Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Amway’s “Good” Products? LOL!

A searcher found their way here after googling “does Amway have any good products”.

The short answer is NO!

Then the argument can be that the definition of a good product is subjective. For example if you ask an Amway Ambot if Amway has any good products they will shower loving praise on every single Amway product and brag that Amway sells high quality products that are better than the consumer could buy anywhere else. Yup like we need any futher proof that Amway ambots are a bunch of brainwashed lying assholes!

Anything that Amway sells that you can put in your mouth and eat drink or swallow is NOT good. Unless you like drinking XS energy drinks that taste like a combination of cat piss and the worse cough syrup you can imagine. Their Perfect Water is a bunch of bullshit promoted by adoring Amway ambots with dumb ass tricks that work the same if using tap water. Amway circulated a memo saying to stop with the scheming water tricks but most Amway ambots have a huge fuck you attitude to their employer and go ahead and do them anyway. If you like eating granola or meal replacement bars that taste like cardboard that’s been coated with low quality chocolate then Amway is your go to supplier of shitty overpriced food bars! Amway Nutrilite Vitamins cost significantly more than what the drugstore sells vitamins for. Amway ambots will give you a bunch of bullshit that Amway doesn’t use fillers in their products though an Amway employee who works in the warehouse where Nutrilite manufactures this crap showed up to say they’re just average vitamins that Amway sells for significantly more than what the cost to produce them is. And who the hell knows what kind of “fillers” are used in vitamins anyway, Amway’s or other manufacturers? Has anyone purchased vitamins and looked at the pill bottle? There’s usually a bunch of other ingredients on there. Its kind of like buying potato chips. Anyone notice all the other ingredients in there besides potato, oil, and salt? For Amway assholes that get all agitated about the whole “filler” thing, ask them about the fillers in Amway’s energy drink and food bars.

What about hand soap, toilet paper, laundry soap and all the other overpriced shitty products that Amway sells, anything there that could be considered when asking the searchers question, does Amway sell any good products. No, not really. Amway sells products that when compared to what can be bought at the grocery or drug stores could be called generic at best, but are probably are better categorized as substandard.

I don’t know of any “good” product that Amway sells. The canned juices they sell, there was one flavor that tastes about the same as a flavor I can buy at the grocery store. Except that I can buy a half gallon for a lower price than what one can of Amway’s juice cost. And keep in mind that Amway doesn’t sell those cans singularly, they come in a box, so I’m figuring out the breakdown. What about Perfect Water? Ambots try to justify the high price and say it costs $2 bottle and you’d pay that if you went into 7-11. Just going off the top of my head I don’t think I’ve ever gone into 7-11 and bought a bottle of water. A slurpee sure. Or a coffee. I don’t think I’ve even bought a can of coke out of 7-11’s cooler either. It costs around $50 for a box of 24 bottles of Amway water. At Walmart a box of 24’s water costs under $4. Water is water. If I want water I’m more likely to drink it out of the tap. And no I don’t need to buy one of Amway’s expensive water filtration systems for that. But let’s pick on that seeing as how it just came up. What do they cost? $1000? And filter replacement say twice a year? What do Amway filters cost? Just checked eBay and saw one for $50 but that’s probably some ex-ambot trying to get rid of all the overpriced shitty products he had to buy when the assholes in his Amway upline bitched at him to buy more more more and he had to load up on stock. Probably cost more than that from Amway. What’s wrong with a Brita? Either a pitcher or one of those filtration systems attached to the kitchen sink? Either way under $50. Way under $50! And their filters don’t cost too much to replace. Does Amway’s filtration system work better? I doubt it probably about the same as its reasonably priced counterpart.

Back to the searcher’s question “does Amway sell any good products”? If you ask an Amway ambot or ask someone who used to be in Amway the answer swings greatly.

The correct answer is NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A brainwashed Amway ambot will violently disagree and keep you up all night defending his beloved Amway products.


  1. Hi Anna,

    Your blog posts have some Scamway jargons such as CORE, PV/BV, Emerald, etc. that non-Ambots like me are struggling to understand. There are also the ranks such as Diamonds or Emeralds that I find it hard to understand too.

    Maybe you can write some posts on what these shit are for the benefit of non-Ambots?

    - Gene

    1. Hi Gene. I don't usually talk about the business bullshit around Amway. Besides Joe Cool just posted about CORE and you'll find similar breakdowns of Amway's "business" practices. Check the upper right side of this page for a link to his blog.

      Some posts around here do make fun of the things that Amway teaches.

  2. Can't verify this but I've heard that mountain lion urine or soil urinated on is a good repellant to keep deer out of your garden. My yard is no big deal but I do have a rose bush that the deer snack on whenever it blooms and starts to look nice. Maybe Amway XS (Xtra Shitty) cat piss water might keep the deer away but it might kill my rose bush and it probably costs too much anyway.

    1. Hi Ray. You never know. That XS has got to have something you can use it for! My aunt has that problem with deer but on the other hand there's got to be something out there that's cheaper than XS to repel the little buggers.

  3. There is truth to the old adage that if you build a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door...... Some of Amway's products were good, but they were in no way better than anything I could go out and buy at a fraction of the price at the local supermarket. If they were that good, the price would justify the purchase, if you subscribe to "you get what you pay for" you can justify paying more for something really good. And eventually supply and demand will cause that price to drop as production ramps up. Basic economics. Amway's products do NOT justify the price tag. period. Not one.
    I usually buy cases of water 24 per case, for $1.15 a case. BTW.

    1. Neal - some of Amway's products were OK but in no way better than lower priced similar products sold in retail stores. Most of Amway's products were substandard in comparison and the ones that were OK could be described as generic. If you got what you paid for in Amway they'd be sold in a store called nothing more than a buck.

  4. If you are what they call "CORE" in Amway, you are expected to have nothing but Amway garbage in your home. No competitor products whatsoever. And you are told the idiotic lie that buying exclusively from Amway will somehow make you rich.

    If you own stock in an oil company and you buy their gasoline exclusively, I suppose you are in some sense helping to boost the value of your investment. But an IBO doesn't have any tangible investment in the Amway corporation or any of its sicko offshoots like Quixtar or Alticor or WWDB or the other rip-off rackets. All the IBO has is a basement or garage full of crappy Amway products. How is this going to make him rich?

    So naturally, if you are a stupid IBO, you convince yourself that these products are somehow intrinsically valuable in themselves. You refuse to hear any criticism of their quality. You insist that they are better than anything else on the market. You talk about how they are "concentrated," or how they deserve to be expensive because of their "special quality." You actually come to believe the fatuous lie that water bottled by Amway is somehow magically superior to other sources of water. You are convinced that Nutrilite vitamins are a panacea, even though the FDA went after the Nutrilite fraud in the late 1940s and 50s, and that is the reason why De Vos and Van Andel jumped ship on Nutrilite and founded Amway in 1959. They didn't want to be prosecuted.

    In short, it's all pure superstition. Amway products are at best ordinary, and in many cases nothing more than generic or substandard. But telling this truth to an Amway freak will set him off like a grenade.

    1. Anonymous - that's true. You tell an Amway Ambot that you can buy better products for lower prices in the store and that sets them off like a grenade while they defend Amway. The life of an Amway Ambot is to lie, deny, distract, and defend. It seems to me you can find a job with another company where you don't have to put some much effort in - and get paid more!

      Yeah CORE is a bunch of bullshit. Being bullied by the assholes in your Amway upline to keep your house full of shitty overpriced Amway products is a bunch of bullshit. Everything Amway is pure shit!

  5. Amway is extremely good at extremely bad comparisons. Leaving everything else out perfect water sells for the same as the water you would get in a 7-11. Give or take. But Amway isn't selling a single convenience item, they are selling for bulk home use. I like the Costco comparison. Costco water comes out to a 1 cent an ounce compared to Amway's 11 cents an ounce. Buying three cases of Costco water instead of Amway water will save you enough money to get an executive membership with a 1% cash back program that pays for itself with regular use.

    1. Anonymous - yes just about everything you have to buy from Amway is sold in bulk and its way cheaper to buy similar items from Costco if going the bulk route is your thing. And as you said depending on your membership with Costco, which is about the same as a year's membership with Amway's expensive buying club, you get cash back depending on how much you buy. When you compare with the commission you make from buying minimum 100PV of Scamway products each month to earn around $10 commission, you'd be making better "commission" from Costco. And the big difference is when you go shopping at Costco you're buying stuff that you like and you need for a good price. At Amway you're buying shit that you never bought before you signed up for their expensive buying club and even more shit when the Amway cult leaders start cracking the whip to buy more more more.


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