Monday, November 23, 2015

Getting Prospected By Amway Ambot Part 1

A reader shares his story about how Ambots follow the Amway script. Thank you!

About a month ago I was informed by one of my Facebook friends (a guy that went to my high school, goes to college with me, we've never been super close, but he's a trustworthy guy) that he had been introduced to:

"...a business opportunity I recently came across. I am working with some successful entrepreneurs to expand business. I can't say anything for sure but I wanted to for sure put it out there and see if your open to looking at different income ventures."

That was the message I was sent. I was very skeptical, especially as he was working with people that I had never met, although again, I do trust him and have known him for a while, which eased my fears a bit. Yesterday, I was convinced to be a part of a three-way phone call with him and his "senior business adviser" (to be read as: upline!) and the details were exceedingly vague. "I'm working on building a group of partnerships... It's very hard to explain over the phone... it's very possible to make thousands a month." The thing that worried me the most was the fact that I was told "don't talk about this to your family or friends yet, you aren't informed enough and will lose credibility that you could use to build your business in the future."

Everything about the call threw up red flags, so I decided to do my research. I managed to find the Facebook profile of the upline guy, and soon realized that this was all Amway. I hadn't really heard of Amway in the past (and was even more skeptical about the fact that it was obvious what business it was, but he made no mention of it in the call), so I spent most of last night doing some research. This is scary! You would think that people would learn to look into the background of what they're getting into before they commit and try to rope others in. Another person I know has been caught up in this, and still appears to be in the delusional stage of thinking success is still possible. No one seems to realize that the market is exceedingly over-saturated and will keep growing.

Anyway, at the end of the call, they convinced me to attend a meeting on campus tonight, which I will still go to, just to listen to see how much BS is being spewed, and how similar it really is to what I've read. However, I will not being buying into this scam, when no room for new success exists. I would like to not burn any bridges with the people I know over this, but they seem to be very gung-ho about selling this idea. I'm going to ask a few questions regarding MLMs, the taxes from this, how many people I'll need downline to make a profit, etc. and can't wait to hear the answers. I expect the peer pressure to be very large, but I'm going to fight it completely. It's just sad how these people use their language and speaking skills (the guy on the phone yesterday kept trying to relate to me personally, it was a great tactic) to completely brainwash others into believing everything they say.

Stay tuned. What happened at the Scamway meeting?
P.S. We all know it followed the old Amway scripture!



  1. When the Amway freaks at that coming meeting discover that you are deeply skeptical about "The Plan" and that you are demanding real answers to serious questions, watch how their attitude changes.

    The "love-bombing" will stop. A tone of pitying contempt will creep into their voices. They'll start making sarcastic comments about your "J.O.B.," your "lack of a dream," your "detailitis" (i.e. concern for the facts), and your "un-American lack of energy."

    "Gung-ho" isn't the word to describe how they are about Amway. These people are fanatical, overenthused freaks.

    1. I second what Anonymous just said. Once you start asking REAL questions, wanting actual FACTS and not accepting their bullshit of "how much you make all depends on you" and "the level of success is unlimited", they will change and instead of the fake smiles you'll see sneering and contempt from them. They'll try to make you feel like a fool who is passing up on the opportunity of a lifetime to instead be a "slave" to your J.O.B. where you will one day be broke and dead. Ignore it, it's all part of their game. The TRUTH is only a fraction of 1% ever makes anything with the "plan" as it is nothing more than a self-consuming endless recruiting pyramid scam, with the horribly over-priced products merely being something to keep it out of being out and out illegal. The math just doesn't back it up unless one is trying unrealistic circles that, no matter how many circles are under you, 99% of those in those circles are LOSING money, so will keep dropping out (assuming you can even sign them up in the first place given that more and more people know that Amway is a SCAM).

      As long as your eyes are wide open going in there and you are aware that they are fast-talking silver tongued snakes who have an apples/oranges "answer" to everything, you should be alright. Just be careful because the reason this scam has lasted for as long as it has is they are damn good at lying, denying, distracting and dodging logic, trying to switch things from numbers and statistics to "dreams" and "hope".

      Good luck!

    2. Anonymous - Part 2 coming up and this prospect does ask questions to trip up the lying Amway asshole.

    3. I can't wait to hear this, am laughing already. Meanwhile I'm getting one modest pension right now and am thinking about pulling my other, larger pension and SSI and still working part time as I enjoy my job and my co-workers. It's so cool, I'm just getting used to the lovely idea of getting these checks in my mail box every month until I croak and not even having to work for it. I hope you asked them what kind of a pension plan Amway offers. Good thing about my J.O.B. is that puts money into my pension and SSi funds but the bummer part about having the J.O.B. is that I have to pay income taxes on it, something that 99.5% of Ambots are free from doing for obvious reasons LOL!

    4. Amway hates the idea of pensions, because the organization is very anti-union. The idea of a worker retiring and collecting a nice check every month for life gets them angry, even though that sort of retirement is what Amway tells its IBOs they will have from "residual" Amway income.

      Of course it's all an illusion. The only people in Amway getting a big check are the De Vos and Van Andel families, plus the fat-assed Diamonds who sell "tools."

    5. Hi Ray. I hope you caught the 2nd part. It sounds like you've done things right. Have money coming in from pension & SSI and working part time to keep yourself busy and for a little extra cash and to keep social. LOL! I saw more Ambots become unemployed during the time I was in Amway because of their piss poor attitude adopted from the Amway cult leaders and that they had to spend a lot of time answering phone calls and texts from the assholes in the Amway upline instead of doing the job their employer was paying them for. And for obvious reasons most of them quit Amway too because they couldn't afford it when no income came in. LOL!

    6. Anonymous - somewhere on this blog is a post about Amway's retirement plan. There isn't one! But it still draws in ambots who are searching for it. The Amway retirement LOL plan goes something to the effect of eating one Amway food bar and drinking one Amway beverage each day and finding 6 others who will also do it and they find 6 others and so on and then everyone will be rich because gazillions of dollars in residual income from Amway will be rolling in every month.

      And yup you got it right. The only ones getting rich in Amway are part of the DeVos and Van Andel families and the Diamond cult leaders who got in at the beginning of the Amway tool scam.


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