Thursday, November 5, 2015

Amway The Scamster Company

Remember how Amway ambots strategically place Amway products or use them in hopes that others will ask about it and maybe want to buy it.

Prospect notices Ambot drinking Perfect Water and gloating about how this is the best water he’s ever tasted and how he buys it from his own company.

Prospect: Hey how much does that Perfect Water cost?

Ambot: $2 a bottle

Prospect: OK I’ll buy one and try it out.

Ambot: oh we don’t sell them singularly you got to buy a case. $50 please.

Prospect: are you shitting me? $50 for a case of water? Go fuck yourself.

Thanks to john doe for letting us that nothing has changed in Amway since the 90’s.

In the early ninety's I was introduced to the scamster company by my boss.

He kept spraying the Glister spray in his mouth in front of all the employees. Sooner or later someone asks "hey, what you got there?" He tells us "I bought it from my own company."

Little did we know that was the first lie we got hit with. Here he comes again with "hey, if you want to be financially free, I'm having a meeting over at my place." Second lie. We were told to not call the company amway, but rather "the umbrella corporation" and if asked to say that we do sell some amway products. Third lie. Went to a few meetings, a seminar to meet the Diamonds and a few other money wasting events.

Heck, I even went "dream building" where your upline takes you around to look at rich houses and fancy cars.

Two things that broke me from the hypnotic spell of amway. 1. The seminar/conventions speakers. They sit up there and brag about all the stuff they bought, where they went hunting, all kinds of useless information. At the end of praising himself he threw up a few circles, wrote Amway in big letters, and he was done talking. I was pissed. 2. I couldn't afford their products anymore. Back then they highly suggest you spend $150 per month on amway products. The problem was....$150 didn't get you much stuff, so we had to go to Wal Mart to get the rest of the household items we needed.

We eventually stopped buying the amway products completely and started paying off all the debt we created with amway. Concentrated or not concentrated, their products are just way too overpriced.


  1. While I have to give the Scamway Devil its due (those bastards are really really good at lying, misrepresenting who and what they really are and brainwashing their sucker cult members) I still can't understand how anybody could be dumb enough to fall for it. I mean the ridiculous prices they charge for their shitty product line should be a tip off to any potential Scambot that nobody in their right mind would want to join it. Pay $150 a month and and get in return $75 dollars worth of crap you don't need to keep your asshole upline masters off your ass and then tell each other you're smarter than everybody else. Priceless.

    1. Anonymous - they use an Ambot who's a good closer probably the sack of shit Platinum. They have to be charismatic and a good liar to sound convincing that you'll be making gazillions of dollars in monthly residual income from Amway in 2 to 5 years.. The best Amway closer in that leg to sucker people into Scamway. The best bullshitter Ambot that line has.


    But my monthly grocery expense for myself is maybe less than $100. I can get 30 gallons for $30 or refill 5 gallons for $5 a month.



    So if people are broke, we're going to help them get unbroke by 'prosuming' cases of $50 water? /facepalm

    Perfect Water was the hot item when I signed-up. Now I feel like a dumbass. /endvent /endrant

    1. Anonymous Guy - I don't get it either. At every Amway meeting they say you'll get out of debt by being an Amway Ambot but when you're buying a $50 case of water that costs less than $5 a case at Walmart, all I see is saving $45 by not shopping at Amway you know from "your own store" LOL! Take that $45 you save by not shopping from Scamway and put it towards your debt. Do the same thing with comparison shopping every Amway product out there that you can buy a similar product at your retailer. I think unPerfect Water is still the hot product and you know you're supposed to pair it up with those Nutrilite shit twist tubes. YECH!

    2. Exactly, Anna. The upline will claim that the more you "invest" in your so-called company the more money you will make, but if one doesn't have actual buyers for the shit you are buying from Amway, it makes no sense to say it will lead you closer to success. Just another part of the backwards Amway "opportunity".

      As you said, one saves more money by NOT buying the horribly overpriced Amway products. The "bonus" check in no way ever makes the slightest dent in the money put out to get that check.

    3. Anonymous - Amway is all about confusing people by throwing out a lot of numbers and then the bullshitter has mastered the art of sounding convincing. It's like all those circles ambots draw and how everyone is going to be rich if they duplicate what you do eating an Amway food bar and drinking an Amway drink daily. The Ambot is so caught up in how he's going to be rich that he doesn't figure out the numbers don't add up until he's been ripped off by thousands of dollars and no money coming in from Scamway. And then if you dare bring up numbers to the fucking assholes in the Amway upline no say this doesn't add up, they screech at you to never question upline.

  3. Hard to fathom that a company can produce a wide range of products, and simultaneously believe that the products are purely secondary to the recruitment of distributors (the so-called "IBOs").

    And yet that seems to be true for all MLM businesses. Some of the ambot jackasses who show up here to defend Amway freely admit that the Amway "opportunity" has really very little to do with selling products to the general public.

    I'm sure that that admission is causing the bigshots in Ada to sweat profusely. They'll probably send a circular memo to the higher-ups to tell stupid ambots not to mention this very damaging fact on-line.

    1. Anonymous - that's how most scam MLMs work. The bulk of the company's sales are to their own commissioned salespeople not to real customers. Its all about recruiting. That's what Amway board plan meetings are all about. You sign up 6 people and they sign up 6 people and so on and so on. Oh yeah you all have to eat one Amway food bar and one Amway drink every day and then you'll all be rich for the rest of your lives.

  4. It's more than sweat they're in -- the public admission that Scamway is not about its dip-shit products is a nightmare for Ada. Once prospective IBOs start asking the question "If it's not about selling your products, then what the fucking hell is Amway REALLY about?" the entire fraud will start to implode.

    And since the retirement of that lying scumbag "IBOFightback" and the whore-on-retainer Bridgett, Amway doesn't have many defenders left.

    1. Anonymous - Amway is all about getting the owners richer plus a few assorted Amway cult leaders getting richer too. What kind of dumb fucks defend a company that causes so much misery. Fuck them!

  5. Everyone should read David Brear's devastating research article (Anna gives a link here to it) on the true history of MLMs and Amway in particular. Brear reveals how the two Amway founders, Van Andel and De Vos, were actually involved in the original Nutrilite fake vitamin scam back in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

    When the FDA made things too hot for Nutrilite, Van Andel and De Vos jumped ship and decided to start "Amway" in 1959. They figured they'd dump the vitamin scam (which the FDA was investigating) and just sell soaps and cleansers. The MLM selling system stayed the same, which is really all that Van Andel and De Vos were interested in. They could have been selling horse manure, for all they cared. As long as you could recruit IBOs steadily, you'd get rich. Which is exactly what they did.

    Ironically, when Amway became wealthy and powerful and politically connected, they thought it safe to push the Nutrilite scam again in the 1990s. And so we now have Ambots screaming that Nutrilite will cure everything from hemorrhoids to hemophilia, just like their grandfathers did in the 1940s.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    1. Anonymous - yes he's very knowledgeable on the Amway scam and other MLM scams and cults. He's left comments here in the past but his level of writing can be difficult to understand. Amway is all about scamming right from the beginning from the owners to the scumbags today flogging the overpriced shit. Its just incredible what ambots claim that Nutrilite vitamins will cure, just about every terminal illness out there. These demon Amway Ambots will lie about anything to make a buck.

  6. They really would rather be referred to as "The Umbrella Corporation" rather than "amway?"
    That's hilarious to me. In the Resident Evil series of video games/movies, the umbrella corporation was an evil drug company that deliberately turned its employees into literal zombies.
    The comparison is almost TOO apt.

    1. Hi Mister Motley. Thanks for stopping by. And that's an excellent point! The "umbrella corporation" and their sales force of Ambot zombies!


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