Thursday, September 3, 2015

WWDB = Worthless Wonders Dreaming Bullshit

This post is dedicated to the lousy shitfaced IBO who phoned Ambot at 11pm to shoot the shit. That fucker quit Amway to follow our former sack of shit Platinum over to Monavie another MLM scam. Fucking moron! Quit pissing me off! Leave us alone or read all about it in my blog!!!!

Don’t you hate it how these Amway bastards show up with their scheme and tell us how we can make $75,000/$80,000/$100,000/year!

Lets work in round numbers cause its easier for me. To most people $100,000/year is a pretty decent income so that might generate some interest if you’re working a minimum wage job or your job/career might many years to work yourself up to a good paying income.

Just because you put on a business suit and carry a cell phone that is constantly ringing with calls from your upline or beeping to announce yet another text message from your upline and you’re trying to bullshit others that you’re rich and important doesn’t mean you really have the cashola no matter how hard you pretend.

Many of the Amway “businessmen” in our line worked customer service or labor jobs and aren’t earning anywhere near that magical $100,000 number. This is what happens in your 20’s. It takes awhile to build up skills and marketability to command a decent income. Maybe that’ll happen at age 30 or maybe not until 50 or 60. Maybe not ever. That doesn’t mean to tide yourself over in the meantime that you should go around scamming others to join your Amway cult.

I just can’t believe that Ambot would fall for that shit. I guess the promises of having residual income of minimum $100,000/year hell make that a month rolling in for the rest of his life and never having to work again sounded good. Too good to be true! He believed those lousy troublemaking lying IBO bastards. Anything looks good on paper. Logistically executing an Amway/WWDB business plan designed for failure is another story. A story of emotional distress and financial losses that is.

Those lying IBO’s told Ambot he must counsel with upline and take the advice of these fucking assholes who don’t have education or degrees in counselling whether it be financial or family or marriage or dealing with death or whatever. No one in our upline was qualified to offer any type of counselling services.

But that won’t stop a fucking Amway IBO. Their attitude is just because they’re in Amway means they’re better than everyone else and don’t need a stinking education to “counsel” and give bad advice and destroy people. That’s all part of the Amway scheme.

Obviously Ambot didn’t take as good a look at those fucking lying Amway IBO’s as I did. Lying bastards who promised him how they’d all get rich in Amway and be lying around the beaches of the world sucking back mai tais while the endless supply of money comes rolling in and they never work again.

So we’re supposed to “counsel with upline” who were either too young to have saved money for a down payment on a house or were old enough that they should have been homeowners but were too busy giving away all their money to the great Amway god so they couldn’t swing it. Ambot doesn’t see something wrong with this picture? We’ve been homeowners for years and Ambot thinks its rational to take financial advice from kids who've never owned a house and don’t know piss all about the financial responsibilities that come with home ownership? There’s more to owning a home that coming up with monthly mortgage payments. It means replacing appliances when they break down. It means renovating and making repairs as needed. It means keeping a yard neat and tidy. Its called taking pride in home ownership.

Amway IBOs in our upline know nothing about owning a home and the upkeep. They are not on the same level as us. Maybe in 20 or 30 years when they have bought a house they’ll understand but for now they don’t know nothing. Counsel with upline! And their advice? Skip mortgage payments. Don't pay your utility bills. Use that money to buy Amway tools instead. Wow! Great idea! Wreck our credit rating! Then we can be Amway losers like you!

Upline’s advice on my car? I should sell my nice car, buy a 30 year old clunker for a few hundred bucks and then use the thousands of dollars difference from the sale of my car and invest it in the Amway business and buy lots of Amway products and Amway tools. Invest in my business? Are you kidding me? If it was my real business and we were in desperate straits maybe, but not the Amway pretend business.

Got two words for you asshole: fuck off!

So here we are, already business owners, earning a good income, own a house, own nice cars, have nice furniture, have investments, take vacations, and no debt. And then some fucking Amway asshole shows up to destroy everything we have.

Jealousy? Is that what drives IBO’s to destroy others lives? What about all that bullshit they spout about helping others? Blessing others? Those greedy bastards don't give a shit about anyone but themselves.

Did Ambot not take a good look at the downhill adjustments we’d have to make to our lives to be fucking Amway “business owners” so we could be equal to our upline?

Why doesn’t Ambot see this? Because he’s been brainwashed into the Amway cult and is too busy fawning over these new cult friends who in 2 to 5 years are all going to be rich together.

The Amway IBO losers in our upline have been trained to lie and scam to recruit downline and then bully them into buying Amway products and attending functions.

What wonderful qualities a human being should have!

Thanks for brainwashing my husband into believing the only way to success is by being a liar.

I got him out before it was too late.

You fucking Amway warriors lost this battle!


  1. Ah, good old WWDB, you couldn't have described them better. I would really like to hear the whole story on David and Debbie Shores, longtime diamond-level distributors (but not any more) who had a million dollar dream home in Montana that got foreclosed on, and they are now divorced as well. I wonder if they are both still involved in Amway at all (perhaps they fell to Emerald level) and kind of lame-ass stories they made up about moving out of Montana to go rent a home in Utah (or wherever they live now). Then there's Dean Kosage, another "financially independent" diamond who left Amway some time ago but still claims he was retired at age 23 and founded several businesses that seem to have gone nowhere, and fell behind on his child support payments. Would love to hear his side of that story too.

    1. Hi Chris. Thanks for stopping by. Yup WWDB was a really shitty Amway cult sect to belong to. Cult leaders are phony lying bastards who as you pointed out are no strangers to bankruptcy, foreclosure, and being deadbeats on child support. All in the name of fake it till you make it. I have no interest in hearing their side of the story. LOL! Fake it till you make it got them in trouble. Simple as that.

  2. I wonder who former Amway/Quixtar diamond Harriet Lyons is scamming nowadays. It has been almost 3 years since she scammed an elderly neighbor out of a measly $3600 after telling him she needed the money for non existent cancer treatments. Apparently she has lowered her sights after serving 5 years for scamming 2 elderly women out of nearly a million dollars. One of them, age 77 gave Harriet $325,000 to pay the "ransom" for her son's "kidnapping" and the other, an 86 year old lady wrote checks to Harriet over a ten year period until 1997 totaling about $600,000 for Harriet and her husband's "cancer treatments". Of course this doesn't include what she scammed out of her Amway/Quixtar downline to make Diamond. But I'm sure the "counseling" this outstanding women gave them was worth it LOL. One of her victims said: "As a con artist she's fabulous. I could talk to her for half an hour and still not be sure of what she said". Gee I want to go to Amway meetings and buy tapes so I can learn to be just like her. Now if I could just shed this damn thing called a conscience I could make Diamond too!

    1. Anonymous - to be successful at Amway you have to be a really good scammer. And the scams don't have to be limited to Scamway - the sky's the limit as old Harriet found out pretending to have cancer to get others to donate to her treatments. That's the type of training you get in Amway to be the scum of the earth. The majority of ambots who sign up to be Amway IBO's don't have it in them to keep up the scam too long because their morals and conscience kick in.

    2. And that is the thing they don't tell you. It's not "hard work" that makes one successful in Amway. It's the ability to lie, deceive and con... be a fast talker filled with "answers" to questions that really don't say anything and are confusing double-talk and apples to oranges comparisons.

      To have a conscience with Amway equals no success. Because the only way to get "rich" is to pull a lot of people into something that will hurt them financially just so you can make money.

    3. Anonymous - that's right. You don't make money in Amway due to hard work. You have to lie scam and be dishonest to everyone you meet. You have to be a big enough "winner" to sign up at least 100 "losers" beneath you aka downline in order to have a chance to break even or make a little money. Those 100 "losers" spend hundreds of dollars a month in overpriced shitty Amway products to send a few pennies commission to the "winner" at the top of the pyramid. 1 guy makes money and probably not a lot of money at the expense of 100 "losers" in the downline. Those 100 losers lose their money and their brain cells just to make some fucking Amway "winner" a few bucks.

  3. Your story is spot on. I was in for 6 years, spent over $10,000 for products & training materials over that time, & earned maybe $600 in profit & bonuses. It consumed a lot of time & upline can make a person feel like crap for not doing enough or succeeding. I learned a ton & don't regret that part at all, but as a money-making business...bullshit. Only a select few succeed (if they secretly select you, they will help you succeed). The rest spend a gob of money, time, & energy.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by. Glad to hear you saw the light and escaped the Amway cult. You only spent around $10,000 in 6 years? Most Ambots spend more than that in a year tithing the Great Amway God. Upline abuse is still running strong no matter how many times Amway losers show up here to screech their upline isn't like that and I must have just had a bad group. Just about everyone who leaves a comment here must have had the same bad group. All Amway groups are bad! Whether or not the Amway cult leaders secretly select you means nothing in a pyramid scheme that's designed for failure. Only a fraction of 1% of all participants will make money. As you noted Amway costs you money, time and energy. And I'll add brain cells.


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