Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Who Wants To See Amway Ass Pictures?

Just when you think you’ve seen all the shit that Amway ambots search for online and end up at this blog another one comes up.

Search criteria: “Real Amway Ass Pictures”

OK now I throw out the argument that everyone in Amway is an ass and if you find a picture of someone in Amway then that means you just found a picture of an Amway ass. Ha ha! LOL!!!

But on the other hand maybe this searcher is looking pictures of an Amway ambot mooning the camera. Like that would just be a way of people in Amway sneering at all the rest of the world you know those losers who aren’t in Amway and it’s the Ambot way of saying kiss my ass because he's a real "business owner" and you aren't.

There was a searcher on here a couple of years ago whose search criteria had something to do with looking for nude photos of a Diamond couple or maybe it was just the Diamond wife I don’t remember which. All these pervert searchers just kind of blur together.

Does anyone actually remember seeing anyone standing on the stage they’d want to see a nude photo of? Full monty or just the ass. Its bad enough that you have to look at these bastards fully clothed let alone naked. That’s just so wrong!

Now if anyone’s got nude photos of an actor who made People magazines sexiest man list now we’re talking!

But who wants to see the ass of some Amway cult leader. Now really maybe the rest of the world doesn’t give a fuck but brainwashed Amway ambots apparently really do want to see these nudies.

Just goes to show that Amway ambots are even more fucked in the head than we thought they are.

And bigger asses than we thought! Ha ha!


  1. Well, there's a social media site called "Facebook," where you can publish pictures and information about yourself. I propose that the Amway Corporation start its own social media site called "Assbook."

    Every Ambot and his wife would be required to post clear color photos of their bare behinds on it.

    A vote could be taken every month to determine who has the best "ass of the month." The winner would receive extra PV points, or a free case of LOC.

    Diamonds and those above diamond level would be excluded from the competition, because it is assumed that they are already first-class asses.

    1. Anonymous - Amway Assbook! Love it. LOL! And I wouldn't limit just the Diamonds to being first class asses. The fucker who signed us up and the sack of shit Platinum would be in the running to win that prize. LOL!

    2. Since we're making suggestions about new ideas for Amway, I propose the following: let the Amway Corporation institute an Order of Merit (with medal and ribbon) for all ambots stupid enough to remain in the company for more than ten years. The decoration would be called


      This is an acronym for "Ancient And Honorable Fraternity Of Obtuse Ambot Ass-Holes." (AAH-FOO-AAH).

      The medal should be in the shape of a Nutrilite bottle, and covered with rhinestones. The ribbon should be shit-brown. The Latin motto on the medal should read; Ego sum stultus et asinus ("I am a fool and a jackass").

      All ambots who have been awarded the AAH-FOO-AAH should get reserved seats in the front at all Amway 'functions." They can wear the AAH-FOO-AAH proudly around their necks as the Crown Ambassador Asshole-in-Chief gives his interminable speech.

    3. Anonymous - LOL! love it. Yeah you'd think anyone dumb enough to be in Amway 10 years should automatically get front seats at brainwashing functions but I guess they haven't earned the privilege yet! LOL!

  2. There'll be very few AAH-FOO-AAHs, since almost no one stays in Amway for more than a year.


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