Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Amway WWDB World Wide Dream Builders Free Enterprise Days FED 2015

Its time for another feature in the horror gallery and that means Amway has another major function coming up. World Wide Dream Builders is holding Free Enterprise Days FED 2015 in the following cities:

Portland, Oregon Oct 2 – 4, 2015
Ontario, California Oct 9 – 11 2015
Red Deer, Alberta Oct 16 – 18, 2015
Denver Oct 23 – 25, 2015
Minneapolis Oct. 30 – Nov 1 2015

Look what they’ve done. No overlapping dates. The Amway cult leaders are probably whipping the ambots asses to attend all FED’s.

Tickets cost $125 and who will be splitting the proceeds this year because that's how Amway Diamonds make the bulk of their income. Damned if I know because this is top secret Scamway information and so far I didn't get a heads up before doing this post. All I know is Brad and Julie Duncan and the Puryears will be brainwashing the dumb fucks who wasted money to hear these bastards spout off their canned Amspeak propaganda. Maybe that’s it. They’re the top cult leaders in this sect. Maybe they said fuck you to lower Diamonds we ain’t sharing the proceeds from this greed pie.

Celebrate Freedom is the usual theme and some patriotic dude Rick Green will be plying ambots with this. Oddly enough only in the US cities. So is Rick Green a bad boy and unable to get a passport? It seems weird that someone would pass up the opportunity to make big bucks speaking to brainwashed ambots unless there's a legal reason for not being able to travel.

Apparently Ambots will be given the tools to succeed at Amway! LOL!!!! LOL!!!! LOL!!!! What are the Amway cult leaders going to do? Tell everyone they need to start their own cult sect and make recordings to sell and reserve an arena to sell tickets to a bunch of suckers to listen to you talk. LOL! Competition to the current Amway cult leaders! Never happen! No one gets in to the Amway Cult Leader Club. And then there's going to be some teachings on how to reach your goals in Amway. Well fuck don't they say that for all the Scamway functions? And so far they do piss all.

So what’s the agenda? The same shit as last year and the year before that and the year before that and 5 years ago and 10 years ago and 20 years ago..... On Friday night there will be a recognition of the people in our armed forces. Now this isn’t such a bad thing and these courageous men and women who serve our country deserve to be recognized and thanked. But at an Amway cult meeting? Yup now it turns into the creepy factor. And then this patriot ambot Rick Green will inspire the cult followers with the usual claptrap about how everyone’s gonna be rich. This goes on for a few hours and wraps up around 11pm. But don’t think you’re getting off easy and going back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep. NIGHT OWL!!!! Yup get the ambots sleep deprived all the better to brainwash them and get them to agree to anything. The Amway cult leader chant: You will buy lots and lots of Amway products and Amway tools.

And speaking of tools that’s what Saturday’s Amway cult meeting is all about – get the necessary tools! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! Diamond cult leaders will talk about how they found success in Amway. I’ll give the short version. She was working as a waitress in a fast food joint. He was working for a porta potty company cleaning the shithouses. Then a dear friend introduced them to Amway. Seeing as how they excel at being liars and scammers and abusing people in their downline they finally found their calling and watch this slide show that proves how rich they are. Or at least rich enough to hire a film crew and rent props from a high end car dealer. A bunch of these lowlife Ken and Barbie Ambots will march across the stage with slightly different stories. Ambot Ken does most of the talking while Ambot Barbie sits in a chair behind him on the stage and stares him down. Meanwhile brainwashed ambots jump out of their seats and rush the stage and pound on it and chant Amway slogans until the arena’s security makes them go back to their seats. In a brainwashed Amway ambot’s mind arena security = dreamstealers!

And before I forget on Sunday morning there will be a church service where an Amway cult leader preaches their own brand of twisted religion and then they pass the hat. And don't get to thinking the money donated is going to an orphanage in Africa. It's going into the cult leader's pockets.

On Sunday there will be more of the same except this year they apparently are going to try something new and teach Amway ambots how to reach their goals in their pretend business. Mostly that runs along the lines of what is taught at the Night Owls. Buy more Amway products and buy more Amway tools.

What a waste of time and money to go inside a building and worship the Great Amway God!

So lets get in some keywords to draw the Amway ambots to this blog so they can find see what they’re really wasting time and money on the Amway scam. Some Amway ambots are so fucked up brainwashed they don’t even know what year it is or else they think they have the power to turn back time or time travel ahead so I put in last year and next year too.

WWDB Amway Free Enterprise Days FED 2015

WWDB Free Enterprise Days FED 2015

Amway Free Enterprise Days FED 2015

World Wide Dream Builders Amway Free Enterprise Days FED 2015

World Wide Dream Builders Free Enterprise Days FED 2015

WWDB Amway Free Enterprise Days FED 2014

WWDB Free Enterprise Days FED 2014

Amway Free Enterprise Days FED 2014

World Wide Dream Builders Amway Free Enterprise Days FED 2014

World Wide Dream Builders Free Enterprise Days FED 2014

WWDB Amway Free Enterprise Days FED 2013

WWDB Free Enterprise Days FED 2013

Amway Free Enterprise Days FED 2013

World Wide Dream Builders Amway Free Enterprise Days FED 2013

World Wide Dream Builders Free Enterprise Days FED 2013

WWDB Amway Free Enterprise Days FED 2016

WWDB Free Enterprise Days FED 2016

Amway Free Enterprise Days FED 2016

World Wide Dream Builders Amway Free Enterprise Days FED 2016

World Wide Dream Builders Free Enterprise Days FED 2016

World Wide Dream Builders WWDB SUCKS!!!!

Amway sucks!!!!

Free Enterprise Days SUCKS!!!!

All Amway WWDB functions suck!!!!!


  1. The traveling Ambots remind me of the old (Grateful) Deadheads although the 'heads weren't nearly as annoying and were actually kind of nice mellow people. Old junk cars held together with hope and baling wire, twelve sleeping bags on a cheap hotel room floor and a mission to hear the same old songs or motivational speeches in a different city. But the Deadhead brains were never tweaked enough to believe they would somehow get rich some day by listening to Grateful Dead music and eating tofu. Just goes to show that Amway is a more powerful drug than LSD or marijuana.

    1. Anonymous - "the traveling Ambots" sounds like some kind of joke! LOL! Like traveling gypsies. Yup ambot shitmobiles held together with spit and duct tape. Ask an Ambot what their dream is and its probably that their car will live another week! LOL! Yup how many ambots can you crowd into a hotel room during a Scamway convention and violate all kinds of safety and fire codes and its the hotel owner that's going to be fined. Not a bunch of Amway assholes that disappear. Amway is a scary powerful drug.

    2. Funny... I attended my first Grateful Dead show 1 month after my first Amway "major function" in 1992... and immediately recognized many similarities. At least the Dead fans could participate in actual free enterprise. One could arrive with nothing and make money selling rocks, then work your way up to buying, making and selling your own cloths, then cooking and selling food... and make enough profit to buy a "miracle ticket" to the show... and to travel to the next show to start all over again. Also... the cloths were comfortable, unlike the Ambot cookie cutter suits... and you could get laid right there during the show. Try doing THAT at FED.

    3. Funny... I attended my first Grateful Dead show 1 month after my first Amway "major function" in 1992... and immediately recognized many similarities. At least the Dead fans could participate in actual free enterprise. One could arrive with nothing and make money selling rocks, then work your way up to buying, making and selling your own cloths, then cooking and selling food... and make enough profit to buy a "miracle ticket" to the show... and to travel to the next show to start all over again. Also... the cloths were comfortable, unlike the Ambot cookie cutter suits... and you could get laid right there during the show. Try doing THAT at FED.

    4. Hey that's so amazing that more than one person says they see similarities between a Grateful Dead show and an Amway conference. Only one of those things is dangerous to people's emotional and financial health.

      Yeah the Dead fans can do their own free enterprise thing. They can make their own business rules and set their own price tags and set their hours. Unlike Amway Ambots who have a boss sack of shit Amway cult leader bossing them around and making the rules. LOL! No Ambot would ever get laid at an Amway function! Who'd want to hook up with an Amway loser! LOL! Give me a Deadhead any day!

  2. Dear Anna,
    I am an IBO, and I came across this blog when one of my prospects cited your blog as information as to why they would not be wanting to be involved the Amway opportunity and so I had to check it out. I have one thing to say: thank you. I truly mean that too! Let me explain: I make a good amount through Amway, I'm not rich I'm not "retired", but I make exactly what I was promised when I was shown the plan, and only using my bonus checks I was able to pay off thousand and thousands of dollars in debt. I know you don't believe that anyway so I'll stop there, but the reason I say thank you is that you give people a way out. If someone is being shown this opportunity and they think a blog, any blog good or bad is credible information, then they are seriously just looking for a way out. The truth about blogs is that they are just the bathroom walls of society. Most of the time there is no fact involved just opnion. A blog without facts or sources is merely just someone spouting off opnion. I'm not bad mouthing your blog, you are doing what you feel is right, which is commendable. My experience with world wide is nothing of what I see in this blog. I am sorry you had an upline that was terrible that ruined world wides name to you. If someone like my prospect goes on the Internet and finds this blog and uses it as credible information as to not start the opportunity then they would have quit anyway eventually wasting my time. So again: thank you for giving an out to people who don't know how to use common sense and get information from legal sources. Every legal source available gives Amway a thumbs up. If someone says your blog with no legal facts or sources is credible, then they clearly don't know how to use their brain. Again this isn't to bash you but these are just facts. You are doing what you believe is right, as am I. So thank you for this hate filled blog. It gets rid of the people early on who are trying to validate why this is wrong so they don't have to do it. It gets rid of people who don't know how to make logical decisions, but rather emotional ones. This blog has been a god send as we in world wide only want people who know how to make critical logical decisions. Thank you, Anna.

    1. Dear Anonymous. Nowhere else have I ever heard how the Internet is a bathroom wall except at Amway meetings. And I don't know where you Amway assholes are using bathrooms but the places I go don't have nothing on the bathroom wall except nice paint or wallpaper or nice designs. Must suck to be an Amway asshole and have to use the type of bathrooms with walls that they're always bitching about at Amway meetings.

      Other people blog about why Amway is a bad business opportunity. This blog is all about how the people in the Amway upline are a bunch of fucking assholes. The most nasty vicious negative evil motherfucking bastards you'd never want nothing to do with. These Amway assholes are all about breaking about relationships and bringing financial and emotional distress to others because they're fucking Amway assholes that's why. Now you're opinion might be different than mine. You might not think the people in your Amway upline are a bunch of fucking assholes but most brainwashed ambots probably don't think so either. You got a problem with people sharing their true real life experiences then your problems ain't my problems. If we can help people not go through the same emotional and financial distress that we went through and being abused by the fucking assholes in our Amway upline then this blog is doing its job and helping others make a good decision and a god send to many. There are a lot of people out there suffering because a relative usually a husband made the bad decision to join the Amway cult and has turned their life into hell.

      And thank you for leaving a comment. I thought they taught at Amway meetings not to visit sites like this and never leave a comment because all it does it drive us up higher in the search engines.

    2. I'm always skeptical of those who come here claiming success at being able to "pay off thousands of debt" using Amway without giving some kind of detail as to HOW they managed that selling a horribly over-priced product. Outside of folks roped into Amway itself, not too many people want to overpay for things they can get at their local store more conveniently and at far less cost. Far less. The occasional pity purchase by a family member, friend or colleague can only bring in so much "bonus" money given how much volume has to be bought to get the tiny little bonus checks. So I would be curious of their math. How many in their downline? How much does each in their downline buy? How much are those downline losing every month and how many drop out per month given that continual loss month by month. Remember, the way MLM works, like any pyramid, is a whole lot of folks at the bottom MUST lose money in order for those at the tippy top to make money. That's just how it is.

      But at least this one didn't claim to be making $150,000 a month and own McDonalds franchises from the Amway money he's made like some of the more laughable ones that come here to brag of supposed "success" through Amway.

      With Amway, it's a whole lot more "fakin' it" than "makin' it".

    3. Anonymous - you likely noticed that Ambot showed up here being snide in such a way it was like passively telling us to fuck off. And all the blabbering about blogs being opinion almost made sense because most blogs are that but then he bitches that blogs aren't factual. Let's see. I sat in on many Amway meetings and went to every major Scamway function and blog about my true, factual experiences, except to a brainwashed Amway ambot they're not factual. Hunh? Like what the fuck? I was there dumb ass! I watched an audience of brainwashed ambots swoon and gush and worship the Amway cult leaders while they spouted off lies and bullshit and taunted if we can do it so can you.

      Yeah what's wrong with this Ambot that he can't tell the lies we're used to seeing! LOL! He's not a good enough liar? How does he expect to get anywhere in Amway! LOL!

  3. I don't need to argue with you on the basis of facts vs. opnion. One is emotional, and one is fact. You say you sat in on the meetings, you have your opnion, but this is not what I experienced in the meetings at all: it's opnion. Let's talk facts then: you claim there is NOBODY that makes money, and NOBODY ever makes it. One thing you have been right on is that there is only a 1% success rate. That's true. Let's take a look at that then. There is approximately 60k people a part of world wide dream builders. Amway literature states that people who make it to 7,500pv is 1.1 %. Now, Amway also states that only 46% of people were "active." If you look at the qualifications of an "active" IBO, a goldfish using perfect water in a bowl sitting in on a board plan is considered an active IBO. So that cuts it down to 30k people "active" in world wide. Someone reaching 7,500 pv makes around $60k a year and I say around because it's always differs cause it neve looks the same based on down structures but that's pretty close to the right number. That means that there is over 600 people making that income in worldwide. Which completely ruins your statement that no one makes money. This is all information available on Amway. You can't argue with numbers and facts. Also, if you really wanted to shut down Workdwide and stop it completely then all you have to do is record a Diamond say their income and then report it to the FTC and inflating numbers to an audience is illegal. You say they are all liars and that they inflate numbers. If you are convinced of that then go record a diamond say their income. I've heard them say it many times so it won't take long.
    Anonymous- You pay off thousands of dollars in debt and move over priced product by showing people the Amway business plan and help them do the same. Pretty simple. I'm not scared to admit that they are overpriced products. Not all of them are but most are. Products aren't the point.

    1. Anonymous - I say the people in our Amway upline are bunch of fucking lying scamming miserable bastards, the worst motherfucking troublemaking sons of bitches you'd ever want to meet. You can call that opinion. I say that's fact.

      This blog is all about cursing out the fucking assholes in the Amway upline. I know you Ambots like to show up here and spout off your canned Amspeak bullshit propaganda but it sounds like you're in the wrong place because so far you're not cursing out the fucking assholes in your Amway upline.. Let us know what you think of those dirty lying shitheads and how much you hate it that they make you suck off their dicks and kiss their asses. Go on. You can do it. We all know what a bunch of sick bastards Amway Ambots are.

  4. Sounds interesting. If you want me to believe what you say, tell me who you really are so I can check out your credibility. No, I didn't leave my name, but I also didn't make any claims about you or Amway, or World Wide Group. Therefore my name and credibility is irrelevant since I'm not trying to sway the opinions of others.

    By the way, the "internet" isn't a bathroom wall. BLOGS are. Anybody can say whatever they want and they don't have to take responsibility for what they said. I'll check back in a few days for your response Miss Banana.

    1. Anonymous - we have a post here called the snotty snobby Amway attitude and thanks for dropping by to prove that's how people in Amway are! Amway Ambots treat the rest of the world like shit and that's what this blog is all about. Slinging it right back at Amway assholes. And speaking of being an Amway asshole you're going to have to be a better fucking Amway asshole than that if you expect to make money at Scamway. I've dealt with some of the biggest fucking Amway assholes around and they're still broke losers so just because you're the best fucking asshole you can be still doesn't meant you can make money at this scam.

      Thanks for the canned Amspeak bullshit propaganda. I heard that shit from our Amway cult leaders YEARS ago. You need to ask your cult leader why they haven't changed their speeches. I mean if David Letterman said the same top 10 list day after day after day after day after year after year after year he'd be as broke as a broke Amway loser! LOL!

      Anyway this blog is all about cursing out the fucking assholes in the Amway upline. If that's not what you're all about then obviously you're in the wrong place. The only rule is you can't use peoples real names unless they're Diamonds publicly recognized by Amway. Everyone else its real fucking embarrassing that you got scammed by Amway. I'll start off a sentence and you can finish it. And remember your best cursing counts! So here we go:

      My lying scamming sack of shit Platinum is the biggest cocksucking bastard out there because.....

      There you go finish the sentence and do us proud!

  5. Free. Haha there isn't nothing free about scamway. Nothing at all. Too much time away from my kids. Oh wait. If I work really hard I will have all the time with them. But in the mean time they will turn 30 before I go diamond. Glad I got out when I did. 1200 dollars later. Or 3 months.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Yeah about 3 or 4 months sounds like when IBO's realize they're not making money and unlikely to do so and they got scammed. You're lucky you only lost $1200. Most lose a lot more than that.

  6. And the haters gonna hate. Period.

    1. Looks like a 10 year old found their way to this blog. I'd say its an Amway Ambot but their level of intelligence isn't that high.

    2. Anna banana, what's your real name then? Can not ask for other peoples names while you hide behind a banana. Honestly, if your parents were successful in amway and were home to raise you, there to travel with you and they had amazing people in their lives who cared about helping our society become debt free, help third world countries, helping to rebuild marriages, to have free time to write books, get involved in life passions and also, do buy you the things you needed. Would you then be thankful amway exists? Also, memories don't have a price, overcoming traumas and turning to forgiveness doesn't have a price, even choosing to help someone doesn't have a price, it's just time. I'd rather see people invest time into becoming better people in general then letting our children learn that hours on a computer is the same as quality time being face to face and talking, and thinking that's ok.

    3. It's always childish when the only response one has to any kind of statistical, logical, reasonable, actual real stories and evidence is "haters gonna hate". The sure sign that the other person has nothing to back up their belief other than it's what they've been "told" by their upline to believe as true.

    4. Simba you're a fucking liar same as every Amway asshole out there. Not once have I ever asked anyone for their real name. NEVER! I prefer people to post anonymously so you're a fucking liar to say that I tell people to use their real names. FUCKING AMWAY LIAR! Its really fucking embarrassing for people to admit they got scammed so no problem staying anonymous. Likewise we don't allow posters to use names of low level Amway employees so not to embarrass anyone. Known names of Amway owners or Diamonds who speak at functions is OK. A couple of bananas have posted here and other blogs using their names and they end up getting harrassed by fucking Amway assholes and their self righteous attitudes and spouting off canned Amspeak bullshit like you did in your comment. Seeing as how you're shitting your pants wanting names did you read this article where a former ambot uses his real name and sucks up the embarrasment

    5. Anonymous - agreed. The life of an Amway ambot is to lie, deny, distract and defend. And then disappear after making an ass out of themselves.

  7. People in Amway may not have been stupid when they joined, but they do become programmatically stupid the longer they remain in the scam. The reason for this? They are deliberately taught NOT TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES, but only to duplicate up-line and parrot everything that up-line says.

    What kind of mentally dead person gives up his right to think independently? Just look at some of the semi-literate Amway defenders who have posted on this thread, and you'll see for yourself.

    Hell, an Ambot once said to me "Really intelligent people don't do well in Amway. You have to be dull, obedient, and somewhat stupid to succeed in this business."

    1. Anonymous - LOL! An Ambot actually said that! LOL! He also left out you have to be a good liar, scammer, and have no morals and no qualms about walking over others to make a buck.

      I think if authority figures had answers to those questions there'd be a lot less people recruited into cults.

  8. It's interesting you brought up the fact that older people already know about Amway. I did tell my dad about it, and he mentioned that in college someone tried to get him into the game. I had no idea this thing has been going since the 50's or even longer. Yet, after hearing the meetings I was prepared to fight back against him about it as if I knew more than him. That's really crazy to think that I could be brainwashed so easily, because I pride myself on being an open-minded critical thinker. I definitely learned that everyone has blind spots, and no matter how obvious something seems to one person it is not the same for another.

    1. Hi Mike. Just about everyone who's over 40 years old has heard of Amway. They've either been in the cult, prospected by a cult member, made pity purchases from an IBO they know, or have known someone in Amway. And yes all IBO's want to defend their beloved company and deny its a scam. And don't feel bad about being brainwashed. A lot of people out there think they couldn't be brainwashed, that they're too smart to be scammed, and then it happened to them. Amway Ambots use several cult tactics. You were probably taken in by all the fake nicey nice stuff also known as love bombing. Ambots want to hug you and show an over the top interest in you. They get you in front of a charismatic leader who sounds genuine and convincing and is probably very likeable, again the love bombinb thing. So you believe everything this "nice" guy says, especially how everyone is going to be rich. You want to believe. Another brainwashing techniques Amway cult leaders use is sleep deprivation. They keep you up late at night with what they call night owl or nuts and bolts meeting. When a person is tired they're more susceptible to being brainwashed and believing everything they're told just so they can get out of there and go home and sleep.

      Of course these techniques didn't work on me. I pretty much fell asleep at boring Amway meetings that dragged on all night which outraged the fucking asshole in our Amway upline. And I didn't like these bastards anyway. It's pretty hard to brainwash someone who doesn't like you and thinks you're full of shit!

    2. Hey Anna,

      I just read a couple of articles by a blogger named lazy man, and he utilizes a lot of logical information to support his claims. The one thing I wanted to share from his articles are the "myths" a pyramid scheme will mention to help brainwash a new victim of their scheme.

      1. Pyramid schemes never a product or service. This is untrue, because most MLM's/Pyramid Schemes do have them. The reason for why they are still a pyramid scheme, is because the products are grossly overpriced, and the only people they are regularly selling to are the people actually hired to sell the products, and not the public. The goal therefore is not to actually sell the product, but utilize the incentive of gaining a huge return when you pay for their absurd pricing. An example of this is telling someone to pay $50 for a product that regularly sells for $10, but if you can get more people to also buy the product for $50 from them then you will see a portion of the return. This results in a problem because you are not selling to the public, and eventually there will be nobody available to sell to within your own company.

      2. You can earn more than the person above you. As long as you are continuing to buy products under them, you can never surpass your uplink. It doesn't matter how successful you are, and how terrible they are. They will always be receiving a profit from you on top of the profit they will gain from all of your followers.

      3. Your company is a pyramid. This is the one I heard the most out of these 3 lines. They compared the structure of home depot to the structure of their business. The fundamental problem with this analogy is that the members of home depot are helping home depot to sell more product than they otherwise could to the public. The scheme is still a pyramid,and they are trying to distract you from their image by describing how much less the entry level workers make compared to the CEO's and upper level management. Needless to say that is exactly the framework for a pyramid scheme, AND the people at the bottom lose money rather than make minimum wage, AND those people at the bottom have a smaller chance of being promoted or succeeding within the scheme in comparison to someone who is working for home depot.

      I think these myths are really important to recognize and reprint, because they are frequently used as some of the strongest brainwashing techniques. When you really break them down however, they are full of holes, illogical, and false. I believe if people see the other side of the coin for these myths they will be able to more easily discern the good information from the bad.

    3. Hi Mike.

      1. Yes MLM's like Amway are still pyramid schemes even though they sell a product or service, the type of product or the abnormally high pricing is such that its not appealing to the general public and as such most of the sales are to the participants who've registered with the scheme.

      2. We heard that all the time at Amway cult meetings that we can earn more than the person who sponsored us. That might have been true because Ambot had a lot of room on his credit card to buy shitty Amway products and we got a tiny commission back on the shit purchased. I doubt the fuck up that sponsored us had any credit to do the same. So while that asshole might have earned $10/month commission from Amway we might have earned $12. So the bragging about the possibility that you can earn more than the assholes further upline that you might happen but we're talking pennies here. Not any substantial dollar amount.

      3. Not only did we hear "your company is a pyramid" at every Amway meeting backed up with drawing circles on a whiteboard where the boss was at the top and the various worker bees based on position or seniority were below, but I hear that frequently on comments left here by broke Amway losers screeching my job is a pyramid when I don't even have a fucking job! LOL!. That's the thing when you own your own business we do not look at our staff or the company structure as a pyramid. Normal people don't think like that. Only brainwashed Amway assholes trying to defend and justify their own pyramid scheme. We don't force our staff to buy a minimum amount of stuff from us under threat of getting their paycheck. Nor do most legitimate business owners. Or the staff paying us to work there or are we paying our staff? Difference between a real company job structure and a pyramid scheme.

      Amway Ambots have a canned Amspeak response for everything. Except when you tell them your dream is to produce gay porno flicks! LOL!

  9. Hey Anna,

    Haven't had the chance to read through the rest of your blogs yet. It sounds like you and your husband must have had a really negative experience to have left you feel so bitter! I can only imagine how severely you must have hurt (financially/emotionally/etc) to leave you feel so strongly about it! Which blog article should I go through first to learn the whole story?

    1. Hi Anonymous. Just start anywhere. What difference does it make which one I say to start with? But you could start with yesterday's article about yet another 100 ways Amway Ambots say negative where over and over again Ambots screech out "negative" and "bitter". Like we can't sniff out an Amway loser a mile off cause you all say the same thing which is part of what this blog is about - alerting potential Scamway victims what they can expect to hear from Ambots. The first thing you should do before reading anything on this blog is to get permission from the fucking assholes in your Amway upline first cause you brainwashed ambots ain't allowed to do NOTHING without getting permission. I expect you're more likely to get a shit kicking instead of permission when you bring up your desire to read this blog.


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