Thursday, April 16, 2015

How Do I Get People To Buy The Expensive Amway Products

A searcher showed up here to ask “How do I get people to buy the expensive Amway products.”

This is hardly the first poster to show up asking a similar phrased question. And the answer to this question is not taught at Amway meetings. Overcoming objections is something the Amway cult leaders do talk about. Those Amway bastards have an answer for just about everything.

When an Ambot tries to make a sale and the customer says its too expensive, the ambot is supposed to respond something like don’t you want to pay more for quality. Or Amway’s high prices reflect their quality. The usual Amspeak bullshit. If Amway’s prices reflected their quality nothing would cost more than a buck! LOL! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! So true!

When an Amway Ambot is “getting started in their own business” they can usually seduce family and good friends to make a purchase. And to those people I have one word for you: ENABLERS!!!!! In the first couple of months the new Ambot is motivated, perhaps made a few hundred dollars in sales. Then suddenly the sales dry up. The Ambot pesters their customers. Some of the answers might be nice they still have plenty of soap left, they don’t need more just yet. And others might be for the high price of the product the buyer expected it to do a better job than a less expensive similar product that can be bought at the grocery store. And others will say that piece of shit Amway product didn’t do what you promised! Fucking liar!

Most people like to think of themselves as smart shoppers. Everyone likes to get a good deal, buy a product when its on sale. Most people know approximately the prices of their usual household purchases. Then they see the price tag on Amway’s catalogue. Holy fuck! Rip off!!!!

So the answer the Amway loser who wants to know how to get people to buy expensive Amway products. You don’t. People don’t like to pay premium prices for substandard shit. RIP OFF!!!!! You might get a few one off pity sales but you ain’t gonna get repeat business.

Don’t forget in Amway its all about sell the hope not the soap. Ambots are in a pyramid scheme. The object is to recruit people not to find customers to buy expensive Amway products. If you can find a sucker in your downline its all about them buying “from their own store” aka buying around $300 worth of shit in Amway’s catalogue every month, then make commission from that sucker. And if you find more suckers and those suckers find more suckers then you’re all gonna be RICH!

Amway is an expensive buying club. You recruit people, bitch at them to buy at least 100PV every month (around $300) and that’s how you make money. You make pennies per sale. For Christ sake if you want to be a commissioned salesperson there are better paying gigs out there.

That you don’t have to search online for how to find customers.




  1. Hi Anna Banana,

    I found your site recently because some friends have introduced me to the "opportunity". (I didn't find out what it was until I went to a function. They said it was WWDB and NOT Amway... but it really is Amway too.) I decided it wasn't for me and probably shouldn't be for anyone... at least not with the way they do it. You have some very good material. I looked at some of your posts as well as content on other websites. I wanted to give my friends and their sponsors/upline the benefit of the doubt and thought maybe they didn't operate in the same way as what's described in your website and other websites. I tried to ask some questions based only on the stuff they gave me to review, even though I did look at other "negative" websites. Their answers, as well as their upline's answers, as well as what was said at the last event I went to (a board plan at someone's HOUSE where the IBO's dress in BUSINESS SUITS--seriously!), confirmed to me that they more or less adhere to what's generally practised in the WWDB system. The main difference I can see is that they say they don't want you to go into debt to be in the business. However, it looks like they want to "help" you with your finances so that you can afford to be in the business, and I suspect that they don't see buying the tools as a business expense (unless you were talking about income tax returns) but as an "personal" investment, and thus not counted as a business expense/loss. This is based on me asking my friend how much is spent on the business after saving money due to "budgeting" and getting a reply that he didn't want to divulge that. I can't properly evaluate a business opportunity without knowing the true costs, but a refusal to answer is also an answer. For one week where I attended five meetings (because they created urgency), I calculated I must have spent 18 hours there with travelling--I'm not even an IBO! This alone indicates to me that they probably spend about 20-30 hours a week, when you count meetings with other prospects, "mentoring", plugging into the tools system, etc. So much for the 10-15 hours/week.

    Anyway, I wanted to say that I found your website helpful and to share a little about my story if it could help someone else. However, I couldn't find a listing of your posts (e.g., by date or topic). I can only find posts by clicking on "Older Post" or "Newer Post" or when you post a comment about a post. To make your website even more useful, would you be able to put up a listing? Or is there something that I'm missing in navigating your website?

    Also, I wanted to find out a bit more about your situation in a nutshell, to give your posts more context. I understand that you're married to a former Ambot. When did he join? Did you ever join or were you simply dragged to these functions? When did you stop attending/quit? When did your husband quit? I suspect you never joined but attended some functions, but I wanted to establish some timelines for when I read your posts.

    How do you keep up with their events? Do you get the information from a current Ambot or do you get it from other websites through Internet searching? I know you're doing this to help others, and probably to vent, too! But I'm curious to know how much time it takes to blog and reply to posts. Certainly not as much as being in the WWDB system, but you seem quite prolific. Did your Ambot know you were blogging while he was out showing the plan or going to functions?


    1. Hi AnonKF. Thanks for sharing your story. As you figured out quickly Amway is all about lies and trickery. The first one you figured out is they say they're in WWDB to trick people its not Amway - a company with a bad reputation. WWDB is one of Amway's cult sects about the most abusive one out there though the stories from former members of other Amway cult sects are the same. We were in WWDB where I met the most horrible brainwashed Amway worshippers out there. Though ironically most of the people I knew have jumped over to Monavie after Amway fired our sack of shit Platinum a couple of years ago, probably a bit longer than that.

      Loved that part about how your potential cult recruiter wouldn't divulge operating costs. Average $500 - $700/ month by the way. Its pretty hard to scam people if you're honest about these things! LOL!

      There's a few bananas around here so none of us spend too much time on th blog. We reprint a lot of old articles and we get people who want to share stories. One person moderates comments and another is the blog master and uploads the posts. We don't work weekends. We used to have the old posts easier to link but the blog master removed that gadget some time ago, at least a year, 2 maybe. Too many gadgets makes it look cluttered plus the recent posts are the ones we prefer people leave comments on rather than posts a few years ago where comments might get missed by regular readers. Besides eventually older posts are going to make a reappearance.

      We get current information from family members of Ambots and off the WWDB site mostly for upcoming functions so we can make fun of it. As you figured out this blog is mostly about making fun of Ambots and cursing out the assholes in the Amway upline.

      But hey way to go to you for dodging the Amway hell hole. Once the love bombing stops then the emotional and financial distress catch up with you.

    2. What Anna ended with is part of the brainwashing. As with everything, it's doled out slowly so as not to scare potential victims away. They'll say they will "help" you with costs, but just part of the lies and they expect you to pay out of your own pocket, even if they entice you with a few free CD's and samples at first. Just like a drug dealer, they often will be "generous" with the first sample... to get a rube hooked.

      They seem like really nice folks, don't they? All smiles and kind words and supportive attitude. Again, part of the plan. "Lovebombing". All cults do it. Get someone dependent on being "loved" then "punish" them if they don't do as you tell them without question. Alternate love and abuse. The meetings and functions are about pulling victims into their mindset. "Us" against "them". Keep people tired then hammer the message. Like all cults they will pull victims apart from family and friends, poisoning their minds against those "unsupportive" family members.

      Amway is all about getting people to unplug from reality and lose money month after month as they dangle fantasy carrots of "riches" that never come. They won't "do the math" for you because no one would sign up. Instead they draw unrealistic circles. At the level of pyramid you'd be signed up starting at you would have no chance of ever making money. You would literally have to have hundreds, if not thousands, of people under you to make any kind of money, and you'd have to have no conscience because you would have to lie to them to trick them into losing money. Them LOSING money is the only chance anyone upline has to making a dime. And for me, I would feel too guilty knowing I was destroying another person's finances.

      Good job not falling for their "rah rah" happy talk bullshit.

    3. Anonymous - very correct! Yup when a potential ambot is looking at signing up to the Amway cult the love bombing is in full force. And stays that way for a couple of months after the new recruit is enlisted. And some people in the Amway cult its like their job to only do love bombing, never the abuse. After a couple of months when the ambot hasn't signed up any new recruits then the punishment starts. The old blame the victim scam routine starts up and continues until the ambot quits. The abuse countered with love bombing continues for however long until the ambot decides he's had enough, isn't making money, and is unlikely to ever earn money because no one - who's not already in the Amway cult - wants nothing to do with Amway.

    4. The answer to the question is for the Ambot to buy Amway products at the "wholesale"price, then discount them by 90% and try selling them on Ebay. You can even sell your wwdb-britt-network21-ina...cds but you will have to discount them by 99.5% and they have to be unopened and in the original packaging. When you run out of money, get a JOB!

    5. Anonymous - when we were in Scamway the cult leaders told us it was "our own store" so we could set the prices, but sure we first have to buy from Amway's overinflated "wholesale" prices and most people would want to attempt to at least break even if not make a profit, but the reality as you said is more likely discounting 90% and trying to flog them on Ebay.

    6. You know, they were bragging that Amway makes about $12B/yr and gives away a third of that in bonuses/commissions to their IBO's. This of course is only a little bit to each of the millions of IBO's--the "Business Overview" sheet that was included in the prospecting package they lent me said it was only an average of $200/mo per "active" IBO. On top of that, they can only afford to give anything only because the "wholesale" Amway price is the retail price of regular brand products at real stores. They make you feel like you're saving by saying it's wholesale but even at that, it's inflated as you say. My friends and their mentors are supposed to be smart medical professionals but I don't think they would get this point nor were they able to answer my questions about Amway--er, WWDB, since they officially don't care about Amway--taking over the entire city if the plan/system were that successful. Which one is it? You can make it in 2-5 years with 10-15 hours per week or it saturates at 2% of the population?

      I'm reading the book Merchants of Deception. Knew about it years ago when I first looked into MLM's. Didn't have time to read it then but had already decided that MLM's were in general evil anyway. Was almost duped this time into thinking Amway had changed, but that was because the first time I saw it, the exposure was different. For some reason, it somehow initially seemed that this time they were doing it right. Now that I'm reading Merchants of Deception and doing more Internet research specifically for Amway/WWDB, I think what I've been exposed to this second time around more closely reflects what's in that book (and/or I hadn't checked out enough meetings the first time around to truly see it). Pretty scary stuff! I can't believe the "2-5 year plan" has been around for 40 years! Next time I see these friends, I'll see if I can nudge them to do some proper research. Failing that, I'll just have to let them hopefully fall. I'm saying "hopefully" because it's better for them to be scammed and to fail than for them to succeed by scamming others. I think the only way for them to succeed without scamming others is doing mostly retail sales, if they can convince others to buy at those prices... even then it's kinda scammy since the prices are so inflated, the quality is at best questionable, and they use deceptive marketing practices.


    7. Hi AnonKO - at least you're doing research. For most people who sign up with Amway its because they've been hyped up at some Amway meeting by a cult leader claiming how everyone is going to be rich and they put the screws to you asap before you can get home and research online.

      Yes, that book is really scary, and I'm guessing only the tip of the iceberg as far as what really goes on behind the scenes at Amway and cult meetings.

      The cult leaders can brag or lie all they want about how much Amway makes. That's good news for the owners of the company, but not so much for anyone else. As for $200/month is average of what IBO's earn, Amway does not disclose how many people they used to come up with that number and what income earners each were. For all you know they took the income of 2 Diamonds, a Platinum, and a couple of new IBO's and averaged out what the 5 earn a month and the higher earners would skew the results. It also doesn't say how much money an IBO has to spend each month to earn a commission check from Amway. They have to buy products that add up to 100PV minimum each month and that's approximately $300. Plus buying Amway tools and buying tickets for Amway meetings. Average $500 to $700/month spending on Amway.

      Amway has oversaturated the market. Including with the bizarre antics of their commissioned salesforce. If you worked for any other company as a salesperson, you would be given a territory to cover that wouldn't cross into another salesperson's territory unless there was vacation coverage going on. That's so the salespeople have a fair chance of earning commission and avoiding saturating an area with too many salespeople. Amway does not do that. Why should they? The majority of Amway sales are made to people who have signed up as IBO's. Less than 5% of Amway products are sold to people who are not IBO's. So why does the company owner care? They don't.

      That's why they have cult leaders to preach out the lies about how everyone's gonna be rich!

  2. Is it just me or do these up lines have favorites and do the whole favoritism thing?

    1. D - working for Amway is no different than working for many other companies when it comes to office politics and favoritism. You could be the golden boy one minute and be the subject of the cult leaders rant at the next Amway meeting.


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