Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Stay Out Of The Amway Hellhole

By now everyone’s heard about the teenage boy who lived in a 24 hour Walmart in Texas for a few days before he was found out. I think the kids parents had gone on vacation because for whatever reason he was staying at his aunt’s house and ran away. I suppose Walmart is a good place to choose if you need somewhere to hang for a few days. You can borrow a sleeping bag or bedding when you want to sleep and there’s plenty of food! And lots to choose from when you need a change of clothes. He had to keep changing his clothes so he wouldn’t be recognized when he emerged from where he was hiding in the cubby holes between shelves. The real gross thing was the kid was wearing diapers instead of using Walmart’s restroom. Its not like there’s a Walmart security guard standing at the entrance of the restrooms 24 hours making sure they don’t get repeat users. If he’d used the washrooms he could have also used the garbage cans in there to get rid of his garbage. He got caught when staff followed a trail of trash and found him in one of his hidden campsites.

So everyone can see how its sort of easy to hang out in Walmart undetected for a few days. Just about everything you need to survive is in there.

Then I got to thinking what if this same kid hid out in the Amway warehouse. I have no idea if the Amway warehouse operates 24 hours but it might do 2 shifts, day and night if not operating all the times so lets just say this is one of those times when the warehouse is closed for a few hours in the middle of the night. Seeing as how Amway is all about playing pretend because its a pretend business, let’s make this a pretend camper who made the mistake of hiding first in the Amway warehouse.

I have no idea how Amway’s warehouse is laid out but I’m guessing there are aisles with boxes stacked up that someone could hide behind. So lets say the kid finds a hiding spot to camp out in. Now he’s got to scrounge up some food. Lets think like a 14 year old boy wanting to stock up on groceries. Potato chips. Candy. Soda pop. Cookies. Pop tarts. So the kid goes out in the Amway warehouse looking for food and drink. What does he find? XS Energy Drinks. At that age he probably likes them so he takes a few for later only to be grossed out when he finds out they taste like a combo of cat piss and really nasty cough syrup. He tosses them out, beginning a trash trail. He found a box of something that looks like granola bars and tries one. OMG – tastes like shit covered cardboard! He tosses that out in the trash pile. Then nature calls so he looks around for Amway diapers. Can’t find any. So he just takes a shit in the aisle. He wants to change his clothes but he can’t find any of those either. He hears Amway employees so he hides behind a box. The Amway employees see the trash and shit on the floor but they don’t give a shit and ignore it and keep on walking. The kid looks around for anything he can use for bedding but all he can find is prestige toilet paper and prestige tampons and that’s not quite what he had in mind. He goes back to his camp spot and thinks about what a really shitty place he chose to hide out in. He hears Amway employees walking past and hears them talking about the garbage on the floor. One of the Amway employees even kicks the food bars and says that’s what I think of that shit. The Amway employees keep on going not giving a fuck why this trash is out in this weird spot.

Lights get turned out and the warehouse goes quiet. The kid is starving and he has to take a piss so he just lets it go against the Amway boxes he’s hiding behind. He decides to leave and find a better company to hide in because Amway is nothing but shit. The doors are all locked. They can’t be opened from the inside. He finally figures out how to unlock one of the garage doors on the loading bay and pushes it up enough so he can escape the Amway hell hole. The alarm goes off.

Meanwhile back at the police station they look at where this alarm is coming from. “Oh it’s the Amway warehouse.” One of them says. Another cop says just ignore it, no one gives a fuck about Amway.

So yup the kid made a better decision hiding out in Walmart. He was able to save money and live better with Walmart than he was with Amway.

And the lesson here is to stay out of the Amway Hellhole!


  1. Places like Walmart and Costco are stores where you can get an unbelievable range of excellent products at reasonable prices.

    What the hell can you buy at Amway? Just a limited selection of overpriced generic shit.

    1. Anonymous - just about every retailer sells similar products to what Amway sells at much lower prices.

      And saying Amway products are generic is the kindest term for some of them that are. Most Amway products are substandard to similar products that can be bought at retailers for way lower prices.

  2. This post got me thinking of the night where my ex-girlfriend took me to the "Biz plan" showing night. They did this stupid demo by pouring Red bull into a glass of milk. The milk curdled, which was gross, and is why you shouldn't drink Red Bull. Then they poured XS into a glass of milk, and was too excited over how it's no where as bad as Red Bull. Took a look at the ingredients. Now, I'm no nutritional chemistry scientist, but rule of thumb, if you can't pronounce the ingredient the first time, it's probably bad for you or just a foreign ingredient you've never heard before. Looked up some of the ingredients, and lot of man-made, chemically engineered ingredients in there. So what? Your drink didn't make the milk curdle, still bad for you, yet all the stupid Ambots drink it like it's water. They were like, "OUR DRINK HAS VITAMIN B12, IT'S SO HEALTHY FOR YOU."

    What's really unfortunate is Amway doesn't just destroy people financially and possible emotionally, it destroys them physiologically. I remember my ex-girlfriend would eat nothing but their products, and I"d always nag at how she needs to eat healthier. I haven't looked up ingredients on their other products, but I can't imagine they're healthy.


    1. Twiggy,

      Is she now your ex-girlfriend? I've been following comments on here and I could have sworn that you were just watching your girlfriend going through the motions of being in amway. Well, if she broke up with you then I'm sorry to hear that she fell for it. My ex-girl fell for it too. WWDB sucks man.


    2. Yea, she's now my ex. Apparently she's been in Amway for almost 3 years now, so she's fully gone. I'm not sad she broke up with me, but feel more sad for her that she's a victim to this stupid scam without even knowing it. Minus her Ambot side, she was the girl of my dreams, and when I found out her goals in life wasn't as inspiring as I was first lead to believe, I feel duped more than anything. I'm beginning to think she never really liked me, but just saw how good of an "IBO" I could be. One thing that will always haunt me is a while back before I asked her out, she said to me once, "You're really talented and a great guy in so many ways. My business is always looking for sharp and amazing people like you." At the time, thinking it was a legitmate business, I took this as a compliment. Creeps me out thinking about it. She and her sister are both in it, and I hope they realize soon that this thing is just destroying them in so many ways, cause they're both very nice, kind, good people.


    3. Twiggy -every now and then I run a post linking another website where a man who's a bio chemist I believe walks his readers through what are really inside various products. He did a series on energy drinks including XS which he concluded was about the least healthy energy drink out there and mentioned the various synthetic products. As you can imagine ambots loaded up his comments defended their beloved worship. At first he was pretty patient with these brainwashed Amway losers but after awhile he'd had enough especially when the ambots insulted his ethnicity. But that's what evil Amway assholes do. Ambots are so negative.

      And she's no different than other Ambots who go nutso with Amway products. That's what they do. Bring shitty Amway products into cult meetings and then leave the garbage under the seats for the janitor to clean up. Slobs!

      Now this may or may not make you feel better but some of the "business advice" given at Amway meetings is for women to do whatever they have to when it comes to snaring a man into the Amway cult. Use whatever they have. You get my drift. I've even had readers leave comments they're on a dating site and ended up on a date with an Ambot who spent the whole night pitching the plan at them.

      And "the business" is always looking for sharp guys. That's one of Amway's catch phrase lines.

      It's entirely possible that the only reason she hooked up with you was to get you into Amway. Other cults use similar tactics sending women out there to recruit using sex as the draw.

      And to the other guy. Yes WWDB sucks.

      Amway sucks.

      Fuck Amway and fuck WWDB!

    4. Ambot women are instructed to "do anything" to snare a guy into the business?

      Hey, that's great -- I'll start attending Amway meetings just to get some free ass. Looks like the "love-bombing" might be more than merely verbal.

      All kidding aside, this is appalling for an organization that claims to be "Christian." If you have to turn your women into Jezebels and Delilahs, you're on the way to hell, not heaven.

    5. Yea, I'm sure. That whole aspect of Amway made it pretty suspicious for me. They're always bragging about how awesome they are, and how they're BBB approved, their products are eco-friendly, their approved by this and that company. They're "partnered" with Apple, Best Buy, etc. When I first heard they were partnered with Apple, it kinda made me relax and think "Oh, they're partnered with Apple, they MUST be legit." Of course, after doing a little research, they're not partnered, simply an affiliate, yet they mislead all people into thinking they are "Partnered" with big companies.

      I'm sure that in some cases, using sex to recruit would be totally possible. But as much of an Ambot she was, in her defence, she's Muslim, and is all about keeping her chastity. As big of an influence that Amway has on her, she has very strong ties with her religion, and has very good morals and ethics, so at least she's got that going for her.


    6. Anonymous - someone with a female relative in Amway left a comment here and was worried about her dangerous behavior as counselled by the assholes in her Amway upline. Basically dress slinky, pick up guys in bars, be a cockteaser, and hold out until they sign up and pay to be an IBO. Women putting themselves in dangerous situations because of the training they receive in Amway. Its awful.

      And as for married women, we're counselled to be awake when our husbands get home in the early hours, wearing a dress, jewellery, all made up, etc. Yeah fuck that shit that went out with the early 1900s.

      Its just Amway's shabby treatment of women.

    7. Twiggy - speaking of Amway's shabby treatment of women, your ex has about as much chance of getting to profit sharing in the Amway tool scam as a gay man does. There's a reason why Amway holds back certain segments of our population.

      Hell does anyone know if Amway is supporting Trump with financial donations? It's the party they back and he seems to have similar views.

      Oh she's Muslim? Well she better hope Amway and Trump aren't backing each other. She's a woman and a Muslim and she actually thinks she's going to get off the bottom of the Amway pyramid?

      Its a violations of the Amway IBO code of conduct or whatever they call it to brag about any affiliation with the BBB. If you've got the name of the violating IBO you can call Amway's head office and report the offense. According to the contract the IBO will be fired but the problem as Amway sees it if they fired every IBO bragging about how the BBB and Amway are in bed together then they'd have no one left.

    8. That treatment on women is really fucked up and disgusting.

      Yea, I'm not Muslim myself but like I said, she was such an awesome person, I gave it a go. Yea, I don't know how much longer she's gonna be in this stupid scam for. I don't know what level she was at, but from my point of view, as well as her close friends who I'm friends with, they all think she's just stuck.

      Really? Yea, not only BBB but a bunch of other associations. I believe he even claimed some of their products were FDA approved as well. He was a Diamond celebrity that everyone worshipped, so I highly doubt my phone call would get him fired. There's a wiki-page on him if you do a quick Google on Nick(Nitin) Soni.

    9. Ambots never tell you what level they're at. They just say business is going good. Liars!

      That's the other thing when you phone Amway's help desk better known as the I don't give a shit department. They don't do nothing except tell you to discuss it with the bastard who's giving you a hard time. Like that's helpful.

    10. I've been reading this blog from start to finish and was going to wait until I "caught up" before posting anything, but I couldn't resist here - and I'm unsure if this will end up in the right spot - but this is a Reply to the "milk curdling" anecdote. I'm willing to bet that whomever performed this "demonstration" manipulated the temperatures of the drinks. Here's why - you know those little single-serve creamers that you'll get in restaurants? Well, if they've been refrigerated (they're supposed to be served at room temp) and are added to hot coffee, they will curdle IMMEDIATELY. So I'm guessing the same principle may have been at work there, as I'm pretty sure ALL "energy drinks" have similar ingredients. Anyway, I look forward to "catching up" to the blog and posting my own Scamway stories (more amusing than horrifying).
      Keep up the good work!


    11. Hi Matty, glad to hear you like what you read here! The incident you described is just one of the many party tricks that Amway Ambots use to flog their snake oil. Looking forward to reading some of your amusing stories. We're all about making fun of Amway and Ambots around here!

  3. I feel to some degree my ex also liked the fact that I had a large circle of influence in my community and that could possible result in more leads....I remember reading the ingredient list for so many of the products and it was astounding how many I didn't recognize and where obviously artificial chemicals.....XS being the worst of the bunch....when I quit I had like 3 cases of that stuff in my fridge and I had consumed maybe a dozen energy drinks in my life before my Amway experience or should I say nightmare....the behaviour of our ex's is so similar....if any business( even a legit one) comes before friends and a partner that's a sure sign it's not healthy....unless you place greed and money ahead of family....my up line actually tried to spin this and say that you where doing this for your family and thus it was placing them first....I guess if it was a good as advertised it might be but its all a big scam and you end up losing family, friends and I'm sure in the end self respect

    1. I couldn't agree with you more. I feel like women in Amway target those kind of people. Yes, there's a saying that goes, "Money without purpose is greed". Amway's purpose? Money, money, and wait, more money. Of course we all want a lot of money to take care of our family, of course we'd like extra money to spoil ourselves, who the hell wouldn't want to live the lifestyles of those worshipped Diamonds? Everyone would love that, but what makes you different? What purpose drives you there? In the case of Amway, it's just the sake of having money to use on yourself. It's a selfish, greedy way of life, and it disgusts me. I remember the day before I went to their recruitment night at a hotel, my ex was like, "The guest speaker (Nick Soni) used to work for NASA but he joined and now is making millions. He's super wealthy, but he's really modest and humble about it". That made me think, "That's awesome! Most rich people aren't modest at all about their wealth". They showed an intro video before he came to speak on stage. The whole fucking video was a montage of his wealth. Modest? Humble? Bullshit!

      Yes, you're right. My ex has lost several friends to this and recently lost her best friend (who I'm also really close with). Her older sister is in the business as well, so they actually stay together. Regarding self-respect: What I don't understand is, why would you want to involve yourself into something shady like Amway where you're always having to explain yourself. Whether it works or not, it's still really shady. If you say, "I'm a doctor." or "I work at a bank." or "I work for Apple." HELL even "I work at McDonalds", people don't question you. Why the hell would you involve yourself into something shady?? I mean, I could stop my current career and just start dealing meth. I'm sure it would make loads of money, but that doesn't mean I ever would! Uggh, just the stupidity of Ambots makes me angry.


  4. The horrors that have been discussed in this particular thread have shocked me. I knew Amway was bad, but not this bad.

    So I have written a song to sum up everything for this blog's readers. I call it:


    (Sung to the tune of "The Hills Are Alive, With the Sound Of Music")

    The rubes have been screwed
    By the lies of Amway,
    With bullshit that goes
    Back to '59!
    The rubes have been fleeced
    Of their cash by Amway,
    And still they are stuck
    In a bad down-line!

    You have to be dumb
    To get caught in Amway--
    To listen to crap
    From some Platinum schmuck!
    Your life will be ruined
    By the creeps in Amway.
    You'll be a hopeless clod
    Devoid of luck.

    Nobody wants
    Shoddy stuff from Amway--
    Overpriced dreck
    That you buy in bulk.
    Who's gonna pay
    For that crap from Amway,
    Which sits on your basement shelf
    While you just sulk?

    You'll show the damn "plan"
    At the heart of Amway
    To every poor slob
    That you know or meet.
    Give them a speech
    On the joys of Amway
    (Don't mention most IBOs
    Will face defeat).

    If you enjoy
    Getting fucked by Amway,
    Well, I suppose
    There's no more to say...
    You're just the type
    That they like in Amway.
    Despite going broke you're convinced
    You ought to stay!

    I'd like Julie Andrews to sing it, but she's retired now.

    1. Hahaha, this is brilliant!


    2. LOL Anonymous! That's very funny. Maybe you can sell it to the Goads to sing at the next Scamway convention. LOL!


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