Monday, June 15, 2015

Bring A Note!!!!!

The pompous sack of shit Platinum used to ride everyone's ass about not missing any Amway meetings. "There is no excuse to miss a meeting!" The cult leader would shriek from his pulpit.

Let's see. Let's go back to the 5 things in order of importance that the sack of shit wrote on the whiteboard every night.

1. God

2. Spouse

3. Family

4. Job

5 Amway

It would appear to me that there are 4 things higher on the list of importance than Amway that would give a cult follower an excuse to miss an Amway meeting.

But when the sack of shit finished hollering about there's no excuse not to miss a meeting, he would add that if we missed an Amway meeting, that we had to bring him a doctor's note.

What the fuck?????!!!!!

Uh, we're all adults here. Perhaps the reason we're missing an Amway meeting has nothing to do with illness or requiring a visit to the doctor. It probably has something to do with one of the other 4 reasons that are higher in importance than Amway.

Like we are really going to get a doctor's note because we had something better to do than attend an Amway cult meeting.

Perhaps the reason we're not going to an Amway meeting is we've had enough of listening to a pompous sack of shit who loves the sound of his own voice spouting off lies.

Fucking Amway control freak.



  1. More outrageous Scamway BS - he wanted a Dr's. note? How stupid could anyone be to fall for this? It's only a weak minded fool that would take this kind of mental abuse. Do people who fall into this scam flunk basic math, finance, ethics, and business in college or even high school?

    1. Anonymous - absolutely I felt it was outrageous. But then just about everything Amway is. Outrageous abuse from upline. Outrageously overpriced products. Outrageously shitty quality products for the high price paid. Outrageous that attendance at Scamway functions was mandatory. And on it goes. Its a common cult tactic the control issue - you better be there or else! No different than how any other cult controls its followers. There's a lot of emotional abuse in Amway that is taken from the cult leaders even the low level cult leaders like our sack of shit Platinum. Whether or not people flunked basic math but Amway is best suited for people who have no business sense or otherwise bad businessmen. That way the Amway cult leaders can distract them when they realize they're not making money. People with a tiny ounce of business sense know at the very least you keep a profit and loss statement of some sort so you can keep track of the money coming in and going out. Amway discourages this for obvious reasons!

    2. Another important point in the control issue is how the upline always has a knack(lets call it high level direct and above training?)to seek out the "weaker" half in terms of where to focus the control pressure when the IBO consists of a couple. Not weaker as in wimpy, but in terms of perhaps not having as much clarity of thinking in basic business practice, arithmetic,etc. They will also find out quickly which one is more susceptible to the love bombing cult programming technique. It's certainly not always the female in the couple that is the weaker one, but in our case it was. My wife with her background having pretty much emotionally detached parents who didn't give out too much affection to a girl who really has a great need for said affection, was a prime target of all the phony "love". And they absolutely carpet bombed her, knowing all too well that if they can get to the more susceptible half, in whatever area they are weak, that they would bring far more pressure to bear on the half who may be starting to see all the bullshit for what it is than the shitbag upline could ever bring. And so it was with us. My battle to get out(which I knew needed to happen two months and a function in) was not really so much with my upline as it was with my young bride. I could have easily told them where to get off and walked away. I saw the business was a dead end, the numbers didn't add up. I asked people how long they had been at it and they would say three years. What level are you? We gonna go 1500 next month! We are speaking it as if it already exists cause that's what made Bill Britt so successful in Jesus' name AMEN!! And this is a 2 to 5 year plan to be completely financially free? Not. But I couldn't really do that with a woman I had just pledged to spend the rest of my life with. I wanted to make her happy, give her the world, and have her be proud of me. And the bastards knew that. They still know it today and use it to the fullest on every person they can. So what did I do? I busted my ass trying to make a business I had pretty much no doubts would fail work. I did the cold contacts and got called out in public by people who knew what I was up to. Got cussed out trying to set up QI's. Met endless people. And sponsored two couples. Who sponsored one or two. All of whom quit before we did. I spent money that needed to be used to pay down debt, that was run up buying shitty products and going to repetitious meetings and functions, to go to more endless meetings and functions that I could no longer put on credit cause my limits were maxed out. And we started to hate each other because of all the pressure it was causing. Only after the birth of our oldest, was I able to get her to see that if we kept on this road we were going to be raising a child in abject poverty because of Amway. There was no money for the stuff a baby needs. Power got cut off sometimes. And it was a part of sacrificing now to gain later according to the upline mantra. So I said " I'm buying what he needs and don't you agree we should?" Of course she agreed she's the world's greatest mom IMO. "Well then Amway is gonna have to be scaled back" I say. "Ok if that's what it takes" she said. And it hurt for her to do it because she lived for all the "great people". But over six months or so we got free completely. We have since had a productive and successful marriage and life together. But it would have had a very different outcome if we had stayed in Shamway another 6 months or so. If you're in, get the hell out. Now. If you have family or friends who are involved or thinking of it, do all you can to persuade them differently. Send them to Anna's blog. Help them see the truth. Wish the internet and something like this was around back then. Could have saved us a lot of money and heartache.

    3. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for sharing your story. And yes when you look back on the cult tactics the ambots definitely look to the more vulnerable person in the couple. I had no interest in Scamway right from the beginning and was really fucking pissed off my husband signed up and I was pretty open about what I thought of those bastards so they wisely steered around me and aimed the love bombing at my husband and then because nothing gives those bastards more happiness than destroying other people's relationships they put the pressure on him that he shouldn't be married to a negative unchristian dreamstealing wife. He also realized the money figures weren't adding up and he couldn't understand the upline's hate on towards me. Most people really like me! I'm ambitious, I'm outgoing, I take a real interest in other people. Not a fake interest like Ambots do. When someone needs a hand, there I am. And I'm smart enough to know finances. Put that in a package and most people like and respect me. Amway Ambots hate me. I'm the anti-ambot. I can stop my husband's cash flow going upline.

      It sounds like you were taking the upline's advice about not paying bills so you can make it to Amway meetings and buy Amway products. They'll still teach that today. How dumb is that? It wrecks your credit, it gets your power shut off, it gets you eviction notices. I've never worked for any other company that gives out such bad financial advice like that.

      The Internet is the downfall of Amway Ambots finding more suckers to recruit into their cult. People share their stories online of the emotional and financial distress and prospects say, hell no we'll stay away. Others show up and say well I've heard your side of the story and I'm still going to try it. I've even had a couple of them show up here a few months later and say I should have listened to you!

      At least your wife chose your family and new baby over Amway. The stories children of Ambots have left on this blog are really disturbing. The neglect, the doing without, all the big dreams and promises of riches "coming soon". I think if people want to get in Amway and have children they should be turned over to the state so they can have a better life than growing up in poverty thanks to Amway the cult of greed.

  2. Just what every " independent business owner " does, takes verbal abuse from a conniving upline. How can they claim to own their business an fall for taking shit like that for missing a meeting if they' re sick? Good way to spread a flu-virus around. Who gets a Dr's note at least $3-400 to visit a damn Dr.?? Did the assinine up line offer to pay for the damn Dr. visit to get his fucking Dr. note. I've heard of a lot of Scamway up line abuse like this, totally outrageous. People should sue their up lines for deceptive business practices. Record their BS & document the fucking lies. Maybe that would stop the scammers & teach them something.

    1. That is the funny thing. Calling themselves "independent business owners" and then taking that kind of abuse. "Never question upline", "submit to your upline", "attend every meeting, no excuses". Doesn't sound very independent to me.

    2. First Anonymous = those are good points. Like we really need to shell out the bucks to see a doctor for some minor ailment just to get a doctor's note. And the Ambot argument would be that once everyone in Amway goes through Amway University they are now an automatic expert in everything so just go see Dr. Ambot Quack for your medical needs.

      Yeah people who are real business owners don't need to show up with a doctor's note to prove to anyone they're sick. They stay home and let employees run the business for the day.

    3. Second Anonymous - being inside the Amway cult means being abused by the assholes in the upline. I have never had any employer treat me as badly as the Amway cult leaders. Fake ass name "independent business owners". People who really are business owners run the show and don't take shit from anyone else.

  3. This blog is great.
    My wife and I were in amway in 1996, for about 4 or 5 months. We were sponsored by my brother. The only reason we joined in the begining was to help my brother out, but I got sucked in by those damn tapes and started believing I could make it happen. I believe that's called brainwashing.
    I think we sponsored five couples. My upline (brother) was and is a drunk. He started calling me at all hours of the night, drunk on his ass, and telling me if I didn't call so and so on my "list", he was going to do it for me. I told him I didn't want his drunk ass calling anybody on my behalf and the next day my upline direct set up a "counseling" session with me. Being the good ambot that I was, I went and sat there in IHOP while my upline direct chewed me out for showing disrespect to my sponsor. He then set me up with a silver distributor, who had body odor and farted during showing the plan to some of my prospects. By this time I was getting pissed off. I definitely knew how to show the plan better than my upline did, and I didn't have body odor, bad breath and a farting problem.
    But I stuck it out for one of those "family reunion" functions that was supposed to make a huge impact on my "business." I spent $315 on tickets, One for me, one for my wife, and one for one of the poor people I sponsored (he was going to pay me back the $105, but of course he never did). We drove across three states to Weber University in Utah for the function. We actually sat through this function for two days with about 4-6 hours of sleep. By the time it was over, I was totally pissed off. The entire function was a damn commercial for amway products. Then a diamond would get up, tell their story and show the plan. They had one diamond (Andy Anderson) who spoke and then started a pitch for a new book he wrote. It had nothing to do with helping you run your "business." Like a good little ambot, I bought the book, and it was pretty good, He is/was a comedian, so it was entertaining. On the way home I questioned my direct distributor about why Andy Anderson was allowed to sell a humorous book that had nothing to do with the amway business. He told me I shouldn't question what diamonds do, They were a success and could do as they wished. By the time we got home, my wife and I knew we were no longer going to be ambots. We stopped going to house meetings and functions. After a couple of phone calls from my brother and my direct, in which I told both of them to fuck themselves, they quit bothering us. My brother is out of amway and still a drunk. I saw the direct outside his mobile home the other day mowing his own lawn. He still has his old beat up used Cadillac up on blocks out in front of his trailer. Amway didn't allow him to walk the beaches of the world and quit his JOB.
    My family and I just got back from 10 days in Hawaii. I paid for it with money I earned in my JOB. If we were still in amway, we would have never made it to Hawaii.
    My wife and I were talking about it last week. The smartest thing we did was to go to that function in Utah. That was the one thing that made both of us open our eyes the widest and see what we were doing to our family and our finances.
    I've had a few people prospect me since then. I'm always happy to tell them where they can shove their "business opportunity."

    1. Great story. And quite typical of most people's experience. The funny part is, despite what you mentioned at the end about after getting out of Amway your finances improving and being able to take a trip to Hawaii, even as your former direct is still living in a trailer scraping by, and yet if someone asked your direct about you he would sneer that you were a quitter and will die a broke loser, despite reality proving otherwise. But that's the thing. Amway and reality rarely cross paths to the brainwashed cult members.

    2. Hi Anonymous. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the blog. Thanks for sharing your story.

      Wow! You signed up 5 downline, quite an accomplishment, most ambots can't sign up anyone. But that was when the Internet was still new and not so many people were online and sharing their Scamway stories. These days the Internet is Amway's worst enemy. People are able to share how they lost money and lost friends and about the shitty overpriced Amway products and getting abused by the assholes in the Amway upline. People doing their research know to stay away.

      I always did say people in Amway stink - in more ways than one! LOL!

      Yup getting called into a counselling session because you're disrespectful to the assholes in your Amway upline still goes on today. I'm no phony. If I don't like someone they'll know about it. I never liked the fucking asshole that signed us up to Amway and I hate him even worse after the whole Amway fiasco. He probably complained to the assholes in the Amway upline that I was disrespectful to him like that was going to change just because he went out of his way to piss me off by signing my husband up to Amway. The assholes in the Amway upline were too chicken to chew me out so they went through Ambot. You know really why should I be nice to people who are abusive, are liars, and scammers. These are not the type of scum I want to be nice to.

      And you learned the secret to getting rid of ambots. You curse them out. People in Amway are prudes so they'll avoid anyone cursing them out. Thus all the cursing in this blog. It keeps Amway assholes away! LOL! Unless they're real dumb fucks they're not going to come back and keep reading here.

      People in Amway buy these old shitmobiles, circa 1970 Caddys, BMW's, etc for bragging rights except they don't run so good if they run at all. Your upline with his caddy up on blocks doesn't sound like he's getting bazillions of dollars in residual income from Amway every month. Sounds more like he's faking it till he makes it. Which will be never as long as he's in Scamway.

      As soon as people get out of Amway they can get their finances and lives under control and take great vacations. You'll walk more beaches of the world than most Ambots.


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