Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Avoid The Amway Scam

I know I’m not the only person in the world  who wonders why so many people have fallen for the Amway scam.


It can’t have anything to do with those overpriced shitty Amway products or more ambots would still be buying them once they quit Scamway. Its amazing how when ambots quit all of a sudden that Amway snake oil they’ve been flogging is no longer, the wonder cure for all that ails you and they stop using and buying it.


I think falling for the Amway scam has got more to do with wanting to belong. The Amway cult is no different than any other cults. Love bombing is huge in all cults and that is part of the Amway cult. Show up to any Scamway meeting and the ambots are all over you hugging and showering with compliments. Phony fake ass bastards who don’t give a shit about you. Except how much money they can steal off you.


Is it the Amway cult leaders who are charismatic, pretend to relate with the cult followers, and says we love you, generally depicting themselves as likeable people. Then how easy is it to brainwash the ambots to do whatever they want. Like spend more money on the Amway tool scam.


The ambot gets swayed by the Amway cult leader, brainwashed to believe everything said in regards to Amway, all things perceived negative, bad things about family and friends, and the Amway cult leader’s opinion becomes the Ambot’s opinion.


These ambots could have been people who said they could never fall for a scam. But most people want to believe in something. In the case of the preachings of the Amway cult leaders its that in 2 to 5 years you’ll be RICH!!!! There will be gazillions of dollars in residual income rolling in from Amway every month, and you’ll be walking the beaches of the world with the other ambots who signed up the same time you did. You won’t be working a J.O.B. anymore but you’ll be laughing your asses off at the people who were “too stupid” to sign up for Amway at the same time cause they’d be joining you walking those beaches of the world. People want more out of life. They’d often like an easier lifestyle, a lifestyle of the rich and famous. The Amway cult leaders are out to scam you into thinking it’ll happen once you get onboard with the Amway pyramid scheme.


Months go past. Maybe even years for the ambots dumb enough to hang in there with the Amway cult believing they can’t quit now because success is just around the corner. The Amway cult leaders tell them that the riches at the end of the rainbow are worth waiting for. It’ll just take more time to get there. They’re persuaded by the Amway cult leaders to keep on being broke Amway losers – ironically all the while accusing everyone NOT in the Amway cult that they’re broke losers.


The Ambots believe the hyped up Amway cult leaders and the brainwashing that goes on at Amway functions and all the rah rah we’re all gonna be RICH!


Unfortunately these broke Amway losers chose the wrong path to find the opportunity they were looking for. They should have made a better decision based on the facts the small print on Amway literature – Amway has 99%+ failure rate – instead of the hype from the charismatic Amway cult leaders.


These Amway cult leaders are always on a constant search for their next victims and preach that to their followers – bring in more cult members. Seduce unfortunate suckers who are eager to get started in their own business for a couple hundred bucks. LOL. More like $500 to $700/month once all Amway related expenses are added up but the cult leaders conveniently forgot to mention all those hidden costs.


Don’t be a victim. Avoid failure. Avoid the Amway scam.


  1. Keep on telling it like it is Anna!

    I've engaged a few of these "ambots" on youtube. (they show up to rail against clips that show Amway to be the scam that it is) They have all the talking points. One told me my problem is only interacting with those who failed in "the business". Well who else can I interact with? Since as you say even by the stats Amway itself publishes that includes just about ALL recruits! Another said since my employer makes a profit off me instead of paying me all I make for them I'm a loser. I tried to explain the infrastructure (such as a building to work in) and other expenses I don't have to worry about are worth it. AND even if [Corporation X] makes money off me after paying me well as a computer programmer - it sure beats (allegedly) taking home 100% of money made flogging consumer goods out of the Amway catalog! They don't want to hear it like all cultists I guess...

    1. As first Anonymous says, Ambots will point out that at one's JOB their employer makes money off of them, so why rail on Amway for the upline making money? The difference is in a REAL job the employer pays employees a living wage and often with benefits. In Amway, the money flows upward with maybe a tiny $10 "bonus" check coming back per month and the commissioned salesperson LOSES money. When an Ambot buys $300 worth of unsaleable shit to stack up in closets and garages, along with hundreds of dollars for useless brainwashing seminars and DVD's, while wasting time trying to recruit other suckers who want nothing to do with Amway, then this is NOT the same thing. With a JOB one MAKES money. With Amway one LOSES money. Regardless of what the employer makes. And that's the bottom line. But can't convince the brainwashed "dreamers" who are fed a line of bullshit. They have to crash and burn on their own.

    2. Hi Anonymous. Glad you're liking the blog. I don't interact with Ambots on Youtube. Don't look at their videos either which sure cuts down the interaction! The only videos I watch on Youtube make fun of Amway so we feature them here from time to time.

      We did a post not too long ago about the responsibilities a business owner versus an employee face. People in Amway will never get it though because they run pretend businesses and therefore don't have to put in place all the infrastructure a real business owners does.

    3. Anonymous - the other thing is an employee isn't normally paying the owner to work there. And when an employer wants an employee to take more training, normally the business pays for it, not the employee.

      Reverse all that if you work for Amway!

      At least with a job a person is probably going to make money. Can't say the same thing about Amway. Spend $300 and make back $10 in commission. What's the total loss here. Well even higher once you add in all the tool scam purchases the assholes in the Amway upline insist you buy.

  2. I just want to say I absolutely love your blog. I happen to know an idiot who is so fucking brainwashed it's hilarious. Thanks for supplying gossip and insight into the world of Amway because, of course, my acquaintance won't tell me anything and thinks I'm stupid.

    Also, I was starting to feel like I bad person for making fun of Amway so much. Thank you for making me feel better about myself.

    P.S. What is PV?

    1. Hi Anonymous - glad you're loving the blog! You can say that just about every Amway ambot out there is so fucking brainwashed its hilarious!

      Yeah stop by here anytime to make fun of people in Amway. Sometimes Amway Ambots even stop by here and leave outrageous comments to make themselves look like assholes so they come to us and make it easy.

      PV is an Amway term and someone out there more into the terms could explain it better. Every Amway item gets points associatiated with it - known as PV points value. You have to buy as many Amway products as you can in a month so the total points add up to at least 100 PV in order to earn a commission from Amway. Approximately spend $2.50 to $3.00 per point. Therefore to earn the required 100 PV to be eligible for a commission the Amway ambot is spending in real money around $300 in points value.

      Clear as mud right? In Amway its all about confusing the ambot by throwing around all kinds of numbers.

    2. You don't know what PV is? That means you didn't go to TOO many of their meetings :) I still remember them comparing various products and how some of them stood out since those yielded the highest PV. Interesting, but useless at the same time.

    3. The Amway cult leaders usually force Ambots to buy products like Nutrilite vitamins and other shit that has the highest PV so they can get to their 100PV minimum purchase/month asap. But by the end of the month the assholes in the Amway upline are phoning again saying some upline asshole needs to meet their goals and buy more Amway shit!

  3. Love the blog Mrs. Banana.

    Robert Kiyosaki and the Amway Tool Scam share some blame in continuing to lure new victims. Kiyosaki became a best selling author thanks to Bill Gavin, only then did he suddenly fall in love with MLM. Failed as a distributor himself, but what does it matter when there is motivation to be sold?

    Of course there never was a "rich dad" which says quite a bit about the uplines that promote RDPD and the distributors that never question them.

    Any thoughts on Kiyosaki?

    1. Hi Joseph - glad you're loving the blog! I don't know much about Kiyosaki other than Amway ambots that show up here and throw his name around. I know about his books, the one you sort of mentioned and something about investing in real estate. I may have partly read one of his books but nothing stands out for me.

      There are lots of financial advisors out there who've written books. Everybody's got a system right. Some things might work better for some people than another advisor's advice. Take what works for you.

  4. Literally. Dont be a victim. Im fucking scarred for life because of this cult-like pyramid scheme. The worst part is I was trapped in a bad relationship because of it. Because not only do the good people of Amway sell shitty overpriced products they also are relationship experts! And no matter what as a strong amway couple you stay together! No matter how horrible and mentally abusive the relationship may be! Thank god I got out of that. I hate that months later it still comes up in my head. It literally makes me sick to think about. So many young people are wasting their lives on this thinking they will be billionaires. Sad.

    1. Anonymous - we all feel your pain. The emotional and financial devastation the Amway cult leaves is horrendous. Yup the old "counselling with upline" bullshit even though none of those bastards has gone to the type of schooling to make them a qualified therapist or similar trade. You had the opposite approach than the assholes in our upline took with us. They wanted to destroy our relationship. The fuckers even prayed that I would find another man and leave Ambot. That's how fucking sick they are. If you're gonna pray, pray for stuff like world peace and end to terrorism, not for me to go next-husband hunting! So that tells me your significant other was a strong Amway cult member and that's why they wanted to keep you together even though you knew Amway was a waste of time, money, and brain cells and you wanted out.

      The only billionaire that I know of from Amway is one of the owners and family. The other owner apparently did have as good financial advisors! Doesn't mean they're not rich thanks to scamming victims over the past 50 years. Its just the ambots that show up here bragging about Amway billionaires and there's only the one we know of according to Forbes. The other Amway billionaires are just part of the Amway lies.

  5. The first I ever heard of him was from an Ambot trying to pitch me at the Barnes and Noble. You might find his incestuous relationship to Amway interesting. A true to life "fake it til you make" tale, selling the hope, not the soap.

    Good reviews of Kiyosaki's work of fiction.



    1. Hi Joseph. Yup the lifestyles of the poor broke losers in Amway is fake it till you make it. Nothing like a sick incestuous relationship with ScAmway.

  6. This reminds me of the classic song Toc Mai Soi Van Soi Dai (long uneven hair) as Thai Thanh sings of lost love only to be recaptured in a thousand year dream.


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