going anywhere. One of the Ambot snapped. Saying you don't understand. Were doing all the core eight or however many steps. That even his diamond leader and edc was impressed. Saying both are going to make it big in wwdb Amway. They also did additional steps of extra tools,function tickets,and hours spent showing the plan lol. Majority of the world hardly care if you're core. Its about the bottom line and they haven't ever made a profit

    8. Anonymous - Amway is a blame the victim scam. If you were in WWDB before and they're trying to prospect you they'll blame the assholes in your former WWDB upline. They're all assholes getting the same brainwashed pitch from the kingpin cult leaders of that sect. Yeah they're all going big in Amway. The majority of the world's population don't give a shit about Amway.

  2. Huge article about Scamway and other Mlms:


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