Monday, September 14, 2015

Who Wants To Haul Ass To Amway WWDB Free Enterprise Days FED 2015

Who remembers wasting money to go to an Amway cult meeting called Free Enterprise Days? Or because Amway Ambots are too fucking lazy to say it, call it FED. I really don’t remember much about the event itself. The journey and events leading up to FED (yeah! I can be just as lazy as any fucking Amway asshole out there!!!!) was more memorable. The upline were riding our asses to go to FED. The huge event of the year. Yeah, weren’t they all! I could have sworn those Amway fuckers said the same thing about Dream Night, Spring Leadership and Family Reunion. It didn’t take much to convince Ambot because the brainwashing was well ingrained.

All “serious business builders” must attend WWDB Free Enterprise Days. This is how the upline knows if you’re a serious business builder or not. If you don’t attend they won’t work with you. We could have stayed at home, saved our money, and those bastards would not have worked with us. Hmm, I’m pretty sure that’s a violation of Amway policy. Somewhere in Amway’s procedures it says purchasing tools and attending functions is voluntary and if you don’t purchase them your upline is still obligated to work with you. Our upline were a bunch of fucking assholes and very comfortable breaking Amway’s rules which could explain why they’re all flogging Monavie now! LOL!!!!!!!!

Ambot was all fired up about FED coming up in October and blabbed about it to everyone. Like who gives a shit about a fucking Scamway convention.

This blog is getting inundated with desperate Amway ambots who want to find out what WWDB FED Free Enterprise Days is all about. That’s because the assholes in their upline taunt them with you have to go and see it for yourself. Going to FED will put you 6 months ahead in Amway compared to all the losers who didn’t go according to the lying scammers in your Amway upline – I disagree with those fuckers no surprise there. The assholes in the Amway upline will also say its a once in a lifetime opportunity and not to be missed event.

BULLSHIT!!!!!!  You fuckers said that about Family Reunion a few months ago too. Fucking duplicating yourselves! But lying scamming Amway assholes say that for every Amway conference.

Amway World Wide Dream Builders Free Enterprise Days is a fucking waste of time and money. Unless you’re a Diamond and get to speak at this Amway function and make money off the ticket sales profits.

Not everyone wants to go to fucking WWDB Amway FED and listen to a bunch of fucking assholes brag about how rich they are and show slide shows of their riches and taunt the audience with “if we can do it then so can you.” And then they finish up with buy more tools and wave around whatever book it is they’re flogging so the ambots will go out and spend more money on the Amway tool scam.

Time for more keywords and because ambots are so fucked up they don’t know what year it is I’ll hit past and future.

Amway WWDB Family Reunion 2015

Amway World Wide DreamBuilders Family Reunion 2015

Amway WWDB Family Reunion 2016

Amway World Wide Dream Builders Family Reunion 2016

WWDB Amway Family Reunion 2013

Family Reunion 2014

World Wide Dream Builders Amway Family Reunion 2015

Remember whenever you can escape an Amway function that means you’re not wasting your money, your time or your brain cells and you’re not making those sitting on top the Amway pyramid richer with the money they get from selling you a ticket.


  1. Amway's obsession with these stupid meetings and gatherings and conferences is beyond belief. If they actually served a practical business purpose it would be different. But these lavish, loud, celebratory functions are nothing but hype-festivals! They are designed solely to "fire people up," and keep them from thinking independently. It's exactly what happens at a fundamentalist evangelical revival meeting.

    1. You hit the nail on the head, Anonymous. There is zero value in those conferences. The exact same thing is said and happens at ALL OF THEM. A bunch of rah-rah chanting, a bunch of arrogant folks walk out on stage and give their phony rags to riches stories while mocking everyone not in Amway and the constant barrage of sound and repetitious sayings and late hours serve only one thing... to brainwash and keep the sheep throwing their money into the cult to keep those at the top in money. Lies, lies and more lies thrown at them non-stop until the followers believe that up is down and down is up, because the god-like upline says it's so.

    2. Anonymous - they are stupid gatherings with the only objective for those at the top of the Amway pyramid - the scammers doing the speaking at these functions - to make more money off the sale of tickets to dumb ass ambots. There is no actual business advice given. There are no sales tips. Nothing except look at the video of our riches and you can have this too if you work hard. Nothing at the meetings to define what "work hard" entails. And yes just about every Amway meeting is similar to what you see in a revival tent meeting in the deep south.

    3. Anonymous 2 - as you pointed out lies are the only thing heard from the pulpit of Amway functions. The ambots shell out big bucks for tickets and transportation, hotel, meals, etc just so they can worship the Great Amway God and the twisted religious crew preaching the Amway gospel of greed.


    4. does anyone know the schedule? Does it go all day Sunday also?

    5. LOL Karson! You see Amway cult leaders don't give their followers the information they need so they have to search online and you can find out the answers here.

      So yes it goes on all day Sunday but they only have the arena booked until a certain time so Amway Ambots got to clear out at the designated time say 5 or 6pm. I can't tell you what time it starts but say around 9 or 10am and that will be the Amway church service. One of the Amway cult leaders preaches to the crowd that shows up Amway's own brand of twisted religion. For the bad little ambots that didn't show up the afternoon session starts at noon or 1. And various Amway cult leaders will try to keep the crowd entertained with their bullshit motivation propaganda and lead the audience in group chanting. You might as well go home after the last night owl on Saturday night/Sunday morning. There's nothing but bullshit happening on Sunday at Amway functions.

  2. so, you've attended revival meetings in the deep south? yeah, didn't think so.

    are you drunk when you write here? it sounds like it!

    you're still posting as anonymous and replying to yourself, i see. it's comical. and, no, i'm not in amway and couldn't care less about it. when you take your ocd meds, you'll understand.

    1. Hi Minnesota Anonymous. Sure sign of an Amway Ambot is showing up here with hostile comments instead of cursing out the fucking assholes in Amway which is what this blog is all about. Lie, deny, distract, and defend - the life of an Amway Ambot.

      People who show up at this blog and aren't in Amway don't leave comments, they just leave.

      Now run along and find someone in your Amway upline who wants his dick sucked off.

  3. I went to the BWW Fed in Richmond last October. Thankfully I talked my way out of paying the $150 up front, because it was the biggest load of horseshit that anyone has ever asked me to digest. I got there Friday night and left early Saturday night. All that happens is one fancy couple after another marches on stage and tell you the same story about how they got rich quickly. Then that freedom chant with the Rocky music. They try to brainwash you at Fed by thinking you will get caught up in the enthusiasm and crowd energy but I'm too smart for that nonsense.

    You should be too. Amway has experienced little growth in the US, it's been that way for years. The whole thing is a setup and FED is one of the biggest cons going. Do your research, save your time and money, don't let these wolves in sheep's clothing take it from you. They act like your friends - but the moment they realize you aren't joining they cut you off.

    Bottom line - if you are here after googling Amway and looking for straightup opinions, I hope you read this comment and get right the hell up out of there. Don't let these low rent scamsters into your life. FED is the short con, but making you feel like family while sucking your funds dry is the long con.

    1. Hi Anonymous! Thanks for sharing your story. You summed up FED in one sentence "All that happens is one fancy couple after another marches on stage and tell you the same story about how they got rich quickly."

      Good on you for leaving early when you saw how creepy it all is.

      Amway is all about losing your friends and your money.

  4. To the person who is currently living the Amway nightmare. Got your messages. Sorry to hear about your current situation. Glad to hear you're loving the blog. Hope its helping you. If you haven't already done so check the Amway links on the right side of this page and look for a free ebook called Merchants of Deception. I think if you read it you'll have a better understanding of the Amway horror cult. Good luck!

  5. Thank you so much Anna B. Yes, I am reading the book you make reference to. Ugh! I just can't believe this is happening in our family. Keep the information coming through your blog. It is appreciated.

    1. Hi Living. And that book is appropriate for reading on Halloween. It is one scary story how the Amway cult operates.

      And I bet I know what's going on in your family. The Ambot is sneering at everyone who has a J.O.B. and putting them down and just being a miserable negative Ambot. This is how they're taught to behave by their Amway cult leaders. They go around pointing out everything negative when they're the most negative person around. They've turned from a nice fun person into an ugly nasty negative Amway asshole. You're probably being insulted if you don't buy Amway's "high quality" LOL LOL LOL products and the similar products that you buy in the retailer are much cheaper and much better products. Putting up with someone from the Amway cult is a horror story in itself. I'm glad you're finding the blog helpful and I hope things get better.

    2. To the Minnesota Anonymous who posted here on September 16 -- you're a lying sack of shit.

      It's crystal-clear that you're in Amway and you've been brainwashed by the company. You have no connection to Amway? You're not interested in the issues being argued? Then why the hell have you come here to make snarky comments about Anna?

      You're a lying piece of shit. No wonder you live in a mental dormitory like Minnesota. Good luck living on your $3-per-month bonus check.

    3. Hi Anna, I just found out that my daughter is "launching" Thursday. I told her that I want to speak to the shit face who is presenting "the plan" to her (blah blah blah). Can you offer some advice for me on what I should look for, what I should ask? I have become educated on what this is about but I know he is going to try to blow smoke up my ass. My daughter is set on doing this and there is no convincing her otherwise. My freaking gosh, can it get any worse? It is so hard watching your kid make a wrong decision when all they really want to do is better themself and make a good life for their kids. Fuck Amway. Anyway, any advice or direction for this meeting is so very much appreciated.

    4. Hi Anna,
      Living the Nightmare here and crying.

    5. Why not have your daughter read some of the postings on this blog, or on Joe Cool's "Amway: The Dream or the Scheme"? At least let her see that nearly 99 percent of all Amway IBOs never make a dime in the business.

    6. Ghiberti there Living a Amway they go around bragging they're getting started in their own business or launching their business. Nothing ever changes in this scam. It probably involves a grand opening too. When you get in front of the lying sack of shit ask for a business card so you got the fucker's contact info and whatever phony ass name he chose. Ambots love business cards. Got a post coming this week about them. Tell the fucker he has 24 hours to provide you with a copy of his business plan and profit and loss statement plus proof of legally registering the business name on his card, proof of business insurance, and anything else you can think of. The type of things a real business owner has. Tell the fucker he has 24 hours to get this information to you or to kick your kid out of the Amway cult. If he does neither tell him you'll be reporting him to the police and the city for running a fraudulent business and you'll report him to the IRS tax cheaters line. 24 hours or the shitnhits the fan and see what happens. The information you're asking, the IRS also asks ambots for when they audit them so that's why you report his as a tax cheat. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

    7. There is nothing more heartbreaking than for a parent seeing their child getting caught up in a cult. Whether a business or religious cult, the results are the same. I have an aunt in Canada who saw two of her children get involved in religious cults (different ones, but with the same results). She saw their personalities change to self-righteous, arrogant, sneering and overbearing with fake smiles and empty eyes. Spouting the brainwashed religious jargon word-for-word from what they were taught, so obvious they no longer thought for themselves. Losing all reasoning skills and logic. Instead having a tunnel vision of thought that had been laid out for them.

      It's so painful to see someone's personality and individuality literally change overnight, and to find all the mental landmines that their cult masters have laid out in their heads to counter any attempt by family and REAL friends (not the new fake cult friends) to try to get them to see how they are being manipulated and taken advantage of. They will counter with "they told me that the devil would try to speak through my family to prevent me from reaching my salvation". They literally become robots controlled by the cult masters and no amount of reason seems to get through to them anymore.

      But it is not hopeless. Very often the brainwashed will have something happen that will trigger them back to reality and open their eyes up.

    8. As for Living a Nightmare above, when in a meeting with the sleazy upline, be prepared for their bullshit and smoke and mirrors. Most of them are damn good at making bullshit actually start seeming plausible. That's how they do it. They play games like the "don't you agree...?" thing where they will ask logical questions like "don't you agree that hard work and perseverance can allow anyone to achieve their dreams?" etc leading up to the bullshit with the audience in an agreeable mood. They try to stay away from the "nuts and bolts" and actual MATH of a multi-level marketing pyramid (though they hate the "P" word, anything that depends more on recruiting self-consumers as opposed to outside the scam buyers IS a pyramid). They draw unrealistic circles ("if you bring in 6 people and they each bring in 6 people and THEY all bring in 6 people... wow, see? You're making more money than Donald Trump"). Believe it or not, THAT is the "plan". And that is why they don't like talking about reality and math, instead focusing on "dreams". "Positive thinking". And though thinking positive and having dreams is good, they must be tempered with logic, reason and reality, otherwise they are just feel-good illusions. Mental placebos.

      Some things to ask:

      "If it is that easy to bring in 6 people and they bring in 6 people, etc, why is the failure rate for Amway over 99%?"

      "Isn't it a 'blame the victim' mentality to say that over 99% of people who come into Amway bright-eyed and excited are all lazy losers who didn't work hard enough? Could it more likely be that the very bad reputation of Amway and difficulty recruiting people into something where 99% of them will be losing money in order to feed the 1% at the top is not appealing to most people? Could that be why it is almost impossible to hold together downlines and legs in Amway is because most of them either tiring of losing money or run out of money and have to drop out?"

      "How is it 'investing' in one's business to buy hundreds of dollars of stock with almost no hope of finding buyers due to the incredibly high price of Amway's goods, often 3 to 4 times more expensive then what can be found in local stores? Is that why most Amway commissioned salespeople (they aren't owners of anything) have their closets and garages full of products collecting dust?"

      "What is the MATH FORMULA to calculate just how many people one has to have in their downline and how much each of them have to be buying per month before someone in Amway starts to see an actual PROFIT?"

      That last one, of course, is the thing they will avoid like hell because one has to have literally HUNDREDS of people downline of them before they see any hope of breaking even at least. And as anyone can tell you, pulling in even a few people into the cult is literally impossible, let alone HUNDREDS of people who avoid Amway like the plague. So instead they talk about dreams and pointing to people who have SUPPOSEDLY made fortunes with Amway, but like with everything in Amway, it's all based on lies and bullshit. That is the "business".

    9. Hi both Anonymouses. Thanks for the encouraging words for Living. I hope s/he comes back to let us know what's happening.

  6. Hi Anna,

    These events are really life changing opportunities, not to be missed.... to the Diamonds!!!

    So there are three Diamonds who really look very very forward to this event because this will really CHANGE their life!

    Diamond Arrogant has just been fired from his janitor job and is now J.O.B.- yup, Just Over Broke... So he has to take out a 100 dollars payday loan to buy some leaded gas for his clunker to get to this event. If he makes it, the monies earned allow him to pay back his loan, and if there's some money left, he can buy some expired food from the grocery.

    Diamond Badass is three months behind his rent and could be evicted and end up sleeping on the garbage real soon. This is a life-changing event for him as he needed the money to pay back some of his rent so that he wont be evicted for the next 3 months.

    Diamond Cock has just been audited and is now in deep shit because of all the taxes he deducted from his Amway shit. If he doesnt pay up he'll end up in jail real soon. Being a mall janitor he has no choice but to beg for money from the street to buy a new business suit and take a bus to the arena (his clunker was just auctioned off because he missed the refinance payment). This is also a life-changing event to him as he'll earn the money to at least pay back IRS and keep his ass safe for the next 3 months.

    - Gene

    (PS: I started reading your posts from 2013 for the past few weeks and is now somewhere near May 2012 and I fear that I may have been addicted to your blog! Haha! As for your newer posts, I read 'em using my office com during lunch time)

    1. Hi Gene. Good stuff! Amway functions are life changing opportunities - for the Diamonds. And the proceeds from the ticket sales plus any other profit they can make from the Amway tool scam off the attending ambots. And yeah when you live an overextended lifestyle in other words pretending to be a billionaire on a low 6 figure income all that debt is going to catch up with you. No matter how many times the sack of shit Platinum preaches at Amway cult meetings that Diamonds pay for everything in cash, if that was really true then Diamonds wouldn't be in foreclosure and bankruptcy court.

      And way to go for reading all the posts but for the most part if you stick around long enough we re post them. The only difference being the comments left in 2012 and 2013 aren't the same people who are reading today and leaving comments. Plus there's a few posts that are so high in the rankings that there's no point in rerunning them. Like there's one you'll see from 2 or 3 years ago about Amway Diamonds are broke there's tons of comments from outraged ambots who landed there after doing a search for how much money a Diamond makes. All they have to do is read the small print on Amway literature where it shows a Diamond makes around $150k. And glad to hear you like the blog so much you read it on your lunch break! LOL!

  7. Amway now has to concentrate its recruitment efforts in non-English-speaking countries.

    Why? Simple -- if persons can read English, they can read the tidal wave of negative information about Amway that is now freely available on the Internet. And this blog is one of the best!

    That's why the stupid ambots who show up here to make their pathetic and insulting comments are so angry. It's harder and harder for them to recruit new IBOs in North America.

    Tough luck, Amway losers! Maybe you should switch to Monavie or some other MLM rip-off.


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