Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Mistress Called Amway

Usually it is our husbands who are approached by a friend who tells them about an amazing business opportunity. A home based business where they work 10 to 15 hours a week and can earn an extra $1000 a month or more by selling Amway products and signing up other IBO’s who will also purchase Amway products and sign up others to do the same, and so on and so on. At first the wife might be sceptical. You know the old phrase about how if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. The numbers look good on paper but in actuality it doesn’t seem believable that this can this be pulled off.

When our husbands get excited about something we want to be supportive. It doesn’t take long before we stop being supportive and end up getting more and more pissed off. Husband is sneaking around like he has a mistress on the side. And sure enough he does. A mistress called Amway. He’s out of the house for endless hours attending Amway meetings sneaking back in the house in the early morning hours after we’ve gone to sleep. He’s spending money like crazy on his mistress. Money he doesn’t have so he uses a line of credit, home equity loan, or credit cards. You know when he whips out the plastic he pretends he’s not really paying for it. After all it is a pretend business. That is until the bills roll in and then paying back real money is not so pretend any more.

After awhile the wife has had enough. She never sees her husband and their bank account is diminishing while their debt is going through the roof. “Choose your mistress or choose me.” Fortunately most men come to their senses and realize for all their hard work, time, and effort they are not getting the money back that was dangled in front of them when they were first looking into this exciting business opportunity and they stop going to Amway meetings and throwing away their money.

That’s the short version of every wife’s horror tale about their husband’s Amway mistress.

Many of us are lucky enough to have our ambots come to their senses. Usually because they’ve had enough of the upline’s abuse and the realization that the promised riches ain’t never gonna happen. All the ambots who promised to be best friends forever and ever abandon him. Can be kind of tough on some men who actually liked these people and thought they liked him. Wrong. They only liked his money because he was helping make their dreams come true.

Its time to send out another big old FUCK YOU to Amway!



  1. Dear Anna --

    There's one big difference between having a woman as your mistress and having Amway as your mistress. When you have a woman as your mistress, you fuck HER, When Amway is your mistress, she fucks YOU.

    Wives of men in Amway should give their husbands an ultimatum: No sex at all, at any time, until you cut all connections to Amway.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Excellent! I think in most cases a mistress would be a whole lot more fun than getting fucked by Amway! There's a post around here somewhere that we advise wives of ambots to schedule sex during the same time as the next Amway meeting. Somewhere I think on this blog a woman left a comment that the assholes in their upline counselled the women to dress up like housewives from a 50's TV show, you know dresses, make up, and jewellery, and be up and waiting for their ambot when he walks through the door at well past midnight just in case he wants sex. She called bullshit on that one as well as every other woman out there who's married to an ambot.

  2. Hi Anna B. So my daughter who was recently "launched" into "the business" by her asshole "friend" said that she has already signed up three people. One from work, and then her dad and sister. But then she said that it was a conflict of interest and she couldn't sponsor her sister b/c she wouldn't be able to "show her the plan". "Her sister and dad live in another state) I said, "that doesn't make sense. How can you sponsor your dad and not your sister. You could Skype and show her the plan". Then she said that the asshole who sponsored her couldn't sponsor his sister/cousin/sister in law. I don't really know who she is but is somehow related to the scum who recruited my daughter. Anyway, my daughter had a doubtful look for a brief moment, so hopefully she is pausing to think for herself. Of course, she doesn't dare ask me or her brother to sign up as we are both opposed to this scheme. Sadly, this is causing a division in our family and is very heartbreaking. I'm looking for opportunities for planting seeds to my daughter to expose this organization as the scam it is. It is out of the question to have another conversation about my objections and the results of my research. My hope is planting seeds exposing things that don't make sense to expose the organization as a scam. I'm still reading the book "Merchants of Deception".

    1. Hi there Living. Its possible for an ambot to get some assistance from friends of family as soon as they get into the Amway cult. Her father and sister want to help her out. The live in another state? Its unlikely they'll be involved in going to Amway meetings. Maybe they'll buy a few overpriced shitty Amway products until they realize what a mistake that was. Their involvement will be minimal but your daughter will bug the shit out of them to buy Amway products so she can make commission of their sales and to go to out of state Amway functions so the top Amway cult leaders can make money off the ticket sales. The one from work could be a problem if the boss gets wind of things if there's a conflict of interest anywhere that's where I think it would be and most employers have rules about not conducting other "business" while on the time clock. I don't understand why the asshole that sponsored your daughter was unable to sponsor a relative because of a conflict of interest. I mean the Amway cult leaders tell the recruits to harrass their family members first to sign them up! I think these Amjerks make up their own rules that change by the minute. Conflict of interest? Unlikely.

      Amway always causes division in all families no matter how much the cult leaders try to bullshit you that Amway saves marriages. It breaks them up due to the emotional distress and financial distress. Disagreement about finances are a huge reason why couples break up. Throw in one of them involved in a cult and surviving that kind of stress is difficult.

      The main thing that doesn't make sense in Amway is with all the drawing of circles and how everyone is going to be rich, the numbers don't add up. Keep after your daughter on the numbers. Make sure she keeps a profit and loss statement. That's forbidden by Amway cult leaders. For obvious reasons. The ambot can see in black and white how much money they're spending on the scam and only a few bucks coming in.

      Yeah keep reading the book and see if you can get your daughter to read it too. The sooner you get her out the less the damage.

  3. To Living a Nightmare:

    Sensible and intelligent people usually leave Amway within a year of being recruited. They can look at the outlay-versus-income figures, and perceive that they aren't getting anywhere. They are the lucky ones.

    The persons who stay in Amway, despite their awareness that they are losing money steadily, do so for one of the following reasons:

    1. They are desperately lonely or isolated in the world, and are addicted to the fake "love-bombing" that the Amway ghouls use to keep them happy, and feeling "part of a loving family." This is especially the case if the IBO has low self-esteem.

    2. They are stubbornly proud, and refuse to admit that they made a mistake by joining the company. Many male IBOs are this way.

    3. They are by nature weak-willed and subservient, and are afraid of getting their up-line angry. Amway, like all pseudo-religious cults, especially depends on persons of this sort, since they are easy to push around and exploit.

    You have to be honest with yourself, Living, and ask which of these categories does your daughter fit into. Only then can you take the appropriate steps to help her get out of the tentacles of the Amway octopus.

    If she is a lonely and isolated person, then you and the rest of the family have to do your very best to make her feel loved and welcome and supported (NOT enabling her by purchasing worthless Amway junk, but by making sure she is included in everything you do). The more you do this, the more your daughter will feel that she has a resource and a backup team behind her in life, and that she doesn't necessarily have to depend on the fake love of Ambots. A strong support structure of family and good friends is one of the best antidotes to the Amway poison. That's why Amway, in its devilish, cult-like, and evil way, always tells new recruits to disregard and cut off anyone in their family circle who is skeptical about "the Plan."

    If she is very proud and stubborn, your best bet is not to argue with her or challenge her about Amway, but simply to let her go from loss to loss for a while, never saying to her "I told you so!" After she has had a few bad experiences with Amway, take her aside and mention that you know she is a hard worker and a good example of human determination, but that everybody, even the smartest and toughest of us, makes mistakes and misjudgments sometimes. Then tell her that she can use her admirable toughness and strength and hard-work habits and put them into a better scheme for earning extra money.

    If she is weak-willed by nature, and is being bullied or browbeaten by her up-line scum, then you have to be extremely tough and fearless in your fight. When you discover her crying over mistreatment by Amway up-line, or that she is more and more depressed, demand that she tell you why. And if she tells you that it is because of mistreatment or vicious pressure by her up-line, just call them up and DEMAND that they lay off your daughter or you'll call a lawyer and the police! Tell them that that they'll get the worst fucking publicity of their lives! Tell them you'll send a detailed letter of her mistreatment to De Vos in Ada, Michigan! Write a strong letter to the editor of your local newspaper, complaining about the bad treatment of your daughter! If they won't publish your letter, write up a detailed account of your daughter's mistreatment and have it printed up in 1000 flyers, and distribute those flyers to everybody in a ten-block radius of your house.

    Believe me, Amway scum are cowards at heart, and like vampires they loathe the light of negative publicity on their actions. They'll drop your daughter like a hot potato. And you will have saved her life.

    I hope this helps you.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Some good advice for Living!

      A couple more things I can think up off the top of my head - though I'm sure the scenarios are endless.

      1. Participant badly needs money. There's a zillion reasons, pay down debt, unemployed, etc and the assholes in the Amway upline have convinced the IBO that Amway is the road to riches and paying off debt is a cinch because bazillions of dollars in residual income will be rolling in every month.
      2. Participant is just a greedy son of a bitch. Amway will be a good fit for this type of personality. Amway the Cult of Greed. But the greedy son of a bitch will unlikely be in the fraction of 1% of all participants who become rich.
      3. Participant REALLY wants to be a business owner. Doesn't see any realistic way of becoming one, thinking only of franchise places where hundreds of thousands of dollars in either loans or part of net worth are needed up front. Doesn't think of going to the library or searching online for businesses you can start up in your spare time working out of your house or out of your car (thinking lawn care type business here not living out of your car!). For whatever reason the participant doesn't have what it takes to be a business owner and then some Amway asshole shows up to say you can get started in your own business for $170 and that number is based on someone from a few weeks ago who said that's the buy in price to the Amway cult. Scamway gives them a dumb shit title "Independent Business Owner" to scam these poor suckers into thinking they're getting started in their own business for a couple hundred bucks, instead of the proper disclosure that they're in commissioned sales.

      Those are some other things you can see if your daughter falls into the category of and you can be better equipped to deal with what's really going on with her that she had to join the Amway cult.

  4. Of course Amway becomes the Ambot's mistress. After all, if he's married he's probably not getting much sex at home because he's gone all the time, wife is pissed off that Ambot's asshole upline is messing with her marriage and to make it even worse 99.5% percent of the time Ambot is not bringing home any money to justify it all, but spending what little of it he has on delicious (I'm kidding) energy swill and such. And if he's not married then Amway is his mistress who takes all his money without putting out either money or sex, leaving poor Ambot with nothing to fuck but his fist LOL while he dreams about all the babes he will have later when he walks the beaches with his imaginary Scamway income LOL again.

    1. Anonymous - that's very true. Daily there are dozens of searchers looking for Amway sex. If anyone has any kind of website and they want to attract more searchers write Amway sex all over the place and that'll draw in readers. A married ambot isn't getting any because he's never home and his wife is generally pissed off at him for losing all their money to the Amway scam. And yeah spending it on that cat piss worse cough medicine combo XS. And by the way what's with all the recent searchers looking for "XS energy drink scam" lately. Something going on there? Or just the usual that we've already covered. And a single ambot will never get any sex because when he lets his date know he's an Amway ambot that's a huge turn off. LOL! There was a post a couple of months ago from a woman who got scammed by an Ambot from a dating site. Really these bastards have no boundaries. She said he was a good looking guy and but for the fact that he was in Amway he might have even got laid! LOL! Amway = huge turn off!

  5. Replies
    1. Hi there Living a Nightmare. Glad we're helping you out here. If nothing else tons of support.

  6. Thank you Anonymous and Anna B. I appreciate your input. Very much so.

  7. "Amway sex"? You gotta be kidding about that, Anna. Why would anyone do a Google search for something bizarre of that nature?

    When I read the phrase, all that comes to mind is somebody jerking off with his hand covered in LOC. Or maybe a woman using a tube of Glister toothpaste as a dildo.

    1. Anonymous - Amway sex is good key words. We've got posts about Amway sex and Amway sex products and Double x is good for sex and horny ambots show up here in droves.

      You're thinking of the Amway Masturbator who shows up here telling us how much he loves jerking off into the SA8. Wouldn't it just be cheaper to buy a Playboy? It was funny the first few times insulting him but we stopped approving his comments because it got old fast.


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