Monday, November 2, 2015

Ambots Claim Amway Doesn’t Advertise

Who remembers going to Amway meetings and the cult leader would be lying about how Amway doesn’t do any advertising and instead uses the money that would go to an advertising budget to pay off big commission to IBO’s.

I heard that bullshit at every Scamway meeting I attended.

So who has seen Amway commercials on TV? You don’t usually know its Amway until the end spot in the commercial. Kind of like going to an Amway meeting where the cult leader might not say the dreaded A word at all or if admitting this is an Amway meeting its usually later on in the night.

Who’s been to Amway meetings where the cult leader brags that Amway owns an arena in Orlando? That’s another lie. Its owned by the city. That Orlando arena has had other company names on it before Scamway came along. Its called bidding for advertising and many other cities across our country do similar things with arenas. In Orlando’s case Amway had its name on the original arena and when the new arena was built Amway was given first rights to purchase advertising which they did for $40 million dollars for 10 years. I think, I’m going off memory of the city’s press release that I read a few years back on the dollar amount.

I mean what the fuck!!!! Amway is shelling out $40 million for advertising instead of that $40 million going to pay commissions and bonuses to the commissioned salespeople in their fleet. How does that happen? The cult leaders at Amway meetings say Amway does not pay for advertising and instead redirects that advertising budget dollars to IBO commissions and bonuses. WTF????????!!!!!!!


Even if people don’t watch beauty pageants on TV they’re aware they happen. Many companies pay to get product placement on these shows. There’s a swimsuit company that pays big bucks for the advertising they get by the contestants wearing their product. Same thing for the hotels the contestants stay at – they’re mentioned on the show. Same thing for evening gowns, shoes, and make up the contestants wear.

Amway pays a pageant to advertise their Artistry make up for the contestants. Then whoever is crowned Miss America gets a one year contract to be their spokesperson. Amway shells out some big bucks for this advertising. Again what the fuck????!!!!! How can Amway be paying for this advertising instead of using that money to pay out IBO bonuses and commissions? Now if you listened to brainwashed Amway ambots they show up here and lie that Miss America plasters on Amway shit out of the goodness of her heart and the pageant is the one paying Amway for the honor of having their cosmetics used on the show. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!Typical Amway lies. And why do dumb fuck ambots show up here and spout off bullshit like that anyway so everyone can laugh at them. Do they really think beauty pageants will just allow companies to flog their wares out of the goodness of their hearts or are they looking for paid sponsors. And does the woman wearing the crown feel the same way about Amway Artistry cosmetics if she isn’t getting paid to be a paid spokesperson. If they told her to buy the overpriced shit and wear it would she still be doing it or would she tell Amway to go fuck themselves. And then look for another cosmetics company willing to pay her to be a spokesperson.

We’ve all seen product placement in TV shows and movies. You know where part of the script someone goes to eat at a real restaurant or shop in a store or stay at a hotel or is eating or drinking something. The company is paying big bucks to make that product placement happen. Movie making is all about finding backers and investors who hope to make back their original investment and then some. Companies paying for product placement are a win win cause they don’t have to be paid back.

Someone dropped by to say Amway has paid for product placement in Transformers for a Nutrilite product. Now that’s fucking disgusting. But if its correct you can be sure that Amway paid big bucks to advertise their product in the latest of this series.

But again why is Amway paying out this advertising money instead of paying more money to their commissioned salesforce?

The next time some lying Amway asshole tells you the fairy tale about how Amway doesn’t pay for advertising tell them they’re full of shit. Amway pays millions of dollars in advertising every year.


  1. oh you are so right anna! i was shocked one time to see an ad on national tv clearly making no bones about it being for Amway.

    1. Anonymous - I wish Amway didn't advertise. Ironically that would make ambots saying Amway doesn't advertise as telling the truth for once. LOL!

  2. In the first place, how do you advertise a business that's so bad it has to tell its own brainwashed sales clones not to say the name of it to the potential suckers they're trying to sell it to?

    1. That's right! When it comes to Amway there ain't no truth in advertising. LOL!

  3. There's something about Amway that makes it impossible for people involved in it to tell the truth. They just HAVE to lie, the way rodents have to gnaw.

    Why can't the Amway assholes just admit that they've changed their policy, and are now doing product placement and general advertising? Is it that big a deal? But oh no... they have to lie and pretend that nothing as changed. And all good Ambots are expected to spout the lie, just like all Communists were expected to parrot the Party Line set down by the Kremlin.

    1. LOL! one of the reasons Amway has such a bad reputation is because of their lying sales force and the antics. And of course you got to love it when they show up here spewing out their lies and negativity and being such fine representatives of their cult.


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