Thursday, November 19, 2015

Beware Scamway Job Ad - Part Time Online Shoppers Wanted

Someone sent me a link for what is clearly a fake job ad on Craigslist probably listed by some scheming Amway asshole. Ad title is Online Shoppers Wanted Anywhere Work Part Time. The ad says it’s a worldwide health and wellness company that will show you how to turn your shopping dollars into earning monthly residual income. Yup ads like that don’t stay up long because they get flagged for being a scam and its not a real job offer. Amway ambots don’t have morals or a conscience when they lie and scam others, those are just part of the qualifications of being an Amway Ambot. Most people looking for a job can spot a scam ad like that a mile off.

Its possible the ad was placed by a different MLM fucker but it just screams Amway all over it. You know how Amway ambots go around bragging that they get paid to shop online. And then they usually add from their own store. So that grabs the title about being an online shopper. And its part time. Amway ambots go around bullshitting prospects into believing Amway is only a part time job 10 to 15 hours a week in your spare time. Double to quadruple that for a more accurate estimate of the time you’ll waste inside the Amway cult.

Worldwide also appears in the ad. Can anyone say WWDB aka World Wide Destructive Bastards.

Health and wellness company? How many times have I heard that bullshit at an Amway cult meeting claiming to be a health and wellness company. You know flogging overpriced shitty vitamins, energy drinks, perfect water and blah blah blah.

People who are looking for a job and checking out the listings on Craigslist don’t need to be weeding through fake job ads posted by Amway scammers. It’s a waste of time for someone trying to find work to click on an ad and see its posted by an Amway scammer. Its hard enough finding work without dealing with MLM scammers.

And do these fucked up Amway assholes violating Craigslist rules of posting (no MLM) really think they’re going to sign up some suckers they’ve reeled in with a fake job ad. Fortunately most people who read the ad will mark it as a scam and Craigslist will eventually delete it.

Now’s a good time to send a big old FUCK YOU out there to scamming lying Amway assholes who post fake job ads and another big old FUCK YOU to Amway for allowing it to happen. Get control of your fucking commissioned salespeople you fucking flogger of overpriced shitty products!!!!


  1. Anna, don't hold your breath waiting for the official Amway Corporation to do anything about these deceptive and misleading ads on Craigslist. The Amway bigshots really don't give a shit about the methods used by Ambots to find recruits.

    Amway in Ada, Michigan is like the upper level of the Mafia. Their sole interest is in collecting revenue. How their low-level thugs do it is really of no concern to them.

    But the really damning thing is this: once again, those who are placing the ads refuse to mention that curse-word "Amway" in their solicitations! What a confession that is! The name "Amway" (along with Quixtar, Alticor, WWDB, BWW, and all the other aliases) has become sheer poison.

    1. Anonymous - Amway doesn't do piss all about keeping their ambots under control. As long as Amway makes money off those suckers they're not going to do anything to drag their sells further down the toilet.

      Yup Amway is a bunch of thugs. Wait for the Thanksgiving post. Amway mobster coming up! LOL!

  2. I get much of my news online and follow the readers comments and then all the time see those annoying ads that have nothing to do with the subject matter being discussed. Must be Amway or some other MLM scam. They are obviously trying to sell snake oil but need a free venue to post it in because they aren't making any money to pay for advertising, have already hit up all their family, friends and acquaintances in the universe and the old rusting Ambotmobile has 4 bald tires and an empty gas tank which makes it hard to get to Borders Books or McDonalds to troll for potential recruits who are as dumb as they were when they signed up in the first place. Maybe that's the next best thing to driving that Ferrari and walking the beaches with all that residual income and spare time. Borrow some money to buy some gas, bubble gum, tape and baling wire to patch up and hopefully start up the '87 Toyota Tercel to get there. And hope their upline doesn't go to hard on them for not having any money this month to blow on more Amway crap.

    1. Hi Ray. Yeah that's pretty annoying seeing ads anywhere that are pretty obviously Amway are some other scam MLM. Is if a free venue to post snake oil ads? Usually those free sites that have advertising sell the ad space.

      Yup. Very funny about the Ambotmobile aka shitmobile!

    2. Back in the 1970s, Amway provided distributors (now called IBOs) with books of matches on which the Amway logo was printed. Inside was a blank space for you to put your name and phone number so that a person using the book of matches might be tempted to call you up. Then you could tell him "The Plan."

      You were told to leave these books of matches wherever there might be human traffic -- a bar, a restaurant, a hotel lobby, a subway seat, on desks at work, or even on the shelf in a phone booth. If someone were to ask you for a light, you were to give it to him and then tell him to "keep the matchbook."

      Since I have never smoked, I still have a bunch of these Amway matchbooks.

    3. Anonymous - these days Amway doesn't give their IBO's NOTHING for free. You have to buy their catalogues. You have to buy samples of cosmetics and I'm talking little packs similar to what they give you for free samples at the cosmetics counter of every retailer out there. Amway's all about ripping off ambots every way they can.

      I wonder if those old matches would still light up after all these years. Seeing as how Amway sells inferior products - unlikely. But maybe they were manufactured by another provider who sold them to Scamway in which case maybe the match will still strike!


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