Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Life Of An Amway Ambot: Eat Drink Duplicate

Search criteria used by an Amway ambot to find his way to this blog: eat drink duplicate Amway.

That tells me the same bullshit I heard at Scamway meetings is still being taught today.

At every Amway cult meeting I attended we were told it was soooooo easy to make money in Amway. All we had to do was:

eat one Amway food bar a day

drink one Amway beverage a day

duplicatefind other people who could do what we do 
That last part meant finding at least 2 people every month who could do what we do in terms of eating one Amway food bar and drinking one Amway beverage a day.

Easy right?


Just looks easy on paper.
In reality its very hard to find people willing to spend the big bucks to buy overpriced shitty Amway food bars. You get 5 or 6 food bars of one type of another in a box that costs around $30. Do the math. That’s over $120/month invested in nasty tasting food bars. People can go to the grocery store and buy a box of granola bars 6 to 8 bars in a box for about $2. That’s less than $10/month for bars that actually taste good.

What about the Amway beverages? There’s a few to choose from. Let’s take the not Perfect Water. About $50 for a case of 24 bottles water. Compared to less than $5 for a 24 case of water at the grocery store? What about energy drinks. Amway sells them and encourages the ambots to drink them. I can’t remember how many came in a case. 8 cans of piss water? Around $30 depending on the flavor. That’s another $100/month.
Those are just the basics. Most ambots can’t find 2 people to eat one shitty food bar and drink a can of piss water so they over compensate by self consuming for the missing people who are supposed to be duplicating them which means the ambot is single handedly increasing Amway’s bottom line buying their overpriced products. All under the false impression that if they eat and drink what the missing 2 people they couldn’t find to duplicate them that they will make money by eating and drinking Amway products.

Figure it out ambots! Its an Amway marketing plan to get ambots to buy this shit! Not for an ambot to make money.

The way the business plan works is a few months down the road with the ambot bringing in 2 people each month to duplicate them  eating and drinking Amway products and the equation supposed to be that those 2 people find 2 people and so on and so forth that the ambot will be a Diamond in 2 to 5 years and making bazillions of dollars in residual income from Amway and will be able to quit their job and spend the rest of their life walking the beaches of the world with the other Amway Diamonds.

That’s how the fairy tale goes.

Most ambots can’t get over the hurdle of finding ONE person who will eat, drink, duplicate shitty overpriced products with the stigma of the Amway name attached to them. 
All the ambot ends up doing is eat, drink, and duplicate their way into the poorhouse.


  1. I once was forcefully given one of those food bars by my soon-ex-wife-to-be-now-an-Ambot about a year ago. She never told me what was in that food bar nor did the silver bar wrapper contain any information, apart from a long printed code on the wrapper (which I never even bothered to google up). She blabbered how nutricious and vitamin-rich thing it was and claimed that she was able to work the whole 8-hour long workday with just one bar. I silently dismissed that claim as complete bullshit because I never saw her eat a single bar either as breakfast or while driving to work, so basically if the claims she made were true, she would have lasted only half of it by replacing lunch with the food bar and if I still recall things correctly, she started cooking herself some lunch as soon as we returned from work so surviving 8 hours with that thing was questionable at best.

    Either way I was now an owner of this food bar with no information of its contents. As we were in a middle of a divorce, my sense of self-preservation had revved up almost to a point of complete paranoia: Her personality had flipped so much, I could almost swore I had some kind of a changeling or a doppleganger roaming our house. She looked like my wife but I hade trouble recognizing her as my wife. For all that I know of she could have poisoned that food bar somehow or in another case, the food bar could have contained some allergens that I'm not okay with, which she knew but I assumed she no longer cared.

    Everything about that situation was all wrong: The food bar wrapper was basically blank and it was given to me by a person divorcing from me.

    Luckily she fell to the oldest trick in the book: I bluntly told her that "I'll put this in my backpack and eat it later at work". She actually demanded me to eat it as soon as possible and tell her how it tasted and how it performed for me. The over-enthusiasm she had while making that demand made me even more uneasy, almost fearful and it didn't help one bit as few days later she came back on the subject, asking if I "had eaten the food bar already". She was disappointed and looked somewhat angry after hearing that I hadn't, which fueled even more mistrust and fear against her. She never came back on the subject afterwards. For my part, I forgot that thing was in my backpack and it stayed there for months. Later on, after the divorce was ratified and I was searching for something in the backpack, I came across it. With disgust and still a healthy dose of self-preservation, I gave it a proper treatment by throwing it to trash. I never even opened it to see what it looked like. Probably a wise move.

    1. Anonymous - I don't blame you for not eating anything your ex-wife gives you. Especially if something Amway makes because you know its gonna taste like shit. But as you suspect possibly its been poisoned especially if there was a possibility of her making out better financially if you're dead. I don't know. Maybe poison would make an Amway food bar taste better! LOL!

      And poison could be a real possibility seeing as how she was acting really weird. Her personality change probably came thanks to Amway because Amway takes nice people and changes them into miserable, evil, vicious, snarling nasty Ambots who have a real shitty attitude towards anyone not in the Amway cult. There was a woman convicted of poisoning her husband that was on Dateline or 48 Hours sometime in the last year or so and she put the poison into his energy drink. So the moral of the story is don't drink Amway's XS piss water either.

      Thanks for sharing your story and now it makes me wonder how often this does happen in a marriage breakdown thanks to Amway if one person uses an Amway product to try to kill off the spouse.

    2. I wonder if the coroner's report would read: "Death by Amway"

    3. LOL! But you know the sad thing is that's probably been on a coroner's report somewhere.

    4. Anna - That actually is true. She would have made out better financially. She would have obtained my life insurance money (of course unless the coroner's report claimed that I had ingested poison which would resulted in a police investigation) and she would also have obtained complete ownership of our house as my half of the mortgage would have been zeroed out by the bank as a result. I never did the complete math about how much benefit she would have from me kicking the bucket, but assume she would have easily paid off the mortgage and still have some money left.

      To go back into the subject, the food bar wrapper itself looked intact but as it was Amway were talking about, one could expect anything. Her personality change was convincing enough not to trust her at all for anything she said or did. I'm not convinced that she was actually plotting on killing me but since I'm used to play with worst-case scenarios (a part of my job actually), it was easy to think she was, and act accordingly.

      The personality change was the one feature I actually found to be more disturbing than divorce itself. I have never seen anyone change so fast (practically overnight) to a belligerent, ignorant isolationist. She treated me like I was just a figment of her imagination and just kept ignoring me and all the real-life obligations she had.

      You can clearly see she's an Ambot by looking at the messages she sent me. This is the text message she sent me on June 15th, 2014:
      'I don't have any money to pay for those [splitted] bills. If I do, I won't have any money left for living. My bank account is empty and its kinda hard to pay for anything. I can move out but you can rest assured that I will not pay my half of the mortgage then.'

      I told her bluntly to take those bills back to my work room so that I'll find a way to pay them so I wouldn't be in trouble. I told her those bills had my name on them she had an obligation to pay half of the bills). I also clearly told her she was unable to escape the mortgage payment as it was her legal obligation that she had to fulfill until the house was sold.

      She replied back:
      'This is just happens to be the situation. All the money that comes, also goes. The next salary has holiday additions on them but since I'm paying off my debts, there's no help there either. I have to live on a prayer until the next salary comes in. I'm also shutting down my phone or at least the subscription because I just don't have the money. This number becomes obsolete tomorrow.'

      I replied back, convincing her to make a budget so that things like these can be avoided. That pissed her off. She quickly replied back:
      'Hey! I'm working in two different jobs already and even that the other work I'm doing is an independent business of my own, it'll take time before it becomes profitable. But before it becomes profitable, it means a hell of a lot of work and driving accross country'.

      Although it looked like a civilized response, I knew she was outright pissed off at this point. I replied back, 'understanding' her situation, telling her that I knew it wasn't an easy situation she was at. I played my cards correctly as she blurped out an all-out Amdefense:
      'It really isn't easy. That Function was just one of those which are mandatory and those happen every month. It ate up pretty much all the money but [at least] I'm really not without a phone. I have a work phone now and bought it to the company's expense. It's one of my work tools. Even today I drove to one of my clients straight from the Function and now I should start preparing my next client visits for next week and there's a education meeting coming up too, on Tuesday if I remember correctly. At least I can put some of the expenses on the company...'

      That was the last text message from her from that phone number. 2½ hours from that message the phone number went obsolete.

    5. It is truly amazing the power of a cult and brainwashing to completely change someone as you showed above. I've known people lost to cults, both Amway and religious cults, and the signs are all the same. They are addicted to the "love" given to them by showing total loyalty (and money) to the cult of choice. They become isolated, feeling a part of something "superior" and sneering at everything outside of the cult. Reality is no longer what a clear minded person can see. It becomes only what they are TOLD is reality by their cult masters. Reality would tell a clear-minded person that all the functions are the same and they basically just consist of rah-rahing and listening to people brag about their supposed wealth. But when the cult master says "you HAVE to attend the next function.. it is THE function of the year!!" they'll do it, even though the cult master said the same thing about the previous one, too.

      Once a cult gets a person trapped in their web they lose their identity and individuality. They become a drone beholden only to the cult and their personality washed away. It's sad to see it happen to one we love, and it's like that person passed away.

    6. Hi Anonymous. Well at least we're glad to know you're still alive and held off any poisoning attacks. Most spouses probably don't think their partner is going to off them and then they're dead. And in Amway is all about the mighty dollar. She'd have been OK financially for awhile until all the profits were sucked away by Amway.

      A few years ago there were 2 Amway employees both married and having an affair. The plan was to get divorced and hook up but one of them backed out and decided to stay married. The other one (I think it was the man) killed her and then committed suicide. Both dead. Like we need any further proof Amway is lethal.

      The personality change you've described is exactly what I dealt with my husband and it was the same personality as most ambots I knew. They're all angry nasty people. When you're in sales, and Amway is all about selling shitty overpriced products or selling a dream, you need a nicer outgoing personality. Its no wonder that everyone in Amway loses money with their attitude adjustment once they've been sucked inside the cult.

      And Amway cult leaders instruct the followers to not pay their bills, rent, mortgage and use that money instead for the next Amway function. Heard it at just about every Amway meeting and function I went to. Amway is all about driving the poor bastards into bankruptcy, foreclosure, and divorce.

    7. Anna - I guess I was lucky to avoid her traps. Every single day until October 2014, if she was home, she was looking for a fight and tried every single trick in the book to get one, such as deliberately misunderstanding something I said or she did something that I saw or heard and had the nerve of accusing me for what happened. I had to use every single ounce of patience so that I would keep a straight face and keep calm. She was deliberately looking for a fight so she could then play the victim of an 'abusive marriage', justifying the divorce.

      She knew her involvement with Amway equals time away from home, so she was aware that she could never take good care of the two dogs we had and that they would become mine. I took them with me as we went our separate ways but she decided to be an asshole and instead found a way to use them in her disgusting game of blackmail.

      Just for some background, she had moved as far as 140 miles from my place of residence.

      She had the guts to contact me on November 12th 2014 by a text message. She was testing my resolve on the dog issue and issued a sugar-frosted threat which looked like an indirect question and an indirect threat, something in the effect of 'I hope you're not denying me to see the girls'.

      Now, the details of the messaging are too large to fit in a comment, so I'll sum it up for you:

      Me: 'I haven't thought about handing them over to you. They've been under my supervision and care ever since the divorce started. It's unthinkable that both would drive 140 miles every time for a hand over.'

      She: 'You're not taking the girls away from me! If that's a problem for you, I can take them. I also own them and have paid for their insurance. Don't make things difficult!'

      Me: 'You never showed any interest for the dogs since the divorce began. They are already insured by me to another company'.

      She: 'You're lying. If the girls are in your way, I will gladly come and get them. We made a deal that I can see them whenever I want [<- An all-out lie. No such deal was ever made]. If there's a problem, I can come and get them. I'm not backing down!! You're making things difficult and I'm suing you unless a deal is made.'

      Me: The divorce is ratified so you can rant, threaten, yell and command me as much as you ever want. I'm no longer complying. Get your facts straight before seeking any legal counseling.'

      She: 'The girls are mine as much as they're yours. I'm not looking for a fight. We're grown-ups, aren't we?'

      Me: 'Yes we are but since I have seen zero compensation for their food or wellbeing, it tells me you have zero interest. You have a dangerous attitude, probably even a mental problem and I don't trust you. Anyone with a healthy thought process can see it's not in their best interest to be with you. I advise you stop throwing empty threats.'

      She: 'I could sue you for slander. If the girls cause you that much grief, I'll be pleased to take them. A normal person can make a deal by talking, not fighting but have it your way. I hope you got some sick satisfaction out from this, like you do with your computers and games that surpassed our marriage.'

      I had enough and decided not to reply back.
      A month later, she sent me a text message again. This time she reminded me, that the dogs were to spend Christmas with her 'as we agreed'. As no such agreement was ever made, I decided she had lost it. I ignored and blocked all messages and emails from her from that point on.

      In February, she sued me for 'Illegal ownership of joint-owned property', which was 'based on dishonoring an oral contract'. The dispute deadlocked immediately because my version of the oral contract was completely different. The dispute ended two months later and the dogs are now mine, but it came with a price tag of over $1000 in compensation to her.

      How's that for an asshole Ambot?

    8. In Amway, nothing in life is more important than money. Nothing. Which is ironic because their pursuit of money is mostly fruitless given it's a flawed "plan". Any money an Ambot has is from their "J.O.B." or from playing games like in anonymous's case. And I'm sure she quickly spent that money into her Amway addiction, making her upline smile and praise her. I imagine them "counseling" her once that money is gone as to other ways to scam money from her ex to feed the beast.

    9. Anonymous - I'd say its not unusual when going through a separation to get into arguments about anything. And over property division. Your ex seems to have slander and libel confused. Not a problem in this part of the world everyone knows the difference! LOL! She'd have probably sold the dogs as soon as she got her hands on them to buy something Amway related. Or fed them Amway dog food and then demanded you clean up the multiple big shits they'd be leaving behind!

      Amway the Cult of Greed. Where nothing is more important that worshipping money.


      And yup she's a typical Amway asshole.

    10. Anonymous - Just to correct a few things, my "J.O.B." paid for those games that I (still) play. My hobby and "J.O.B." are computers. I don't make any money playing games (I'm not that good, but thanks for thinking so anyway). My ex-wife was completely OK with my hobby and even took part in it, but I guess the interest was only superfical as all of a sudden it became the reason for a divorce.

      It wasn't really hard to see she was being influenced by an outside source. One of the clearest signs was that during the divorce she suddenly asked me if I had "any personal encryption keys or any remote access programs installed in [her] laptop". That raised flags immediately because she wasn't a technically oriented person - not even by a long shot to even understand what encryption keys really do and the mention of "remote access programs" was a thing that really raised flags. She knew there was no need for a remote access because she could easily bring the laptop to me in case she encountered a problem. We knew each other for a decade and all that time she never asked me anything that specific, particularily since she wasn't aware those things existed.

      Anna - I know it's not unusual, but I thought that since it was a divorce of her own making, I thought it will be much easier to step aside and let her do what ever she wanted. There were only two things I didn't let her get her hands on and that was all my computer and server equipment and those dogs that she showed zero interest during the divorce. I wanted to make sure there were was no reason to engage in an all-out fight over anything since I knew that by stepping aside and showing only passive resistance, she would be unable to make any real reasons to support the divorce if/when confronted. I knew it would become a hell of a challenge but I also knew that in the end, I'll emerge victorious.

      To put it bluntly, she's clearly not the brightest crayon in the box as she has trouble understanding the difference between slander and libel. But then again, how much legal ground would it hold to sue someone for libel if you get a text message from a person you know and that person tells you suspecting that you may have some sort of mental problems because you're acting irrationally and erratically? I think none. That's why I called it an empty threat.

      Selling those dogs came also to my mind but if she'd had done that, she would have become a criminal that very instant as I'm the other legal owner of them and I would have never gave my permission for it.

      In the end that $1000 was an insurance that I don't have to see her face ever again. It was also a clear indication that she had no real interest for those dogs as she accepted the four-figure offer and never made a counter-offer.

      That zero interest was probably a good explanation, why my dogs were lucky enough to never come across that Amway dog food. During the divorce, she showed no interest in buying any food for them (which is true; I was the one feeding them).

      What I have heard from outside sources, she has already found some completely blind moron who's unable to see what she really is and has accepted her in his life, letting her move living with him and according to the unverifiable sources, made her pregnant.

      Personally I think that's the best kind of a punishment for her since a child is an obligation and a responsibility she just can't walk away from without severe and dire consequences. To put things in "Amcontext", she's now carrying an evil, unchristian dream stealer, because all the money she has will now have to be diverted raising a child. She's going to have a bad time as her Upline endlessly badger and bitch-slap her over the phone while she's carrying the baby on the other arm. I could bet $100 she never consulted her Upline about pregnancy.

      To sum things up: Game Over. I won. LOL!

    11. Yup, I'd say game over and you won!

      People sucked into Amway obviously aren't very bright. Or they're easily influenced and open to being brainwashed.

      She was getting her "legal" advice from some asshole in her Amway upline. Just because they're a card carrying Amway asshole that now automatically makes them experts in everything. Forget about paying all that time studying and money for tuition at university to get a law degree. You can save all that time and money just by signing up to Amway and automatically being a legal expert. LOL!

      Of course the only customers a person with a "law degree" from Amway University is going to get is other Ambots. Shelling out incorrect legal advice. But what else do you expect when you take legal advice from a criminal.

      Now all you have to do is find an amazing woman to spend the rest of your life with and your ex will be seething over that while she struggles to make a living at Scamway.

  2. Do you know any upcoming events in las Vegas?

    1. I think there may be an all you can eat buffet going on somewhere in Vegas!

    2. LOL! I think there's a slots tournament coming up at the Bellagio!


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