Monday, November 16, 2015

List Of America’s Richest Families Full Of Amway Ambots?

Richest families. If you listen to bragging Amway assholes there’s got to be tons of Amway cult leaders on the list because they get gazillions of dollars in residual income from Amway every month. Let’s take a look at what Forbes has to say.

These buggers at Forbes are screwing with the clickable links. If you click you go to their home page so sorry everyone do a copy and paste if you want to see the list. You’ll still hit a landing page but there’s a link to click to continue through.

Here’s a link to a list from Forbes on America’s richest families.

If that doesn’t work for you check this article about the newcomers to Forbes list of America’s richest families and in the article is a link going to the 200 list.

And just in case anyone was actually thinking there might be a snowball’s chance in hell than anyone with anything to do with Amway is part of the newcomers. LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL!

No one should be surprised to see the owners of Walmart are in the #1 slot, worth $149 billion. Their closest family competition is $60 billion less. One of America’s best known families The Kennedy’s are in a 8 way race for last place on the list with a paltry $1 billion.

But lets get to the good stuff because Amway ambots are always stopping by here to brag about how Amway Diamonds are worth billions and billions so that’s gotta be worth more than the Kennedys right? There’s a search bar at the top of the list so I plugged in a few Diamond names Puryear, Britt,…. Nothing. They’re missing from the list. How can that be? Ambots show up here bragging about their cult leaders riches all the time. Remember billions and billions. I plug in Duncan -  I got a hit! #10 on the list worth $22.4 billion!!!! Wow!!!! OK Now don’t get too excited. Turns out to be some Texas oil family. Not some pyramid scheme kingpin!

I mean what the fuck?! I have Ambots showing up here leaving comments bragging about eating dinner with all kinds of Amway billionaires. Those fucking little liars!

So lets hit up the owners of Amway because everyone knows that’s really where the money is.

DeVos. Nope nothing. Not as rich as Amway ambots claim he is apparently!

VanAndel. Yup still on the list worth 6 billion They didn’t get all their money just from, to narrow down the Forbes description, pounding the pavement hawking their cleaning products door to door. They have investments like the Ambot often bragged about Peter Island is owned by the Van Andel family fortune. That’s what you do with your money, find ways to invest it so it makes more money for you. De Vos must have followed the beat of their own drummer or you’d think they’d be somewhere on that billionaire list in the same area as their partner.

I get outraged Amway ambots who show up here screeching that there’s a better chance of getting rich in Amway than there is in Walmart. Yeah tell us another fairy tale you dumb fucks! I still say the best way to get rich in Amway is to marry one of the heirs. That’s probably a good way to get rich from Walmart too. But say you don’t marry into one of these family fortunes and you’re an employee. We know from reading the small print on Amway’s literature that out of Amway’s commissioned sales force only a fraction of 1% who make money. I get Amway employees who work in the various warehouse showing up here complaining about their slave wages and shitty working conditions. It seems unlikely you’re going to get rich in Amway so lets look at Walmart. Walmart managers make around $100,000/year. I’m sure they get performance bonuses too which would probably bring them into the same range of what Amway publishes a Diamond makes. Store staff probably fluctuates all over the place depending on position, hours worked in a week, etc but most staff probably make thousands of dollars each year.

That would be thousands of dollars more than an Amway ambot makes! 


  1. Yes, the various Ambot claims about the vast riches of their up-line gods is largely smoke and mirrors. You can only make a certain limited amount of money in Amway, and even for that you have to work non-stop for years and years. The lie about "residual income" is absurd, and even Amway is slowly backing away from that ridiculous claim. Actors get residuals for their past work in films or TV. In Amway, you won't get shit unless you have a steady stream of "fired up" new IBOs who will slave for you. Try to "retire," and your down-line will collapse.

    People become Diamonds, and then they frequently fall out of qualification and never get it back. The same for all the other ranks: Emerald, Ruby, Platinum, etc. Amway depends upon CONTINUOUS ACTIVITY, which boils down to endless recruiting of new IBOs and forcing them to adhere to "the Plan" without the slightest deviation. It's a never-ending cycle of solicitation, recruitment, hype, business meetings, functions, DITTO purchases, CommuniKate, and interminable Evangelical bullshit from your up-line.

    The really rich families in America -- the patrician ones like DuPont, Mellon, Rockefeller, Whitney, Vanderbilt and a few others -- are leisured families. They don't have to work their ass off recruiting strangers in a shopping mall.

    1. Anonymous - yup in this day and age actors negotiate for residual income every time their show is rerun. I know the cast from Gilligan's Island said that wasn't in their contract and that show is playing almost always somewhere at any time of the day and they never made money off the reruns.

      Kind of like Amway Ambots not making bazillions of dollars in residual income after a couple of years. Not in their contract either. LOL!

      Yup if you "retire" in Amway you know that lie ambots always tell after 2 to 5 years you just sit back and do nothing and bazillions of dollars roll in every month. If these "retirees" aren't out there constantly bullying their downline to buy more Amway products and Amway tools then their income goes down the toilet. Its no different than a man who runs a lawn care business and is a one man show. When he retires there's no more income.

      Most people plan ahead for their retirement and also count on social security. Too many sad stories of seniors who got sucked into Scamway and emptied their retirement account thinking they'd be rich quick and instead find themselves looking for work to try to get by.

  2. Yes, the Ambots who come here claiming to have had lunch with a billionaire always cracks me up. Like a billionaire would want to sit down with some lowly schmuck at a Starbucks and impose their pearls of wisdom upon them by drawing circles.

    1. Anonymous - it never fails to amaze me what lies Ambots show up here to tell trying to make themselves look like big important businessmen and if the rest of hadn't been losers and quitters we could be having lunch with billionaires too.


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