Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Amway Business License

I hadn’t gone to an Amway meeting in a long time, but one night after his prospect no showed I agreed to accompany Ambot to listen to the boring Emerald spew out some bullshit.

It had been at least 5 months since I’d last listened to this guy. He surprised me when he talked about the start up costs and said it costs $150 for the Amway business license.

Huh? That’s a first. Is that what they're calling it now? I’ve always understood a business license to be purchased from city hall where one’s company is doing business. It was clear the Emerald was talking about the Amway start up fee/registration because he mentioned the value of the Amway sample pack that new IBO’s receive after paying their $150 Amway Business License is about half that amount in Amway products.

The change from Amway Starter Kit to Amway Business License must have come down from some Diamond upline of him in an effort to make “the business” sound more legitimate. I doubt boring old Emerald thought this one up all on his own. One person in the audience asked about this Amway business license, if that meant they could do business in their city without going to city hall to purchase a business license.

Fortunately the Emerald did say that IBO’s would have to check with their city for guidelines about business licenses to find out whether or not it was required where they lived.

Probably the only decent business advice I’ve ever heard given out at an Amway meeting.


  1. This is just another example of how Amway lies to people by twisting language to mean something other than the dictionary meaning.

    You're not a simple Amway salesman; you're an "Independent Business Owner"!

    Therefore you don't buy a start-up kit -- you get an "Amway Business License."

    Your up-line supervisors aren't bloodsucking leeches; they're your "colleagues in fulfilling your dream."

    It's hard to believe that anyone could fall for this bullshit, but apparently Ambots do.

  2. There are two kinds of people in Amway: the predators and the prey.

    The predators are the ones who actually make money, moving higher and higher upwards in the up-line. They are uniformly aggressive, pushy, activist, greed-driven types -- the sort of obnoxious small-town schmucks in off-the-rack suits whom you meet at those glitzy "functions." By nature loud, smug and self-satisfied, they are the epitome of the glad-handing American con-man. They are the ones making an illicit fortune off "tools," and who are constantly making sure that down-line is "fired up."

    They prey are the little persons, in dead-end jobs and with no hope of earning more than their salaries. They are mostly lower-middle-class provincials, not very aggressive, not too bright, and with a strong tendency towards an over-optimistic, Polllyanna-like belief in "hopes" and "dreams." They are also by nature subservient and trusting.

    These latter types are ready-made victims for the former. Amway lives by bleeding these poor types dry.

    1. Anonymous - good job of summing up Amway in a couple of paragraphs. Amway is all about scamming their victims out of as much money as they can and then blaming the victim because they're not making any money at this pyramid scheme.

  3. Hi Anna,

    Would like to bring to your attention that I have recently did a search on LinkedIn for WWDB, and it brought me some very interesting finds that I would like to share with you.

    I found most of the WWDB IBOs put some very unique occupation titles. I list some of them here:

    - Business Coach
    - Business Leadership and Development
    - Entrepreneur
    - "Inspire Hawaii" --- This one is just LOL
    - Owner --- WOW
    - Asset Development
    - IBO Supervisor --- Any comments Anna?
    - Business Consultant --- Very interesting hmm...
    - Network Marketing Director --- Just wow
    - CEO --- This one very, very interesting
    - Business Mentor
    - Business Trainer
    - Doctor --- (WTF??!!!)

    LinkedIn also requires users to put in what field/industry there were in, and there were some interesting finds too!

    - Computer Networking --- Eh??
    - Marketing & Advertising --- Thought your upline mentioned they don't do adverts right???
    - Professional Training & Coaching --- Wow
    - Government Administration --- WTF?!
    - Hospital & Health Care
    - Consumer Services
    - Individual & Family Services (??)

    Maybe you would like to do a blog post on how they present themselves on professional social media! Hahaha

    - Gene

    1. Hi Gene. I'm not too up on social media. A little Pinterest and Facebook to check out daily but that's about it for me. There is a post kicking around here somewhere about getting sniped by Ambots on Facebook. Maybe its time to run that one again.

      We recently did a post about how Amway Ambots love to trade business cards and they all have these dumb ass titles to make themselves look important. The post was more about the titles they really need to have on their business cards to be more truthful like Miserable Bastard and Lying Cocksucker, etc! LOL

      But yeah what you've posted brings back memories of what really were on those business cards. CEO was huge. And you didn't see any Presidents? Or what about Vice-President the title the wife gets stuck with.

      At Amway meetings the cult leaders bullshit that "the business" is all about mentorship and leadership training. LOL! So that's why you see that strewn about.

      As for Hospital and Health Care - paging Dr Quack. Dr Ambot Quack to the psych ward. I kid you not Ambots were always phoning us for medical diagnosis or 2nd opinions if they'd already seen their doctor? Why us you ask? We have no medical training. But we have seen just about every episode of ER so that made us experts! LOL! Just because someone is a card carrying Amway asshole that automatically makes them an expert on everything. The Individual & Family Services probably refers to how you have to "counsel with upline" even though the bastards have less training in therapy and counselling than we did as medical professionals. That Government Administration one is just scary. And tells you Amway Ambots have no qualms about the lies they tell and try to bullshit others into thinking they're trained professionals.

      And those little Amway bastards are all over LinkedIn trying to snipe new prospects into their scam. Can't you report them? I know you can in Facebook because network marketing and pestering others about your scam MLM is a violation of the terms.


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