Monday, November 9, 2015

Want To Be An Obnoxious Know-It-All? Join The Amway Cult

Another thing that really pissed me of about the Amway ambots I had to put up with was that every single one of those bastards was an expert on EVERYTHING! You name it those fuckers knew everything about the subject whether or not it had anything to do with Amway. The biggest bunch of bullshitters I’ve ever met in my life have all been Amway assholes.

The arrogance of those pompous Amway bastards is something I have never dealt with on such a high level of mass concentration before our time in the Amway hellhole. Fortunately it is something I’ve never had to put up with since we got the hell away from those Amway assholes!

You name it those Amway assholes pretend they’re an expert at it. I guess the fact that they run pretend businesses and they’re pretend business owners gives them all the credibility they need to be pretend experts on every subject under the sun.

I’m not saying that there are not ambots out there who don’t have expertise in certain areas through job, education, or life experiences. What I’m calling out are the Amway assholes who just be virtue of the fact that they are Amway IBO’s means that now makes them  card carrying know it alls. 

Those ambots are all experts when it comes to cars. Too bad none of them take their own fucking advice and drive around in shitmobiles that are 20 or 30 years old and always breaking down due to lack of maintenance. By that age many cars do run into mechanical problems and need to be completely overhauled. Being an Amway IBO means you are constantly broke because you have to hand over all your money to the Amway cult leaders so there is no money leftover for car maintenance or to save up to buy a new car.

Those Amway assholes are experts on all things plumbing and electrical even though most of them have never picked up a hammer or a screwdriver. I saw a house an Amway “expert” was working on. Some ceiling lights were falling out of their fixtures and he said he kept getting electrical shocks when he was touching sockets and switches. Oh gee I wonder why! The tile in the bathroom was not grouted right and squint and uneven. He was taking forever to paint because he had to keep stopping what he was doing to deal with the phone - calls and texts from the assholes in his Amway upline.

Those Amway assholes are experts when it comes to filling out your income tax. “Everything in Amway is a tax deduction! Claim that toilet paper!”

Those Amway assholes are “counsellors” even though they’ve never taken any formal training in counselling for behavior problems, emotional disorders, marital issues, etc. etc. “The facts don’t count!” Not when you’re an Amway asshole = automatic expert on everything!

Medical advice? Call an Amway Ambot. They’ll diagnose you and tell you the treatment consists of buying some overprice shitty Amway vitamins. Snake oil for whatever ails you! Pick up a case of Amway holy water! What’s the difference between Dr. Ambot and a  Nigerian scammer? Nothing! They’re both fucked up liars trying to scam you out of your money.

Amway ambots are self proclaimed experts on everything - know it all Amway assholes. If an Amway product isn’t working for someone then the ambot tells thems they’re not drinking the water right or they need more vitamins. Amway ambots viciously defend Amways “prestige” products. There’s nothing wrong with them - the problem lies with the user. Yup its the typical old Amway standby response of blaming the victim. Same thing with Amway’s prestige tampons. If they leak after 30 minutes then us women must be putting them in wrong. Couldn’t have anything to do with the inferior quality of these products could it? Hearing a man giving  tampon advice makes most women break down into uncontrollable laughter! But that’s an Amway asshole for you! Experts on everything!

The arrogant pompous know it all Amway bastards that I had to suffer are the biggest bunch of assholes I’ve ever met in my life. Troublemaking bastards who can’t mind their own fucking business.

The one thing that I’m an expert at is blogging about what Amway assholes are really like! No Amway know it all expert in everything will ever be more expert than me than cursing out the fucking assholes in the Amway upline!


  1. @Anna Banana I think you're being a little too harsh on the Ambots, you have to give them some credit for their abilities. They are proficient in at least three things: lying, bragging and tinkering with junk cars. Got to make it somehow to the next feel good function with other Ambots to forget how shitty their life in the cult really is. How Ironic that the more they do Amway the more dependent they become on that job they hate so much to basically support their parasitic upline. And not likely to get a promotion as long as they are obsessed with chasing the Amway "dream" (as in you have to be asleep to believe it).

    1. Tinkering with junk cars? No I can't give them that. Though anytime you get a group if people together there's going to be one or two who tinker with cars. The reality was I probably knew more about cars than the rest of the ambots in our group and that would mostly be call AAA! When a $200 Ambot shitmobiles breaks down the cheapest option is to buy another clunker. No amount of tinkering and buying parts will come in less than $200.

      And yup the ambots much hated job that is preventing them from their dreams is what supports their Amway habit.

  2. Anna, you have touched on a major point in this post -- the way in which Amway encourages its members to be intellectually arrogant.

    Let me tell you something that was mentioned to me back in 1971, when my cousin tried to get me into Amway. In the course of his presenting "the plan" to me, he mentioned the Amway "success story" Charlie Marsh, who was still alive and active back then.

    My cousin said, "Charlie Marsh has presented this 'plan' to hundreds of people over the years! And guess what -- when somebody turns him down and says no, Charlie always smiles."

    Of course I asked why. My cousin had a big self-satisfied grin on his face, and answered "Because when someone turns down the Amway opportunity, Charlie says to himself 'Here's one more person who is less intelligent than I am! That makes me feel good!'"

    This story was designed, naturally, to make you feel like shit if you didn't join Amway. Amway zombies really believe that anyone not in Amway is stupid. And so it easily follows, in their minds, that since stupid people are generally incompetent, only Amway members can do anything correctly and properly -- fix an electric light, service a car, balance a checkbook, read a map, blah, blah, blah.

    I think this is why they go on and on about how Amway "changes your life" and "makes you a better person." They really think that Amway is a kind of magical pill that gives you all sorts of insights and abilities that other people don't have.

    That's why they keep on repeating that, if you don't succeed in Amway, it's always your fault (i.e. you're stupid or lazy or not sharp).

    1. Good points, Anonymous. It's all a part of the brainwashing. People who are brainwashed into a cult are carefully built up to believe they are superior to anyone and everyone not in the cult. All cults, religious or business, use this basic technique to warp the minds of their followers and distance them from their true friends and family in favor of the pseudo "family" of the cult. My aunt had two children in a religious cult, and with their smug, self-righteous smirks they would tell their own family members how they were destined to go to hell since they were not a part of the "chosen ones". It's a self-esteem placebo... they are made to feel good about themselves without any real basis to it other than what they are being spoon fed by their cult masters.

    2. Anonymous - nothing ever changes in Amway. Today the Amway cult leaders are still preaching that the people who won't sign up to Amway are too stupid to get it.

      And yes part of being in Amway is being arrogant. More pompous arrogant bastards around. And the ambots who show up here to leave comments continue that legacy with their thinly disguised snide arrogant Amspeak bullshit.

      And Amway is a blame the victim scam in every way imaginable. If you don't succeed in Amway is the victim's fault as you pointed out cause they're stupid, lazy, didn't try hard enough, their dream wasn't big enough, and whatever other insults the ambots can find to hurl.

  3. Well, I'm feeling sick to my stomach. Against my input, my daughter was "launched" into "the business" last night. The person who recruited her is a "friend". I know my daughter's intention is good and she only wants to provide better for her kids but this is just not the way. I can only pray that she comes to her senses about this group before she sustains too much monetary loss and most important, lost time with her kids that can never be recouped. Ugh!

    1. Hi Living a Nightmare - Sorry to hear that your daughter got sucked into the Amway cult. And usually prospects get suckered in by a friend or relative or someone they trust who they believe wouldn't steer them wrong. Too bad she has kids. Many kids of ambots have stopped by to leave heartbreaking comments about their ambot parents. Pretty sad when a box of soap is more important to an ambot than their kid. Don't enable her. Don't buy any shitty overpriced Amway products because that gives her hope that she can make it as a commissioned salesperson for this scam company. Don't babysit the kids while she attends Amway functions until past midnight or all weekend. Most ambots quit after a few months when they figure out they're not making money but are spending hundred of dollars every month on this scam.

  4. Thanks Anna B. I hope and pray it doesn't take longer than a few months before she has realized what a mistake it was to join this freaked up cult. Thanks for your advice. No, I don't intend on enabling her.

    1. Living a Nightmare - usually the quitting happens around the time of an Amway function. The next Scamway brainwashing session is Dream Night in January. Then there's Spring Leadership in April. The problem with the Scamway rah rah brainwashing functions is the ambots are on a total high that they're going to go real big in "the business" cause they've been motivated by photo shows of the cult leaders riches. Probably rented for a staged photo shoot. After a week the high will wear down and the ambot realizes they still can't sign no one up and no one will buy their shitty overpriced Amway products. The cult leaders might bully them into attending one more function by having their hands out for money at the function they're currently attending so she might stick around until next summer for Family Reunion.

  5. Anna B. My heart is just broken that my daughter was duped into this. No parent wants to see their kids make costly mistakes especially when I have grandchildren that can suffer as a result of much time away from their mom. I saw from the get go, the lying and deceit that is encouraged and it just makes me sick. The information provided by you and other contributors really paint an accurate picture of what I have already witnessed.

    1. Living a Nightmare - I know how you feel. It is heartbreaking when your family member won't listen to you when you say there's less than 1% chance of making money in Amway and to do so you got to be the biggest liar scammer and all round Amjerk asshole around. If your daughter is young enough she might be able to bounce back financially and emotionally. If not Amway might ruin her for life. If she owns her home some asshole in her upline will "counsel" with her to sell it and move into a rental and use the profits to buy more shitty Amway products and invest in the Amway tool scam.

      Yup what you've witnessed we've all lived through first hand. The emotional and financial distress caused by Amway is heartbreaking.

  6. Ambots have the following characteristics: (from Reed)

    1. Citing professed religiousness as a selling point - that it made them a better person.

    2. Denounce those who disagree with them as “negative thinkers” or “dream stealers.”

    3. Novel phraseology - invent new words and phrases.

    4. No profit formula

    5. Denunciation of traditional education.

    6. Awarding oneself a catchy title - like the title as an "IBO".

    7. Pressuring you to get your credit card limit raised.

    8. Emphasis on luxurious lifestyle - to attract more prospects.

    9. Emphasis on motivational material - tools and functions

    10. Emphasis on no-down, low-down techniques

    1. Yup those are all Amway Ambot character traits. Ambots like to go around bragging about the lifestyles of their bosses who own Amway and their cult leaders. Well that might be nice for those people who make lots of money scamming others but so what. Why brag about other peoples extravagant lifestyles. How does that help your life?


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