Thursday, May 21, 2015

Amway River House Still For Sale?

After a few years there doesn't seem to be any movement on the mansion the Puryears built from their income scamming poor little ambots into buying overpriced Amway shit and useless books and tapes and CDs and other products that make up the Amway tool scam.

The original price was $20 million. Then they dropped it down I think by 2 million and then dropped the price again and its been sitting priced at $15,995,000 for years now.

Has it sold? I don’t know for sure. Maybe and the new owners are trying to unload this elephant at a loss. The original link doesn’t work, so figuring they’re using the same realtors I did a search for properties over $5,000,000 and came up with this link which I believe is the same house It’s the same listing real estate company and the pictures look familiar even though its been over a year since I last looked at the listing. The price is now $10,995,000 so I’m not sure when in the past year it dropped in price whether it was one big $5 mil chunk or it dropped in increments over the year. How many overpriced properties are there on the Spokane River? Pictures look the same. Looks like the same cul-de-sac- those 2 guys on the minibike were riding on while yelling “Go Diamond”! What are the odds that more than one dumb fuck built similar looking mansions in an area undesirable for these monster houses. And selling them. They might as well built it in Detroit! The place hasn’t sold. Has dropped to half the orginal price. And it still won’t sell. Come on you Amway Ambots who pay for everything in cash. Just buy it and put your cult leaders out of their misery!

Obviously it’s a huge beautiful house. You’d think ambots would be lining up to buy this place. I mean they’re always showing up here bragging about how much money they’re making in Amway. They should be able to afford it no problem – right? Unless they’re lying little bastards about how much money they’re really making in Amway – right? Yeah I must be right. I figure the mortgage has to be around 40-50,000/month. Ambots are always showing up here bragging they make way more money than that so that measly little payment should be no problem. Ambots claims Diamonds make gazillions of dollars a year and they pay for everything in cash so you wouldn’t think this house would be sitting on the market all these years when Amway ambots must be beating the shit out of each other for the privilege of buying this house. And if not ambots you’d think there’s got to be other millionaires out there who’d want to have a beautiful house like this that’s built for entertaining.

Location location people. You first need to find a qualified buyer and then find one who's interested on living on a mosquito infested river in Idaho.

Like we always do whenever we run this post, we feature better properties in the same or lower price range in more desirable parts of the country as comparison. Here’s a nice one in Arizona for just under 10 mil, though I’m not so certain about those murals.

And also under 10 mil and on waterfront is this one in Florida. Yup we always need a TV in the sauna.

And here’s an oceanfront in Hawaii for just over 8 mil that comes with a helicopter landing pad on the roof and what looks like either an elevator or a fireman’s pole going down the middle of the living room.

Back to the no sale on the Puryear house. Its kind of like buying Amway products isn’t it. You can find similar items for better quality and better prices just about everywhere. Amway real estate follows the same pattern.

How come the Puryears haven't approached that little British heiress who bought Aaron Spelling's mansion for $150 million. Now there's someone with a few extra bucks to spend.

Of course there's a huge difference between living in the glamor of Beverly Hills compared to the Spokane River. Let's see Beverly Hills has movie stars, rock stars, millionaires, mansions, nightlife, and warm climates year round. Spokane River has potatoes, mosquitoes, and probably very cold winters.

Or maybe its just the whole Amway creepy factor keeping buyers away.

Its like they're always saying at Amway meetings: dream......




  1. I think the dead giveaway that it's an Amway/WWDB mansion is the third-floor "Eagles' Nest" retreat.

    If the Puryears are selling this, then what are they going to show off in the CDs and brochures?


    1. Hi AnonKF! Eagle's Nest retreat LOL!

      I'm sure the Puryears will move to another over the top glitzy house to show off to the Ambots. Otherwise they'll have to rent something to stage a show for the ambots to watch movies at at Scamway meetings. Who wants the privilege of paying out of pocket to rent a Uhaul to touch some Amway Diamond stuff while you haul it from one house to another.

      I bet when the Puryears finally unload that thing that they'll be using free ambot slave labor for their move.

  2. There should be a mortgage unless the Puryears LIED about paying for everything in cash. LOL

    1. Of course they lied. They're in Amway and being a liar is one of the requirements.

  3. A couple of miles away another wwdb big wigs mansion has been languishing and marked down.

    1. I guess they shouldn't have counselled with upline about where to buy houses! LOL!

  4. And yet another Scamway "leader" home on the market. This one belongs to Greg and Jacquie Francis. Price continues to drop. It is too much home for this small "subdivision" street in rural Woodstock, Illinois. People with money do NOT want to live in this type of neighborhood. Covenants are too restrictive as well. Here's the link:

    1. Anonymous - it looks like a nice enough house. Plenty of room to hold a bunch of ambots in there. See all those extra beds in the ABC room! I don't know anything about this neighborhood whether or not people would want to live there but if you say the price keeps dropping, there you have your answer. Another case of an ambot building a huge house in a place where smaller houses are the norm and then its tough to sell.

  5. P.S. The listing states over $400,000 in "improvements". What is not stated is that work was completed by Ambots so that they could spend more time with their upline. Bleh.

    1. I'd expect so. The assholes in our Amway upline expected ambots to provide free labor. Our sack of shit Platinum organized an ambot work crew to wall in a corner of his bedroom to put in a bathroom. And I'm pretty sure the ambots were trying to figure out the electrical and plumbing too. I mean you just don't decide to build a bathroom willy nilly unless its already plumbed in that area. You need a real plumber who knows what they're doing. Not a bunch of Ambots who are looking online for instructions. We stayed the hell away from that one! And the Ambots put up a fence for an other asshole in the upline who wanted free labor and it fell over. Big surprise! You get what you pay for!

  6. P.P.S. One more point--Greg speaks "highly" of Woodstock in this sleazy video. The original was pulled but somebody made a copy and republished it. Bigger bleh!

  7. Greg Francis' home sold at foreclosure on May 22, 2017. . .


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