Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Secret Scamway Man

We’re taking time off to enjoy Thanksgiving with our families. And of course to show up early for kick ass sales. Not that there’s anything I really need to buy. I just want to get in a crowd and kick ass! LOL! Pretend it’s Amway ass! LOL

We’ll be back sometime on Friday to check messages. Maybe. Or Saturday. Whenever.

In the meantime enjoy this flick about an Amway gangster. Is it just me but when you see this smirking Amway bastard don’t you just want to slap that shit eating grin off his face!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving. I so appreciate you Anna B an the rest of the folks that help monitor your blog and reply. I truly am thankful for you all.

    1. Thanks! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving too.

  2. Here's some new and more relevant lyrics for the song:


    There's a man whose presence is a danger --
    He goes up and he bothers every stranger!
    Every one he sees,
    He gets down on his knees
    And tries to get 'em to a "business meeting."

    Stupid AM-bot Man!
    Stupid AM-bot Man!
    They's a-sellin' you some CDs
    And a-takin' 'way your cash!

    Every month he has to meet his PV,
    'Cause his up-line's arrogant and greedy --
    He buys a ton of shit,
    And can't move none of it --
    Odds are it'll wind up in his basement.

    Stupid AM-bot Man!
    Stupid AM-bot man!
    They's a-draggin' you to "functions,"
    And a-makin' you kiss ass!

    How in hell did he get caught by Amway?
    The whole world knows its real name should be "Scamway"!
    Now he's sellin' hope
    Along with low-grade soap --
    Soon he'll be a bankrupt, jobless loser.

    Stupid AM-bot Man!
    Stupid AM-bot Man!
    You're a-sendin' bucks to up-line,
    To get paid off in dimes!

    1. LOL! Very talented! Maybe you can sell the lyrics to the Goads. LOL!

    2. Great lyrics! And wouldn't that be HILARIOUS, to have the Ambot band the Goads play those lyrics at an Amway function? Could you picture the scammers on stage having their jaws drop? lol

    3. Anonymous - that would almost be worth sneaking into another Amway function just to see that happen! LOL!

  3. Ex amway guy here.

    This Black Friday, I bought a 75 inch HD TV, a PS4 and 13 games, paid off my car and I'm about to have 1500 in disposable income.

    If I was still in, I would be guilted from not buying into my business, spending 50 on my "website," 30 for Kate, 300 to 500 a month to spend on personal use, 10 to 20 on CDs, 30 for digital downloads (why buy CDs still right? But duplication! ), 2 nights a week for plans, money for bigger plans, and then maybe try to sign up some people who all told me no.

    Long story short, I'm fucking enjoying my life now and doing shit I want to do.

    1. Hey Anonymous Guy - sounds like you spent more on Black Friday than I did! LOL! But I only had one store in mind to hit.

      The point is that now we're no longer tithing the Great Amway God we actually have disposable income to go out and buy stuff we want and take advantage of big sales. All without asking permission from some fucking asshole in our Amway upline.

      Keep up the good life!

    2. I spent more than I intended for sure. Just like I spent more than intended trying to be "CORE" -______- Except no one is guilt tripping the fuck out of me

    3. Oh I think we all spend more than we intend to on Black Friday. LOL!


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