Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Amway Ambots Love Trading Business Cards

When we were in Amway the assholes in our upline told us that now we were “business owners” to figure out a business name to call the company. To hell with going through any proper measures to legally register the business name just in case someone else has already legally registered it. Just choose a name and use it. And then because you “own your own business” you can give yourself any title that you choose.

Then the ambots are told to make up business cards to pass out to potential prospects and customers so they’d run out and buy business card sheets so they could make up their own cards on their computer. Mostly ambots passed out these business cards among themselves because nobody else wanted them and they would all ooohhh and aaaahhhh with all the fakey nicey nice over the top compliments. I saw more fucked up pieces of shitty pretend businesses on these cards than you could imagine.

Like any nightmare I don’t remember any phony ass business names that ambots chose for their phony business but some of the titles I remember. And the business cards looked like shit. The home made jobs where you use some clip art program on your computer to put a beach or mansion or sports car or sacks of money on the business card. I don’t remember anyone using Amway logo but I do remember some of them using pictures of Amway products which is probably a violation of Amway’s policy but ambots don’t give a flying fuck about those kind of details.

So I’d get passed these business cards that would read something like:

My Fucked Up Phony Ass Amway Business

Asshole Ambot

President and CEO of Bullshit

The titles were all over the place: president, CEO, manager, vice president of operations – those vice president titles would be on the wife’s business cards! That’s how it is in Amway. The wives are always second. Oh what the fuck am I thinking! Wives are way further down than second!

That’s part of running a phony business with a phony business name. You can give yourself a phony business title to make you look all big and important.

What are better titles that should be on Amway Ambot business cards? Or at least more honest titles:

Fucking Asshole



Sack Of Shit

Dumb Fuck

Phony Bastard


Troublemaking Bastard

Head Bullshitter

Miserable Son Of a Bitch

Ass Kisser


Negative Bastard

Angry Piece of Shit

Sneering Snide Son of A Bitch

These ambots sit around at work all day dreaming of how rich they’re going to be thanks to Amway and how they own their own business and how that makes them better than everyone else they work with and they got the business cards to prove it.

Putting on a business suit, pretending how busy you are on your cell phone, and playing 8pm warrior going to Amway meetings, and passing out phony ass business cards with fake names and titles does not make you a real business owner.


  1. While all of Scamway is phony perhaps the most hilarious part of it might be the ridiculous notion of them thinking of their brainwashed sucker asses as being "Independent Business Owners". LOL! How can anybody have a successful business if his only customer is himself and maybe his mother who drops in every once in a while to buy a bar of shitty soap or something because she feels sorry for him? In reality they are not IBOs but rather DCSs. That is Dependent (on their asshole upline, looking for approval) Consumer (since nobody but them buys or uses that overpriced shit they are trying to hawk onto others) Slaves (to the fantasy that if they keep doing the same thing they will someday get a different result).

    1. Anonymous - that's very true. The Amway cult leaders bullshitting their followers that they're "business owners". LOL!!!! Get a clue ambots. If your last name ain't DeVos or VanAndel then you don't own an Amway business! LOL! Those dumb fuck ambots can get brainwashed into believing just about everything as long as their cult leader says its so.

      And if your only customer is yourself or your mother making pity purchases then you're a dumb fuck! LOL! Again get a clue ambots!

  2. Amway is all about pretending and play-acting. That's their big motto: "Fake it till you make it!" This translates into self-destructive behavior, like going wildly into debt just to put on the show of being rich, when in fact you can't pay your electric bill, or make a mortgage payment.

    The Amway business cards are a prime example of fakery and self-deception. Silly persons think that if you can hand out a card to people with your name and "title" printed on it, this proves that you have a genuine identity, and that you are a big-time "achiever."

    It doesn't prove anything of the sort. All it proves is that you have a computer, or that you can afford to pay a job-lot printer to run off a thousand small cards for you.

    The fact that Amway encourages IBOs to choose a name for their business is very telling. They don't want you to mention that your "business" is Amway! Amway's name now carries the toxicity of association with scams, frauds, cheats, and rip-offs. So an IBO would be committing financial suicide if he printed "Amway" on his business cards. Better to call your operation "Reach For The Skies Enterprises," or "Excelsior Products" or "Top-Flight Opportunities" or whatever pretentious bullshit name you think sounds impressive.

    Isn't this what Dexter Yager did with "World-Wide Dream Builders"? He's smart enough to downplay the Amway connection. But it's not just Amway. Business does this all the time: change the name so that you can hide an unpleasant reality. Don't sell used cars -- sell "pre-owned cars." Don't admit to cheapening the quality of your product -- call it "widening your customer base."

    With Amway, you don't call it for what it is: hemorrhaging money in a no-win MLM scam. You call it "building your dream." The whole thing would be a joke if it weren't such a tragedy for hundreds of families caught up in it.

    1. Anonymous - those are all good points and yup Amway is all about playing pretend.

      Except when the debt and the empty bank accounts catch up with you then its not so pretend any more.

      Yeah and I mean really you can put just about anything you want on a business card whether or not its true and that goes for just about most IDs out there too. Surprised Ambots aren't doing a sideline business doing just that.

  3. Calling yourself a "business owner" without a fundamental business plan is clearly a joke.

    Also a "business owner" makes his own judgment and makes decisions based on the judgment he makes. He/She does not make any decision on an advice of someone who has no fundamental business advice and instead gives an advice that is questionable, clear cut unethical and destructive, false and etc.

    If any of these happens, then a "independent business owner" is better suited to a "puppet business owner" (PBO).

    1. Anonymous - that's so true. Depending on the business you might get away without a business plan at least in the beginning. But eventually you're going to have to spend more time working out different aspects that are covered in a business plan such as marketing. A skill ambots don't have unless it means sniping prospects at Safeway or Barnes & Noble.

      PBO. Yup sounds about right for Ambots.

  4. Now that you mention it Anna the loser who tried to sucker me into scamway (with no success thank you very much) gave me a card. His name was Robert and his wife's name Susan. The card id'd him as 'President' of 'R & S Enterprises' and no mention of Amway. What I joke! Still makes me laugh many years later...

    1. LOL how original using their initials NOT! LOL! You should have asked to see the paperwork they'd legally registered their business name with the state. Like we need any further proof Ambots are a bunch of dumb shits.

  5. My cousin's business card when he was in Amway had the following acronym on it:


    This stood for "Meet You At The Top." My wife and I still joke about the ridiculousness of it.

    1. Anonymous - LOL. Hanging out on the bottom is more like it! But I'm sure your cousin thought he was being very clever and all the ambots probably gushed about his business name like he was a nobel prize winner or something! LOL!


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