Monday, May 25, 2015

One Million Visitors!

Wow! We had our 1,000,000 visitor last week! This calls for a celebration and today is Suzy’s story.

Hi everyone! Sue here, one of the Bananas! My husband and I live in Colorado and we were in Amway and WWDB a few years ago for about 5 months. The jerk who signed us up cost us a lot of money and grief. He worked with my husband and sucked him in with lines like don’t you want your wife to be home for your children, and don’t you want to be a business owner so you can choose your own hours and be home with your family. Sound familiar? Now that I know more about how Scamway is run and reading so many comments, this is a common Ambot line.

I’d never heard of Amway. When we joined it was Quixtar changing name back to Amway. Either name it sounded slimy to me. We were told we’d be making $10,000/month after 6 months. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Just goes to show what drawing circles and throwing numbers around does to confuse people. I tried to be supportive, I wanted make back the money we were losing. Talk about losing, that’s what Amway is all about. You lose your money, you lose your mind, you lose your friends, you lose your family, and you lose your job.

I didn’t mind a lot of the people we met in Amway. They were nice, but looking back I can see they were over the top nice. I liked a lot of the women and I thought they had pretty decent lifestyles thanks to Amway. They fooled me. I thought they liked me too, but they all dropped me after we left Amway.

I found out after the fact that my husband and the idiot who signed us up had been warned by their boss to shape up or ship out. They were spending too much company time on Amway stuff and were being obnoxious to their coworkers. The warning didn’t help. Every time they got a phone call or text from their upline they dropped what they were doing to discuss “important” Amway business, like who can bring chairs to tonight’s meeting. They both got fired. That put us in a bad spot financially and we had to reevaluate our life fast. I put together a spreadsheet of the money we’d wasted in Amway and the money we’d earned. And I’m not even talking about what we paid the babysitter while we attended endless Amway meetings. To save money I’d say, you go, I’ll stay at home. They always say the same thing at every meeting anyway so I’m not missing anything. I’d be wavering about going to a meeting, and he would counsel with upline, and then a woman in the upline would phone and tell me very important things would be discussed at tonight’s meeting and talk me into going. Lies. It would always be the same as the last Amway meeting we went to. Nothing new. We spent over $5,000 on Amway and made back less than $200, a combo of the little kickback we got for buying at least 100PV in Amway products each month which was around $9 to $15 each month depending on how much we bought, plus a few more dollars on commission on products we sold to people we knew who were nice enough to help us out but avoided us afterwards. We talked a couple of people into coming to board plan meetings but no one signed up. The only way to make money in Amway is to scam others into signing up and buying products and making a small commission off them. How can we live with ourselves knowing the only way we can make money is by lying to others and making them lose money too? I started to convince my husband to quit Amway, but he was also swayed by his upline, who said how perfect it was he’d lost his job because he can now devote all his time to Amway.

I searched online for information about Amway and found other women in the same boat as me and we formed a little support group. Thank you ladies for helping me keep my sanity! I read Merchants of Deception and encouraged my husband to read it too. He finally saw the light. What chance do people like us have to make money when we have no downline and can’t profit from the Amway tool scam?

We got really lucky and my husband found a job in 2 weeks. We decided to get our finances and our lives back on track and quit Amway.

The people in our upline were brutal. They phoned and texted us with never ending insults telling us we’re going to be broke losers for the rest of our lives and that we’ll never retire. And those were probably the nicest things they said to us. The heartless, cruel, ruthless attack we were subjected to was a 180 from the very nice people we’d met a few months earlier.

Many companies learn the hard way they don’t want a group of women pissed off at them. Companies like Amway, are arrogant enough to ignore pissed off customers. We got this blog underway and I wrote a lot of posts in the first year. Our first blog casualty was our blog master who kept the blog registered, up and running, uploaded new posts, and moderated comments. After a few months another person stepped in and is still keeping this blog up and running for us. Hip hip hooray! I’m sure I had nothing to do with our first casualty! I was pregnant at the time. Maybe all those hormones kicking in helped me write posts, but I took a maternity leave for about a year and then came back to moderate the comments. Yeah, you heard me! If your comment doesn’t get posted then you can bitch at me! See if that gets you anywhere. Delete! Just about every comment gets approved, except I’m not releasing any more comments from the Amway masturbator. The first few times it was funny, but how many times do we need to hear about a sex fetish involving Amway products? I’ve been going over old blog posts and revising them, but I don’t have the time or the hormone energy level that I had a few years ago to write posts!

What have I learned from looking at all the comments before publishing them? Most people are genuine and have been hurt by Amway. They’re looking for a place to help them heal and where they can help others by sharing their stories. Comments left by people in Amway – Ambots! – can be really nasty. Nothing Ambots say that I haven’t heard or read here before. People in Amway are ugly, nasty, vicious, scum of the earth bastards. That’s nothing new to me. People in Amway are bullies. Again, not news to me. I have firsthand real life experience before this blog was ever born. And like most bullies, people in Amway are cowards.

I try to check throughout the day for comments, but sometimes I forget or I’m out, or I’ve checked a few times and there’s nothing there, so I stop checking, so if you don’t see your comment published as soon as you like, what can I say? We’re like Amway, no complaint desk! They always told me at Amway meetings, I was in Amway to help others. This blog has been a remarkable experience and has helped a lot of people. Being part of this blog was probably not what the upline had in mind for me to help others! LOL!

If you want to leave a comment and say hi to me, I might even say hi back, but not if you’re an Amway jerk because I don’t like you. If an Ambot wants to bitch at me that the reason my husband failed at Amway is because I’m an unsupportive wife or anything else that ambots are experts at bitching about, and I can’t see your location because it’s a mobile device or you use hide my ass then your comment won’t be published. Delete! Fun times for me! You’d already know that if you read our disclaimers before leaving a comment. So don’t piss me off! Do you want to take your chances and find out if I’m as nice as Anna! If you don’t like the way I moderate comments, then that tells us you’re an Amway creep who tried to leave a creepy comment.

When I’m not being a Banana, I’m an eBay seller, mostly children’s and maternity clothes. There are a few other things I keep on the lookout for, but children’s clothes are mostly my niche. It’s not a living, but combined with my husband’s income, I can work at home and be here when the kids get home from school. And I make more money thanI did in Amway. Yes!

Thanks to our readers who’ve helped make this blog a success. Here’s to our next million visitors!


  1. Hey Suzy Q! Just saw the message your story is up tonight. Thanks for sharing and most importantly thanks for being part of the bunch.

    Also want to send a big thank you to all the bananas and all the readers who've brought our blog to this milestone. Thanks to everyone for their support.

    1. Anna, to me this blog is like I'm doing my good deed of the day. :)

  2. To all the banana's - Thank you so much, you are indeed helping others. I had never really be a commenter before, then I found your site. So when Scamway and the World Wide Gangsters came knocking it was all of you that helped me to set them straight. So again THANK YOU!

    1. And thank you for stopping by to read our stories. We knew from the beginning to attract readers we'd have to entertain as well as get the truth out about what being in Amway is really like. Swearing and making fun of people in Amway seemed like the best fit. Seems to be working. I doubt you'll ever set a brainwashed ambot straight. They have a canned Amspeak response for just about everything.

  3. To the dude who wanted to know my opinion about a book called "The One Thing" to help ambots go Eagle. Never heard of it. You might try some of the websites on the upper right side of the page. A lot of those bloggers are more up to date on the Amway tool scam. I checked Amazon and if I was looking at the right book its a self help book that tells people to focus on one thing. I can see the Amway cult leaders flogging something like that if they bought a truck load of books for a buck each that they can sell for $20 and make good profit. They'll hold it up at Scamway meetings and say "the one thing" you need to do is worship and tithe the Great Amway God. Buy this book!

  4. Congratulations on one million visitors! Ambots will come on here and sneer at you and say you are wasting your time and energy with such a "negative" site, but their insults are a badge of honor as it shows you are making a difference. I'm sure this site has saved hundreds, if not thousands, of people from losing money to the scam. Either by keeping them from getting into it in the first place, or helping confirm their suspicions that something just wasn't right during their Amway experience and they were indeed inside a money-losing cult and help pave the way for them breaking free of the brainwashing to get out and get their life and finances back from the pit that is Amway.

    1. Thanks Anonymous! Its been a journey. Something that started as a journal to get out Amway and the upline assholes out of our system caught fire and took off much to the outrage of Amway ambots that we're talking about being scammed and brainwashed by a cult. The Ambot insults have dried up in the last month. We're halfway through collecting 100 more ways Ambots say negative, from the original posted a few months ago and its stalled! Yup we know we've saved a lot of people from making a bad mistake. For every one that leaves a comment saying they won't be signing up or quitting there's at least another 100 who won't say anything. That's how it is when people get scammed they don't normally want to say it happened because its embarrassing to admit. More heartbreaking are the stories where one person is in Scamway and the loved ones can't convince them to get out and lives and finances are being destroyed.

    2. I wonder how many lives Anna has destroyed....

    3. Anonymous - I have never caused anyone to have financial and emotional distress. I have never caused anyone to file for bankruptcy, get their house foreclosed on, or broke up any marriages. Can those Amway assholes say the same thing? There's nothing that brings those fucking Amway bastards more happiness than destroying other people's lives. And their victims show up on the Internet to share their stories. Which really pisses off those Amway assholes that the word is getting out about what its really like inside the Amway cult.

  5. I've noticed a trend that I wanted to point out. You do the exact thing that you get so angry at the "Ambots" for doing. You force your opinions on people, you make snide remarks, and you put down those that disagree with your point of view. Then, you proceed to insult the quality of the products that these people are trying to distribute in hopes to earn some extra money. I view that like insulting a waitress because she serves you a meal that wasn't up to your standards and you feel as though you could get them elsewhere for a better price.

    You constantly put down people that don't share your opinions and who are, from what I have seen, nicer than you are about expressing themselves about you than you are about them. Then, you continue to remark how you don't care because the "truth" needs to be said. What truth is that? From what I understand there are people that are successful and those that are not in all walks of life. If someone got fired from Google (for whatever reason. Most likely when they tell you why they were fired they won't tell you what they did wrong. It will inevitably be someone else's fault), the company rated the best company to work for in the US, are you going to assume that Google is evil and unjust. Perhaps that person just had no business being in business with Google.

    There are people who try to do the right thing and who try to take advantage of people in all walks of life. Hence, all of those phone scams, AIG, Bear Stearns, and all the rest. That doesn't make everyone bad. It doesn't mean that something isn't a good idea that is taken advantage of by a select few. I'm sure the few is more than 2 or 3 but when you are talking about a population of over 300 million people in the US a 100,000 is a few if not less.

    Is it sad that people do bad things to people, yes. However, the solution is not boycotting, insulting, and berating people. At that point you are part o the problem not the solution.

    I want to leave you with this. I saw it. It made me think of you. I thought you would like to give it a look

    1. Anonymous many times in this blog we say that we do exactly to Amway assholes what they do to the rest of the world, treat them badly and put them down. That's what this blog is all about turning the table on Amway assholes and dishing right back at them what they dish out. So you come here and point out something that has already been brought up on this blog hundreds of times? With that smug arrogant Amway attitude of pointing out something obvious that has already been pointed out here hundreds of times. Like we need any further proof people in Amway are dumb fucks they have to show up here and prove it even more! LOL!

      If I don't like subject matter of a blog, its not a topic that interests me, I don't go there and read it. Or leave comments because that just drives them further up in the search engine rankings. Really if you don't like the subject here - making fun of Amway assholes - then hop on the Amway truck and don't come back.

      • ──────▄▌▐▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▌
      ───▄▄██▌█ ░ ░The Amway I DONT ░ ░
      ▄▄▄▌▐██▌█ ░ ░ GIVE A FUCK TRUCK ! ░ ░
      ▀(@)▀▀▀▀▀▀▀(@)(@)▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀(@)▀ zooom zoom zoom!!!!

  6. My apologies for re-posting what has been commented on 100s of times here already. I didn't get around to reading all of the articles yet. If you could post the list of links indicating where you have pointed out that your solution to a problem is throwing dirt in people's faces and generalizing that all people within an organization are the same and therefore must be berated with crude remarks I would appreciate it.

    It's not a smug "Ambot" thing. It's an overall this is how people should be treated thing. I am actually very interested in this blog because I am doing an study/analysis of society and the effects that social media and blogs have on human interaction (or cyber interaction). I came across your blog and it intrigues me and has offered me a great deal to discuss.

    1. Anonymous, let me quote every Amway asshole out there. Are you too lazy to put the work in? Why should I do your work for you for stuff you're looking for. It's sprinkled all over this blog. Using the Ambot argument that you failed at Amway because you didn't put the work in, that tells me you're lazy and I'm lazy because neither one of us wants to put in the work for something you want.

      And you did another smug Amway thing by posting here. People in Amway think they're better than everyone else. People in Amway think everyone else in the world should jump to attention and do whatever it is the Ambot wants them to do. I've dealt with enough bossy Amway ambots to give every one of them the same answer. And I'm sure you know what it is. Do you really want me to tell you to fuck off. I can't tell Amway assholes enough time to fuck off.


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