Thursday, April 2, 2015

Why Did Amway Send Me A Box Of Shit?

Who wants a good laugh? A searcher found their way to Married to An Ambot by Googling “Why did Amway send me a box of shit”.

Yeah I needed a good laugh right about then when I was reviewing how readers are finding their way here.

I don’t know if that’s a wife of an ambot or just some poor customer who got suckered into buying overpriced shitty Amway products from an IBO.

I totally sympathize with this person. I dreaded getting boxes from Amway knowing they’d be full of overpriced shitty products that we didn’t need and would probably never use. Everytime a box from Amway showed up I knew that Ambot had run up the charges on the credit card again. Every time a box of Amway shit showed up I knew that some asshole in his upline had bitched at him to buy more products. Get that PV BV up there. Some asshole further up in the Amway upline has a goal to meet and they don’t give a flying fuck that its causing financial difficulties for the cult followers. Just go buy more Amway shit!!! Never question upline!!!!

Yeah this seems like another good time to send out another big old FUCK YOU to those greedy assholes in our Amway upline.

So what shit does Amway send in a box? Does anyone see this as a good time to get in some key words?? Nutrilite vitamins come inside a box of Amway shit. So do XS energy drinks. They got to be sold with those twist tube shits. Amway food bars come inside a box of Amway shit. What about Perfect Water in a box full of Amway shit. Let’s not forget SA8 laundry soap and dish drops and other Amway cleaning products that also lurk inside Amway boxes of shit.

Its all about sell the hope not the soap.

Its all about send the Amway shit in a box.

Don’t you just hate it when the mail arrives and you find horror of horrors that Amway has sent you a box of shit? And Amway didn’t send that box of shit out of the goodness of their hearts. They sent it because someone plunked down a credit card and payed too much money for a box of Amway shit. Similar products to that Amway shit can be purchased at grocery stores or drug stores for much lower prices. And the good thing is the products purchased at normal stores are probably not shit. At least not overpriced shitty products like those Amway sends in their box of shit.

In answer to that question “why did Amway send me a box of shit” a better question might be “how do you get Amway not to send you a box of shit?”




  1. How NOT to get Amway to send you a box of Amway shit? Just don't feed the hungry Amway parasite and it will go away. Put your money elsewhere. In your pocket, the bank, into a REAL business, or a worthy charity to make you feel good about yourself, or buy a toy to have some fun with. Be kind to you. Just say NO to drugs and Amway. Just wondering, does anybody do Amway recreationally? At least with drugs you can go crossline and buy your shit from another dealer if you don't like the asshole you're dealing with now. And you don't have to pay for CDs and meetings that tell you how great drugs are or spend your life trying to get everybody else hooked on it too.

  2. So my brother and his wife were here for Easter -- they are former Ambots from over 30 years ago. He started extolling the virtues of a chiropractic franchise called Maximized Living. It sounded "off" to me when he said they attended an introductory talk with other couples and that they are now eating their dietary stuff and getting treatments every week. Is ML part of Amway or another company doing the same scheme? My brother was a sucker once and i see they could falling for this stuff again. Does anyone have any info they could share?

    1. Hi Anonymous. These MLM scams that operate as cults are into love bombing. They are hugging and loving on your brother and his wife and showing extraordinary interest in them. Common cult tactic. The scammers lie and say business is going great and hook in their victims. Your brother and his wife are open to finding a business that's going to make them lots of money. Never heard about Maximized Living. There's another blogger, look on upper right side of this page, called MLM the American dream turned nightmare, who knows a lot more about MLM scams and writes about them. David might have more information than you.


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