Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Anything But Amway!

When I attended Dream Night several couples were invited to come forward, take the microphone, and say something. I think they may have been eagles or double eagles. They’d reached some level but I’m sure it wasn’t Platinum or higher probably a lack of those in the room. I remember one couple who were extolling the virtues of an Amway business and the wife screamed out “What else is there?” Assuming she meant in the way of business opportunities or making money outside of a J.O.B.

Let me answer her question. Just about EVERYTHING else is out there! I know lots of people who have found success while successfully staying away from Amway.

Amway is the ONLY thing you can do to succeed in life” is a message I’ve heard over and over again at meetings run by Platinum, Emerald, and Diamond speakers. Part of the brainwashing technique. Can’t let IBO’s think there are other things out there where they can succeed in life that might redirect their time, energy, or money away from the Amway scam. Ambot already has reasonable success but once he joined the Amway cult his business was constantly put down for one reason or another (what if he gets sick, what if there’s a slow down, etc) and he was brainwashed into thinking our business won’t last but Amway success is forever.

Everyone has different opinions on what defines success. I could list hundreds of items and still not be finished. For some people success could be determined by earning a desired income, reaching a scholastic level, owning a restaurant that is packed every night with patrons, getting picked for a local circuit baseball team, publishing a book of poetry, playing a musical instrument, losing weight, getting married, buying a New York City penthouse overlooking Central Park..... The possibilities are endless.

Suggesting that to most rational human beings - Amway is NOT the ONLY thing one can do to succeed in life.

“There is nothing else out there except Amway” is a similar phrase drilled into IBO’s as part of the brainwashing techniques. The cult leaders tell IBO’s they must discard anything else in their life that isn’t making them succeed at Amway.

I also heard enough times “What are you willing to give up to succeed in this business?”

The possibilities of what an IBO should discard are also an endless list: spouse, family, friends, church, job, TV, books, hobbies, car, house......

Who says you have to give up things or whatever makes you tick as part of your lifestyle in order to become successful?

How many apprentice mechanics are asked what things they are willing to give up so they can fix cars? Who would tell a mechanic in order to open up his own garage he must give up his wife, his TV, his friends and his hobbies, sell his house, get rid of his dog, etc or he will never succeed.

Ridiculous huh? Well maybe only to people who are not brainwashed IBO’s. People are capable of juggling other things in their lives while at the same time succeeding at their chosen goals. Apparently not Amway IBO's if you listen to the hallowed cult leaders.

Amway is NOT the ONLY thing one can do to succeed in life. Based on mine and Ambot’s experiences I’d say Amway is about the only thing we’ve ever failed at. In a system designed to set up failure. What else do you expect?

Want to succeed? Choose anything BUT Amway.


  1. Despite all its bullshit about individualism and free enterprise and doing things "the American Way," Amway is profoundly totalitarian.

    It demands complete surrender of everything in one's life -- family, friends, possessions, time, energy, and above all MONEY -- to the Amway God. And this Amway God is certainly not the God of the Bible.

    When I speak with Amway zombies, I'm utterly amazed at the narrow and constricted range of their interests. They won't talk about anything but "the business"! What kind of a dimwit can't converse on any subject except "the plan" and the "Amway opportunity"?

    Real people have real lives that encompass a wide range of interests, goals, and activities. The Amway robots ("Ambots" is a perfect term for them), are completely deficient in this respect. They have one-track minds and tunnel vision.

    Ambots are like those Nazis who couldn't talk about anything except Der Fuhrer, or those Communists who couldn't discuss anything except Karl Marx and the class struggle. It's a totalitarian mindset, and it's very frightening.

    1. Anonymous - the Amway cult demands all your time and all your money. And I had nothing in common with any ambots I met. All they're interested in is Amway. Nothing else matters in their lives. They have no other interests. How can you have a conversation with someone when all they want to talk about is their devotion to the Great Amway God.

  2. Hi, I'm not looking to cause problems...but just wondering your thoughts on individual responsibility here. If you truly own your own Amway business, you are the boss. You can get mixed up with wacko uplines bc any organization with people is going to have its own set of kooks. But you have the freedom and ability to agree or disagree with stuff. No one has a gun to your head to do anything. I think it's easy to blame the company 100% and accept no personal responsibility. You can chose to grow your business how you like. You can choose to implement or ignore advice from others. You have the personal responsibility of taking what you see/hear and instead of taking it at face value, you research and meditate on it. You make informed decisions. You function independently. Just bc someone teaches you something or tells you something doesn't mean it's Gospel. It's not all good or right. But honestly I'm pretty sure its not all bad either. Instead of it having to be that the entity is entirely evil or entirely good, it should be about the individual. Why do we have to relinquish our responsibility to make our own decisions? If you think something is off, don't do it. If someone is blindly following someone, in any capacity, the individual needs to be at fault for that lack of research. I think your blog misses this large piece of the puzzle. If this business seemed so off to you, why did you continue to do it? That's what is hard to understand. Not arguing your points, but it just seems like after one entry it's like why is this blog necessary? Why didnt you just stop and move on? Or admit you made a poor decision for yourself? Instead it's all about the company. Common sense says if you're bothered enough to let this hate for a company to consume your soul lol it just seems like it's toxic for you. If it were me and something bad was in my life i would do my best to purge it out and not look back. But here you have to be reminded of it every day. And the blog is essentially doing the same thing you accuse the others of...brainwashing :). I read thru some comments and you are very closed minded to even discussing anything outside of exactly what you believe. That's pretty cultish too ;) anyone with a difference in opinion is just given a rote "you're an Ambot!!!" Comment and not an intelligent and/or civil debate. I'm not in Amway so please don't accuse me of leaving you an Ambot comment lol. I'm really just trying to drive the point that individuals are capable of making informed decisions to join or leave a business. If they can be persuaded/brainwashed by any outside figure then shame on them. Just some thoughts.

    1. Dear Nikki --

      You're not involved in Amway at all? Well then, why would you bother read (and read regularly and thoroughly, as your post suggests you do) Anna Banana's blog? This particular website is set up for criticism of the operations and policies of a certain corporation.

      If you're not involved with or connected to or interested in that corporation, why would you spend time here following what is said?

      Forgive us, then, if we are skeptical about your motives.

      What you say in favor of "individual responsibility" is fine. But what we are criticizing here is the utter corporate irresponsibility of Amway. The company is consciously and deliberately ripping off thousands of unsuspecting persons who are taken in by its essentially fraudulent promises of wealth. You say, "Well then, just quit and move on." But that's not a sufficient answer! If you got raped, would you just say "OK, I'll just go home and forget about it"? No -- you'd call the police and hope that the rapist will be caught and punished. Amway is raping and devastating the bank accounts and lives of thousands of people.

      That's all Anna is doing here: pointing out to the public a rip-off and a criminal enterprise. Have you read Eric Scheibeler's book Masters of Deception? Read it, honey -- and then see if you can continue to say that Amway is harmless.

    2. Nikki - you're a liar and you're not a very good liar so you haven't been in Amway very long. You need to go to more Amway meetings so when you leave comments around the Internet you've got the bullshit Amspeak propaganda down better.

      How do you know when someone in Amway is lying? When their mouth is moving. Or in the case of the Internet when they're typing something. You lied that you're not in Amway but then everyone in Amway lies about being in Amway because its too fucking embarrassing to admit you're in the scam cult. People who really are not in Amway aren't showing up here and leaving comments. They realize they're on the wrong place and go back to their searching. They don't leave half assed Amspeak bullshit comments.

      The only time people who say they aren't in Amway and we believe them is when they tell us their horror story of their loved one in the cult.

      "If you truly own your own Amway business, you are the boss." LOL! If your last name ain't VanAndel or DeVos then you don't own an Amway business and you ain't the boss! LOL! Dumb fuck! LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!

      Another sign of an Amway asshole is they show up here stamping their feet and demand we stop writing this blog. Don't like us getting our true stories on the Internet about what it's really like inside the Amway cult, being abused by the fucking assholes in the Amway upline and the financial and emotional distress do you? Then don't read the fucking blog. Sounds simple right but a concept Amway assholes can't grasp. Its blogs like this that drive prospect ambots away when they see what a hell hole the Amway cult is which means its harder for you to make a buck. That's the point of us sharing our stories on the Internet dumb ass! It has nothing to do with all the arrogant sanctimonious bullshit you tossed out.

      Another lie you told and yes I realize that Amway assholes do nothing but lie is where you accuse me of getting in "the business". If you actually read this blog like you claimed you did (LIAR!) instead of searching for an Amway function and landing here then you'll know I did NOT want to join the Amway cult. A fucking Amway asshole that I hate conned my husband into the cult. So that's why this blog exists - to curse out fucking Amway assholes and give others a place online to curse out you fucking Amway shitheads.

      Now run along. I'm sure there's some fucker in your Amway upline who wants you to suck his dick off.

    3. Exactly Anonymous. We've been sniped by a drive by Amway Ambot! Who is outraged the blog is so high in the rankings and warns people what its really like if you have to put up with fucking Amway assholes and what Amway's shitty overpriced products are really like.

      The truth will set you free is a phrase that Amway Ambots hate! LOL!


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