Wednesday, April 1, 2015

And Now A Word From One Of Our Readers

Amway followers are insane and need help both psychologically and emotionally and I genuinely mean that. Its down right scary that in today's age the cult (its far more than a scam) continues to feed on weak fragile minds. The unity amongst ambots and continual support for each others dreams, goals, mindset.. whether it be diamond, billionaire, etc is whats frightening.

From an outside educated perspective a simple observation of amway yells scam and begs the question of why in the world would anyone even consider this? what kind of living/ purpose or sense of fulfillment does this provide? yet it somehow infects people like a disease. It attacks those who have a upbringing in a family that did not have wealth or figure that held a job, education, or had/sought any financial knowledge (investments, retirement, insurance). Those who are consumed by amway I believe have no idea where wealth comes from, how its earned, and how it can be maximized. They have conceptualized and are drawn to this idea that one simply becomes a millionaire over night, within a short time period, or to those that think right.

It baffles me that they both listen to "millionaires" with zero credentials and believe they are learning a mindset and travel thousands of miles and spend thousands of dollars to do so? excuse me but do lawyers and doctors and government contractors the list goes on and on ... have millionaire mindsets? NO they work hard at their professions and logically save money, invest long term

The fact that leadership (not a word deserved) deter individuals from socializing with friends, encourage them to doubt higher education, and resist society is absolute EXTORTION. The company (not a word they deserve) literally and I mean literally brainwash individuals. They display wealth (vision), a path (means), and a goal (outcome) to weak minds that buy into this non sense. To combat society, friends (above mentioned) amway develops phrases, monologues, speeches as weapons and if you know an ambot you can recite this shit word for word.

It leaves me speechless and angry there absolute denial of reality focus on money money money money and future success with none thus far scares me. There constant badgering of education, society, is pathetic. I dont understand how grown adults fall prey to this has no function of a real company... (staff support, offices, managers, HR, dude these are basic...)

Where does it end... I wonder. I have never done amway or ever considered it period. I simply had # great friends who have joined and I can barely recognize them now through there social media, etc.

I personally without releasing details have a BBA and hold an analyst position for XX company. I net a substantial amount of money but who cares, at the end of the day its about job fit, enjoyment, and loved ones. I hope this rant did not offend anyone whose been attached to amway at anytime. I simply came across this forum and felt obligated to comment.


  1. The whole Scamway pseudo business presentation is based on the hypothetical dream with no connection whatsoever to the real. Remember the late great Clara Peller and her famous Wendy's TV line "Where's the beef?" Heck, there's not even any soap in Amway, let alone beef. The Ambot can't even sell soap unless he can trick somebody into attending an Ambot cult meeting. But I was scammed into another MLM once and so I understand the mentality. It's an us and them mentality and the others, the "them" are just too blind to see. That's why Ambots hang together, to block out "negative" thoughts, like those pertaining to reality. What I cannot understand, is how someone can spend years chasing their own tail at this non business and think that somehow, if they buy that next CD, attend that next function, things are going to turn around and they are going to trade that old broken down Toyota Tercel in for a new Rolls Royce. Just for the heck of it I would like to draw up an actual Amway business plan/ledger, one detailing expenses vs. profits. But the whole Amway commissions system is deliberately so convoluted that it is practically impossible to do so. Like, you get back one seventeenth of a penny "commission" for every two dollar energy drink you buy in quantity at three bucks a pop, but if you get seven groups of six people who do forty six hundred PV or BS for three consecutive blah blah ... and Jupiter aligns with Uranus, the Cubs win the Series, etc. then you get two and a half cents back provided that... And sadly, some of them never seem to catch on. Like the tag line of the late great comedian Sam Kinison: "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? AAAUGGH!"

    1. Anonymous - there were some good commercials back in the 70's and that "where's the beef" was a huge campaign. 40 years later people still remember that little old lady peering over the counter at the burger and asking that question.

      Ambots flock together because..... misery loves company? They need the love bombing? They need the reassurance that they're a winner? They need to brag about how they're all going big and will be bazillionaires in no time?

      Their friends and family in the real world aren't going to dole out that bullshit to them.

  2. ambots flock together because they are brainwashed into believing the rest of the world is filled with negative 'dreamstealers' - it is a cult pure and simple.

    1. Anonymous - they also flock together to laugh at the people who are too stupid (brainwashed Amway cult follower's opinion) to sign up with Amway and to lord it over all the people who aren't in the cult who will either be dead or broke automatically on their 65th birthday.

  3. Thank you so much for this, recently an ambot came up to me at my job and told me about a "part time opportunity at an online marketing company." It seemed very sketchy but I figured I lost nothing from going to this "interview." Well, it wasn't an interview so much as a pitch for me to spend money to help her get money. She gave me some propaganda for free to look over and to meet with her in a few days and tell her what she thinks. She was beautiful, charming and even flirty with me so props to her for almost convincing me within a half hour despite me thinking it was a pyramid scheme. What's the best part? I'm only 17 and I don't believe she was trying to scam me because she is definitely drinking her "mentor's" kool aid juice but at the end of the day the fact that she has been taught to try and get people like me, people who are just kids, minors, to buy into this is just appalling. I'm glad you have this blog because it makes me a lot less scared to say no without hesitation. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Anonymous. You're very smart for your age, not having the life experiences behind you that older people have. You saw right through Scamway. Yup to everything you said. Very sketchy, very evasive about what this online entrepreneurship thing is. Once the word is out that its Amway no one will want anything to do with them. Its kind of like if the Taliban wanted to do a career day at your high school. Probably not going to get much takers if they're honest about it upfront. If the Taliban showed up with a different marketing plan then maybe....

      Amway Ambots are BIG on their propaganda. Handing it out to people so they can get together in a few days to talk about it, or showing up here to spout off their brainwashed canned Amspeak propaganda. Like we haven't heard it a million times already.

      Yup its really sick who Amway Ambots will target as their next victims but getting young people who haven't heard of Amway is very common. When we were in the scam the Amway cult leaders would brag about a high school student who'd been in the cult for 6 months and was already Platinum or maybe it was Emerald. No names mentioned or he was paraded out in front of everyone so probably another Scamway lie. However I do think its possible for a high school student to sign up and originally make a lot of sales. To family friends, even high school students, particularly females who want to buy make up or guys who drink energy drinks. However when they see how high priced and low quality the products are those revenue lines will dry up. So this high school kid may have had a big bubble at the beginning that would soon burst. Good luck with whatever direction life takes you in because you are surely smart enough to succeed at whatever you do. Unless its Amway, with its 99%+ failure rate. Just don't get involved in anything that is a system designed for failure. In other words stay clear of network marketing scams.

    2. I love that. The Taliban making a sales pitch. I could just imagine them following the Amway model of smoke and mirrors. Can't tell their potential recruit the name because there's been so much bad press! "This is a great opportunity for the young and upcoming terrorist! In 2 to 5 years you can be in the promised land with 72 virgins walking the beaches of the world! All you have to do is strap on this explosive device and get 6 more people to do the same thing. Go CORE! Our business is exploding right now, so better get on board fast!"

    3. Anonymous - that's a good one. Taliban motto is just like Amway's - out business is exploding! LOL!

      I think Amway's cult leaders preach something similar that they'll go to heaven with 40 virgins to walk the beaches of the earth with.

  4. My sister has been on this Amway thing since last year to 'pay for her wedding' and just got suckered into Worldwide Dreambuilders. By the way it took me hours of pleading just to get to to tell me the name of the company but she won't tell me how she will make money... she is getting 'assets' and will only tell me what that means if I listen to her and her 'mentor' talk for 6-8 weeks. How do I get her out of this horrible cult?

    1. Anonymous - have you ever worked for a company and someone asked you where you worked and you didn't say? Too embarrassed? Most people will tell you where they work unless they're deep cover law enforcement. Amway Ambots are sneaky bastards and tell you they work for WWDB or Benny the Bastard or whoever. Its too embarrassing to admit you're inside the Amway cult scam.

      Your sister won't listen to you. The assholes in her Amway upline are too busy destroying her relationships and telling their cult followers not to listen to outside forces. All you can do is pretty much wait till she hits rock bottom, runs out of money, and quits on her own. Don't enable her. Don't buy any shitty overpriced Amway products cause that gives her false hope she has a customer. Most ambots quit after a few months. 95% quit within 2 years so if she stays inside the Amway cult longer than that you might want to look at getting a cult interventionist involved. Good luck!

  5. Oh, good analogy and thank you for your blog and your post. I have a sibling and in-law in Amway about 22 yes and believe me, it's disturbing, mind-boggling, and most of all, disappointing to witness firsthand how they are brainwashed. Good advice, Anna Banana, to NOT enable her sister by buying stuff, etc. Tough love would be my advice, in retrospect, but you need your whole family to "intervene" on this. I could write a book on this as after 22 yrs., it would blow your mind how this cult of greed, deception, narcissistic mind control and manipulation has ruined their lives, their kids lives, also a niece & nephew they've sucked in as well. There are but 2 types of people in Amway. Narcissistic bully-types and low self-esteem, mostly young adults, who are indecisive, yet gullible, that put their only self-worth in dollars & cents. It's a "perfect storm" to combine them at a cult convention. Oh, heck, they'll pull people in with Old Testament religion and guilt them with false faith in conveying that their faith in God (aka Amway or their newest Diamond) will bring them prosperity, etc. Blah, blah, blah. A person would be better-suited to take $200-500/month they'd spend on Amway crap/leadership trips/training recordings, etc. and invest it in a safe annuity or even a low-interest-paying Savin's or money-market account. 'Cause the rate of return would be far greater than what you'll get from ScamWay and you won't risk alienating your family, friends, or coworkers with this fraud/cult /mind-*ucking group of scammers.

    1. Anonymous - have you downloaded a free ebook called Merchants of Deception? Its on the right side of this page under Amway links. You'll think you're in the same room as the author! One of these scary stories until you remember its real. The Amway cult does exist. The financial and emotional distress is very real.

      22 years in the cult - they're lifers. And they're probably bullies most of the time getting angry at people who won't sign up to their cult or buy their overpriced shitty products. At Amway meetings they're always going on about how 95% of the population will be dead or broke by the time they're 65. I think that means 95% of the Ambot population! Your relatives are headed for a tough retirement if they've been tithing the Great Amway God instead of saving for their golden years.

    2. I will read the book. I sure wish there was an "exorcism" program for my family to rid us all of the Amway Nazi's. As I indicated above, 22 years of this has been a real nightmare. Hell, they've had 3 IRS liens, audits after audits, alienated anyone that doesn't follow the "creed", taken advantage of anyone they could to take care of their poor kids when they were real young so they could go Ambotting all over the country. You wouldn't believe how many Christmas gatherings, graduations, weddings, family events had to be ruined by their presence with their "compelling" need to brag, bully, mumble and speak only about "building their business" , or "I'm going to be an Amway millionaire and so could you, if you weren't so stupid"- true words spoken by my BIL to some of my sisters'. Or there's the "FREEDOM" word that's dropped all the time while BIL worked 2 full-time jobs, neglected his kids, did Scamway besides, so much other BS. Well, after his civil service job afforded his pension he retired from that but credited Amway "FREEDOM" at the bull-shit rally that his "followers" glorified him at. It's the pension from his "real" job that afforded the so-called "FREEDOM", not Scamway. They're still not free ' cause they still have to do the "leadership" rallies and gather the troops to bulley or shame other Ambots below them to keep their up lines and down lines in order. I mean, they just love the following of these vulnerable younger Ambots they brainwash. I think it's really wearing on them though, how long can a person live this facade of deceit and financial chaos? They lost their home to the IRS, rent a so-called mansion they "show-boat" their impressionable younger Ambots to, title their cars in their kids names so the IRS doesn't seize them... But then have the Gaul to bad-mouth the IRS and play "victim" because they have tried to cheat on their taxes. It's getting harder and harder for them to play the game but their personality style will not yield any humility or admit the failure Amway has brought to theirs and other peoples' lives. They're just too deeply imbedded to get out. 'Kinda like being in the Mafia. In their mid-fifties, trying to look and appear young and "wonderful", and Amway successfully? They're going to crack pretty soon 'cause it's impossible to keep up with the scheme forever. So, as I indicated, I'll read the book you recommend and I thank you again, Anna, for your blog and wisdom of experience also. If you can prevent one or many from ruining their or others' lives from the Scamway cult, bravo to you!

    3. Anonymous - you nailed it calling them Amway Nazis. Our sack of shit Platinum was a Hitler/Jim Jones combo but then he was only duplicating those higher up so it goes with the Amway cult leader territory.

      All those IRS liens and audits weren't a big wake up call? The IRS has a special section devoted to Amway that their agents have to use the checklist on. The IRS has determined Amway is basically an expensive social club and all the big bucks spent on the Amway tool scam don't translate into extra sales for the ambots.

      Amway is all about fake it till you make it. Or never make it. Your relatives have that fake it lifestyle down. At this point its hard to say if they're trying to get rich from Amway or trying to break even, which after 22 years and tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands invested in Scamway will never happen.

      Its comments from readers like you that show us that everyone has the same story, the events might be slightly different but the financial and emotional distress is the same, the hell hole the families of ambots go through never changes.

    4. So much Amway "truth" to what Anonymous said. Ambots come here and talk about those they "know in Amway who are very successful with it", not realizing that, like those in the story above, they lie about their income and possessions, and attribute things from their J.O.B. to Amway to make Amway seem better than it is. Lie, lie, lie. That's how it works. Lie to people to get them to sign up. Lie about how rich they are with Amway. Lie about how they are better people because of it. Lie about how those who have not made it in Amway are losers who didn't "work hard enough", though they will never define what that means.

      Amway is all about lies.

    5. Yup Amway is all about lies. Lie, deny, distract, and defend. No other job except Amway requires you to do that. Or at least no other job that I know of or have ever worked for!


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