Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Holy Shit! I’m In The Wrong Room!

How many times have I sat through an Amway bored plan meeting all the time thinking what the fuck am I doing here. The sack of shit Amway cult leader yapping away says the same bullshit over and over everytime. It doesn’t matter which sack of shit Amway cult leader is speaking. It will either be the sack of shit Platinum or the bigger sack of shit Emerald or the biggest sack of shit of them all Diamond. Those lying bastards all say the same thing: get rich quick in Amway. Be a millionaire in 2 to 5 years working part time 10 to 15 hours a week. Then sit back and watch gazillions of dollars in residual income rolling in every month while you do nothing.

Freedom! Flush that stinking job!

And look at all the cult members watching their beloved Amway leaders like they’re hearing this bullshit for the first time. And they believe it! They love the fucking assholes in their Amway upline. They love spending too much money on overpriced shitty Amway products. They love bragging about how rich they’re getting in Scamway. They love hugging each other and showering fake attention on other Ambots.

All this time I’m thinking fuck am I ever in the wrong room!

I don’t like the members of the Amway cult. I hate going into debt spending too much money on their shitty products when I can buy better quality for lower prices at the grocery store. I’m not interested in listening to some fucking lying sack of shit Amway cult leader spouting off the same old bullshit about wouldn’t you like to tell your boss to fuck off and be financially free forever after wasting a couple of years in the Amway scam. I don’t want to be love bombed by the creepy members of the creepy Amway cult.

Amway, the cult of greed.

Fuck! I am in the wrong room!

Where’s the room with normal people who are not fucking creepy Amway cult members? Where’s the room where people don’t go apeshit over overpriced shitty products thinking that a high price tag means its high quality.  Where’s the room where people don’t have to listen to the same old bullshit night after night from some fucking sack of shit Amway cult leader. Where the room where people don’t worship the great Amway god? Where’s the room where they’re not serving up teensy portions of XS cat piss water in Dixie cups and an Amway food bar sliced into 30 thin portions.

I need to find the room where they’re watching a football game on a big screen TV and serving up beer and nachos!


  1. That sounds really interesting. Let's see, according to Scamway I tell my boss to fuck off, then with no income I empty my bank account to buy cases of cat piss XS water and that will make me rich? Huh? How about this: Ambot tells Amway to fuck off, especially parasitic upline. Ex Ambot's body will be healthier sans cat piss, brain will start to regain function, bank account will grow, friends start coming back and extra bonus recovering Ambot might even start to get laid again. And it's all self explanatory except to someone in a cult like... well, you know.

    1. Anonymous - that's a good one. We all see that but brainwashed Ambots don't. And blogs like this are all about telling Amway to fuck off. Ambots aren't that brave to tell their employer that. But as soon as you tell Amway to fuck off then you have a happier and healthier life and get your finances back under control. As for getting laid again, that depends if divorce was in the Amway cards. LOL!

  2. When I was at one of those meetings back in the 1970s, everybody sat in a circle of small folding chairs. Nothing was served -- I guess the energy drinks and the food bars hadn't been invented yet. Both men and women were present, mostly middle-aged types. I was the youngest person there. We were all asked to talk about our "dream," which meant what we were planning on doing once we became rich in Amway. I was only a young man, but the whole thing struck me as foolish and immature. So I didn't contribute to the conversation.

    Well, this silence on my part seemed to bother one of the leaders there. He point-blank asked me: "Are you going to make a million dollars in Amway?" This was, to my way of thinking, a rather stupid and pointless question, so just to be polite I said "I don't know, but if I join I hope so."

    This answer got him really angry. He just repeated, with his face turning red, "ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS IN AMWAY?!!?"

    It was at that point that I realized that Amway was some sort of sick cult, one based on hyped-up enthusiasm and Bible-Belt bullshit. This crazy guy was exactly like of those nutty revivalist preachers screaming "DO YOU BELIEVE?!? DO YOU BELIEVE?!?"

    Anyway, years later I read that one of Dexter Yager's gimmicks at his stupid and overpriced "functions" is to go up to individuals and whisper excitedly in their ear "Do you believe? Do you believe?"

    That's what Amway is a bottom: a fundamentalist freak show.

    1. Anonymous - Amway is a freak show that's for sure! These days Amway cult leaders say its all about recruiting younger prospects and that's because they're too young to have heard about Amway and its bad reputation.

      Oh yeah if you don't agree with everything the cult leader who's running the show says they get angry. Just like you described with their face turning red. I've had others show up here and leave similar comments about the preacher's anger. You have to chant "yes" and "right on" and agree with everything the Amway cult leader is saying at the meeting.

      Yeah I saw Amway as a sick cult right away. The whole experience of being in Amway meetings and around ambots was creepy.

    2. Anna, I'm in the process of writing the story of my Amway nightmare, When it is ready, I can post it as a comment here, but perhaps it is something you might want to publish as a full blog post in and of itself? I want to tell people how to spot the lies, and what is going to happen if you do get sucked in, as well as how to get out and keep your integrity intact. Sound good?

    3. Hi Neal. How long is your story? LOL! Maybe be better to start your own web page. You can post it as a comment on any post here and I'll see it and copy and paste it and put it in the rotation. Write it in a word document first and keep an eye on the comments. Some readers have said there's a maximum word amount when leaving comments so you might have to do a couple of comments to fit it all in and you don't want to lose it so have it up somewhere else on your computer. Thanks.


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